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Many thanks to the awesome ladies at @IWS_Network for the chance to share my #immigrant #womanofcolour #womaninscience👩🏽‍🔬story throughout this week as part of their Voices Without Frontiers program!…
#IWSvoices #WomenInSTEM
I was born in #Guyana 🇬🇾
➡️ Amerindian name meaning “Land of Many Waters”.
➡️small in size (<800, 000 people), rich in natural resources
➡️only English-speaking country in South America
➡️Diversity of people with amazing cultural mix @IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM ImageKaieteur Falls - world's la...Photo Source: Guyana Times
Genetically I’m Indian - ancestors brought to ‘British Guiana’ from India during colonial times to work on #sugarplantations.

Culturally I’m #Caribbean as #Guyana shares historical and cultural ties with other Anglo-Caribbean countries.

@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM East Woman in the Anglo-Car...
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Puisque les meilleurs spécialistes passent leur dimanche sur Twitter à se plaindre des interpellations des amateurs, j'essaie de comprendre ce qui pourrait expliquer l'inefficacité apparente du vaccin en #Alberta.
Peut-être une piste du côté de cette souche AY.27 du delta…/…
Ce AY.27 représenterait 30% des cas du #Canada, 60% de ceux de l'Alberta alors qu'il est pratiquement absent du reste du monde…/……
Il comporte seulement 3 mutations sur la spike par rapport au delta (B.1.617.2) mais je suis totalement ignare là-dessus.
A priori, il est traité comme la cinquantaine d'autres AY.n sans être considéré comme un "Variant of concern/interest" à part du B.1.617.2.
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#Islande 366k hab
63% des 12-15 ans vaccinés complets, 95% des 15+
#UttarPradesh 250M hab
<30% de vac.
L'un stagne depuis des semaines à ±40cas par jours, l'autre en dessous de 20.
Nb total, par par million !
Un des deux distribue un traitement à l'efficacité non reconnue…🤨 Image
En Islande, on notera la propagation toujours très similaire dans les populations vac. et non vac.
Parmi ces derniers on a ~70% d'enfants de moins de 12 ans (pas encore vaccinables).
Src : Image
Même l'#OMS s'est félicitée de la politique sanitaire d'#UttarPradesh.
Elle ne semble juste pas curieuse de savoir ce qu'il y a dans le "medicine kit" distribué aux cas positifs.…
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#Alberta - You would have to be blind to not see that the fear/jab campaign is the entry point to digital identity - a imperative of #4IR architecture / global digitalization.…

You can #lockdown & jab - but the crisis is in long-term care. #LTC

"Quietly making an appearance on the #Google Play & #Apple App store Tuesday, the #Alberta govt introduced its new AB Covid Records Verifier.
Starting Nov. 15, the #QR scanner will be the only accepted proof of #vaccination..."

The #Vaccination Credential Initiative / #VCI / #SmartHealthCards includes 294 additional corporations & institutions including #Apple, #Walmart, #Google, & the Province of #Ontario.

#GoodHealthPass #ID2020



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I keep thinking of the unpaid labours of women.

Today Jason Schilling of the ATA demanded the province fund the contact tracing they demand from schools. Educators (not just teachers) are stretched very thin right now. #ableg #yyc #teachers #educators #nurses #alberta
Spending time on the phone daily, and affirming diligent contact tracing, for the sake of everyone’s health, takes a toll, considering all of their duties in addition. Going online, getting subs, organizing and reorganizing cohorts and busses and seating.
This is all necessary - and I e have to guide the kids through these transitions as safely as possible.
And today - A child died of Covid in Alberta.
I bet a lot of women cared for this child. Teaching is predominately a female profession. So is nursing, and supplemental and
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#vaccinepassports: "They are creating a new inescapable web of #surveillance. W/ geolocation data being tracked everywhere. We have a global #digital infrastructure that is growing [] all around the world."

- Ann Cavoukian, former Privacy Commissioner of Ont., advisor/#ID2020
Cavoukian: "And I should mention w/ the
#vaccinepassport, which I find highly, highly offensive from a privacy perspective, both #Quebec & the port-a-pass in #Alberta have been found-the CBC revealed this-to be incredibly #privacy invasive."

Quebec 👇

Cavoukian: "Contrary to what's being said by the govt, lots of personal information is being collected & retained. That will have an impact upon you & your freedom. #Privacy forms the foundation of our #freedom. We cannot give that up."


[Source: ]
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Friends, it’s time for some advocacy.

I want you to write letters to newspapers in Alberta (& beyond) to express your feelings about Jason Kenney and the #UCP.

Below I will provide some links & emails to some papers that need to hear from you.

