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1. Love or loathe him, Peter Obi is now on everyone’s lips. The only product selling like Coca Cola. Opposition PDP & APC can’t get enough of him. Cashtivists see him as the boogeyman. Some of us saw the light from the beginning, & heralded his coming. My People, WALK WITH ME.
2. Peter Obi is an IDEA whose time has come. Nigerians were dealt with terrible blows in 62 years. Many did not know what to do. OBIdients was born. It’s a Movement connecting millions of Nigerians around the world. Our camaraderie has gone through few reincarnations to get here.
3. Originally a cry for help so close to home, Camaraderie have gained steam. It is now a Movement of astronomical proportions. OBIdient is a new culture, a new way of life; a notion of A New Nigeria. There is a feeling of JOY & HOPE, what was thought impossible, is now possible.
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1. Just like "there's no structure", nobody hears "he doesn't have experience" anymore. Dino I'm looking at you. Peter Obi has demonstrated that he has the experience both lived and studied to galvanise a movement larger than any our nation has seen before.
A Thread.
2. He understands that it is character and altruistic leadership that will light the fire of hope. That it is good stewardship that inspires trust. People want to be able to live their lives in peace and die with dignity.

3. They want to know that their hard work will be respected and rewarded. They want to be able to stand behind whatever the govt does in their name. They want to play, work, love and procreate in peace.

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Today i visited Kirikiri medium prison to see two #EndSARS comrades, who the world has forgotten.
Dare Williams (25) & Bethel Chukwuocha (22) both students of Federal college of education Akoka.
They were arrested on the 22nd of Dec 2020.


@SavvyRinu @mrmacaronii ImageImage
They were arrested by Sabo Police station after #EndSARS protest. Tortured, framed as car snatchers, forced at gun point to accept police written statement, transferred to SARS, Police command Ikeja, paraded before journalists, moved to Panti, taken to court, & later to prison.
They are in a pitiable condition right now, & their story brought tears to my eyes. 😭😭
Efforts to get them out, has proved abortive, even when the police & the prosecutors have nothing against them.
I call on Nigerians to help these young men, as they are dying gradually there.
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1. Nigerians don’t have a lot of real life role models. Growing up in Nigeria can be a very difficult childhood experience. You are faced with a moral dilemma. You start to believe there’s something wrong with u. You begin to envisage emancipation. IT’S A SAD STORY, WALK WITH ME.
2. You come face to face with lies told by old men to perpetuate their subjugation of the young. By a stroke of luck, sort of a miracle, you’ll manage to escape from Nigeria. It is called “becoming.” A slow but effective indoctrination of the young into LEARNED HELPLESSNESS.
3. At age 14, you learn Evolution & Adaptation. Your basic instincts becomes sharp. You learn fast, evolve & adapt. You develop native senses. Your curiosity amplifies. You question your sanity & existence. Nigeria will stretch your patience & endurance ad infinitum.
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The attention of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has been drawn to a viral video on 'Twitter' (@OmoGbajaBiamila) where our Officers who drove against traffic (One-way) with an operational vehicle (RTM 08 LA Zone 25 Bariga) was blocked by a... Image
...private vehicle on Oworonsoki bridge, Lagos.

The Agency hereby states categorically that the video incident video occurred in year 2020 before the #EndSARS protest around Iyana-Oworo. All Officers involved have been appropriately sanctioned by the Authority. Image
The patrol van with registration No. RTM 08 LA (Zone 25 Bariga) seen in the viral video was among LASTMA operational vehicles burnt alongside our office building by #EndSARS protesters at Iyana-Oworo, Lagos.
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jamila osman:

“in 2007, in a post-9/11 political and psychological landscape, president bush and donald rumsfeld, then secretary of defense, launched u.s. africa command (africom), which oversees all department of defense military operations on the continent in order[…]”
“to ‘monitor and disrupt violent extremist organizations and protect u.s. interests’ because of the continent’s growing strategic importance. initially based in stuttgart, germany, africom was formed without the input or support of any african leaders, many of whom decried its”
“formation and described it as an attempt to establish more u.s. military bases on the continent. in response, u.s. officials said africom was meant to provide humanitarian assistance and support peace and stability because ‘a safe, stable, and prosperous africa is an enduring”
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Full court records: Ajulo & Ors v Peter Obi & Ors.
Agbado supporters trying paint the #Obidient as #Endsars ImageImageImageImage
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For those using #Endsars to campaign against APC please we all don't suffer from Amnesia.

