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The aim of Tory govt in the 80s was to smash the postwar consensus of unionised work & the welfare state & place the “market” as the cornerstone of UK governance.Blair & Brown took this & added a layer of income redistribution to blunt its harshest effects…
I don’t agree with the above simply to ‘trash’ the @UKLabour brand. We did much good between 1997-2010. But till you understand what we got right and along with what we got wrong, our analysis will never be complete... cont
As such we’ll make the same mistakes again... something I touched here in 2015. Cont...…
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1/7 With all the Warren, Eastern Metis and Chumash #pretendian stories flitting about, there isn't much opportunity to speak about the core issues of #AmerindigenousDisempowerment I hope my colleague forgives me using her video for my own purposes.
2/7 1) Amerindigenous groups are divided, as they have been since 1492. But they are united by ancestry and genomic evolution. 2) Amerindigenous groups are divided by colonial mindsets / language (Spanish & English, Puritans & Catholics, Segrationalist vs Aggregationalist Racism)
3/7 3) Divided by Affinity to whiteness and belief that we've lost the "If you can't beat them, join them mentality " (flag worship, military service, religion) 4) Divided by intra-Amerindigenous grudges over actions that were products of Colonial war and alliances.
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Great Sunday read: @amnesty report by @TanyaOCarroll @JoeWestby on the human rights impact of @Google & @facebook business models.

In this thread,I present some thoughts for folks interested in the intersection of human rights advocacy and academia. (👋 @oiioxford students)1/16
I will try to weave together the report's 4 key topics:

1. #surveillancecapitalism
2. #privacy
3. #AI
4. #market #concentration

with the work of various academics working on the social justice implications of platforms. 2/16
1. Surveillance capitalism:
The report drives home its main point: "It's the economy stupid!"

or as they frame it:

"The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is."
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when your grandchildren ask - but who supported the privatisation of healthcare in African countries, or health for the 10%, show them this picture #wallstreetconsensus
also mind blowing how much this is a story of #surveillancecapitalism masked as digital health technologies for the poor.
Discovery, with 'first behavioural bank' attached to medical services, health and car insurance is my private dystopia…
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FTC votes along party lines to fine repeat-offender Facebook $5B for the #CambridgeAnalytica mass data abuse scandal. Additional restrictions that may be imposed have not yet been reported. #TheGreatHack…
$FB stock surges on the news. Guess even $5B is nowhere close to an effective punishment in the eyes of investors. Just the cost of doing business. #SurveillanceCapitalism
@ceciliakang reports that FB may accept some new oversight but no restrictions on data collection and sharing, partly why the two Dem commissioners voted against the settlement. It’s weak sauce.…
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1/ #Facebook released their #Libra #cryptocurrency whitepaper today. This is a stable coin governed by a Foundation that is comprised of a handful of the world’s largest corporations
2/ The currency will run on the Libra #blockchain and coins will be backed by assets consisting of bank deposits and government securities that will be issued by the Libra Reserve whose members each invested a minimum of $10M to run a validator node
3/ This pseudo #decentralization is not being brought into the world to ‘empower billions of people’ or ‘help people everywhere live better lives’ as Facebook suggest
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Watching International Grand Committee hearing in Ottawa, platform session. Zuckerberg and Sandberg ignored subpoena and may now be voted on for parliamentary contempt. Chairs learned they were rebuffed via @donie’s reporting, not FB. #ETHI #IGC…
The expert panels were so much more interesting. Stunning contrast. Platform spokespeople are paid to make this stuff sound as boring as possible.
FB’s Chan and Potts claim not to have reviewed public record on @CommonsCMS investigation into Cambridge Analytica, especially remarks made by FB to DCMS in public. Still not answering Q about when Zuck knew what when about Cambridge Analytica. #ETHI #IGC
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Ad targeting has horrific externalities on society in the name of eliminating perceived waste in ad spending. Since the market has been captured by a ruthless duopoly, it’s time to tax the true cost of “free” services. #SurveillanceCapitalism
Google and Facebook captured 77% of advertising revenue from local newspapers. These communities are being robbed of their civic vitality to make rich tech robber barons richer. It’s time to give back.…
Sheryl Sandberg insists to Congress that TV advertising is too expensive for small business so that’s why the duopoly needs to enjoy free reign to capture the ad market. But my cable provider runs ads telling local businesses they can sell ads for the cost of search and digital.
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For clarity. When i say #showertime. I mean when the government puts drugs in your shower head, and you're dosed every time you take a shower. You'll be easily manipulatable, and appear crazy to the regular John.
You might also be impartial to taking showers, exhibiting all the symptoms of "mental illness". (and or smelling and looking like shit). So Obamas church crew, being led by "#mentalhealth professionals, local law enforcement officials" can come and get you. Under #ExecutiveOrder
But can you prove it to a Judge like Jeffrey Steven White??

