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The Frost

Hey friends, we've just completed a short film, 'The Frost', every frame of which was generated with #dalle2. Thread for detail and process 🧵…
Here are some pre-production stills I created with #dalle2 this winter, sort of 'Mountains of Madness' meets 'Color Out of Space'. They served as an inspirational starting point for the film. ImageImageImageImage
@bigkickcreative (Josh Rubin) our director, took the images and put together a script filled with themes of AI, global warming, and human vs nature. For him, it wasn't really about making something with pretty pictures, but about the creation of a story that might resonate. ImageImageImageImage
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¿No puede crear las imágenes que desea con la IA MidJourney? ¡Que no cunda el pánico! Descubre los mejores generadores de prompt para obtener resultados perfectos con facilidad.

Habro hilo 🧵
Hugging Face…
Sólo tiene que visitar la página web, facilitar una breve descripción de la imagen que desea crear y hacer clic en el botón "Enviar".

Puedes personalizar nueve elementos, como la red neuronal, el color, la calidad, los ajustes de la cámara, el tipo de contenido, la descripción, el estilo o el periodo de tiempo para obtener prompt personalizadas y precisas.
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Jumping on the #hustleGPT challenge - I gave chatGPT £100 on Thursday and asked it to instruct me to make as much money as it can - inspired by @jacksonfall Image
Its given me some instructions. Looks like it wants me to build a website. That I can do. #hustleGPT Image
And here is what it suggests I start with. Image
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Art created via

#aiart #stablediffusion #dalle2 #midjourney #magespace #aiia

Prompt included👇
Prompt: "white woman, ginger hair, light blue eyes, very pale skin, in city clothes, slim body, face freckles, little nose, detailled eyebrows, piercings in nose, ((film grain, skin details, high detailed skin texture, 8k hdr, dslr))"

Negative Prompt: "ugly, bad face, disfigured, bad looking, multiple hand, bad nose, ugly nose, multi body, disformed, multiple head"

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Liger 🦁🐯🌈

Art created by @ AiryAI via

#aiart #stablediffusion #dalle2 #midjourney #magespace #aiia

Prompt included👇 Image
Prompt: "8k image, sharp focus, sharp focus, insanely detailed and intricate, cinematic lighting, Octane render, doomsday scene, 8K, hyperrealism, octane render, hyper detailed,

volumetric lighting, hdr, realistic soft skin, shining, vibrant, photorealism, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, vibrant colors, shot by best camera, quality, focused"

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Playing with diffusion models leads to the awareness of concepts without words to describe them. Today, words don't precisely control image generation, but I expect this to improve over time. Soon, we might be expanding our vocabulary by generating #aiart!
Our interaction changes with every new version of the AI product. How one prompts in #dalle2 is different from #midjourney. Each version of MidJourney requires different prompting. Each finetuned model of #stablediffusion also prompts differently. Prompting has no standards.
The constraints that drive the generation of an image depend on the relationship between many variables. The relationship of words in a prompt, the strength of knobs, the iteration between images, the iteration between models, and the overall sequence of itself.
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as an AI obsessive and long-time @ezraklein fan, I was excited to see yesterday's podcast with @GaryMarcus.

Unfortunately, as I listened, my excitement gave way to frustration, and I felt compelled to write my first-ever megathread.

Quotes from:…
No disrespect to Ezra here – he's not an AI expert, and he asked some great questions. And I think Gary deserves credit for flagging a number of important issues & likely problems that will come with wide-scale AI deployment – I agree that society is not ready for what's coming!
Nevertheless, there are so many inaccuracies in this interview that I expect it will confuse the audience more than it informs, so while trying to be earnest and polite, I will endeavor to correct the record.

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My brother lost his job recently and asked me to help write a cover letter, so I spend 3 hours knocking it out for him. I hate busy work, so I did what any good programmer does: spend 40+ hours automating it 😅 @GravityPDF meets #openai #GPT3 a 🧵 [1/12] A screenshot of PDFCoverLet...
The week before Christmas, the business that employed my brother for ~10 years shut down permanently (mismanagement after an acquisition). Instead of getting ready to enjoy the holidays, he had to figure out what the heck he was going to do now... [2/12]
He's been interested in a career in the mining sector for awhile now, and losing his job is probably the push he needed. Still, the timing sucked! About me and my brother: we joke that he's the brawn and I'm the brain. Which is why he came to me for help. [3/12]
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#BuildInPublic: Trying to create a service that is completely created by #AI.

The service?

Daily book summaries!

🧵 1/7
I generate a daily book summary using #ChatGPT:
- Once as a Twitter thread
- Once as a Medium article

The topics cover business, self-improvement, and popular science books, targeting people who want to learn a book a day in a time-efficient and accessible way.

