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In 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for governments to launch a public information campaign to fight the scourge of "fake news," which he said was "killing people’s minds." Cook said this "big problem" necessitated a crackdown by the authorities and tech firms. @elonmusk Image
"It has to be ingrained in the schools, it has to be ingrained in the public… There has to be a massive campaign. We have to think through every demographic… All of us tech companies need to create some tools that help diminish the volume of fake news." - #TimCook @tim_cook
"It’s almost as if a new course is required for the modern kid… In some ways kids will be the easiest to educate. At least before a certain age, they are very much in listen and understand [mode], and they then push their parents to act." - Tim Cook #Indoctrination #Apple
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Two visions competed at the dawn of the modern digital era: computers could be a way to empower people to push back against corporate and state control; or computers could transfer power from the public to corporations or governments. 1/ A wood-paneled living room ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
I've always been baffled by the technologists who pursued control over liberation: surely their own formative experiences were of the liberatory power of technology. 3/
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Ich liebe alles am narzisstischen Zusammenbruch von Elon #Musk, weil #Apple wohl seine Werbung auf #Twitter einstellen wird und damit ihr Freedom of Speech ausübt.

Musk weiß, wenn Apple geht, werden die Blue Chips folgen. Aus 4 Mio. $ Verlust am Tag, werden so schnell 40 Mio. $. ImageImageImageImage
Jan @DerGraslutscher hat Musks Heuchelei auf den Punkt gebracht. Keine von Musks Firmen hat eine PR-Abteilung.

Musk ist der einzige Werbeträger seiner Firmen. Während andere Autobauer etwa 3 Mrd. $ im Jahr ausgeben, beträgt das Werbebudget von Tesla 0 $.

Und was nich lustig ist, Clown Elon hält die 30% Servicegebühr von Apple für eine geheime Steuer. Bzw. seine Fans glauben ihm das. Er zahlt 2,40$ der $8 Blue Checkmarks an Apple.

Dieser Typ ist CEO von drei Firmen. 😂

Und standesgemäß tweetet er das alles von seinem iPhone. 😸
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#Twitter Dans la partie de jeu d'échecs pour réveiller l'opinion, #Musk a pris de l'avance

Mais les globalistes préparent le coup suivant pour contrer le vent de liberté sur #Twitter

Musk nous annonce qu'#Apple a menacé de retirer Twitter de l'#App Store,..
.. sans dire pourquoi

Les médias essaient de tourner ça au ridicule

Mais si votre téléphone vous empêche de faire un update, ou si à terme refuse que vous utilisiez une ancienne version de Twitter (par exemple pour une raison de sécurité bidon)...…
L'autre angle est du côté des #régulations européennes

Les "régulateurs" ont le pouvoir d'imposer des #amendes à Twitter (notamment via le RGPD) car ils sont implantés en #Irlande

Certaines enquêtes datent d'avant l'arrivée de Musk, mais ils se disent "inquiets de l'impact..
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Was passiert gerade in #China? Und woher kommen die Proteste? Eine kurze Erklärung 🇨🇳🧵👇
1⃣ In der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag versammelten sich in #Shanghai auf der Wulumuqi Lu zahlreiche Menschen und skandierten in #China bisher ungehörte Parolen wie „Nieder mit #Xi Jinping“ „Nieder mit der KPCh“
2⃣ #Wulumqui ist der chinesische Name für #Urumqi, die Hauptstadt der Region #Xinjiang. Dort waren am Donnerstagnacht zehn Menschen verbrannt, weil ein Löschfahrzeug nicht schnell genug zum Einsatzort durchdringen konnte. Grund waren Lockdown-Sperren
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The suspect in the #Apple #Hingham store fatal crash, Bradley Rein, claims it was an accident, the fatal crash left one dead and at least 20 injured and plead not guilty.
According to the office of Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz (@PlymouthCtyDAO), Bradley Rein of Hingham was charged with reckless homicide by motor vehicle.
He told police that his right foot became stuck on the accelerator and that he tried to stop the SUV with his left foot but was unable to.
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Fresh unrest at the world’s largest #Apple iPhone factory according to Reuters. “People describing themselves as Foxconn workers pulled down barriers and argued with hazmat-suited authorities at a #COVID-hit plant” in #China’s #Zhengzhou.
More details coming through re fresh worker protests at #Foxconn: reports of injuries in clashes with authorities; some workers complaining that those who've had #Covid are being allowed back on shift; others saying they've not been paid bonuses. Some want to go home. #China
More #Foxconn protest details: some workers used sticks to strike surveillance cameras and windows at the factory complex; police have been brought in to manage the tensions there. The global supply of #Apple iPhones was already being hit by the previous mass breakout there.
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An SUV deliberately smashed through the glass of #Apple Derby Street in #Hingham, Massachusetts, on Monday morning, killing one person and critically injuring four others.
Apple Derby Street was closed after a black Toyota 4Runner SUV drove through the storefront glass around 11 a.m. local time.

