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**Help IS Desperately NEEDED** **Emergency HELP**

This is very hard for us to write. But we feel we have no other choice due to us seeing the massive amount of requests that we are getting daily for both Humans and Pets.

Here is what has happened as of late:
This past weekend alone, we had over 30 emergency requests from individuals & families fleeing domestic violence. Many leaving with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We were able to help about 17 of these individuals find shelter and lodging via referrals to other groups.
The other 13 individuals are being helped by our awesome volunteers. We are tracking down emergency funding and helping them apply for help through various organizations here in #Calgary.

We will be assisting them and their families in hopes of helping them feel safe once again.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. On behalf of AHS I want to acknowledge Albertans & our contact tracing team for notifying 43K+ close contacts from Nov.6-9. Thank you to cases & contacts who worked w/contact tracers. We have to keep this effort up. (1/16)
Together w/limiting social bubbles, maintaining distance, masking & staying home if sick, the efficiency & completeness of contact tracing efforts is critical to stemming new cases in AB. Today, AHS is launching an online portal for automated texting of close contacts. (2/16)
Confirmed cases can use the site to enter info of known close contacts. Once info is reviewed by the contact tracing team w/the case, the tool delivers a text to close contacts & informs them of exposure & to isolate. The name of the positive case is not disclosed. (3/16)
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**Evening Update**

We were able to fill an additional 2 hampers on our list. We only have 4 hampers left to fill!

If we can raise funds to deliver the hampers tonight or first thing in the morning, we will be able to give everyone currently on our list a #thanksgivingCanada
We accept etransfers:


Our other donation info is in our Twitter Profile Bio.

We need $1155.00 to fill the last 4 hampers that are on our list.

If you can #Help that would be awesome!
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***Daily Update*** ***Emergency Help Needed***

I have been sitting here at my computer here for the past half hour deciding whether or not I wanted to post about what me and a few members of my team experienced today.
I was out shopping for our food hampers, when my phone rang.

Before I go on....I want to make it clear that Harvest Hills Cares Calgary's Phone will always be answered. The only time it won't be is if we are in a meeting or driving.
I answered the phone...It was a mom of 4 that was told by her worker to come down to the AB Works office to turn in her 90 days of bank statements...& that if she didn't bring them down by the end of the day she would not get her check until Tuesday of next week.
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Does the #UCP show signs of facism? Let's discuss

Posted in ww2 and holocaust museums, are warnings from the past. Warnings about what brave soldiers and citizens fought against and how those governments were able to get into power. Long thread, sorry!
#abpoli #ableg
Where do the UCP sit in regards to these warnings signs?

1. Rampant Nationalism : in this case its more 'provincialism'. This idea that alberta only. And the fear mongering to supporters the UCP have duped about everyone is against us (against alberta). Not true.
Without federal funds during covid, the UCP wouldn't have been able to pay their own staff (they used wage subsidy), not to mention ed funding, covid funding, CERB for 25% of albertans (highest in the country btw)
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Media, there is no “Canadian Patriots” *group*

The event in #RedDeer was attended by yellow vests, Soldiers of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition, World Coalition Against Islam, Urban Infidels, Woke Onez Rebellion - all anti-Muslim.

#cdnmedia #abmedia Image
The supposed “patriot” movement is made up of numerous groups and associations, as well as individuals.

It’s characterized by an intense hatred of Trudeau, fear of communism, anti-Muslim rhetoric, pro-Trump sentiments.

At any given event there can be multiple groups present.
In recent months, the patriot scene has erupted with QAnon, pandemic, and other conspiracies, such as 5G.

It’s always included UN/NWO conspiracies, and wild claims about “globalists.”
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Who was harassing an anti-racism event in Lacombe yesterday? For the sake of typos and consolidation, let me tell you again!

Steven Lane, Al Bitz, Carmelita Agdomar, Jordan Justein, and Elayne Waldrum (1/10)


@VestsCanada @ARCCollective @CBCEdmonton @ActionCentralAB
It was members of the Calgary-based far-right, Islamophobic street gang known as Urban Infidels Canada. It was formed by Steven "Heathen Steven" Lane after he left the Soldiers of Odin in mid-2019. He has been working on spreading the gang in Ontario and Sweden. (2/10)
Members of UIC attended a hate rally in Edmonton in March 2019. It was being put on by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam and the Canadian Combat Coalition and it was planned to be 72-hours at the #ableg. (3/10)
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Someone messaged us and asked us what the total would be to help everyone that is currently on our list.