The Twitter bio and the ideas for the profile and background image got generated with #ChatGPT.

The profile image itself was generated with DALL-E 2.


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17 tools and tricks I use the most to generate impressive images with AI 🤖.

This is my christmas gift to all of you 🎁!

Follow me on this travel, you won't regret 🧵⤵️
First of all, to arouse your interest...

Here you have 4 of the latest images that I have generated 100% with artificial intelligence using just a text description of mine.

Do you want to know what programs I have used?

The first 3 are obvious ⤵️
1️⃣ MidJourney — #midjourney

One of the questions I get asked the most is: what is your favorite AI software to generate images?

Without a doubt, for me it is @midjourney, due to its balance between coherence and an "artistic" touch.
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🟣 Tome is the A.I.-powered “storytelling” app (powerpoint competitor?) launched by a startup composed of veterans of Meta’s product teams that hope to build useful business software powered by generative A.I.

#ai #artificialintelligence #dalle2 #openai #dalle #tomeapp
ℹ️ They just released their new killer feature: prompt-to-deck:
• Type in a prompt and watch Tome generate entire narratives from scratch or create additional content pages within seconds.
• Use their Dall-E 2 tile to create compelling images, tailor-made to bring your idea to life.
• Drag-and-drop creation, responsive pages, and one-click themes mean you don’t waste time aligning content or applying brand colors.
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7 days. 2 people. 160 hrs.

That was the effort @elishaterada and I put into @bentossell’s Ben’s Bites AI Hackathon!

So, what did we build? (@brancherdotai)
The fastest most accessible way to leverage & connect AI models to build apps without code.

We used ChatGPT for the name ideation:…

We came up with “brancher”:
(French) To connect. To Plug.
(English) One who shows growth in various directions. Part of a larger whole, like branches in a tree.

The .ai extension was available so we scooped it up!
Chose our tech & tool stack for MVP:

Comms: @SlackHQ & @Zoom
Design: @figma
Interactions: @principleapp
Tasks: @NotionHQ
Landing page: @framer

App Build: @reactjs, #nextjs, @nodejs, @PostgreSQL w/ @auth0, @googleanalytics, @googlefonts

Support & Requests: @typeform & @cannyHQ
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I've been playing with a lot of #AI tools recently, and I'm excited about the possibilities for them in education. Here are 10 quick ideas for how educators could use them in the classroom right now:
1. Do students need help thinking of names for people, places or things in their creative writing? #ChatGPT can help. Just make sure to Google the results too, because it does like to throw some existing ones in there!
2. Help students to bring their creative writing characters to life with #AIart tools like @midjourney_ai or #dalle2. This also helps them to write really detailed descriptions when writing the AI prompts! Here's my character:
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ChatGPT can write stories and then tell DALLE-2 prompts to illustrate them. I asked it to write a children's story about "a robot that wanted to be a human." Here's the story it came up with: (0/11)
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a robot named Robby who lived in a world full of machines. Robby was different from the other robots, though. He didn't want to spend his days following orders and carrying out tasks like the other robots did.
(1/11) The image shows a robot standing among a group of other robo
Instead, Robby dreamed of being a human. He longed to feel the sun on his face, to breathe fresh air, and to experience all the wonderful things that humans did. But most of all, Robby wanted to be able to make his own choices and live his own life. (2/11) The image shows a robot walking towards the viewer, with a d
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1. Friedrich Nietzsche was a man of many mysteries in his youth, he was a philosopher, a poet, and an alien hunter - the ultimate trifecta!
He believed in individual power, which meant that every individual should strive for greatness and take control of their own destiny.
2. The day the aliens attacked Basel was a day to remember.
Nietzsche felt a strange presence around, he saw an alien spacecraft hovering above him.
He thought this is my time to shine, quickly grabbed his doctor who gun and fired off a volley of shots at the alien craft.
3. After the attack, he left as fast as he could toward Japan in hope to harness the power to stand against the alien forces.
As he ran, Nietzsche felt a strange sense of destiny - Puns and jokes aside, he was determined to show them who own the will and kick their octo-asses.
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#OpenAI 今天试了试 OpenAI 的一些功能,通过主题来记录一下使用场景,首先这两天最火的是 #ChatGPT,这个能力很适合我这种不太会说“套话”的人,在回答一些偏知乎类问题、入学文档、运营方法等也不在话下,此外对于中文的理解有些突破我的想法 1/N
ChatGPT 除去内容能力外,对于简单的「编程」能力其实也不在话下,比如说如下这个很常用的提取 URL 用 JS 来实现的题目,写出来还是很不错的,其实 #OpenAI 还提供「Codex JavaScript Sandbox」这个比问答类的更好玩,可以将你一步一步的想法通过代码帮你来实现,比如说我让他画一个猫 2/N
#OpenAI 除外简单的编程实现,还发现了一个写文章的能力,很适合写所谓的「论证文」,不过还是感觉还是有些「正规话术」,但是在某些场合其实还是很吃香的,比如说如下这种类似于活动安排、论证主题、模版申请啥的还是合适的,居然还可以「教你做菜」简直了 3/N
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Prompting Sucks:
authorized fine-tunings are the future

