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🔥I treat offers of 💉💉 with secret ingredients like i treat offers of meatballs from strangers!🤠

🧵2 Catherine Austin Fitts 20211118

It is Communism 2.0❓

🔥🔥No, this is much WORSE. Its slavery😱

👉Digital Currencies, COVID-19 & Climate Change ushering in new slavery system
👉Complete digital control - Money, Health Care, Food, Energy, & Housing…
🧵3 Catherine Austin Fitts

Its a mathematical certainty!

👉 Baby Boomer Generation's retirement & pension 💰💰 being stolen under cover story of the magic 🦠virus…
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#EcoFascism #4IR #WrongKindOfGreen

🧵1 Two Decades of the "Last Chance" Narrative

Last Chance #ClimateCrisis 2001 🤣

#ZeroCarbon #ZeroCovid
#EcoFascism #4IR #WrongKindOfGreen

🧵2 Two Decades of the "Last Chance" Narrative

Last Chance #ClimateCrisis 2007 🤣

#ZeroCarbon #ZeroCovid
#EcoFascism #4IR #WrongKindOfGreen

🧵3 Two Decades of the "Last Chance" Narrative

Last Chance #ClimateCrisis 2008 🤣

#ZeroCarbon #ZeroCovid
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If you didn't realise shift from animal based textile/hide has caused this, you need new brain.
No wool tweed leather fur sheepskin cashmere silk this eco disaster. Price moving away from livestock. We need to move BACK to such; 'science' claiming otherwise FRAUD accountancy Image
Scale crop little better unless from already existing sources. MORE crops land water for inferior textiles?
24 endemic species gone just 20 yrs for disposable cheap t shirts?
Contrast 7 millenia wool Serbia the oldest known production ImageImageImageImage
As for con selling shoes only last 6 months -
I had grandads leather football boots 6 years school

Av life pr leather shoes 20 yrs, but underestimate because dug out of trash repaired resoled & resold.

ONLY wear trainers exercise not general wear,avoid other non leather shoes ImageImageImageImage
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Show your support for your nations farming communities & real sustainable resources by adding YOUR nations flag,
and opposing Davos elites & their UN lackeys plan to attack them and undermine our economic & cultural auonomy
#yes2Meat #Yes2Wool
#DefundtheUN ImageImageImage
How much do Twitter lie when you go against the narrative ? 🤣


Limiting my tweets just for supporting the world's farming communities against the Davos #ecofascism? Image
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Originators of #ecofascism liked #pangolins photo opps too.
Like now, aim to evict indigenous & rural peoples producing food etc from their lands, & put everyone on plant based diet. Current elite invested much pretending they aren't racist. They are.
#DefundtheBBC #DefundtheWWF ImageImageImageImage
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Coming up: The #NewDealForNature

The financialization of nature, global in scale.

#COVID19 is the omni-solution for the implementation of all ruling class "solutions" & desires. The further consolidation of power. The theft of nature.

#GND #GGND #ecofascism #biofascism
"The #COVID19 crisis shows us that it is possible to make transformational changes overnight... a different world with a different economy... But there is also a strong business case for using this crisis to usher in #global systemic change."…
The financialization of #nature has been in the works for well over the last decade. This is a complete transformation of the global economic system. Some key players for now ramping up it's implementation are identified in the accounts tagged by the Natural Capital Coalition.
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