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DEEP DIVE into the emergence of the #Omicron variant and how it coincides with the #DeltaVariant, and how highly populated regions with low vaccination rates were punished by strategic variant releases.
The Delta variant was first detected in India in late 2020 & was named May 31st, 2021. Many can recall the devastating effect that the Delta variant had on mortality in India, and prior to the emergence of Delta, India had low mortality and trailed in vaccinations. /2
In February 2021, CNN reported that India's recovery from its first Covid wave, wasn't due to the vax:

"The recovery likely isn't due to vaccinations...India's vaccination program, still lagging compared to wealthier nations."…
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We are in a state of emergency. Our hospitals are days away from #codezwart, the government is psychotically insisting schools stay open, insisting on mass infection and 20+ months of misinformed and gaslighted public who has had enough. Now we have the #nuvariant #B11529.

.#B11529 #nuvariant is a Black Swan that is 7x more transmissible than the Delta variant, with preliminary estimates of an R0 of 16-20 and is likely to have immune escape, both from vaccines and infection. It is a monster.


Whatever “herd immunity” —both in terms of vaccination and infection —we’ve built up against #deltavariant is useless against #B11529 #NuVariant.

South African demonstrates this clearly — low vaccination grade, mass infection = #b11529 is capable of immune escape.

🧵3 Image
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⚠️My god—the new #B11259 variant being possibly ~500% more competitively infectious is the most staggering stat yet. Also, #NuVariant has more than >2x the number of bad spike mutations than Delta. Here’s an updated 🧵👇

Model by @JPWeiland matches up with graph by @jburnmurdoch ImageImage
2) That spike in #B11259 displacing Delta has now caused shockwaves worldwide. It is really bad. Not only that but the previous #C12 variant also seems to be slowly growing and displacing Delta too in South Africa.
3) the new #B11259 variant has an “extremely high” 32 worrisome mutations in the spike. That is a “real concern” and much much much more worrisome than any others found to date. 👇
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BREAKING. UK 🇬🇧 imposes Africa travel restrictions over #B11529 variant fears. This variant is the most alarming variant found since #DeltaVariant discovery. Scientists worldwide are worried. B11529 (S-gene dropout) signals spiking across South Africa. 🧵…
2) In KZN region… #B11529 is now becoming dominant over the region including displacing #Delta. See thread 🧵 below 👇
3) this #B11529 variant has 32 spike mutations — over 2x more than #DeltaVariant had in its spike. Many scientists say B11529 has an “awful spike profile” based on its mutations and locations.
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⚠️“DOMINANT”… a new variant is worrying epidemiologists—called #B11529–it has just “becoming dominant” in South Africa, displacing even #DeltaVariant (HT @MoshabelaMosa). And our other variant #C12 also growing. B11529 has an “awful spike profile” says @PeacockFlu. 🧵 #COVID19
2) I talked about worried many fellow scientists are about #B11529– many expressed “real concern”, and that they ➡️ haven’t seen as worrisome of a variant since #deltavariant ⬇️ its got a lot of bad mutations in the spike. Way more than Delta.
3) this #B11529 variant is now in Hong Kong— caught while in quarantine.
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📍New variant alert—I’m quietly monitoring several odd variants signals that have emerged this week. For now, I’ll just share this— #B11529 has 32 new mutations in the #SARSCoV2 spike protein alone— “an extremely high number” & “could be a real concern”.🧵…
2) The variant was first spotted in Botswana, where three cases have now been sequenced. Six more have been confirmed in South Africa, and one in Hong Kong in a traveller returning from South Africa.…
3) Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London, posted details of the new variant on a genome-sharing website, noting that the “incredibly high amount of spike mutations suggest this could be of real concern”
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Damn… this is a DEATH surge chart, not just #COVID19 cases. It’s not just Michigan—it’s most Northern US states, and Europe, and likely Canada soon too. Winter wave here already here folks. #Booster shot ASAP or else this will get worse for those unvaccinated / partially vaxxed.
2) If you want to avoid a lockdown…. Get boosters. If you want to avoid hospitals overrun, get masks and ventilate your house and classrooms and workspaces. If you want kids to stay in school, get them vaccinated. It’s not hard people if we try!!!
3) Get boosters - mix and match if you can. See thread 🧵below. 👇
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The latest United States COVID-19 wave is taking its toll on some states’ intensive-care units, with several parts of the country seeing outbreaks that are as bad as ever. #ICU #COVID19 #DeltaVariant #DeltaSurge…
“Many of our physicians are at a breaking point,” IHME's @AliHMokdad told @business.