(a thread for AI-gen developers and enthusiasts)

#AIart #AIArtwork An AI-generated image by #dalle2 + the artist; horses cantorAn AI-generated image by #dalle2 + the artist; a portrait of
This current period of prompt engineering is going to be short lived. The majority are not here for the new niche of prompt design. People use these tools because there are things they want to see and experience in high fidelity, right now.
The minute someone can provide a better experience than:

"brilliant 8K [shot type] [film title], featuring [subject] [action], [environment], [lighting type], directed by [director/production company]"

with truly excellent results, people will come running.
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Il y a 5 mois je vous présentais une des premières IA disponible pour le grand public pour créer toutes les images que vous voulez.

En 5 mois, beaucoup de choses ont évolué, aujourd’hui je vais vous présenter #Dreambooth
On retrouve maintenant un peu de concurrence, d’un côté des acteurs « privés » avec des services en ligne (#dalle2, #Midjourney) de l’autre côté des acteurs « ouverts » comme #StableDiffusion…
L’un des avantages d’une technologie ouverte, c’est qu’elle peut être reprise par des dizaines d’autres chercheurs, améliorées, et c’est ainsi que StableDiffusion grandit aujourd’hui.…
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Last week on @TheDailyShow, @Trevornoah asked @OpenAI @miramurati a (v. important) Q: how can we safeguard against AI-powered photo editing for misinformation?

My @MIT students hacked a way to "immunize" photos against edits: (1/8) An overview of our "immunization" methodology.
Remember when Trevor shared (on Instagram) a photo with @michaelkosta at a tennis game? (2/8) A photo of Trevor Noah and Michael Kosta at a tennis game.
Using cutting-edge image generation models like #dalle2 and #stablediffusion, someone can easily manipulate the above photo to get this (fake) one: (3/8) (Fake) photo of Trevor Noah and Michael Kosta ballroom danci
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Husband and I played around with Dall-E together today. Here is AI trying to paint an old woman on a computer in the style of different Indian painters.

1) Amrita Sher-Gil Old woman on a desktop comp...
2) M.F. Husain Image
3) Raja Ravi Varma Image
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NEW: This Post Was Written By #AI:…

From idea to content and published post in under 30mins, using free tools. This tech is developing *fast* and will have implications for teaching, learning and our graduates.

☝️Using tools from @playground_ai @peppertype_ai @AiWritesonic @copy_ai and inspired by @Suhail @kaifulee @FryRsquared @DeepMind @daniel_eckler and more. Follow them all for super-interesting news. #AI
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1) Thingies are so much more than just another #Midjourney or #Dalle2 clone 🕷️🎨

Here are a few of the differences that make Thingie Utility so unique 🤗

🧵 👇

@altstatemachine #FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI #AIArt #NFTs
2) Firstly, every Thingie is a game-ready 3D asset 🎮

You will be able to interact with your Thingie in the Third Kingdom, and you will be able to display all the art it produces in your burrow 🖼️

#FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI #AIArt #NFTs
3) Every piece of art created by your Thingie can be minted as part of the official collection and will appear in the Underground (plus third-party platforms like @opensea & @LooksRare).

Thingies are the world's first AI-created NFT to make #NFTs 🤯

#FLUFWorld #ThingiesArt #AI
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Wat als.... Van Gogh een ander leven had geleid? Een draadje vol inspiratie met behulp van kunstrobots.

We beginnen met zijn stillevens. Als hij gewoon in Brabant was gebleven hadden we misschien dit nu prachtig gevonden 🧵
Of wat als #VanGogh meer het hongerige type was geweest? Misschien hadden we dan dit schilderij als achtergrond op de telefoon?
Als #VanGogh een partner had gehad, hadden we misschien een deze twee schilderijen in print op de muur hangen.
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I'm working on a tool for #promptEngineer #aiart 👀
This will blow your mind, you'll be able to store prompts and generations from Dalle2, DreamStudio and MJ (from browser)
If you want early access, signup here:
A brief breakdown of currently supported features:
⭐️ Select any text and generate it with SD1.5
(Could this be the reason Getty images stopped submissions of AiArt? 🤔)
🔥 Right click any image and use that as init_img for img2img generation.
Select how strong you'd like the init image to inspire your generation
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