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100 Worst of the Talmud

1) Who is greater than God? Answer ~ The righteous man, Tzadik. God issues a decree but the Tzadik can nullify it. Rabbi Cherki expects Christians to worship jews in place of Jesus…

20) Trial and execution of Jesus the Nazarene

Jewish Encyclopedia explains secret identies of his disciples. Yes Christians in the Talmud……

21) The jewish messianic era can be hastened, sped up and messiah will arrive. All the jews simply be good...or evil.

Redemption through sin in the Babylon Talmud…

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132.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-two, January 21-27, 2023, thread, begins here.

Week 131 below.
132.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues, in a way, in between football games. My daughter requested I fulfill a promise to show them some of The Simpsons, so I chose 3 episodes:………
132.03/ This is an amazing Tanakh resource (with an equally amazing backstory involving refuseniks and resistance) and I can't believe it's being sold for under $3.00.…
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103.01/ Week one-hundred and three, July 2-8, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 102 below.
103.03/ #July4th is two days in chutz l'aretz, right? #Happy4th! My grill laden with hamburg...
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86.01/ Week eighty-six, March 5-11, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 85 below.

Thank God #Ukraine still stands.
86.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight, we started the 2009 Star Trek remake (the lens flare film). This was a requested film and I prepared them accordingly (story soon)…
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82.01/ Week eighty-two, February 5-11, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 81 below.
82.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues, an all-timer, a cornerstone of the nerd canon, one of the greatest cultural touchstones of comedy, "Monty Python's Holy Grail"
82.03/ OLP links for #Terumah (sorry it's late; technical difficulties):
5779 Sally Mayer
5780 Tikva Blaukopf…
5781 Peta Jones Pellach…
5782 (none; so here's JOFA's) Amy Newman…
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65.01/ Week sixty-five, Oct. 9-15, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 64 below.
65.02/ My name was captured by a bot yesterday... so how was your Shabbos?

Note: I have not given an interview about the Mets nor should that be of interest to anybody.
65.03/ Today is the first FootballMas since 2019! The happiest day of the year!

[FootballMas is when there are NFL games on at 9:30 EST, 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00. All day football is fun.]
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1/ Quick thread about today's #DafYomi TB Sukkah 32.

First, a story where Rabbi Akiva, who can be a big know-it-all in front of his teachers, gets put in his place trying to build a sukkah on a moving ship. Even if it had to be by Rabban Gamliel.…
2/ Next is what I refer to as a "Skipper Sugya." Skipper is my alter-ego from one of my favorite movies ever, The Penguins of Madagascar. In one scene, he barks out an order with his customary bravado "not [to fire] until we see the white of his eyes"…
3/ His second-in-command, Kowalski, protests that the leopard seals attacking them have "they're mostly pupil, very little white, almost none"
Skipper: "they got to have a little bit of white, right?"
K: "None whatsoever!"
S: "What if they look really far to the left?"
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54.01/ Week fifty-four, July 24-30 2021, thread begins here.

Week 53 below:
54.02/ This is a fun Rebbe story, which could even be true (who knows), re: apologetics for the bracha of "Shelo Asani Isha."

Source (Pleasant Ridge Newsletter, Vaetchanan 5771):…

[I needed to edit the alt-text a bit to get to 1000 char.] The Ropshitzer Rebbetzin wa...
54.03/ I've tried to teach people & model the behavior that every person needs to be treated with respect. That we are to treat janitors with the same respect as we do rabbis. Sadly, they learned to treat rabbis with the same respect they treat janitors.…
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1/ #ReshetKeshet

I had intended to write a lot more this week, especially about #DafYomi because some of my favorite topics are being covered, so I want to at least say something quick today about Sukkah 14b & "emergency halakhah":…
2/ During the height of the pandemic, especially before Pesach, many rabbis needed to issue extreme leniencies. I've been asked why we don't allow these lenient positions all the time.

If it's permitted once, why not all the time? If it's fundamentally wrong, why allow it now?
3/ Today's daf has the rabbis saying to Rebbe Yehudah: "How can you bring proof from emergency times?" meaning that this type of ruling is automatically presumed to be contingent & conditional to specific, desperate circumstances.…
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53.01/ Week fifty-three, July 17-23, 2021, begins here. #TishaBeav today, so no real greeting. May next year, we have a fleishig #9Av

I've been making these organized threads for a year. Fitting that anniversary should be on the saddest day of the year.