The 4,000-square-foot Apple Store is located in the back of a shopping center, with a parking lot in front of it.
The crash, according to a Fire Marshall on the scene, was most likely "intentional." DA Tim Cruz (@PlymouthCtyDAO) Tim Cruz said in a statement that there was a "active criminal investigation."
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This took a weird turn. There’s honestly too much to fit into one video, but trust me when I say virtually everything out of this person’s mouth is a lie.
Hey @ColumbiaMSPH TJ “Pax” Hardy admittedly lied about his other credentials this evening and stole the licensure of a Black woman. Can we confirm he graduated from your institution with an MPH in 2007? This is imperative.
Let’s clarify the things he’s verifiably lied about while we wait: critical care EMT, master health educator, certified nurse midwife, RN BSN, master of social work, and all associated institutions (NYU, Vanderbilt, USC).
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#China Covid: Panic and fear drove iPhone factory breakout…
For this piece, workers at #Foxconn told us about some of the crazy rumours which drove the panic and mass breakout at the world’s largest producer of #Apple iPhones in…
‘According to these rumours, the plan was to see how many of them would die.… Sentiments were spreading like: "Foxconn is going to take my life."’…
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Workers have broken out of #Apple’s largest assembly site, escaping the Zero #Covid lockdown at Foxconn in #Zhengzhou. After sneaking out, they’re walking to home towns more than 100 kilometres away to beat the Covid app measures designed to control people and stop this. #China
Workers have broken out of #Apple’s largest assembly site, escaping the Zero #Covid lockdown at Foxconn in #Zhengzhou. After sneaking out, they’re walking to home towns more than 100 kilometres away to beat the Covid app measures designed to control people and stop this. #China
Meanwhile nationalists in #China have convinced themselves that their country has a monopoly on wisdom re the correct handling of #Covid. They’re often going on about “the West” and its opening up but actually its the whole world apart from China which has abandoned Zero Covid
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ثريد بسيط ويعتبر اول ثريد لي في تويتر

راح اتكلم عن التعصب التقني
#android #Google #Samsung #Xiaomi #OPPO
#ios #apple Image
هذه الانظمة وتلك الشركات وجدت لنا نحن ( المستخدمين ) لكي نأخذ منها ما يفيدنا ويسهل علينا عملنا ونستمتع بمميزاتها ..

وتنوع المميزات والمواصفات بين هذه الشركات تجعلنا نبحث عن ما نحتاجه نحن من مواصفات ومميزات للتخفيف من قيمة و سعر المواصفات اللتي لا نحتاجها
قد يحتج البعض على كلامي ويسأل عن ما قدمتها ابل في أجهزتها مقابل السعر ..

أقول لك نعم الأسعار فاحشه على اغلب الهواتف الرائدة وليست ابل فقط ولكن تحكم هذه الشركات أمور قد يجلها الكثير ومنها ما اجهله انا من مصروفات لهذه الشركات
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1/6 Reason y #India & #China r buying GOLD from diff places🔴
~India’s forex reserves is in US dollar denominated securities.India faces risk of erosion in reserves due to rise in US bond yields.
~Only 8% of India’s reserve is in GOLD.
~#TURKEY is largest buyer of gold in 2022.
2/6 ~Seems inflation will hit b4 de-dollarisation takes place‼️Hence Indian Govt is shoring up India’s foundation against inflation by buying GOLD.
~ #China hs bn in a GOLD buying spree coz it hs same issue as India’s— 2,000 tons of Gold it bought represent jst 3% of reserves.
3/6 ~B4 de- dollarisation takes place, INFLATION will hit us is a reality.
~Yes, it’s true New global reserve currency (GRC) has been introduced by #BRICS. Had mentioned it in my article. 👇
🔴GRC has an issue: intra BRICS economic ties will increase.…
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We confirm that iOS 16 does communicate with Apple services outside an active VPN tunnel. Worse, it leaks DNS requests. #Apple services that escape the VPN connection include Health, Maps, Wallet.
We used @ProtonVPN and #Wireshark. Details in the video:

#CyberSecurity #Privacy
You can easily monitor the network traffic of any device using this simple method. You don't need a custom router for that. You just need a Mac and #Wireshark, and enjoy ✌️
I know what you're asking yourself and the answer is YES. #Android communicates with #Google services outside an active VPN connection, even with the options "Always-on" and "Block Connections without VPN."
I used a #Pixel phone running #Android13, its IP is 👇
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Am 08. Mai schrieb ich diesen Thread über #Apple

Mit dem Zeitpunkt des Szenarios lag ich daneben. In den vergangenen beiden Tagen sieht man nun aber, welches Problem Apple's im S&P500 darstellt 👉 die Gewichtung von aktuell 7,47%

