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The Ohnahjifam attended the @k12crypto Youth NFT Summit in LA yesterday! An unforgettable & inspiring day that opened young minds to the world of #EmergingTech. We are so grateful to share space with other communities that are encouraging and educating brilliant students! #EdTech
馃實 At @Ohnahji and ONJU, our mission is to empower black, brown, and allied communities in learning about #AI, #Blockchain, and more. Witnessing the curiosity and enthusiasm at the #K12Crypto Summit was a heartwarming reminder of why we do what we do. 鉂わ笍 #CreatingOpportunities
The knowledge shared at the summit was beautiful! Learning about projects from NFT's to AI, these young minds are now equipped to start shaping the future of #CryptoArt and #EdTech. Kudos to @K12Crypto for fostering such a vibrant and inclusive environment. 馃専 馃檶馃従#NextGenLeaders
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Todo el mundo habla de ChatGPT y las IAs generativas, pero muchos a煤n no conocen c贸mo hacerlas funcionar correctamente.

En este hilo introducimos dos conceptos clave para hacerlo: el Prompt y el Prompt Engineering. 馃У馃憞馃徎
Las herramientas de IA generativas necesitan una instrucci贸n dada por el usuario para crear contenido. Por esta raz贸n, aprender a dirigir estas herramientas hacia los resultados deseados puede ser una habilidad de gran valor.
En el mundo de la IA, el t茅rmino "prompt" se refiere a una descripci贸n o instrucci贸n que se proporciona a un programa para guiarlo a producir un resultado deseado. Es la entrada de datos que le damos a una herramienta de IA para que genere una respuesta o un resultado concreto.
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Las herramientas de generaci贸n de im谩genes son una excelente soluci贸n para crear contenido de calidad sin necesidad de tener habilidades avanzadas en dise帽o gr谩fico.

Hoy traemos 7 posibles usos para integrarlas en el aula 馃У馃憞馃徎 #ideasparaclase
馃挕Ilustraci贸n de producciones escritas
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A few months ago, I was googling STEM programs in prisons, and came across an ad, posted on eBay of all places. 鈥淐ould there be a future in computer programming for prisoners?鈥 #higheredinprison #edtech #stem @STEM_OPS @Prof_Andrisse
But it wasn鈥檛 from The Last Mile or Slack's Next Chapter, which are both nonprofits working in this space now. It was an IBM ad from 1970 in Scientific American. @TLM @IBM @sciam @SlackHQ
I had no idea that computer programming was offered in prisons 50 years ago. As I dug a little bit into the archives of @JSTOR鈥檚 American Prison Newspaper Archives, I discovered this was happening all across the country. Via La Roca, AZ State Prison, 1974.
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As part of my digital role I have been banking all the interesting Twitter threads on #ChatGPT in #education and #teaching. I thought it would be useful to signpost educators to what it can do. 馃У馃У馃У

1) What is it
2) Discussions
3) Examples
First off hats off to @torreytrust for putting together this amazing summary of #chatGPT for schools.

@dave2004b also shares his initial finding and thoughts in this short blog post.

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Still think ChatGPT is bad for education?

I just gave it a mark scheme and a sample student answer from an AQA GCSE English Language paper.

Look what happened 馃憞

*Spoiler: It marked it accurately in seconds*

#education #edutwitter #edtech #AI
As a response (thanks to Melissa McBride from I asked it how it could be improved and to provide an exemplar answer. Image
Join 2100+ subscribers who get the @EduFuturists newsletter every week. We explore the future of education, including tools like ChatGPT, with innovators from around the world every week.
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I鈥檝e received a few requests to block #chatgpt on our school network. This feels like a pivotal moment in #edtech and 1:1 classrooms.

I believed going 1:1 & having access to an abundance of information was, in the hands of every student would fundamentally transform edu.

