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Today is International Overdose Day

Education is important

Whether it's
understanding how to use naloxone…
proper language when speaking about substance use…

there is a lot of learning to do.

Our REDONNA team has been working on educating prescribers in BC about sparing opioid analgesics for noncancer pain among opioid-naïve patients.
@ShawnaNarayan @ircoopy @JanKlimas @Drug_Evidence…
200 participants (FPs, NPs, Nurses, and community members) attended an educational webinar focused on opioid sparing practices and the (lack of) evidence for opioid analgesics to treat noncancer pain.
You can read more here:… (3/5)
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The REDONNA study…
began from the motivation for improved & safer opioid prescribing in primary care

We aimed to educate MDs about their OWN prescribing practices using audit & feedback letters developed by the @Drug_Evidence @JanKlimas @ShawnaNarayan 1/4
They received information about the number of new opioid initiations & how they compared to the average physician. They were provided information on the (lack) of effectiveness on pain for opioid naïve patients through an educational webinar:… (2/3)
From this study, we hope to support the uptake of quality prescribing practices that are equity-oriented and evidence-based to help patients experience less pain. (3/4)
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1/5) Overdoses are taking the lives of 6 people everyday in BC, more than any other time on record. In July, 184 people died because of our toxic drug supply. More than 1,200 people this year - gone.

(A thread)
2/5) We're losing people in the prime of their lives. In 2021, 72% of those dying were aged 30 to 59. Males accounted for 79% of deaths in 2021. An entire generation is being lost 💔
3/5) People are dying EVERYWHERE. Don't let anyone fool you into believing that this is an inner-city issue or a downtown east side problem. Inequity, marginalization, and isolation are putting people in vulnerable positions across the province and they're dying as a result.
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Una de las peores consecuencias del consumo de #opiáceos (heroína, metadona, fentanilo) es el riesgo de #sobredosis.

¿Qué podemos hacer si encontramos una situación así en nuestro entorno?

Abrimos 🧵👇 #EndOverdose Image
El riesgo de sobredosis aumenta con la mezcla de #sustancias, la pérdida de #tolerancia, y el desconocimiento de la pureza de la sustancia.
Sabemos que estamos ante una sobredosis de opiáceos cuando la persona:
👉 Está inconsciente
👉 Tiene los labios y las puntas de los dedos azules
👉 Tiene las pupilas puntiformes (muy pequeñas, a veces casi como la punta de un alfiler)
👉 Tiene el pulso y respiración débil
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I’ll cap #OverdoseAwarenessDay with this. Data show there was no correlation between Rx opioid dispensing and the drug overdose death rate in 38 states & D.C (represented by the dots) in 2018. The closer R-squared (R^2) is to 1, the stronger the correlation. Here R^2 is 0.00002.
0.00002 is VERY VERY far from 1, indicating that the Rx opioid dispensing rate from state to state had no effect on drug overdose numbers.
Explanation of the data: In simple linear regression, R-squared is known as the correlation coefficient, on a scale of 0-1, 1 being a perfect linear correlation and 0 being no correlation.
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"Jason Mercredi, the executive director of @prairiehr, said not releasing timely overdose data undermines any progress made to combat the crisis by keeping the topic quiet."
“If this was any other health issue, we’d be having press conferences weekly,” he said. “If this was diabetes, if this was cancer, if this was COVID, we’d be seeing a lot more resources and effort.” - Jason Mecredi
Prof. @ehyshka said that while the Alberta government has spent more money in the addictions and mental health system, the programs receiving new funding do not address opioid disorders and are unlikely to reduce the overdose death rate.
#EndOverdose #BloodOnYourHands
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Thread: The Shameful Closure of North America’s Busiest Safe Consumption Site by @Filtermag_org written by @heyysham & Taylor Fleming / September 24, 2020
We 🇨🇦 may like to think of ourselves as more progressive than our southern neighbours when it comes to drug policy. Truth is, we’re only ever 1 election away fr. regression & fear-mongering based on stigma, racism & a refusal 2 acknowledge the evidence behind harm reduction 2/25
Although Health 🇨🇦 has reiterated current federal support for safe consumption sites (SCS) & endorsed programs providing a safe supply of drugs, each province & territory is ultimately in control of its own healthcare. This🍃harm reduction services in a precarious position. 3/25
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When @jasonluan88 was going to release the #Alberta Overdose Death #'s. Yep During the Throne Speech.

Jason why did you do it right now? Want the #abpoli and media to not notice, bid media day and all?
#FactsNotFearAB #EndOverdose #RUKM 1/? Image
This is you signaling how much you care about this issue when you are trying to bury it in the news cycle @jasonluan88

You can hide data but not the dead bodies

We see you and so does @CBCCalgary @CTVLethbridge @globalnews @CAPUDofficial @CSSDP @AndreaWoo @momsstoptheharm 2/?
Our dear Sam I think will be in the next quarter’s data. A lovely person who I knew for years. And this @UCPCaucus government doesn’t care 2 cents about them or anyone else. I hate them so much.

Not 2 cents, not any sense.
#EndOverdose #fataldrugsupply #inaction 3/?
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