To help everyone on our list we would need a total amount of $2435.00

That amount would let us fill all 23 hamper requests.
If anyone could help us reach that total, we could then put the minds of 23 families at ease because then they would not have to worry about having to feed their families. Having to feed their children. Having to go without eating just so they can make the food they do have last
You can help by donating to us or any other organization that feeds Calgarians in need.

If you would like to donate to us you can send an etransfer to:


You can also check us out on Facebook and our website at:

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Well gee whiz, another white nationalist group claiming to have had a presence in Red Deer. I'm just shocked. But they were just citizens standing up to actual racists or something something.
/1 Image
This comes just after a Ponoka RCMP officer made a 'good people on both sides' type statement. He said that even though Pat King threatened anti-racist protestors before the rally.

Speaking of threatening protestors, here's Joey Deluca of the barely existent World Coalition Against Islam saying protestors should be run over. According to @RCMPAlberta his speech is just as equal though.
/3 ImageImage
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When @jasonluan88 was going to release the #Alberta Overdose Death #'s. Yep During the Throne Speech.

Jason why did you do it right now? Want the #abpoli and media to not notice, bid media day and all?
#FactsNotFearAB #EndOverdose #RUKM 1/? Image
This is you signaling how much you care about this issue when you are trying to bury it in the news cycle @jasonluan88

You can hide data but not the dead bodies

We see you and so does @CBCCalgary @CTVLethbridge @globalnews @CAPUDofficial @CSSDP @AndreaWoo @momsstoptheharm 2/?
Our dear Sam I think will be in the next quarter’s data. A lovely person who I knew for years. And this @UCPCaucus government doesn’t care 2 cents about them or anyone else. I hate them so much.

Not 2 cents, not any sense.
#EndOverdose #fataldrugsupply #inaction 3/?
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Thread: 1/?

Late last night we had someone phone us at 11:45pm. It was from a mom of 4 who herself had not eaten nothing 3 days just so she could make the food she did have last for her children.
This mom had gone to the food bank and gone to the brown bagging for kids as well has utilized the free meals that are handed out throughout the city.

This is a mom who has tried EVERYTHING to find a job and get help from different organizations and the government.
She went to Alberta Works and was told she had to go after the dad for child support before they could help her. They gave her papers on how to contact maintenance enforcement and how to go to court for child support. That’s great but that doesn’t help her now....
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#ICYMI: Here's my story about the anti-racism rally being cancelled in Red Deer Sunday after hate groups assaulted the people in attendance. Alberta Justice Minister @KayceeMaduYEG will be speaking to media at noon. #reddeer #yyc #yeg
Alberta Justice Minister @KayceeMaduYEG says he is deeply disturbed. "I won't tolerate this as Justice minister. This is completely unacceptable. RCMP is responsible for policing in Red Deer. We need to get to the bottom of this.. "
Madu says a criminal investigation has been opened. **When I spoke @RCMPAlberta yesterday there were no ongoing investigations & no charges. #reddeer
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If people donate a total amount of $1000 I will take a picture of me in my @Hell_Berta hoodie from @BallerGearCA later on tonight!





#YYC #FeedYYC #Alberta #Canada #Edmonton #RedDeer #Leduc
As a teaser here is a picture of my favorite chocolate! Let’s get donating! #Chocolate #Aero #Nestle #MilkChocolate #Indulge Image
Yes I am still feeling sick. Yes I am still in iso. My hubby was kind enough to let me sit in his truck while he worked on it in the driveway! He said that way he can keep an eye on me and stop me from anymore online shopping!
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4 hours & 1 minute left til the deadline. Only $125 has been raised so far! @CalgaryFoodBank @HarvestHillsYYC





I will match each donation to a total of $2000.00 each!
Until 11:59pm tonight...I will match any and all donations made to @HarvestHillsYYC & @CalgaryFoodBank.


1.) Follow both @CalgaryFoodBank & @HarvestHillsYYC
2.) DM me proof of your donation via screenshot.

*I’ll match donations up to $2000.00 for each org*
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Things like this make me mad 😡. @HarvestHillsYYC is a grass roots organization that only has at the moment a staff of twenty volunteers that also have lives and families of their own

But when someone makes a request and demands to be put to the top of the list ahead of others..
...and when they are politely told that it was not possible because there were other requests ahead of them...they accused The Harvest Hills Cares Calgary Team of not wanting to help!