Paper (word limit)

Calgary Herald (150)

Edmonton Journal (150)

National Post (150)

Globe & Mail (150)

Toronto Star (150)
Submit a letter to the Red Deer Advocate:

#reddeer #alberta #cdnmedia…
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my manager asked me to kick out an old lady from his restaurant today just because she couldn’t show her proof of vaccination (THREAD) #alberta #canada
I asked the old lady if she has her health card number so we could just see her records online via my phone and she agreed (easiest solution i swear)
I told my manager about the situation and he said “NO”

he also tried to argue with me about “not understanding protocols”

he told me not to get my phone and I should just send the old lady out the door
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Q: "What is astroturfing?"
Weary attempts at maintaining a failed experiment, to save money, save face and to preclude any lawsuits for #dental enamel #fluorosis. Do not be #StampededCity, #Calgary. #SaveTheBees #NoToFluoridation #yycfluoride #yyccc #FluorideFacts #yycvote #yyccc
Promoting the science of #fluoridation, by trying to hide opposing viewpoints. That should be all it takes to #VoteNoToFluoridation, #Calgary. #Pathetic.
Seems an epidemiologist is not welcome in the #StannousFoilHat circle, eh?
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I have been saying that Jason is a dominionist for a while now, let's talk about it and how it affects what is happening today. 1/X

What is Dominionism and why is it white terrorism?

Dominion Theology is a movement to bring Christianity back to politics.

#abpoli #alberta
2/X They intend to govern by their understanding of biblical law, in some cases the old testament. They believe that government should not intervene in areas not mentioned in scripture. And acts punishable in the bible should be punishable today.

#abpoli #ableg #alberta
3/X This would ultimately do away with a lot of healthcare supports, women's health, education systems, energy regulations, or any regulatory systems and so on.

A good example of how this looks is the Duggar family from 19 kids and counting.

#abpoli #ableg #alberta
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Hi Canada,

Albertan here. Our health system is collapsing in front of our eyes.

We do not have enough doctors, nurses, ems, support services to serve sick people. We are shipping patients out of province.

Take that in. 1/X

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #canada
We are unable to accommodate anything anymore. We do not have the capacity to timely deal with stroke or heart attack, or trauma from motor accidents. Meaning your loved ones will become covid shrapnel and be passed over for life saving equipment. 2/x

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Our medical helicopters and planes are unavailable to patients, ambulances are overloaded and unavailable. Hospital equipment is all being used. Every bit of it.

We have begged everyone we can for any extras. 3/X

#abpoli #cdnpoli #abpoli #canada
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I have transcribed interesting bits from this interview with department of mathematics at Simon Fraser University and a member of the #COVID19 modelling group.

Markham Hislop asks "And do we know that the government the alberta government had access to your?"
"um well, we, we, um, we released the report and met with alberta government and that's um and shortly thereafter you know sort of simultaneously with that they cancelled the reopening that they had so uh so i think i, i feel that we were heard by them" Dr. Paul Tupper
Markham Hislop asks "okay what about the timing though? When? When did this happen? Like when did you release the report and meet with [the government?]"
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1. It seems we have forgotten about the Lily Pad problem in #Alberta.

The lily pad grows in a pond and doubles in size every day. On day 30 it is full. The math quiz question is: on what day was the pond half full?
2. The answer is on day 29. But even more scary is what happens on day 31…
3. We can try to make the pond bigger (by stopping normal hospital activities to accommodate more lilies) and if we can do enough perhaps make it through day 31. But then comes day 32 (4x full capacity).
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Speaking to docs, nurses & health experts, #Alberta's CMOH Deena Hinshaw admits she lulled the province into a false sense of security, saying she shouldn't have claimed COVID was over in July... Apologizing. #COVID19AB #yyc #yeg #abpoli #ableg Full vid:
"I feel very responsible for the narrative that has made it more complicated to put additional health measures in place," Hinshaw says. "Whether or not it was my intention, what was heard at the end of July was COVID is over, we can walk away and ignore it."
#COVID19AB #yyc #yeg
"That has had repercussions and I deeply regret how that has played out," she adds. "Obviously Alberta is in a significant crisis state right now, there's no dancing around that but I think it's very important to remember, Delta caught a bunch of us unaware." #COVID19AB #yyc #yeg
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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Disturbing video via chest cam at an #Alberta advanced poll today, shared on the Calgary Freedom Central telegram channel.

Is this what we have to look forward to when we vote? @ElectionsCan_E @ElectionsAB
(I’ve blurred the video)
More disturbing video by the same poster “Bill Keith” entering the polling station while refusing to wear a mask.

