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#NewYorkCity was recently clouded with smoke, making its iconic skyline almost unrecognisable. It was caused by #wildfires more than 4,000 km away.

#AirPollution #Alberta #Canada Image
But fire isn’t the only cause of air pollution. In fact, many cities across the world are reporting rising levels of #airpollution due to various reasons, and as a result, the deteriorating health of its residents.
The time to act is now. Learn to combat the dangers of air pollution, so that your #future generations and you can breathe #cleanair. To know how, enrol in the free courses below:
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It was inevitable that this #Alberta lawyer would limit who could see her revealing thread.
So, I took screen shots to keep things on record.
This is an invaluable glimpse into the mindset of those working within the penal system in #Canada 🇨🇦.
In this series of 10 tweets, we see…… Image
Tweet #1 : Instant anger over citizens simply expressing their concerns in a public space. Image
Tweet #2 - Admitting that few in #Canada really care much about incarcerated women.
Amy is right!
But why, then, would she proceed to excoriate a few folks on a Calgary #yyc overpass who actually *do* care?
Why would she become so angry when encountering such a rare thing?…… Image
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@ir_rkp #Korsakov @MikaLintila
#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan varastoi #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostettua, n. 3x hintaan.
- 10v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #GreatReset=#SuurTyöttömyys-#Hätätila
#WEF-#Marxist -ideologia lahtaa yritykset #kaasu'lla. @valtionomistus
#Gasgrid Imatra #Räikkölä vs. #Korsakov
- Korsakov on satamakaupunki ja piirikunta #Sahalini'n saaren eteläpäässä Venäjän  Sahalinin alueella. 
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #Uniper-#Gasgrid #skandaali.
#YGLs veijarit keksivät roudata kaasun #Räikkölä'n sijasta näin. @TyttiTup
#Prigorodnoje'n satama 10km #Korsakovi'n itäpuolella on #LNG'n vientiin erikoistunut satama
From: Port of #Korsakov
To: Port of #Gibraltar (->#Inkoo)
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I'm an "ethnic" immigrant with an earned Canadian doctoral degree. But I identify as a "redneck" #Albertan. No one forces me to live in #Alberta. I'm here by choice, I came here by choice. Have left and returned by choice, and I choose to stay. This place will always be my home. Image
This is a land where we value freedom. It's our motto: strong and free. And #Alberta just returned a libertarian to be its premier. Some of you may not like it, but no one will run you out like I was run out of my native land by armed communist thugs. Not here. Image
People on AB are free to come and go, which is why we hated lockdowns and tossed out a premier when he insisted on more restrictions. That said, a portion of us loved the restrictions. We're not a political monolith. We're a free, vibrant society with diverse views.
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Notzley's fellow WEF shill Nenshi join forces.
Good luck #Alberta all those useful idiots they bring in /created are going to vote her in. We all know that the voting is rigged. Fauxilievre & the CONS are different heads on the same WorldBank beast.
RE: Fauxilievre Image
The only hope (if there is any remaining) is @MaximeBernier tho he did sign Harper's FIPA, furthering Cretien's work on selling us out to CCPChina. Him and Fauxilievre signed that baby.
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We are down to the last few days of the election and I will end my series on Family Medicine with these graphics from @Albertadoctors

How bad is the state of Family Medicine in #Alberta compared to the early days of the UCP?

Well, read on:

The number of Family Doctors accepting new patients overall in AB has dropped from 887 to 209, with the South Zone taking a near obliteration.

(I actually think this is an overestimation for all zones because many of these are walk in or niche docs only)

2/x Image
Compared to the populations they serve, this is a dramatic loss and explains why you can't find a Family Doctor if you lose yours...


3/x Image
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So on Tuesday's tweet, someone asked why AB doctors were so lazy that we needed to rely on US data.

Well troll, you just needed to be patient! Because I can deliver AB data too. In fact here it is!

And sorry #Alberta, the future of Family Medicine isn't looking good

The section of Family Med with @Albertadoctors released a survey to all FM docs in April 2023 about their future plans.

927 active Family Doctors responded

Here's what they said:

54% of FM docs planned to modify their practice in the next three years toward less comprehensive care. This included retiring, leaving the province, changing to locum or niche services, or reducing their panel/hours worked

It gets more concerning because the AMA also said:

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I was going to announce some other important news about the disintegration of #Alberta healthcare but we are pausing this week's program today for something much more important:

No child should ever be compared to feces. In any context. In any situation. Ever.
If @ABDanielleSmith doesn't immediately ask Jennifer Johnson, the @Alberta_UCP MLA candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka, to resign immediately, that is an endorsement by the UCP.

