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Did you know that you can learn what our MP's are really up to without bias and spin? Well it's true!

Take advantage of a great resource, here's how:

#cdnpoli, #CPC #LPC #BQ #NDP #GPC Image shows party logos for the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP
Step 1: Look up the website for our Parliament. It's Image shows a google search result for Canada's Parliament.
Step 2: From the Home Page, click on the title called, "Members". The Home Page on the House of Commons website, the heading c
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A thread about prosecuting the #WEscandal, in ten parts. Here goes.
One: voters aren’t as motivated by scandal as journalists and politicos are. They’ve heard cries of “scandal” too often. Leaders and policies matter more, to them. But.
Two: the role of every war room I’ve run is not to win the election. Our role is always to knock the other side off their agenda, so they can’t showcase their leadership and ideas. You can’t score when you are constantly trying to keep pucks out of the net.
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AS THE Ottawa River and Rideau Canal become increasingly littered with the sunken wrecks of #TRUDEAU's «KNOWN» ethic violations AND «YET-TO-BE-DISCORVERED» #LPC #Liberal scandals ... +

#WEscandal #SNC_Lavalin #AgaKHAN
@EthicsCanada @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party @cselley
"The lessons of A Christmas Carol do not live only one day of the year."
@thejohnrobson via @nationalpost +

#WEscandal #Wescam #WE #cdnpoli #PPC…
" [DICKENS' Jacob MARLEY] I wear the chain I forged in life," replied the Ghost. "I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it."

... WHO could be speaking of «CHAIN OF ETHICS VIOLATIONS» (Known & Yet-To-Be-Known)
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Perfect Tweet for a lazy Summer Sunday - Who doesn't love volcanism?
🌋Mount Okmok in Alaska in 43 BCE ... INTRIGUING THEORY
🌋Pompeii and Herculaneum AND the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79
🌋Krakatoa 416 AD event

🌋The Thera (Minoan) Eruption in 1600 BCE - one of largest & most devastating volcanic eruptions in recorded history.


☛ "We can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions"
“Many are of the belief that through such climate Earth modelling, we can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions”

PLEASE SAY "THEY" aren't contemplating triggering massive, coordinated volcanic eruptions as #ClimateAction

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I was present on many occasions during #Elxn42 & #ELxn43 when

@MarkGerretsen MP Kingston and the Islands #LPC #YGK

touted his supposed feminist credentials. His silence now with respect to @marwantabbaramp is deafening,... AND telling.

@denisebatters (commenting on a Tweet by @MichelleRempel) has hit the nail squarely on its head.

NOW, over to Mr. GERRETSEN @MarkGerretsen ...
@MarkGerretsen, you rarely - IF EVER - miss an opportunity throw stones at others.

BTW - Your last Tweet posted was 3:31 ・May 22, 2020 (with a comment at 4:45). THAT'S IT!

37 Days

Serious Question: Is #YGK #Kingston expecting too much to see a little more from you?
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This is ludicrous. So the LPC Govt should interfere in the justice system? Make up your damn minds #cdnmedia media and #cdnpoli. When JWR was asked to consider something that was tantamount to judicial interference but apparently this interference is ok. What a farce.
Allowing, through hostage taking, the Chinese Govt to force our Govt to override a independent judicial decision is - to me -much more dangerous to the integrity of our judicial system than asking JWR to consider sending a directive, as was within her power, to the DPP. Wake up.
We all wants these two Canadians home. I’ll be damned though if our Govt should bow to China and corrupt our judicial independence in the process. All those former Parliamentarians can crow all they want from the peanut gallery but I hope the #LPC Govt doesn’t bend. #cdnpoli
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Using the phraseology of @CommrRCMPGRC Brenda LUCKI - namely, "painful to hear" - Madame, you have shown yourself «UNFIT TO LEAD» @rcmpgrcpolice.

NEVER BEFORE has #RCMP relinquished its independence from political interference, not until you did so.…
28 May 2020 🚨 My original Call for the Resignation of @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI - two weeks before she capitulated to the false #LPC narrative of "systemic racism" within #RCMP.

☞ In it, I identify the first steps of a road map for what is required.

15 June 2020 🚨 My reaction to the sudden decision by #RCMP @CommrRCMPGRC LUCKI to yield to political interference.

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THREAD: Nora and I have a new episode out about what's next. And I want to take a minute to address something that comes up in the episode.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #CdnPoli #ONPoli #topoli…
We are witnessing quite possibly the largest social movement in our lifetime with the continued protests against anti-Black racism all over the globe. @BLM_TO has personally received support requests from the UK, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and Brazil.
In Canada, we're trying to track where all the demos are happening (currently mapped on the front page of We have what we know is an incomplete list, with over 60 cities in every province and territory in Canada. I've never seen anything like it.
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An excellent question from @Canucktrader1. The answer is multi-layered.

AGREED - @macleans, as “qualified Canadian journalism organizations”(QCJO), is a recipient of Liberal media bailout. This has ignited a public debate and raised valid questions of bias and favouritism.
While political actors who are complicit in advancing this aberration will naturally and by reflex pay passing lipservice with the default mantra: “A healthy democracy relies on an independent press, free of political influence."