SARS ki||ing indiscriminately started from the sh00t at sight order against MASSOB given to them by PO which gave them a blanket cover that they can ki|| & nothing will happen.
So the 1st shoot at sight order to Sars by any Government official was given be Mr Lamba.

Mr Bonaventure alleged that State Government then set him up by planting skulls & gunz in his hotel to implicated him so as to use Sars to torture him bc of his differences with them then
His hotel was later demolished within two hours of this set up.


Is it the Federal Government of PDP then or a Court of LAW or the then State Government?

You know the answer.....

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I had my personal reasons for not supporting the #EndSARS protests. I detest violence in any form and will never be found cheering it
The same trends that I saw that turned me off then are beginning to reveal themselves in one of the camps campaigning right now
It is nauseating!
I am writing this boldly
If you are still hurting from the trauma of @Endsars and for that reason you are supporting a candidate, please separate the issues
You will be doing your candidate a disservice if you're just using him as a smokescreen to mask your evil agenda of Kill,
Steal and destroy
If you really want him to have a good showing in the election, you must give him a chance to follow the political process through
If however your plan is to hide behind him and use his victory or defeat as an excuse to burn the nation down, You shall not prosper
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Zainab abimbola Tinubu at the age of 22 bought a house in New York worth 2.1million dollars at 55 berry street New York and the zip code is 11249 and at the of age of 20 Zainab Abimbola bought an apartment in the same New York in Manhattan 255 Houston new York and the zip code..
is 10013 and the two sisters bought a house worth of 5million dollars.
These are the dauthers of the man you blindly supported all because he is Yoruba and you are asking me to support the same man that penned Lagos money with his lawyers.

Tell me where did a 20/22 year old...
Girls got the money from? And you are here supporting criminal and asking me to do the same cos I am from the same tribe with him.
It will never be well with you📌

The following personal lawyers to Tinubu aided and abetted Tinubu on incredible criminal offense which are...
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At a recent APC secret meeting, some big wigs of the party & Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu's men, came to a conclusion that Peter Obi & the Obidient movement has taken over the social media space in Nigeria, & now controls the 2023 election narrative.
A grave mistake they admitted to have made from the unset, and they now regret.
They underrated Peter Obi, & the Obidient movement when it all started, few months ago.
Now all efforts at trying to slow down the group, infiltrate or discredit the movement has proved abortive.
They tried to financially induce some of the major players of the Obidient movement, both online & offline, it didn't work.
They tried to discredit the LP presidential candidate, & some major social media influencers, crusading his campaign with propaganda & fake news, no way.
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1. My People, did you enjoy an eventful weekend? I missed you. I had to go see my doctor & refill my energy tank. But don’t you worry, I’ll be just fine. They cannot & they will not silence our voices. OBIdients are the Captain Fantastics. WALK WITH ME, I’ll tell you a Sad Story.
2. On the evening of 20 October 2020, in Lagos Nigeria, a dog whistle on Twitter gave Nigeria & its Army, the oxygen. In what is now the infamous #EndSARS Lekki Tollgate Shooting, the name “Sega Awosanya” is steeped in History & soaked in blood, the blood of Nigerian youths. 💔
3. Uncle SegaLink is the villain in this Horror Story. He is all the more reason a man must have an unflinching conviction for what’s right, equitable & righteous before God. He is the reason man must have a paid job. Nothing is remotely close to honorable in what Sega represents
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1. Events of past few days shouldn’t get to you. No one said it’s going to be easy. Contrary to what many think, Nigeria is still in its primordial state. Tribal & religious biases will be on display next year. Peter Obi understood these dynamics & focused in the NC for starters
2. Like #EndSARS, we are decentralized & organic. This is why the establishment are against us. THEY FEAR WHAT THEY CANNOT CONTROL. We are outliers but changemakers in our own right. So pat yourselves on the back, we achieved so much without cash or structure.👏👏
3. We are the structure, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We have our roadmap to Victory. 2023 will be fought hard & won. I cannot let the cat out of the bag, the enemies are prowling all over my timeline for expos. But be rest assured, we have it all figured out. YES!!
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1. A Dream covered in Gold, & said to posses an almost magical powers that will transform Nigeria, for good. A man (not a Saint), is trailing the blaze of what will soon become, A New Nigeria. A Peaceful Political Revolution is underway. WALK WITH ME, I’ll tell you A Great Story.
2. Night of 25th Feb will be fought hard & won. It’ll be a very long night, but it’ll mark the transformation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, into the Citizens Republic. Youths of Nigeria rushed to the polling units on a Rescue Mission. A mortal is inspiring their confidence.
3. At the last minute of the last count, the legion of youths drove back the Enemies of Nigeria through the ballot boxes. The Citizens Republic is about to conquer the land. Nigeria has come a long way. Although it had Great Promise at inception, its History is soaked in blood.
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2023: Remember #EndSARS, Mr Macaroni Counsels Youths

