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Last year, 1 week before classes began, @fordnation directed all post secondary to have vx mandates. Loans taken, leases signed, books purchased & dreams in hand. It created chaos, heartbreak & reactive, irreversible decisions.
This is coercion.
Coercion is illegal.
The Ontario govt had the audacity to brag about how effective their vx mandates were. They segregated society, divided families, robbed us of moments, people died alone & grieved alone-removed our basic human rights & nourished hate. Msm spread the message.
They openly admitted they were using cruelty & denial of the very things that kids enjoy, as a tool of coercion.
They targeted the kids most at risk for myocarditis.
They knew the vx was causing harm & killing our kids. They didn’t care, it was all a game to them.
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[longer than usual, please indulge me]
#TPLF & #Genocide, a love affair, 1991-2021

1/#TPLF came to power in 1991, in the eve of the Yougoslavian civil war and genocide. It was against this backdrop that it started reshaping #Ethiopia into an ethnic federation.
The constitution that remade Ethiopia into an ethnic based state was ratified in 1994, while bodies were floating down Kagera River. While genocide was being facilitated by identification cards that advertise your ethnicity, #TPLF decided to enforce the same rules in Ethiopia.
2/ #TPLF institutionalized animosity between the Amhara & the Oromo which it tended to for three decades. #TPLF always portrayed itself as the only group that can avert imminent bloodshed between the two groups and the disintegration of #Ethiopia.
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"Jason Mercredi, the executive director of @prairiehr, said not releasing timely overdose data undermines any progress made to combat the crisis by keeping the topic quiet."
“If this was any other health issue, we’d be having press conferences weekly,” he said. “If this was diabetes, if this was cancer, if this was COVID, we’d be seeing a lot more resources and effort.” - Jason Mecredi
Prof. @ehyshka said that while the Alberta government has spent more money in the addictions and mental health system, the programs receiving new funding do not address opioid disorders and are unlikely to reduce the overdose death rate.
#EndOverdose #BloodOnYourHands
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When @jasonluan88 was going to release the #Alberta Overdose Death #'s. Yep During the Throne Speech.

Jason why did you do it right now? Want the #abpoli and media to not notice, bid media day and all?
#FactsNotFearAB #EndOverdose #RUKM 1/? Image
This is you signaling how much you care about this issue when you are trying to bury it in the news cycle @jasonluan88

You can hide data but not the dead bodies

We see you and so does @CBCCalgary @CTVLethbridge @globalnews @CAPUDofficial @CSSDP @AndreaWoo @momsstoptheharm 2/?
Our dear Sam I think will be in the next quarter’s data. A lovely person who I knew for years. And this @UCPCaucus government doesn’t care 2 cents about them or anyone else. I hate them so much.

Not 2 cents, not any sense.
#EndOverdose #fataldrugsupply #inaction 3/?
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Dear Democrats,

While you were "resisting" border wall construction denying my family's safety, the Sinaloa cartel moved into my state.
2) They set up their drug operations in earnest, terrorize the people who live here and they have blanketed our communities with brutal violence, shootings & deadly poisons killing our children, protected & even emboldened by your sanctuary policies. They killed my only daughter.
3) While you are "resisting" mothers are walking into their children's bedrooms and finding them dead from overdoses.

While you are "resisting" children are unable to wake up their parents unaware that they are dead from the cartel drugs
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