AGREED - @CommrRCMPGRC did capitulate,
with nary a fight [sarcasm intended], to the imposition of the new-trumpeted #LPC false narrative of "systemic racism", by affixing it to @rcmpgrcpolice. It is an uncalled-for and sweeping condemnation, WITHOUT ANY MERIT on a systemic level.
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As a former #RCMP @rcmpgrcpolice, I AM APPALLED THAT you would make such a tainting comment, in advance of an independent investigation.

In your second sentence, and without shame, you seize the 'opportunity' [italics] to shoehorn the NEW @liberal_party #LPC false narrative ...
of "systemic racism" in Canadian policing.

The video, as initially released to media, was (conspicuously) truncated.

☞ Min @BillBlair, YOU ARE ALSO FULLY COGNIZANT THAT any video can capture only a 'slice of an incident' and that that image, is a record from only one
angle of view. It is, otherwise, incomplete. In terms of the overall fact pattern surrounding this incident, it is silent. It is one piece of a puzzle. It is NOT capable of shedding any light on the larger context of a situation (i.e. the circumstances preceding the recorded
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"As Blacklock’s Reporter noted, Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen from Kingston was calling for the government to make sure information on the Internet was accurate, citing the coronavirus pandemic as the reason we need to act."
@brianlilley via @TheTorontoSun…
@MarkGerretsen #LPC Kingston and the Islands continues:

“The surge of online misinformation regarding COVID-19 has been termed an ‘infodemic’ by the WHO,” Gerretsen said. “While we know that physical distancing is important to keep Canadians safe, ...
we must also be mindful of the importance of sharing reliable, trustworthy information.”

While Mr. GERRETSEN may have hit a political "funny bone" with those «last 13 words», simply for their irony ... BUT, in all seriousness,our fundamental freedoms are NOT a laughing matter.
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Trudeau has emerged, is now speaking, but is talking more frankly about how he "didn't understand the racist history of blackface" he has now articulated the word blackface, not "makeup".. and racist in the same sentence.
Trudeau says it is never acceptable to darken one's face.
First q about how many times has he darkened his skin with makeup?
Trudeau says he "shared the moments that I recollected."
says he now "appreciates calling it makeup, it was blackface. it was not right."
Trudeau says he did not see the truth of how racist it was "because of the layers of privilege" he comes from, and now realizes it will never be acceptable to wear blackface when there are people out there who live every day confront racism.
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Liberal Party still hasn't answered questions about why it took so long for them to deliberate over what to do with Guillet (they were notified of the posts by Jewish organizations in June). #cdnpoli #LPC
Guillet told reporters that the Liberal Party was willing to allow him to run despite his comments and came up with an action plan that included outreach to the Jewish community #cdnpoli #LPC #elxn43
The Liberal Party tells me that their decision on Mr. Guillet is final, they will not reconsider him as a candidate. Guillet said he still hoped to run for the Liberals. That won't happen #cdnpoli #LPC #elxn43
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.@PierrePoilievre raises a point of order asking for the document that Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon is referencing an analysis of saying thousands of jobs were on the line. MacKinnon says he has no such document to table #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre MacKinnon then slams Poilievre for having little experience in the private sector. MacKinnon clearly getting annoyed by Opposition points of order and complains. Committee Chair says it's his job to determine Points of Order. Terse exchange #cdnpoli #ETHI #SNCLavalin
@PierrePoilievre Now the MP I am most interested to hear from, Liberal @beynate who says he AGREES the Ethics Commissioner should be invited to testify, breaking party rank. Erskine-Smith is clear he thinks the Ethics Commissioner made legal errors though and wants to ask qs #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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"Conservatives just won't take yes for an answer ... " - #Trudeau.

Exactly. As I keep saying: Nothing pisses Conservatives off more than #Canada's success under the #Liberals.

#Scheer is throwing quite the hissy-fit here today during #QP. Never seen his dimples so red. #cdnpoli
Wow. #WeakAndy, red in the face and sweating sure is making good use of that there Parliamentary Privilege today. Everything he's said so far is halve-truths and bullshit. I think I saw steam shooting out his dimples.

#cdnpoli #QP
Ahh, poor little @CandiceBergenMP is still triggered over #Trudeau's xmas trip in 2016. HE TOOK A HELICOPTER RIDE THAT DIDN'T COST CANADIAN TAX PAYERS! Oh no! #LOL #cdnpoli #QP
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I listened to Scheers economic vision so you don’t have to! Key points:

1. Dudes about as inspiring as a toothbrush.

2. Typical Trudeau bashing, says Trudeau inherited a great economy from Cons and squandered it. Truth is we were in a technical recession. 😂

#cdnpoli #LPC

3. Commits to a Coast to Coast “energy corridor”. The endless pipelines are coming! Greens and NDP will hang their hat on electoral reform and allow this! 👌🏻😂