“It’s not easy to be day in and day out in an emergency room, in an ICU, looking at someone who is dying because he or she is not vaccinated.” #COVID19 #VaccinesSaveLives #DeltaVariant
In 15 states, patients with confirmed or suspected #COVID19 are taking up more ICU beds than a year earlier, according to @NIH_NIAMS data. These are top states with highest %s of ICU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients:

▪️ Colorado – 41%
▪️ Minnesota – 37%
▪️ Michigan – 34% Image
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"the chief reason may be related to the genetic changes that the coronavirus undergoes during reproduction, at a pace of around two mutations per month. According to a potentially revolutionary theory proposed by Ituro Inoue, a professor at the>…
National Institute of Genetics, the Delta variant in Japan accumulated too many mutations to the virus’s error-correcting, non-structural protein called NSP14. As a result, the virus struggled to repair the errors in time, ultimately leading to self-destruction.>
Studies have shown that more people in Asia have a defense enzyme called APOBEC3A that attacks RNA viruses, including the SARSCoV2 virus that causes COVID, when compared to people in Europe and Africa.>
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Wir haben uns bislang fast ausschließlich zur #Klimakrise geäußert. Doch die aktuelle besorgniserregende Lage in der #Pandemie wollen wir nicht mehr unkommentiert lassen. Denn „#forFuture“ heißt für uns nicht nur #Klimaschutz! Ein Thread 👇
Aktuell sind wir wieder in einer Eskalation des Infektionsgeschehens und zwar so dramatisch wie noch nicht zuvor in dieser #Pandemie (steiler Anstieg der Kurve + neue Absolutrekorde + Verdoppelung #Infektionszahlen zZt alle 1-2 Wochen). Diese Entwicklung wurde prognostiziert.
Zum Zeitpunkt der Prognosen für die 4. Welle wurde seitens der politischen Entscheidungsträger*innen größtenteils abgewiegelt. Es gebe ja die Impfungen. Und man dürfe dies und das nicht nochmal wiederholen (#lockdown und so). "Im Herbst sehen wir weiter..." #Corona
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BOOSTERS CAN HELP AVOID LOCKDOWNS—that’s the clear conclusion from Israel. Israel🇮🇱 defeated #DeltaVariant wave without a lockdown by quickly giving 3rd shot for entire population—everyone age 12+!!! Europe hasn’t done that & now suffering dearly. #COVID19…
2) Europe completely dropped the ball on boosters. It had time to enact it during early Delta wave before winter came. Now it’s almost too late for a burn through catastrophe
3) Israel 🇮🇱 acted fast and listened to its pro precautionary scientists. Other places did not and paying a heavy price.
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TROUBLING—64% of all new cases worldwide last week were recorded in Europe, as well as 57% of all new #COVID19 deaths worldwide. Both exponentially rising. This bodes badly—it’s even before the busy upcoming holiday travel (read: worldwide wave). #MaskUp #ventilation #vaccinate
2) I believe the winter wave under #DeltaVariant or even #DeltaPlus could be even higher caseload than last winter. Hopefully deaths won’t exceed last winter but it could still be 50-66% as bad. Why? Because Delta is 2x more contagious & also more severe than last winter’s Alpha.
3) in terms of cases, no other region comes close currently. Same for deaths - the Americas with comparable population doesn’t even come close to half of Europe last week.

But I do worry if Africa would ever get hit hard & would the world report it? Or would the world not care?
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Mexico 🇲🇽
Evento súper-propagador en ADOLESCENTES

@carol_perelman @sandralopezleon
@taliawegman @arroboso

Super-mega hilo☺
🗣En mayo de 2021 se llevó a cabo un evento privado (fiesta)
💃🕺🎶 en el interior, para adolescentes de secundaria, al cual asistieron 164 personas, que resultó en un evento de gran difusión.
De los asistentes:
43% (n = 70) estaban vacunados
57% (n = 94) no estaban vacunados

El 98,8% realizó una prueba de antígeno 24 horas antes del evento.
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Welp—China is killing the pets of #COVID19 patients without their consent. Patients reported coming home to find their pets have been killed while the pet owners were in quarantine or being treated.

…I do think this is too draconian. 😢…
2) “If I happen to catch Covid-19, what if my cat starves to death or gets killed while I’m in quarantine?” There is a spate of recent incidents in 🇨🇳 where the pets of coronavirus patients were forcefully killed by local governments as part of their prevention measures.
3) But the same time - we need to read the tea leaves 🍃 a little here… this is not a crackdown against political dissent in anyway. This was done apolitically - yet China still did it—why? This is a bad sign - that China had to resort to this.
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The story of my little guy’s #COVID19 vaccination:

Pedi visit last Wednesday- no vaccines yet.
No appts at local pharmacy.
Mass vaxx site opened next day - but I was going on a week-long trip & wanted to be here in case he felt achy after.

But today!! We got it. #grateful
He is more than a little afraid of needles. But he said to me “I know I can do this.” And he did. Two deep breaths and it was done.

