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PP calling #CBC “Trudeau Liberal propaganda”, had 2 objectives: to discredit CBC when holding Polievre #CPC to account AND to make CBC second guess any positive stories about Trudeau & #LPC.
@CBC obliges with stories like this. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia Image
By the way, the Jamaican trip was a Xmas vacation. So why is this a “top story” that prominently quotes #NevrePoilievre? @CBCRadioCanada @CBCNews, care to explain?

#Cdnmedia: it’s time to decide whether you are on the side of democracy or on the side of dismantling it. #cdnpoli
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So yesterday I was fed a story in my news app that enraged me. #Cdnmedia is in a crisis. The rank inability to employ logical reasoning, the pushing of a narrative for political ends, is not reporting. It is propaganda & it misinforms the public, not the opposite. #cdnpoli ImageImage
It was more shockingly poor reporting on Chinese interference, implying a connection where no factual evidence is provided. Merely a faulty attempt to draw conclusions without substantiating anything. Just garbage reporting. #CdnmediFailed #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
The article even admits it has no evidence, merely wild speculation implying that the drop in #Conservative votes is due to a vague implication of Chinese interference. Chiu lost & because he lives in a RW bubble, imagines that it must be “interference”…#CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli ImageImage
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This thread will be ongoing as I make more videos.

Important information on the Party Leaders.

Some Information will be shocking.

💥Viewer Discretion is advised 💥

To help inform Canadians, please share across social media

Pierre has denounced WEF but his ties to it and the UN are shocking.

Share to inform Canadians across all platforms

Politicians say a lot of pretty things. WHAT they talk about is incredibly important.

This is eye opening!

Please inform Canadians across all Platforms
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1) @Woodsideful Canada’s financial heavyweights are trying to convince the federal govt. to let them keep pumping money into the oil & gas sector, confidential docs obtained by @NatObserver reveal. #BigFiveBanks #BigOil #CAPP #cdnpoli #LPC #NDP…
2) Conveniently enough, the Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) also has its own 'institute', and appears to be affiliated with @queensu in Kingston, ON.
#AstroTurfing #Greenwashing Image
3) JW: Including carbon capture for oilsands production in a transition definition is greenwashing, climate advocates say, because it can only capture emissions from the production stage, which represents only a fraction of oil’s emissions. @GreenMission @EcologyAction @ecelaw
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#GerretsenShorts S2E25 🎁 Box Set (contains 3 Episodes)

NOT KNOWN FOR BEING soft-spoken, #LPC MP @MarkGerretsen tends to throw tantrums & have meltdowns quite a lot. One should wear a helmet in his presence.

Cc (Courtesy): @MikeBarrettON
#humour #cdnpoli #ygk
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Will ⁦@GeoffMacLellan⁩’s #affordablehousing task force do anything about #REIT’s?

REIT’s own or invest in income-producing real estate & distribute profits to their shareholders. Many are traded publicly on the stock market. #nspoli #Halifax…
2) @MichaelTGorman Nova Scotia's DM of housing said Wed. that non-profit housing will have to be "dramatically" expanded to address the province's housing crunch.

(Thus far both Geoff MacLellan and Tim Houston only seem interested in ‘market’ solutions.)…
3) One of the benefits of non-market housing is that the units remain affordable for the long term.

That's a key difference from many private developments that get govt. funding to include a handful of affordable units. #HRM @hfxgov @MikeSavageHFX @dubehalifax1 @HRMLovelace Image
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1/ First Nations people in Alberta continue to be treated poorly by the #healthcare system in #Alberta. I’ve seen it directly at Dr offices and hospitals. My brother experienced horrible racism when he was very sick. #Indigenous #abpoli #cdnpoli
2/I understand I have a certain amount of privilege as I have a PSE and a non-native sounding last name. —My brother had undiagnosed thyroid issues for over 2 years and was left incredibly sick in hospital waiting rooms only to be told that he is fine or that he was drug seeking.
3/I’m not saying that all health care workers discriminate against Indigenous people, there are many bright lights. But the discrimination & mistreatment is very apparent & visible. How many more Native ppl have to die or become very sick before real change happens in the system?
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During this election, I’ve seen a ton of hypocrisy and dishonesty in #ConservativeParty attacks, and compiled some of this
#cpc claim: the cons never wanted this “vanity election.”
Picture: #otoole was demanding it for months #elxn44vote
#cpc claim: Trudeau bought the media and it was all biased for him.
Picture: most media in Canada is heavily biased in favour of the conservatives, and has been for years.
#cpc claim: they are against negative adds and condemned #trudeau for supposedly using some.
Picture: a still from the first Con party add of the election, which featured Trudeau’s face photoshopped on a little girl from Willy Wonka, but got pulled for copyright infringement
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I tuned in to the interfaith Beaches-East York debate. It's one of the few which decided to give the PPC candidate a platform. I won't tweet the whole thing but maybe some things that jump out.
One thing the PPC candidate started with was that he is new to politics and he apologizes in advances for not being politically correct. *people nodding their heads* It's frightening that people think this is reasonable.
Now the PPC candidate is saying "too much equality will mean socialism, marxism, etc." something something govt handouts, people need to survive on their own means and be resilient. 🙄
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I received this disappointing email from @FairVoteCanada dedicating paragraphs to my #LPC MP for his "action" on electoral reform. The thing is, he was elected on this promise, & it was a lie. He continues to run for & support this party who will not implement ER. Image
They gave 2 lines to the candidates who are running for parties that will implement ER. So which is it @FairVoteCanada? Do you want us to support complicity or vote for change? #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
they give him kudos for asking his govt to apologize for this. No. I don't want an apology. I want to vote in people who will make it happen. That should have been the focus of their email.
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Already so tired of the “undecided voter” trope.