4. Cancel carbon tax (calls it a tax grab, but its revenue neutral so ya) 😂

5. End responsible shipping ban BC

6. Repeal C-69, aimed at responsible oversight and consultation for energy projects

7. Massive Regulatory reform to make it easier to pollute and degrade our environment, and people

8. End foreign imports of oil, doubling down on building massive plant and oil commerce
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@CanuckTraveler People seem to forget that #CPC have a large voting base. #Canada is made up of a very centrist voting public, meaning, they lean left & right. They DO NOT lean far left. They DO NOT vote NDP, EVER! To think they will, is hubris & shows serious naivety. #cdnpoli
#Ontario #CPC government is not even trying to work with the Federal #LPC government. Why, they don’t care about the people of #Ontario this is a fact. They are so busy taking away our rights & healthcare, & forcing propaganda onto the people of Ontario. #cdnpoli #onpoli
If we don’t start fighting back, if we don’t start uniting under the #LIBERAL #LPC government WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING CANADIANS CHERISH, OUR VERY FOUNDATIONS OF OUR RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY WILL BE GONE! #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli
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Thread: It's an issue so big, we have to try to make sure all our relations are aware. I don't know how many people are understanding truly what Trudeau's Indigenous Rights Framework is. ...2/

#NativeTwitter #Indigenous #cdnpoli
2/... This is what previous Indig leadership had been fighing against for decades. There are so many Chiefs signing onto this for their people. I don't understand how they can do this if they honestly understand what that paper means for all of their generations to follow. ...3/
3/...That Framework offers a lot of money today - big words about 'self-determination' and privatizing reserves for "self-generating revenue". That's community property now, as was once all of what's Canada now, what's now called "Crown lands". ...4/
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@EmmMacfarlane Let’s count the ways that Harper affected Canada
1. He showed disdain for parliamentary rules and procedures and even lied in HOC.
2. He prorogued parliament twice in order not to face the animosity of HOC
3. He restricted access to information on a scale hitherto unheard of. (1)
@EmmMacfarlane 4. SH muzzled scientists preventing them from presenting results that were inconvenient.
5. MOST egregiously he closed at least 16 research libraries that contained irreplaceable data on environment & had irreplaceable data thrown on dumpsters and burned.…
@EmmMacfarlane 6. SH reversed environmental protections and essentially withdrew Canada from the Kyoto agreement
7. He promoted harsher penalties for young offenders and increased funding for prisons while reducing funding for rehabilitation programs.
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Mega Thread of Opinion (1 of 52)

My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
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At the #BurnabySouth town hall/debate being held at the Ismaili Centre Burnaby where it's sure to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 with #NDP's @theJagmeetSingh, #LPC's @Richard_T_Lee, #CPC's @jayshin2019, and #PPC's @LauraLynnTT. #cdnpoli
.@LauraLynnTT’s supporters are out in big numbers. It’s going to be wild.
We’re ready to go. #BurnabySouth
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Some people think #ProportionalRepresentation will result in government backroom deals - the kind we didn't vote for.

But that's no byproduct of #ProRep. I know that because we have that *now* with our #WinnerTakeAll voting system, although its mostly invisible.
I can provide a case study on the backroom deal I am *very* familiar with: the 2015 Liberal Electoral Reform promise.

I made a film to help Liberal friends get Resolution 31 (they wrote) adopted at the LPC policy Convention prior to the 2015 election.
As @BardishKW said, "In 2014 the Liberal Party voted overwhelmingly to endorse what has become our Electoral Plank."

LPC members voted *overwhelmingly* for the process.

Candidate @RajSainiMP explained how it would be done.
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In QP today Conservative Veterans Affairs Critic @Phil4Brant bring up @globalnews story on Capt Kimberly Fawcett. McColeman notes Fawcett deployed twice and asks "When will the Libs do the right thing and cover the cost" #cdnpoli #QP #KimFawcett #veterans #CAF
Defence Minister @HarjitSajjan "I want to thank Capt Fawcett for her service to her country" (opposition MPs groan), Sajjan "we are committed to making sure he gets the support he needs" Opposition MPs "SHE!!!" #cdnpoli #CAF #veterans #QP #KimFawcett
Min Sajjan "sorry, my apologies she. But due to the complexity of the decisions that were made some time ago, this uh file is uh complex, however we will make sure that not only she has the right support but we work through the complexity to do right" #cdnpoli #veterans #QP
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1 of 80) Please bear with me, because the following is filled with plenty of foul language & I'm taking off the professional mask to speak with you as a human being. I've had enough & I've hit my limit, putting up with all the #MeToo bullshit in #CDNpoli, #ONpoli, & #CDNmedia
2) For the past 2 years, you've been ruining my #FamilyDay because the lot of you picked this holiday to shove an alleged child molester down my throat. It's the ultimate in sick behaviour & your choice of holiday is astounding, to champion the cause of #ChildPorn in #CDNpoli
3) What's worse is that forcing me to say those words actually makes me appear like I'm out-to-lunch. Your outrageous acts of gaslighting, censorship, & obstruction, have made it impossible for anyone to tell the most important #MeToo story in #CDNpoli currently
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