And endorsement by any political party that children should be literally compared to sh*t is abhorrent
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What in the fresh hell is this new bullsh*t from @ABDanielleSmith ?!

Let's break this CTV news quote down

"NPs are trained almost to the level of Family Doctors"


No they are not.

Any NP would confirm this as well. NPs are NOT the same as Family Doctors

Any NP who respects their own profession would also say they have absolutely zero interest in trying to replace us either.

Family Doctors are SPECIALISTS in preventative medicine. We must complete an undergrad degree, spend 3-4 yrs in med school and then 2 yrs residency

We can't work in teams because we can't afford to hire NPs to work alongside us. And the @Alberta_UCP has been actively working against that model of care because it would mean paying and MD and an NP simultaneously. They want the cheapest route. They only want to pay the NP

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Over 100 #Wildfires Burn Across #Trudeau-#UNfriendly Province, #Alberta | May 7
- A reminder that an #election approaches in this province, and that Danielle #Smith, the relatively new premier, has been a major #critic of the Trudeau government.… Image
cc: @ BushelsPerAcre
I know, it’s just pure coincidence the province with 1.7 trillion barrels of #oil, with a premier who said they would get rid of the #carbontax, who said no to the fed #gun grab and who said no to the Fed interfering with resource devt
cc: @ WhiteCrkLumber
The forest #fires in #Alberta are serious, all the jibber jabber from the left blaming #Smith or the Forestry is just that, J-j. In Modern history never have so many fires started at all once so close to so many communities.
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Apokalyptische Bilder aus #Alberta

- über 100 Waldbrände, davon 36 außer Kontrolle

- 375.000 Hektar abgebrannt, eine Fläche deutlich größer als das Saarland

- 30.000 Menschen evakuiert
ABER was bedeutet das für unsere Gesundheit? 🧵 ImageImageImage
Waldbrände nehmen auch in Europa deutlich zu

- 2022 verbrannten 750.000 Hektar Wald in Europa

- 2006 - 2021 waren es ca. 260.000 Hektar / Jahr

-> Waldbrände verursachen im Umkreis von 30km einen Anstieg von

Feinstaub ⬆️ ~540% bzw. ~800% im 🏠 Image
dies verursacht mehr

- Notaufnahmen in Kliniken
- Herzinfarkte
- Asthma Attacken
- Diabestes Erkrankungen
- Nierenversagen
- COVID-19 Infektionen/ Todesfälle …
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In November 2019, the @Alberta_UCP canceled the Alberta Provincial Rapattack program without any consultation with the program coordinator or its senior members. My husband, @CYeremiy worked for Rapattack from 1994-2003. 1/
On Nov 5, Chris issued an email to the Agriculture and Forestry Minister, @DevinDVote explaining his concerns about the cancellation of the program. And forwarded the email to @demetriosnAB, @jkenney, and @shoffmanAB. Both @demetriosnAB and @shoffmanAB responded. 2/
On Nov 7, @CYeremiy joined @shoffmanAB and current members of the Rapattack program to speak in defense of it. Please note: the @albertaNDP acted and supported this program to the best of their ability when they needed to. 2 days after letters were issued.
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Good Morning @AdrianaLaGrange and @neudorf_ab, in the month of April did you bypass the process for converting schools from public to charter in Edmonton and Calgary? 1/ @CBCNews @CTVNews @TheBreakdownAB @GlobalEdmonton @edmontonjournal @GlobalCalgary
Was St. Patrick's School in Edmonton converted from a public school to a charter school in the month of April 2023 without analysis & review, without accommodation planning, and without anyone in the Department of Infrastructure's approval aside from @neudorf_ab? 2/
Was a $78 million #Alberta taxpayer decision made without public engagement or Department of Infrastructure review and approval processes? And finally, was this completed in April to ensure the decision is final regardless of the outcome on May 29, 2023? /end
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🔥#abpoli🔥#ableg🔥As wildfires continue to impact communities and property in #Alberta, it's essential that we invest in the resources and tools necessary to protect our province. The @GreenPartyAB #wildfire resilience plan includes: (Source: Jarvis Nanooch)
Reinstate the Alberta Rapattack program: The rappelling program has proven to be an effective way to quickly respond to wildfires. By deploying firefighters from helicopters to the ground, we can attack fires when they're still small and prevent them from endangering communities.
Reopen and expand lookout positions: Fire lookout towers are critical in detecting fires early and allowing firefighters to respond quickly. By reopening and expanding lookout positions, we can reduce the time it takes to detect fires and prevent them from becoming larger.
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Premier Danielle Smith limits reporters to ONE QUESTION. No follow-up.

She says "because it's an election" she won't take more than 1q per reporter to get to more reporters... but she answered fewer q's from fewer reporters.
#abpoli #ableg #Alberta

Her exchange w/@audreyneva
@audreyneva This was a GOVERNMENT announcement, not an election event.