Apple meldete, dass man im Zuge nachlassender Nachfrage die Produktion kürzt. Die kommende Rezession fordert nun auch beim Primus Tribut.…
Die Aktie fällt prompt und zieht prompt den S&P500 mit nach unten.
Nach wie vor sieht der Aktienkurs
Apple's besser aus als der der meisten Unternehmen im S&P
Obwohl es im breiten Markt eher moderate Verluste oder gar leichte Gewinne zu verzeichnen gab, knickte der S&P ein Image
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Got an alert on my #applenews that made me look twice... Looks like @FastCompany got hacked some bit ago, and it's still in caches and what went out via alerts, but the live site appears clean... #hacked #itsecurity #uhoh
Live scrape looks clean, so either they got control again or this was some sort other activity that caused the #Google and #Apple scraping/alerting to trigger.
Poked to see what their infra looks like, but it is behind @fastly, so tougher to get a good look at what's going on.
>dog --short
> whois | grep OrgName
OrgName: Fastly, Inc.
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Incorporated in America but Commanded by #CCPChina By Clyde Prestowitz…
On December 2, 2015 a terrorist attack took place on a training event of the Dept of Public Health at the Inland Regional Center of San Bernardino,Calif..
2/4-On December 2, 2015 a terrorist attack took place on a training event of the Department of Public Health at the Inland Regional Center of San Bernardino, California. Of the 80 people attending, 14 were killed & 22 were seriously injured.
As chance would have it,the shooters..
3/4-dropped an #iPhone which was picked up by investigating police. In their efforts to catch the shooters & break up any terrorist ring of which they may have been members, the police asked #AppleCorporation at its headquarters in Cupertino,California 2 open the phone & search..
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This new @Polycam3D room scan tool is bonkers … another step closer to the commoditization of the digitization of assets. 😳🚀 #lidar #3D #metaverse @Apple #Apple
Here is the full floor 3D model + measurements + walk through … all on the iPhone in minutes. So clean. 🤯🤯🤯 Next up, drop it in the @simulacra_io metaverse platform for a full social walk through. The use cases of this are bananas. 📈📈📈
Only took minutes to drop the raw model into the @simulacra_io metaverse platform. Few clicks in the web browser and anyone on the planet with internet can meet up in the digital twin. (Needs scale and texture work - but dang that flow is efficient). 👀 @Polycam3D
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🧵1yr ago today I was an #Apple employee

I was sitting at home, suspended, after I reported Apple to the feds

I complained my office was a triple Superfund toxic waste dump w/out safety testing for over 6yr

& then complained Apple retaliates against employees who report issues
Early that day, it finally occurred to me that Apple had probably been spying on me through my personal iCloud account & Apple devices for 6+ months

No doubt trying to get ahead of me suing them & reporting them to numerous gov agencies

I tweeted abt it
At 2pm I fnd an article abt Apple breaking into a guy's apt & claiming to be the police, searching his stuff & threatening deportation

I tweeted it too, as I'd been live-tweeting all suspension:…

I got a email frm Apple's "Workplace Violence" 10min later Just found this & i'll be l...
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Here’s how much the #iPhone14, new Apple Watches and the #AirPodsPro 2nd generation will cost in India

#AppleEvent @Apple…

By @sourabhjain24 Image
#Apple launched several new devices at its Far Out event, including the new iPhone 14 series, three Apple Watches and the AirPods Pro 2nd generation.

Here are the price and availability details of all the devices launched by the Cupertino giant today.

#AppleEvent Image
Apple iPhone 14

The #iPhone14 is the base variant and comes with a few upgrades over its predecessor, including the A15 Bionic chipset, upgraded cameras and longer battery life.

#AppleEvent Image
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Here’s everything new on the #iPhone14 and 14 Pro — Dynamic island, satellite connectivity, always-on display and more

#AppleEvent #iPhone14Pro @Apple…

By @sourabhjain24 Image
Apple has announced the much-awaited #IPhone14 series, the company’s latest flagship offering. In addition to the iPhones, the company also announced Apple Watch SE, #AppleWatchSeries8, Apple Watch Ultra and the AirPods Pro gen 2.

Coming to the iPhone 14 series, the Cupertino giant has introduced four models – the base #iPhone14, iPhone 14 Plus, #iPhone14Pro and the top-end iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple has made significant changes to the iPhone 14 series.

#AppleEvent Image
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Saludos amigos. Estaremos dando cobertura por acá al #AppleEvent

Nuestro amigo @ArgelioPB nos acompañará en la tarde de hoy. Mantengan la sintonía 😉

#iPhone #iPhone14 #Apple
#iPhone, #AirPods y #AppleWatch serán los dispositivos que veremos hoy, según Tim

Primeras vistas del #AppleWatchSeries8
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**Nothing really new

**Nothing really special

**Nothing really worth it.…
"It's just a stupid phone. What's the big deal?" asked an industry analyst.

"When has Apple done anything new? They stopped innovating when Jobs died."… Image
"Tim Cook has turned #APPLE into a gadget maker. It's eventually going to go the way of Blackberry," said a company analyst.
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