Nigerian thespian, Debo Adedayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni, on Monday, urged Nigerian youths to vote wisely in the upcoming general election. Image
He added that the youths should remember the pain from the #EndSARS protest of October 2020 in determining who they vote for.
Mr Macaroni, who had been trending on social media over alleged death threats from the supporters of presidential candidate, tweeted,
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@TolulopeAbeey @DailyPostNGR I know that you are too young to know these things, but you aren't too young to learn from your elders or to at least google. Or are you?

In Nov 1999, OPC claiming to fight for Yorubas slaughtered Hausas without mercy. OBJ ordered the Police to shoot anyone called OPC on sight
@TolulopeAbeey @DailyPostNGR In Oct 2000, OPC also clashed with Northerners pretending that they were fighting for Yoruba. 80 people were reported dead. Police said 6 OPC died. OPC said its 9.
@TolulopeAbeey @DailyPostNGR In 2002, OPC also slaughtered Hausas and other northerners again claiming that they were also fighting for Yoruba.
The casualty figures was allegedly 55 dead, 200 injured and 57 seriously injured (some of whom later died).
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What changed? There's a new governor in Anambra State to whom I addressed my tweets to: (1) Release the results of the pathology tests conducted on the dead; (2) Release the findings of Sens Nwagu/Magoro Committee which took over the investigation from Anambra State
3. Release the Report on #Endsars.
Since you've at last taken interest in a subject that I've become the lone voice crying in the wilderness for justice, you can join me. Justice has no borders.
What changed? I prefer someone who described killings in his state as barbaric, took steps to ensure justice for the dead, though frustrated by the center intent on covering, to someone who witnessed stonecold murder in broad daylight, tweeted against it, then deleted his tweet
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1. Like many too numerous to mention, David Hundeyin & DJ Switch, abandoned their whole life, businesses & livelihoods. They abandoned their friends & families, & all they held dear, bcos Tinubu & Sanwolu invited the military. They are on Exile, not by choice. IT’S A SAD STORY.💔
2. To many of us, #EndSARS is a scar that won’t go away, a horror we’ve been compelled to live with, forever. But one Small Alhaji (an APC politician) wants us to forgive Tinubu? Forgive him for what? What is there to forgive? Has he even admitted his guilt? What’s going on?
3. What are we missing? Has Tinubu admitted people died? Who switched off the lights? The denials, lack of empathy & emotional blackmail the BMC unleashed on us, the brown envelop journalists they activated to gaslight us, they were just too much. Many of us went into hiding.
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1. Begging me to forgive Tinubu, is the same as saying I should allow Mc Oluomo, Seyi Tinubu, all their Lagos thugs, all their tribal & religious bigots & the BMC, into my house. Tinubu & his men are a threat to my life. We cannot afford another 8 years of misfortunes & deaths.
2. Anyone campaigning for Tinubu & the APC is a threat to my life. BAT said he will continue with Buhari’s legacies. He is telling us he will continue to administer: banditry & insurgency, the depreciating Naira, maddest inflation, ASUU Strikes, National Grid Collapses & so on.
3. Don’t excuse cold calculated murder for politics. People died at the Lekki Tollgate, REAL people. Till date, APC still denies that. They should fear God. Please fear God. Nigerians were dealt with terribly blows by the APC. A lot happened in 7+ years, they are still happening.