Week 52 below:
53.02/ To listen to music today, I have the leining of #Eicha on a loop. One source is the Eidut Mizrach version from Mechon-Mamre:
Direct link:
Ashkenaz via Virtual Cantor:
53.03/ Thread from yesterday, #TishaBeav, on some thoughts about the day.
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51.01/ Week fifty-one, July 3-9 2021, begins here.

#IsruChag sameach for #July4th

Week 50 below
51.03/ Rabbi Regan is 100% right. I describe this as "banning straws" activism - something that doesn't solve a systemic or even immediate problem while actively hurting others. As a bonus, the straw-ban helped the company's bottom line.
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50.01/ Week fifty, June 26-July 2 2021, begins here.
#TzomKal, easy fast, for #ShivaAsarBTammuz

Week 49 below
50.02/ File this under "horrifying but not surprising." @AdamSerwer has been doing great work and I look forward - in a clinical, grin & bear it way - to reading his book.

@AdamSerwer 50.03/ Barukh Dayan ha-Emet. My shul just informed us that Rabbi Reuven Bulka z'l has passed away. Rabbi Dr. Bulka was a psychotherapist & shul rabbi who exemplified a life dedicated to his community and to Torah u-Madda. May his memory be for a blessing.…
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Knock knock

Who's there?

Interrupting Rabbi

Interrupting Rabbi Wh...

"And furthermore..."

#DafYomi 23a
I know it's inexact but couldn't resist.
@DBashIdeas @aimhumor feel free to steal
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1. #DafYomi Shabbat 30b: A Tale of a Prescient Rabbi - Our Daf tells the story of King David's death on Shabbat. As Shlomo need to remove the corpse from the sun (Shavuot in Jerusalem is known for its hot weather), he consulted with the sages on how to move the body without>>
2. violating the laws of muktzeh. He was advised to place a loaf of bread or an infant on the corpse thereby rendering it a basis for carrying an object permitted to be carried on Shabbat. This reminds of the following story I once heard form R. Yissocher Frand: a certain Torah>
3. giant of the last century was sitting at the Shabbat table and oddly put a slice of challah in his pocket during the meal. Those around the table were confounded by this action yet remained silent. Over that Shabbat he passed away. At that point everyone realized that he was>>
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A THREAD for all who must tragically avoid community this weekend:

In his classic book The Sabbath, AJ Heschel beautifully described the “love affair” btwn the Jewish people & the Shabbat. Ask any sabbath-observant Jew & they’ll gush about how they couldn’t live without it.
And this love affair is echoed now (since the week spread over the last 2000 yrs from the Jewish community to the entire world) in the love affair the entire world has with the weekend. (In, @cristobalyoung5 & Chaeyoon Lim show why. In a word: community!
Now among the things that observant Jews love about the Shabbat is the annual cycle of readings of the Pentateuch, divided up into weekly portions that are read in synagogues throughout the world.
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Okay - over the past week or so we've dealt with some outright regressive bits of Talmud in the Daf Yomi cycle, and I have Some Thoughts. This stuff can be difficult, because it's hard to reconcile loving our tradition with modern, progressive values

There an impulse I see, and that I've felt, to try to find ways to rationalize the bits that don't fit with what we understand as ethical and moral Good. A desire to find a clever way that it actually really means something else, if you can find the right bit of nuance or context
I've come to distrust that impulse. I don't think it's honest, and I don't think it achieves the thing I'm trying to do - it doesn't address the problematic parts, it just brushes them over or rationalizes them.
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Esta semana tendremos noticias sobre grandes fiestas a lo largo de mundo. Decenas de miles de personas celebrando haber estudiado todo el Talmud. Pero: ¿Que es el Talmud? ¿Como puede ser que tantas personas alrededor del mundo lo terminen en la misma fecha? Sale #hilo.
El judaísmo es una entidad compleja. Incluye en ella infinidad de ritos, costumbres, leyes, filosofía y folclore y se va enriqueciendo con el paso del tiempo. En sus primeros siglos de existencia, todo esta cantidad de información se fue transmitiendo de forma oral.
Maestros a alumnos, padres a hijos, en una repetición casi infinita. Pero al comienzo del siglo II (E.C.), las persecuciones romanas, la pérdida de la autonomía judía y la dispersión amenazaban con provocar serios baches en dicha transmisión.
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