#Elxn44 #LeadersDebate
The bias from the moderator is already ridiculous. “You inspire people” she says to Jagmeet, then complains in her q that Trudeau “plunged the country” into an election. No minority government has ever lasted more than 2 years. We should vote mid winter?
#Elxn44   #LeadersDebate
OMG!!! O’Toole pretending to be a “pro choice ally”. Meanwhile he would have 14 rabid far right anti choice extremists in his cabinet. Unbelievable! #OTooleIsALiar

#Elxn44   #LeadersDebate
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On the eve of advance voting I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this election. #Debate2021
I won't list the 6 years of lies, corruption, inablity to deliver on 'promises', divisiveness & folly driven by @liberal_party in HOC & on the world stage. You all know that. 1/2
All of the antics of the #LPC is well documented. What has been weighing on my mind is how wasted the last 6 years have been. Instead of moving Canada ahead & building this country to greater success, the #LPC has squandered the time on games & to the loss of Cdn families 1/3
and business/commerce. Never in 62 years have I seen such disregard for all that we have,or had as the case may be.

So as we head to the polls, pause & really think of your future, your families future & the future of #Canada . Is the #CPC perfect. No. But I have seen many 1/4
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1. The deliberate countrywide organized vandalism of #LPC candidates signs, reminds me of an operation carried out in West Germany by the KGB in 1959.

@RidT wrote about this op in his book Active Measures. #cdnpoli #Elxn44
2. The KGB spotted that Germany had a lingering problem with antisemitism. It was only 14 years after the holocaust. So the KGB mounted an op where they committed fake acts of antisemitic hate crimes. Painting swastikas on Jewish graves, defacing buildings etc. The KGB’s plan….
3….was intended to bring out real antisemitic hate crimes. The KGB committed the fake hate crimes to encourage a wave of antisemitic activity that would tarnish West Germany’s attempts to rebuild its reputation.

The deliberate act of organized vandalism of #LPC signs….#Elxn44
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I've been thinking a lot about the fact that Friday's #LPC campaign event was cancelled for safety reasons.

We've seen a glimpse of some frustration with the Prime Minister in our own door knocking, but thankfully not such vicious hostility. /1…
As Trudeau said: "we need to meet that anger with compassion." I would add that we also need to meet that anger firmly with the facts.
We can understand and address vaccine hesitancy, and we need to ensure that those with valid medical exemptions are accommodated. But we can't accept anti-science conspiracy theories or the language of "medical apartheid" (a phrase I heard at the door the other day).
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1/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

I see many of you were excited by the polls today, so here's a few things you #NeedToKnow about polls

First, all pollsters exhibit bias & it's measured enough to constitute a graph. Here's one from the 2015 election to give you some example:
2/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

Watching polls throughout an election is a fool's game. It may provide insight at a given moment but it isn't until the final stretch that it may be indicative. Much can happen & a #LeadersDebate can change everything (click photo to see tail end)
3/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

Next, the #338PollAggregator contains every bias from every pollster, as demonstrated in the photo from (1/5) in this thread. With that said, they currently list an exact tie between Libs & Cons, with NDP ranking lower than the poll released today
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*NEW* I updated and added to my list of Conservative and Liberal Votes that are the same for #Election2021.

Feel free to download / share but I make NO warranties for errors /omissions! Nothing beats doing your own research at


#Elxn44 #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
You can tell these apart from the old ones, which I recommend you update to, because the font is different. They also say, *NEW* 2021 ELECTION (easy right?).

Orange = #NDP motion, Dark Blue #CPC, Light Blue = BQ, Red = #LPC. (2/3) ImageImageImageImage
To look these up yourself, enter the numbers *without the parenthesis*, after the slash (/) at this address:…


#Elxn44 #Elxn2021 #canadavotes
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🧵1. Since there’s so much disinformation (ie from @jaketapper), let’s breakdown the real problems in #COVID19CA.
Mulroney sold off 70 yrs of publicly owned domestic vaccine production capacity in 🇨🇦.… #cdnpoli
2. Chrétien/Martin increased R&D funding but selling off Connaught was a body blow.

