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.@PierrePoilievre raises a point of order asking for the document that Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon is referencing an analysis of saying thousands of jobs were on the line. MacKinnon says he has no such document to table #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre MacKinnon then slams Poilievre for having little experience in the private sector. MacKinnon clearly getting annoyed by Opposition points of order and complains. Committee Chair says it's his job to determine Points of Order. Terse exchange #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre Now the MP I am most interested to hear from, Liberal @beynate who says he AGREES the Ethics Commissioner should be invited to testify, breaking party rank. Erskine-Smith is clear he thinks the Ethics Commissioner made legal errors though and wants to ask qs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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It also shows how far yet to come. I fear #ETHI are falling short on addressing how to regulate, and improve governance and oversight of the subterranean influence industry #CambridgeAnalytica #SCL - GDPR fails here too. Dual strategy needed! Can we talk? @bobzimmermp @beynate
I’m alarmed by how much of what I know about #CambridgeAnalytica #scl is unaddressed in the debates taking place which are focused on #facebook - there needs to be a fuller understanding of the political economy of the substrate of #disinformation and influence companies
The business model of how the influence industry companies operate and how this is enabled and how it makes us vulnerable is not being addressed directly.
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Watching International Grand Committee hearing in Ottawa, platform session. Zuckerberg and Sandberg ignored subpoena and may now be voted on for parliamentary contempt. Chairs learned they were rebuffed via @donie’s reporting, not FB. #ETHI #IGC…
The expert panels were so much more interesting. Stunning contrast. Platform spokespeople are paid to make this stuff sound as boring as possible.
FB’s Chan and Potts claim not to have reviewed public record on @CommonsCMS investigation into Cambridge Analytica, especially remarks made by FB to DCMS in public. Still not answering Q about when Zuck knew what when about Cambridge Analytica. #ETHI #IGC
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Honored to be giving evidence to House of Commons #ETHI Committee in Ottawa tomorrow afternoon. Other visiting Americans @vickerysec @jason_kint are there too. The Cambridge Analytica story is transnational. Indeed, that’s one of the key issues, isn’t it.…
In terms of data rights, North America is decades behind the advancements and progress of our friends across the Atlantic and elsewhere. @CommonsCMS in UK and #ETHI committee in Canada found themselves tugging at different strands of the same threads following the money and data.
It’s pretty exciting to watch these two committees share notes in public.
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Canadian Parliament committee investigating Cambridge Analytica/SCL/AggregateIQ releases first report. See I told you.…
AggregateIQ head Zach Massingham’s decision to blow off his second parliamentary appearance in Ottawa may have consequences. The pattern of evasion is consistent with the SCL network of operators, that’s for sure.
Still so much to uncover in the AggregateIQ story. You can see why these guys aren’t fully cooperating with the authorities.
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Now over to Canadian parliament from British parliament to see how the AggregateIQ investigations are going after brexitbros ditch the end for a lunch appointment. And…we have a no-show.
Here’s livestream if you to jump in to Canadian parliament hearing with head of AIQ:…
Appreciate this #ETHI committee’s probing on specific uses of Facebook Custom Audiences. AIQ claims it does no voter suppression and claims “disengagement targets” are to exclude them for list matching. Claims they don’t do psychographics, just use SCL’s scores from their data.
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The #ETHI committee is kicking off with #AggregateIQ immediately claiming they've never been a subsidiary of SCL Group Inc.
Next up: #AggregateIQ is not a big data company, nor a 'practitioner of digital dark arts'
AIQ COO Jeff Sylvester explained the discovery of the fully public git repo by @VickerySec as unauthorized access to a company server, and the public data was there inadvertently. Sylvester has apologized to committee for that info being found there.
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