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My People, they are begging us to forgive Tinubu for allowing the army murder our Comrades at the Lekki Tollgate, during our #EndSARS Peaceful Protests. NOW THEY NEED OUR VOTES? NOW THEY CAN BEG? If we let them in, they will kill & finish all of us. APPLY WHAT??????✊✊
I’ve always said told them that #EndSARS is marathon not a sprint!! We need the bodies of our comrades that died at the Lekki Tollgate, to give them a proper burial. While at it, Sanwolu must tell us WHO ORDERED THE SHOOTING?
Someone said, “how do we forget this? We need a tutorial on how to forgive this.” Tinubu is Evil, including Sanwolu, their online attack dogs & Political thugs. Karma came so fast!! Feb, pls hurry!!🙏
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I missed my flight from Lagos to Enugu and opted to travel by road because rescheduled flight will be in 2 days time but I must report to work the next day. Luckily I got a siena bus loading to Enugu.
Shortly after we passed Ore heading to Benin, we were stopped by a special police unit that mounted check point. Looking inside the car, they singled out a young man sitting in front beside the driver. They took the boy inside the Bush for search,
after about 45 min, the young man came out said they saw atm card with him, asked other 2 passengers they picked from another vehicle to transfer 100k into his account so he can use their POS to debit his account and credit the POS account.
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This is not the first feudal class in history

Its why i encourage people to read up on feudalism - Looks like "failure" to you but its a perverse social order in which you're supposed to be a peasant

The #EndSARS massacre has also happened before - Feudalists are predictable
There is also a reason ASUU is on strike for near a year & leadership is comfortable - Their children are the only ones supposed to be educated per feudal philosophy

Also why having greatest number of poor people in the world doesn't bother them - Peasants are meant to be poor
People raised in westernised societies assume its always been "normal" for education to be a constitutional right of all citizens - There were literally laws barring ordinary citizens from getting an education

It took revolt, blood & sacrifice to get here for ordinary citizens
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@toluogunlesi I am ready to "reason" with you on this.
#APCandPDPSamePartyWithTwoOffices is not about the people in them. It is about how they act.
1) APC & PDP have competent candidates in their parties but they always choose the worst to give tickets to.
Tinubu & Atiku are egs
You will agree with me that Atiku and Tinubu are not the most competent in both PDP and APC but they emerged with the party tickets.
That's why we say #APCandPDPSamePartyWithTwoOffices
2)Both APC and PDP have shown and demonstrated it is all about how much money you have and not about your competence, character and capacity when it comes to clinching their ticket.
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You don't have to be a genius to figure out a few things.

These young ones do not fit into the strict, hierarchy driven "you must respect your elders" mindset that governs previous generations.

And in an increasingly globalised, networked world, they don't have to.
Nigerian corporate culture, is rigid, master-servant relationship driven and retrogressive - and they are having none of it.

"You must have a 2:1, be less than 26 years, be prepared to carry your oga/madams laptop bag when he/she arrives office".

No time for that nonsense.
They can do #300DaysOfCode, or something, and prepare themselves for some remote IT role - with a much better work-life balance and better pay, or they could explore the world outside Corporate Nigeria/Nigeria.

Many bosses in Corporate Nigeria are yet to figure this out.
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