Change definitely occurred, but not in the way I had hoped & envisioned. In many ways 1:1 edtech became about productivity and testing machines. This is a reasonable progression, but missing huge opportunity.
My perspective has always been, what can we allow students to do with these devices that they could not do otherwise. While productivity, organization, assessment and access to class content improves efficiency, it doesn鈥檛 create new opportunities for students.
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Attended a webinar with @educationgovuk hosted by @TheANME yesterday about the Digital & Tech & Cyber Security standards:

The webinar raised far more questions than answers & seriously lacked an understanding of what is happening front line. A thread...
Whilst the standards are a good guidance for schools to start from, the reality is that a lot of the recommendations are a blue sky dream for schools. Investment in IT (both personnel & kit) has been so poor, the reality almost requires us to go back to the drawing board.
The biggest question that schools & IT staff are asking is where is the funding coming from to help schools meet these standards? An example given was for schools to have WiFi 6 across the organisation. Most users don't even have WiFi 6 in the home, let alone in school!
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喈む瘖喈脆喈侧瘝喈ㄠ瘉喈熰瘝喈 喈ㄠ喈编瘉喈掂喈權瘝喈曕喁 喈曕喈苦畾喈喈 喈呧喈掂喈侧瘝 喈喈 喈ㄠ瘈喈曕瘝喈曕喁嵿喁 喈む瘉喈掂畽喁嵿畷喈苦喈苦喁佮畷喁嵿畷喈苦喁嵿喈. 喈瘒喈膏瘝喈瘉喈曕瘝喈曕喈┼瘝 喈む喁堗喁 喈ㄠ喈编瘉喈掂喈瘝

喈瘑喈熰瘝喈熰 @Meta - 11,000 喈娻喈苦喈班瘝喈曕喁 (13%)
喈熰喈掂喈熰瘝喈熰喁 @Twitter - 3,500 (50%)
喈膏瘝喈┼喈瘝喈氞喈熰瘝 @Snapchat - 1200 (20%)
喈囙喁嵿疅喁嗋喁 @intel - 20000 (20%)

喈ㄠ瘑喈熰瘝喈瘝喈赤喈曕瘝喈膏瘝 @netflix - 450 (4%)
喈瘓喈曕瘝喈班瘚喈氞喈瘝喈熰瘝 @Microsoft - 1000 ( 0.5%)
喈呧喁囙畾喈距喁 @amazon - 10,000
喈氞瘒喈侧瘝喈膏瘝喈冟喁嬥喁嵿喁 @salesforce - 2000

喈囙喁嵿喈苦 喈ㄠ喈编瘉喈掂喈權瘝喈曕喈苦喁
喈瘓喈溹瘉喈膏瘝 @BYJUS - 2500
喈庎疅喁 喈熰瘑喈曕瘝 #EdTech - 6898
喈曕喈班瘝喈膏瘝24 @cars24india - 600

喈囙喁嗋喁嵿喈距喁 喈曕疅喈ㄠ瘝喈 喈掄喁 喈喈む喁嵿喈苦喁 喈ㄠ喈曕喁嵿喁嵿 喈喈 喈ㄠ瘈喈曕瘝喈曕畽喁嵿畷喈赤瘝. 喈夃喈 喈呧喈掂喈侧瘝 喈庎喁嵿喈距喁佮喁 喈囙喈苦喁 喈瘑喈班瘉喈瘝喈喈┼瘝喈瘓 喈娻喈苦喈班瘝喈曕喁 喈囙喁嵿喈苦喈瘝 喈喈班喈掂喈侧瘝 喈喈苦喈距喁嵿喈苦喈掂喁嵿畷喈赤瘝. 喈侧喈┼瘝喈曕瘝喈熰喈┼瘝 喈瘚喈┼瘝喈 喈む喈權瘝喈曕喈苦喁 喈掂瘒喈侧瘓 喈曕瘒喈熰瘝喈熰瘉 喈曕喈编瘉喈曕喈编喈班瘝喈曕喁. 喈囙喁 喈む喁嵿畷喈距喈苦畷喈瘝, 喈瘖喈班瘉喈赤喈む喈班喁 喈む瘒喈曕瘝喈曕喁, 喈畽喁嵿畷喁佮畾喁嵿畾喈ㄠ瘝喈む瘓 喈掂瘈喈脆瘝喈氞瘝喈氞 喈庎 喈ㄠ喈编瘉喈掂喈權瘝喈曕喁...

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Are you a PhD who is curious about #altac jobs but doesn't want to go into big tech?

Here are 5 places to find diverse jobs in mission-oriented organizations 馃憞馃徏
The Social Impact Job Board posts a variety of jobs that are with social impact oriented companies and organizations.

Bonus: salary transparency is required for every job posted!鈥
Interested in working for think tanks?