They even threatened to go ahead and tell everyone about the “experience” they had.
Jenn had her volunteer call her in tears because that volunteer was threatened as well when all they did was respond in an appropriate manner.

I have included proof of these messages with all identifying information removed.
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If anyone out there in the world can help, please consider donating to us. We as a group....we as a team...we as a part of Calgary Alberta, will continue to help as many people as we can as long as there is a need to do so.
You can check us out at:



We accept e-transfers & PayPal:




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Another UCP MLA,@prasadpandayyc, agrees with @Drew__Barnes' opposition to changing EMS dispatch and increasing wait times.

#Calgary #Lethbridge #RedDeer #WoodBuffalo
#ableg #abhealth #yyccc
The Alberta NDP Caucus is joining with @nenshi, and mayors of Lethbridge, Red Deer and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in calling for the UCP to reverse their decision to remove EMS dispatch from some communities and centralize it with AHS.
“When every second counts, Albertans need to know help is on the way, not tied up on the phone lines. Jason Kenney and Tyler Shandro’s decision to take emergency 9-1-1 dispatch away from local communities is a bad deal."
- NDP Municipal Affairs Critic @joececiyyc
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The #Alberta #UCP attack on supervised consumption services and #HarmReduction resumed yet again yesterday during the #ABLeg Question Period.

@jasonluan88 serves up another batch of canned messages and word salad.

Start video at 1:21:20 👇👇

The scripted lobbing of questions from #RedDeer MLA Jason Stephan (so many Jasons) serves to reintroduce the now-infamous #SCSReview panel report.

You know, that one that was based on zero scientific analysis?

From the panel with zero experience working in or using an SCS?
Here’s criminologist @dr_jdlivingston breaking down significant flaws in the so-called robust SCS Review Report.
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With #abbudget 2020, the Alberta government promises a return to a balanced budget by the end of its mandate in 2023. #ableg
Finance Minister Travis Toews says #abbudget 2020 continues the province’s October path of trimming spending, cutting corporate tax rates and reducing red tape. #ableg
#abbudget 2020 includes:
- $6.4B/year investment in building schools, healthcare facilities, roads and infrastructure
- $772M in new capital plan projects over the next three years, creating a forecasted 3,000 new jobs

(Graph: Alberta Government)
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INFUSION #42 THREAD: Here's my girl & I waiting for the school 🛎 to ring this morning.

I wouldn't be able to take her to school if not for the miracle drug I consider REMICADE to be.

In 2015, for the better part of 6 months, I spent 3+ hours in the bathroom each morning.
It was HELL. She wasn't in school yet, of course, but reality is that I may not be able to do this by the end of 2020.

That's because I'm being forced to switch to the bioSIMILAR version of my medication (a biologic), which I receive every 4-6 wks to treat my colitis (IBD).
I was diagnosed in 2008 (had symptoms summer '07). I was on at least 3 different meds over 8 years, and on a 🎢 health-wise until a doctor had the sense to finally put me on Remicade.

My disease has been stable/in remission ever since.
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In a recent tweet, Jason Kenney claims he is not cutting education funding. This thread is to quantify each school district's cuts, in real dollars, as they face increased enrollment.

#ableg #abed #abpoli
1. Black Gold school division, cut of $2.7 million.…

#ableg #abed #abpoli
2. Calgary Board of Education, $32M in cuts.…

#ableg #abed #abpoli
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Over half way through the year and, at long last, Alberta Q1 2019 opioid reporting is made available. Let’s have a look at the stats shall we?

#abpoli #AbLeg…
“There continues to be a high number of accidental fentanyl related poisoning deaths in the province,
however, the number in the most recent quarter is comparatively less than the previous.”

Sounds like the harm reduction and overdose response initiatives are helping.
This begs the question, if we are in fact seeing a decline in overdose deaths, why are we pausing these services in communities that clearly still need them?

Now is not the time defund, delay, or discontinue supervised consumption services.
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Albertans have some decisions to make regarding what direction they want our province to go. I am hearing a lot about track records and taxes on all sides of the fence so I wanted to throw my 2 cents out into the internet universe. #ableg #abpoli #abvote 1/
Society pays taxes for a reason. Those dollars collected are designed to go to needed infrastructure, repair & maintenance as well as programs that save us money in the long run and make our society a better place to live. It's literally the governments JOB to spend those $$ 2/
Both sides have a track record. Albertans need to decide which track record they like and which track record they want to see for Alberta's future. I have chosen my view and my side and I would like to tell you why I think we are #BetterOffWithRachel 3/
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