Other good tips below from @drtaranarula for kids (or adults!) with normal vaccine anxiety.
Right now, 6 hours later, he feels like a peach. He’s spent the afternoon helping to rake leaves … maybe it even gave him super-powers? 🦸‍♂️
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@sajidjavid uses the word HAVE not DO ..... the devil is in the detail and he knows that the vaccine no longer works for the #DeltaVariant or any of its offspring !
1. The novel coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2, has a complex structure, and different parts of the virus trigger the immune system to produce different antibodies to neutralise the virus.
2. If an unvaccinated person catches the virus, they will produce antibodies that prevent the virus from entering human cells. They may also generate antibodies that do not have much impact.
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⚠️KIDS <12 are “CRITICAL HIDDEN SPREADERS”—New 226-person study found 2 school kids <12 set off a #COVID19 outbreak. ➡️”Activities of children in the school🏫 spread the virus to their classmates (G2)”, then classmates’ families (G3) & factories (G4). #Vaccinate school-kids! 🧵
2) Apparently two young kids (G1) had been infected by their dad. ➡️ How did we know who in school were infected by which kid? Well genomics 🧬 sequencing showed one kid infected 11 classmates & other infected 12 classmates. (Yes, you can use 🧬 to know)…
3) Also super frustrating — the middle age father of the 2 G1 kids brought it back from outside of China 🇨🇳— and then caught the virus “during quarantine” after entry into China. Oy—this quarantine cross contamination transmission has been seen before in many places.
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This reminds me of a strange set of events in the Reagan Admin. A big study done in a huge SoCAL retirement community concluded that estrogen therapy after menopause prevented women from having heart attacks. The Reagan admin promoted estrogen for millions of women. BUT [more]
2/ The estrogen supplements caused ovarian & breast cancer & gave no benefit in cutting cardiac disease.
A look-back on that study revealed that the healthier women in that retirement community were, yes, taking estrogen, but also working out, eating low fat diets, and...
3/..were visited more by family members & tended to vote #Democrat. Highest mortality was in women who were the opposite on all factors.
So, will #Republicans have a 2021 drop in life expectancy due to misinfo beliefs, #COVID19, anti-science, bad diets? Or no diff vs #Democrats ?
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1/2 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: today, I presented results of #PHAC’s updated #epidemiology & modelling analysis, which suggests that nationally the fourth wave could continue to decline over the coming weeks if transmission doesn’t increase➡️…
2/2 This latest #PHAC-@McMasterU forecast reaffirms the importance & beneficial impact of public health measures & individual precautions even at current levels of #COVID19Vaccines coverage, given predominance of the #DeltaVariant. #VaccinesPlus…
3/3 Let’s keep going steady with #PublicHealth advice and do our best to look after ourselves and others by keeping up with individual precautions/layers of protection: #VaxToTheMax #WashMaskSpace #GoodVentilation➡️…
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PSA: the CDC’s #ACIP will be voting on COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year olds today per the finalized agenda.
As with the FDA’s meeting, I’ll highlight things that I find interesting/notable, here. For a comprehensive play-by-play, please see Helen Branswell’s thread (QT’ed) 2/n
🔥 *NO* MYOCARDITIS was observed among 5-11 year olds who received Pfizer’s #COVID19 vaccine. I repeat *NO* myocarditis. Image
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Today we await decisions about - & prepare to start vaccinating - our 5-11 year olds against #covid19. (As the parent of a 10yr old I’m thrilled!!!)

But let’s take a step back & talk about all the reasons WHY getting these kids their shots, matters.…
1. We are vaccinating our kids because the vaccines are safe - and #covid19 is not.

This virus was among the top 10 causes of death for our kids this year. And a cause of hospitalization for many, many more.
This is not about assuaging parental anxiety. This is about a simple jab that truly reduces risk.

You wouldn’t put your baby in a car without a car seat. These vaccines are MORE effective than a car seat!
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📍28 days later. Welcome to @BorisJohnson’s 🇬🇧 dystopian domain. There are almost no mitigations anymore. Deaths surging every week… now with #DeltaVariant & new #DeltaPlus surging unchecked. What a cluster.

P.s. also your mess too, @sajidjavid. #COVID19
2) Dear @BorisJohnson — you’ve upgraded UK 🇬🇧 to now #DeltaPlus wave. Play stupid games, win dangerous prizes. Congrats to you and @sajidjavid.
3) UK is only winning… if you compare yourself to Eastern Europe and Russia 🇷🇺— @BorisJohnson’s comrade in the pandemic is now closer to Putin. At least Moscow is sober enough to know when to enter a lockdown. But Boris and @sajidjavid have no courage to save lives.
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As you are aware, we currently have a COVID-19 outbreak on the Burin Peninsula. The majority of these cases are in children under the age of 12, who are not yet eligible for vaccination. 🧵 THREAD // (1/15)
Until now, the evidence indicated that COVID-19 cases in schools were more often the result of transmission that occurred in the community. This is changing. (2/15)
@EasternHealthNL's investigation into the current outbreak revealed the spread of COVID-19 occurred in school, throughout grades K-6. (3/15)
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GOOD & BAD news on #DeltaPlus #AY42 —it continues to grow in UK 🇬🇧, with higher attack rates (faster transmission) than old #deltavariant. Good news is similar severity & vaccine efficacy as Delta. But #AY42 is gaining ground among non-travelers.🧵#COVID19…
2) Notably, notice how #DeltaPlus is gaining ground against old Delta in both those with or without any recent travel history. This means community transmission is definitely taking hold. Not good.
3) It seems #deltaplus #AY42 has similar rates of ER visits and hospital admissions in England so far. Though numbers still too low to know for sure yet.
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