Reporters get one question and a follow-up.

I asked a clarification before my question, which Smith agreed to, but then doesn't come back to me to ask my actual question. Highly inappropriate.

#abpoli #ableg #Alberta
The NDP is calling for a reversal of this new policy imposed by the Premier, and an apology.
They say she is dodging questions to avoid accountability.

@MLAIrfanSabir calls Smith's actions disgraceful and dangerous to democracy.

#cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg #Alberta

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Happy Tartan Day Canada #TartanDay #April6

Celebrate your Scottish Heritage.

Tartan across #Canada

#NovaScotia /1 ImageImage
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A cell phone video leaked to Alberta’s NDP reveals the true extent of Danielle Smith’s coordinated political interference in the justice system on behalf of those charged following the Coutts blockade. 🧵

#cdnpoli #alberta #ableg #ucp
The video appears to capture a January 2023 video call between Danielle Smith and street pastor Artur Pawlowski, who faces charges of breaching a release order and mischief for inciting people to block public property at the border crossing at Coutts in January 2022.
“For freedom to be preserved, people must be willing to sacrifice their lives,” Pawlowski told a crowd. “This is our time. If this is our Alamo then so be it.” Prosecutors called Pawlowski’s actions “an overt threat to violence.”
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1/🧵"First, in what is the most significant economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution, our friends and partners around the world—chief among them, USA—are investing heavily to build clean economies and the net-zero industries of tomorrow." FinMin @ChrystiaFreeland
2/"...Canada must either meet this historic moment—this remarkable opportunity before us—or we will be left behind as the world’s democracies build the clean economy of the 21st century." - Freeland
#cdnpoli #bcpoli #ableg #onpoli #cleanenergy #canada
3/The "most consequential budget in recent history for accelerating clean growth in Canada. Climate action, economic policy are one and the same—world’s major economies know that investing in clean energy is the catalyst for future competitiveness" - Rick Smith @ClimateInstit
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🧵Canada’s #agricultureexports and #agrifoodexports have continued to increase, reaching over $82 billion in 2021 and surpassing a previous target to grow agri-food exports to at least $75 billion by 2025. ⬇️
Through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, #AAFC is working with Provincial and Territorial partners to achieve $250 billion in sector revenues and $95 billion in sector export revenues by 2028.…
#AAFC unveils new funding for Agriculture in the Classroom's digital campaign. The program will use that money to focus on the #Agricommunication program, a three-year, up to $8-million federal initiative…
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1/2 A growing number of folks realize that California is where they get their produce from & it's been slammed by forest fires, floods, etc. so they are going to grow their own veggies this year and escape the high prices in the grocery chain stores.
2/2 An estimated two-thirds of all produce consumed in Canada is imported from the U.S. accounting for approximately 37% of Canada's fresh fruit imports in 2021. California exported $4.8 Billion to Canada, including: $1.7B in fruits and nuts & $203M in vegetables and roots.
I live on a Gulf Island where the best weather conditions found in Canada are found so I purchase FRESH produce from organic farmers at farm gates and at Farmer's Markets twice weekly. Hubby also grows some of our veggies.
Are you now or will you be growing your own produce?
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There is high-quality, independent scientific research establishing that the waters downstream and downwind of the oil sands have been contaminated by toxic chemicals produced by bitumen extraction & upgrading. 1/ #abpoli @abndpcaucus #Alberta @KeepersOfWater @APTNNews
Notably, it is not Alberta Govt agencies that have done this research. Events like the one described in this article are not one-offs; they happen continually. "Leaks" and "spills" are the industry's way of releasing pollutants. It's the same in the petro-chemicals sector. 2/
These corporations are poisoning us incrementally, while govts responsible for protecting public health and the environment are complicit--complicit because they refuse to carry out effective monitoring and enforcement. 3/
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1. @StatCan_fra publie ses propres estimations de surmortalité par province mais ne semble rien y trouver qui mérite un quelconque commentaire.
Dans l'ouest, la surmortalité cumulée y atteint maintenant 20 semaines (4,5 mois) de mortalité ordinaire🤔 Image
2. Etrange comme plus on va vers l'ouest, plus cette surmortalité relative augmente.
Seul Terre-Neuve & Labrador vient perturber la tendance, en surclassant Québec et Ontario.

Ce ne sont visiblement pas les faibles disparités vaccinales qui pourraient expliquer ces différences. Image
3. Les estimations de surmortalité sont celles fournies par Stats Canada.
Les ratios présentés sont calculés en divisant la somme des surmortalités de la semaine 1 à N par la moyenne des décès hebdos attendus sur la même période. Simplement…
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