Bill Keith’s videos are receiving support from other members of the telegram group. Bill compares mask mandates to “saying to a girl to get raped to get food.”
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🚨😔😔😞What a day😞😔😔🚨

Is it ever going to get better?

How can there be so many people in need? So many people that are falling through the cracks?

It is so hard to keep going knowing we can only do so much…but when does one draw the line?

Who helps the helpers?
Today was a high stress and difficult to process day filled with so many people who are hurting and lost that it is heartbreaking💔.

We might have to make the difficult decision to close our doors. Too many people in need.


Who helps the helpers?
We normally take a few days on the weekend for self care.

We woke up to 171 phone calls, 83 text messages and 47 emails from people asking for help. Asking for direction.

People in Alberta are😟worried. Scared. Frustratingly frustrated with what has been happening in Alberta.
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1/3 Looking over Alberta’s recently released modelling, I am concerned that policies were based on parameter estimates made back in June, rather than updated to reflect realized rates of COVID-19 transmission following re-opening Stages 1/2/3 and observed impacts of Delta Image
2/3 It’s important that models be updated regularly to reflect changes in people’s behaviour & the impact of variants. Underestimating transmission rates has two effects: it underestimates cases in the near future & it suggests a population is closer to herd immunity than it is.
3/3 Using out-of-date parameter estimates appears to explain why ICU and hospitalization rates have been much higher than projected in #Alberta. If we wanted to predict the weather, we wouldn’t use model parameters from June. Same goes for #COVID19.…
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We are at a local superstore and we are needing Calgary’s help.

We are filling the last items needed for the special medical food hamper for this senior family. Can anyone help with this?

#Help #YYCCC #YEG #YEGCC #foodie #Food #hampers #HelpNeeded
The reason this is a unique hamper is because the senior gentleman we are helping is terminal and has severe dietary restrictions that have been set by his doctor

We have worked with his doctor to provide what he needs to be comfortable as he possibly can be.
#SocialGood #BeGood
If anyone can help please donate. Our donation info is 👇🏼




(Click Donate)

@Hell_Berta @EveryAlbertan @GrannyGTArp @grantfuhr @MarkCherrington @ChristinaNDP #YYC #YEG #MEDTwitter #Calgary #Alberta
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AHS email from Dr.Verna Yiu just laid out how dire things are in #Alberta right now with COVID. See the highlights of the email below.

#abhealth #abpoli #ableg #COVID19AB

"Effective immediately, AHS is postponing non-urgent surgeries and procedures across all zones...AHS will maintain urgent and emergent procedures, as well as prioritized cancer surgeries."

"In the North Zone, surgical postponements up to 60 per cent are expected next week"

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The #MediocrityPrinciple is the philosophical notion that "if an item is drawn at random from one of several sets or categories, it's likelier to come from the most numerous category than from any one of the less numerous categories".
#MediocrityPrinciple and #ConvergentEvolution should inform our understanding that if a new variant arises in one place, like #SouthCarolina, it can absolutely arise independently, and maybe simultaneously, in another place like #Alberta.
Simply, you are not special. The universe does not revolve around you, this planet is not privileged in any unique way; your species is not particularly intelligent, your province is not the perfect product of directed, intentional fate.

Everyone is vulnerable.
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In #Alberta, this sort of thing would be a boycott of all #UCP-supporting businesses.

#BoycottUCPdonors. Image
Need proof that the #UCP might be trying to suppress voting?👇

What’s that? You want even more proof that the #UCP is willing to suppress democracy?

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$10 child care debate vs. 75% refundable tax credit. Here are some numbers to help people out.
Alberta annual minimum wage salary (29hrs/w)
$27495 (no benefits). After-tax $23,508 or $1,959/month
Alberta monthly child care cost > $1,000
#canada #alberta #childcare
Taxes paid $3,987
75% of child care cost is $9,000...
They would get their entire $3,987 refunded, a year later in April would probably anyway because dependant

$1,959/month - $1000 child care
Cheapest apartment in Calgary or Edmonton is a studio for $600/month,
leaves $359
Meals: Assuming 1 Adult + 1 PreSchool Child
Breakfast: 1/cup milk each on cereal
Milk 16 servings/per 4/L $5 every/2 weeks
Cereal: 525g / $2.97
Cereal serving size is 28g... you will need 3 servings/day
That is 5 boxes a month. $2.97x5 = $14.85
Total = $24.85
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My notes from Aug 18 TOWN HALL MTG w/ @CMOH_Alberta & MDs.

I’ve done my best to objectively summarize. Slideshow then Q&A. My dialoguing in red.
PAGE 1/6

#abpoli #abhealth #COVID19AB #Alberta #hinshaw
PAGE 2/6
PAGE 3/6
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