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This week on my #podcast, I read #Twiddler, a recent @Medium column in which I delve more deeply into #enshittification, and how it is a pathology of digital platforms, distinct from the rent-seeking of the analog world that preceded it:… 1/ A mandala made from a knob and button-covered control panel.
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Enshittification, you'll recall, is the lifecycle of the online platform: first, the platform allocates #surpluses to end-users; then, once users are locked in, those surpluses are taken away and given to business-customers. 3/
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Recently, tens of #amsat ops made their 1st #moonbounce QSO. The thrill of #EME with a biggun creates an illusion of similarity to other modes. EME is different. How small a station you can hear? This thread elaborates on accurate predictions. No magic, only Physics! #hamradio
2/10 #EME is the only field in #hamradio that allows reliable predictions of station sizes that one can work. No smaller station beyond this prediction can be contacted under any conditions! You cannot bend the theory. The link budget can be expressed in Signal-to-Noise ratio-SNR
3/10 SNR represents the ratio of System Gain to Noise Temperature. #WSJTX in Q65 computes SNR in the bandwidth B=2500 Hz. That is the report that you exchange with each other. We want to maximise it by increasing the numerator and decreasing the denominator
#hamradio #moonbounce
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#Netflix has unveiled the details of its new anti-#PasswordSharing policy, detailing a suite of complex gymnastics that customers will be expected to undergo if their living arrangements trigger @netflix's automated enforcement mechanisms:… 1/ A Victorian family tree tem...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Netflix says that its new policy allows members of the same "#household" to share an account. 3/
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This is a simplified guide describing a bare minimum (!) for #EME operation of WSJT-X in Q65-60B on 432 MHz. A few settings are TRX-specific. Consult to your rig's manual for those

Step 1: Download stable version of WSJT-X at

#amsat #moonbounce #hamradio
Step 2: Install WSJT-X and open Settings
1) Fill in "My Call" and "My Grid"
2) Tick "Enable VHF and Microwave submodes"
3) Tick "Decode after EME Delay"
Step 3: Navigate to Radio tab
1) Choose your rig model
2) Choose your serial port and baud rate
3) Choose CAT as PTT
4) Mode and split operation depends on your rig. A minimum non-destructive set: Non and Fake it, respectively
You test CAT by a button
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Bernd DL7APV asked me to QSP to the #AMSAT community that he will QRV this coming Thu, Sat, Sun and listen especially for #satellite setups. Use your chance to make your first ever #EME QSO - biggest challenge in #AmateurRadio 🌗

See how this can be done⬇️

#hamradio #moonbounce DL7APV and his EME antenna. Credit: DL7APV
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If you work via #GreenCube, try #EME with big guns. I promise, you will be amazed! As a proof of concept, I made a quick #moonbounce QSO with DL7APV with just a Yaesu FT-818, 40W, 1dB NF LNA and 15 el Diamond antenna held by hand! Easy QSO. Read on🧵
#amsat #io117 #hamradio #hamr Diamond A430S15 Yagi antennaEME QSO with DL7APV using 40W, Yaesu FT-818 and 15 el Yagi
2/9 There are a number of extremely capable #EME stations on 70cm: DL7APV, HB9Q, NC1I. If you are enjoying decode rates above 80% on #GreenCube, don't wait and try #EME. You will likely complete your first QSO over the Moon faster than on the congested #IO117
#amsat #hamradio Credit: HB9QCredit: DL7APVCredit: NC1I
3/9 I used my portable #Greencube set: Yaesu FT-818ND - 40W amp / 1dB NF preamp - Diamond A430S15 14.8dBi on wooden extension, held by hand and pointed visually. With a low NF frontend you can go with a 7el Arrow
#EME #amsat #hamradio #hamr #moonbounce
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DRM is a system for prohibiting legal conduct that manufacturers and their shareholders don't like.

Laws like the US DMCA 1201 (and its equivalents all over the world) ban tampering with DRM, even if no copyright infringement takes place.

That means that manufacturers can design products so that doing things that displease them requires bypassing DRM, and thus committing a felony. It amounts to "felony contempt of business model."

The expansive language of DRM law makes it a crime to break DRM, to tell people how to break DRM, to point out defects in DRM (including defects that make products unsafe to use), or to traffick in DRM-breaking tools.

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Excelente repaso teórico-practico de @carlotamoreno83 en su intervención "La perspectiva de género en la intervención social" tocando aspectos esenciales sobre la desigual distribución del poder y sus implicaciones. La igualdad formal produce un 'espejismo de la igualdad' Visionado de
Desde la óptica sindical "Mercado laboral, análisis de género" expuesto por Beatriz Ruiz y Sandra Bravo de OIGE (Oficina Igualdad de Género en el Empleo) de @UGTExtremadura con comentarios de sentencias pioneras #FormaciónAdelante
Presenta @AngelPinadero los resultados del #ProyectoNeo de innovación social. Cómo la corresponsabilidad y modelos de masculinidad (contra)hegemónica junto tareas de cuidados repercuten directamente en la empleabilidad de las mujeres. #FormaciónAdelante
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