The @onthinktanks has a job board for you filled with think tank jobs!
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Some reflections on the situation at FutureLearn as it's unfolded this week and thinking ahead - a thread鈥︹瑖锔 1/

#onlinelearning #edtech #highered #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
Indicators haven鈥檛 been good for a long time - sadly and the recent news is the culmination of a business that consistently hasn鈥檛 been profitable. 2/
They have faced the same challenge of other MOOC platforms in moving from an enterprise initially focussed on free open courses into something that could be financial sustainable and profitable. 3/
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Notable news in the world of online education in higher ed - Open University has announced its intention to find a buyer for its 50% stake in FutureLearn #onlinelearning #edtech #highered 1/
The other 50% is owned by SEEK - it will be interesting to observe whether a new investor will be forthcoming and whether in the short to medium term whether this will represent an upturn or a further downturn in fortunes. 2/
I wrote a thread earlier in the year about FutureLearn - and worrying financial results 3/
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Over the past decade, $20B has been invested into US edtech, yet only 3 companies have gone public: @coursera, @duolingo, @udemy. Many have written off the space.

馃敟take: we are entering the decade of the 鈥淟earning Economy,鈥 which spans way beyond traditional education. More馃斀
1/ First, #edtech is much broader than we think. It's not just about academic tools and student/teacher tech. The Learning Economy, as we think of it, encompasses all the diff ways we develop as human beings, be it learning to be a better boss, parent, or friend, or a new hobby.
2/ People have hypothesized all sorts of reasons why venture outcomes are difficult: limited TAM, lack of consumer willingness to pay, difficult b2b sales, growth trajectories different from traditional consumer internet companies鈥

But these dynamics have changed since Covid.
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We speak with Dr. Justin Reich (@bjfr), director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (@mit_tsl), and host of the TeachLab podcast (@TeachLabPodcast), about education technology. (1/3)

#EdChat #EduTwitter #EdTech #K12鈥
Hailed by some as the great equalizer, the beneficiaries of ed tech tend to be white and affluent. Focused on equity by design, Dr. Reich observes that when teachers learn, they have insufficient opportunities to practice. (2/3)

#EdEquity #EquityInEd鈥
So he and his colleagues are creating digital clinical simulations, practice spaces for teachers. They鈥檙e also helping educators to figure out what they can stop doing, to allow more time for what鈥檚 useful. (3/3)

#Teaching #TeacherTwitter #EdLeaders鈥
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How can I use #EdTech SaaS ideas to start a Startup? Image
Launch an EdTech SaaS platform that connects tutors with students. This can be done through various platforms, so there is plenty of room for innovation and differentiation.
Create a software as a service for educational institutions. To build your business model, look at how other edtech companies are successfully making money and how they are collaborating with schools and teachers.
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@alok24 @rohitksingh @PiyushGoyal @upcwc @jagograhakjago @consaff @EduMinOfIndia
After a lot of struggle and disappointment writing this tweet to you. My husband enrolled for a course with @henryharvin_in & after multiple reschedules, not giving my refund, mental torture later
they scheduled 3 classes after which they have been cancelling my husband's classes saying they don't have server access or sometimes the instructor's internet doesn't work. It's been around a month and they have not been able to deliver what was promised
I have already raised a consumer grievance, dropped an email to them via national consumer helpline but there is no redressal as these people just doesn't care. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that there are many others who are facing the same
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A few weeks ago, @protocollabs @gitcoin @fiftyyears organized the 鈥淔unding the Commons鈥 Conference to discuss how do we fund open-source and commons-based goods.

Here鈥檚 a 馃Уon @shaunbconway鈥檚 presentation on Adaptive financing.
1/ For our #Edtech project with @chimple_org and UBS Bank, we鈥檝e implemented this crypto-economic primitive called AlphaBonds.

Our aim was to achieve alpha, reduce negative externalities (dependency), and increase positive externalities (strengthening education services). Image
2/ This was accomplished by decentralizing financing and allowing local stakeholders to participate.

This meant replacing TradFi Development Impact Bonds, which are very centralized, have lots of intermediaries, and costs are high. 馃彟
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Thinking about rubrication and manuscripts. I feel like I ought to build a Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey script that takes initial capitals online and makes them large, red, even historiated /illuminated. An illuminated and historiated initial letter (D perhaps wit
Or perhaps something that converts the CSS of @Hypothes_is highlights and makes the letters red instead of having a yellow background? #EdTech
A bit reminiscent, but of a different historical period than the index card idea.
What if we had a collection of illuminated initials and some code that would allow for replacing capitals at the start of paragraphs we were reading?
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"BYJU'S is one of the largest #Edtech #Startups in India and now it is in deep trouble!"