Then Harper made things worse.

Not only did Harper’s #CPC gov’t cut PHAC funding by 23% (… )

Harper drastically cut funding to research councils. #cdnpoli #Covid19CA
3. Enter other issues, like cronyism between #Conservatives & pharma companies.
In 2011 Harper gave a 10 yr $425.9M contract to GSK (formerly GlaxoSmithKline). It required GSK to supply at least 15 million doses a month in a pandemic once its vaccine is ready #cdnpoli #COVID19CA
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This series encapsulates the better arguments for an Independent Alberta. It seeks to explain why this movement is gaining significant strength. With thanks to the many, many authors who have written on this subject previously.
1. 1905 – Alberta was constructed as a colony for Central Canada. Haultain recognized this in his opposition to the division of Buffalo; “permanently render the Great NW into an unwilling, inferior and imperfect member of Confederation.”
2. The culture of Alberta – a low tax, small gov’t, business-friendly, self-sufficient, personal responsibility approach to governing as compared to an increasingly socialist, globalist, highly regulated, controlling + highly taxed environment being created by the #LPC in #ROC.
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1/7 The key question is: will the firearms bill announced yesterday make Canadians more safe? The answer is no. #canpoli #publicsafety #firearms
2/7 Nearly 500 shootings in Toronto last yr. Near record yr (despite existing gun ban & lockdwns) & vast majority by gangs- with illegal guns. Bill C-21 muni power & confiscation-in-place program only targets already law abiding firearms owners.
3/7 #CPC opposes the OiC & the confiscation of firearms from law abiding, licensed owners. How can #LPC actually not have brought forward compensation details while prohibiting use, transfer, transport, or sale?
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WITHOUT ANY EXAGGERATION, reaction to a Tweet by @MarkGerretsen has been (very) strong and overwhelming negative.

For someone who infrequently visits Twitter and who usually confines himself largely to #LPC talking points, he generally garners a dozen or so comments ...
this Tweet has already collected «724» comments. Reviewing several hundred, I counted eight (8) neutral or supportive.

Frame 1 presents a sampling in a collage of Quote Tweets and Frame 2, Comments. Many could not be used here due to their 'strong wording'. The reader
can make their own judgement. Suffice it to say, CDNs want Members of Parliament with emotional maturity. A modicum of humility is also seen as desirable.

Original Tweet
MP @MarkGerretsen Kingston and the Islands #YGK

🔗LINK (Twitter):
#cdnpoli #YGK
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Utilizing (Liberal interpretations of) #HoC procedure, @MarkGerretsen #YGK ultimately crassly marched in step with his Liberal #LPC colleagues blocking any 'pre-study' of #WECharity links to Prorogation.

@Emmanuel_Rach @ipoliticsca #cdnpoli…
GERRETSEN read from a statement [11:21:18 - 11:35:53] delineating @liberal_party argument against the Motion by @karen_vecchio.

Following his reading, GERRETSEN interjected upon @ToddDohertyMP with (supposed) Point of Order [11:51:28]. Taking umbrage at remarks of DOHERTY,
GERRETSEN denied his statement had been prepared by PMO.

To that point, GERRETSEN had an obvious prolonged struggle with the syntax and choice of (his own) words [11:35:01].

* The reader can make their own decision. A video link is provided in the last frame of this Thread
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A Liberal MP has garnered some unexpected national media attention over his "anguished committee speech" (@hollyanndoan via @mindingottawa).

AND,his defensiveness quickly boiled over, unravelling into a (cringeworthy) rant by the MP Kingston and the Islands.

#cdnpoli #YGK
To the (undoubted) chagrin of @MarkGerretsen and his @liberal_party colleagues, this story doesn't lend itself readily to vetting.

When @CPC_HQ @karen_vecchio introduced a Motion pursuant to Standing Orders requiring an explanation by the government for the Prorogation ...
Mr. GERRETSEN embarked immediately on defensive pushback against any inclusion of #WECharity [17:13:50-17:18:12], even accusing all the Opposition of "conspiring in advance" [17:45:50] as "an opportunity to dig up some dirt. I know they're [#CPC] are looking for this silver
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Even Achilles had his heel, so too #TRUDEAU like everyone has his weak spot.

What one can see here sustained during an interminable 5 seconds of silence (0:16 - 0:21) is the expression of dominance and bold defiance.

Sue Grafton, an American author, made this observation:
In the coming weeks, @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party will (desperately) attempt to 'flip the script' and lay the groundwork for a major reset. #TRUDEAU #LPC are gambling that CDNs «DON'T» and «WON'T» care about #Ethics #Corruption, and in particular, #WEscandal.

We'll see. Image
The "NEW and AMBITIOUS plan" | "BOLD NEW direction for Canada" must be so over-the top as to pull away any and all oxygen from the still smouldering embers of #WEscam.

If Liberals fail, they will be consumed by the resulting conflagration.

Online #Liberal chatter is already
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