Let's see what all things have led to these problems in BYJU'S

Let's Begin.... Image
Out of the $4.7 billion pumped into edtech space in 2021, a massive $1.7 billion was raised by Byju's alone.

In 2021, Byju's made 10 strategic acquisitions worth $2.5 billion.
In Dec 2021, Byju's was valued at a whopping $22 billion making it the 13th most valuable startup in the world!

Well, we're done with 2021, which was a glorious year for India's edtech giant.
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We had been seeing green for most of the day as more assets recorded a relief rally. In #Coin360 Daily Digest 馃憞

@TrueGlobalVCs @circlepay @animocabrands @TinyTapit @HuobiGlobal @HuobiTH @InverseFinance @ankr @optimismPBC @AcalaNetwork @pendulum_chain @amplitude_chain Image
1/ $BTC failed to cross $23k overnight and went back to its $21k level. As the rate hike seemed to be priced into the market, the market leader didn't make big moves.

@intotheblock data suggested a potential bottom as it spotted the largest #BTC inflow since Feb.
2/ $ETH spiked by 4%+ today, but traders warned of a possible bull trap amid @CelsiusNetwork and 3AC's risks.

$TRX was among the top gainers as @trondaoreserve announced to withdraw 3B #TRX to protect $USDD peg. Other winners were $EGLD $THETA $HNT $SOL with double-digit gains. Image
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馃У #LondonTechWeek Thread! Monday, Day 1

@LDNTechWeek kicks off with @foundersfactory announcing their new 拢100m Planet Fund, backed by @skyuk - well done team!

@Founders_Forum Group CEO, @carolyndawson_ , gave a warmly-received opening address before a surprise appearance.../1
@LDNTechWeek @foundersfactory @SkyUK @Founders_Forum @carolyndawson_ Chancellor @RishiSunak joined to open #LTW, proclaiming capital, people & ideas as the bedrock of an innovative UK.
He also announced a new addition to the gov's #NewDigitalStrategy live at #LTW: Future of Compute Review w/ world-leading AI expert, Prof. @ZoubinGhahrama1 馃憦 /2
馃殫@DCMS Sec @NadineDorries arrived at #LTW soon after in a @wayve_ai self-driving car!馃 A startup I'm proud to have helped in a small way through @firstminutecap

DCMS Stats: 20,000 people here for #LTW & 拢12.4bn raised by UK startups so far this year, more than whole of 2020!/3
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#Privacy et #edtech, autre r茅flexion parfois entendue : "face aux app茅tits du secteur priv茅, il faudrait que les 茅tats d茅veloppent leurs propres outils..." 鉃 pourquoi ce n'est pas forc茅ment une bonne id茅e, fil n掳2锔忊儯.
D茅j脿, parce que de tels outils existent d茅j脿 : le rapport d'@hrw nous en donne un aper莽u global, avec 42 茅tats proposant leurs propres outils, d茅velopp茅s 脿 des fins de #Continuit茅P茅dagogique pendant les mois de COVID-19 et les confinements successifs.鈥
Sur ces 42 gvts, 39 ont d茅velopp茅 (et prescrit !) des outils int茅grant des dispositifs de suivi publicitaire. Pourquoi de telles pratiques ? Le rapport ne donne pas de r茅ponse, mais il est possible (et n茅cessaire !) de s'interroger... 脿 quelles fins ? Pour quel gain ?
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#YouTube channel to a billion dollar company 鈥 India鈥檚 first profitable #edtech unicorn is here


By @Krittiiii Image
Edtech company #PhysicsWallah, which is also known as PW, is the latest Indian #startup to enter the #unicorn club. The company has raised $100 million in a Series A round from Westbridge and GSV Ventures, at a valuation of $1.1 billion. Image
A #unicorn, in #startup parlance, is a company valued at over one billion dollars. #PhysicsWallah is the first edtech company to hit this milestone this year. Overall, it is the 101th company in India to achieve this distinction.
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These two tweets came through my feed in rapid succession.

The first is from a well-followed teacher influencer.

We probably don鈥檛 talk enough about the face that #edtech has served primarily as a distraction in schools, not an accelerant of good instruction.
This is one of my favorite reads on the topic, but it鈥檚 now behind a pay wall.

@natwexler, is it available on your substack?鈥
In the meantime, you can read this, from @edukings. It鈥檚 mostly about literacy, but it鈥檚 a reminder that Ed tech gobbles up district budgets. Generally with low payback.
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