Ask @SharylAttkisson

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You couldn’t pay me to install an Alexa in my home. Ok maybe a million dollars.…
Also: AI is still bullshit. It’s made of people.
Why a million dollars? Well, when I first requested my Cambridge Analytica data it cost £10. Then British lawyers came out of the woodwork to represent my data quest to fully excercise my data rights. Then its value inflated beyond a million dollars in legal fees on contingency.
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#SurveillanceCapitalism from @shoshanazuboff is a MUST read. But at over 700 pages, it’s a beast, so in the thread below I’ve outlined some key ideas. Zuboff introduces a new language to help define an emerging system of power. Also see @susskind_TBA @MazzucatoM @profgalloway
1/ Surveillance capitalism (S.C.) is “a new economic order that claims human experience as free material for hidden commercial practices of extraction, prediction and sales”.
2/ S.C. introduces a new form of power called “Instrumentarianism”. Instrumentarian power “knows and shapes human behavior towards others ends. Instead of armaments and armies, it works its will through the automated medium of an increasingly ubiquitous computational architecture
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Tweeting Shoshana Zuboff lecture at @UCBerkeley Privacy Must Fall: The World According to #SurveillanceCapitalism
Title homage to Wm Morris, a Romantic. Had a yearning nostalgia in face of Industrialism, but focused on beauty in textiles and buildings. Sought self-regulation, made moralistic appeals
But then read Marx's Capital. Was riveted, and became a disciplined thinker. Destruction of beauty not an unfortunate byproduct but a necessary consequence of industrial logic. New situation: "a river of fire", alive and devouring. The river of fire not industrialism
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Fortunately, many nationwide are waking up to the Cover-Ops the corrupt #FBI is running as it targets stand-out Americans of integrity and lies to their neighbors and families about their supposed culpability in some vague "investigation" which will run for yrs, decades. #FBILies
#DisclosureOnTargeting In fact, I have come to understand, if you are the target today of an FBI Smear Campaign in yr neighborhood, what it really means is you are someone of enormous spiritual power and potential they are deadly afraid of and wish to shut down. You stand w. MLK.
It is time to start exposing all of these Covert-Ops running agencies for the corrupt criminal behavior they are flaunting, by daring to label people of integrity "terrorists" "suspected terrorists," submitting them to neverending investigations, smear campaigns, Stealth NLWs.
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"Protecting your online privacy is tough—but here's a start" - nice explanation of the problem with #SurveillanceCapitalism by @szymielewicz. The conclusion is missing important historical context though: we know from tabac companies, petrol, etc that...…
@szymielewicz ... without potent legislation and will/mean to enforce it, capitalistic companies will exploit any loophole, any grey - even if dark, dark grey - zones. They will buy scientist and expert to claim false reports (… and all cancer related studies fir ex)...
@szymielewicz ... and of course they will try to influence/bribe governments to let exploit people and make money (see for ex tabac industry in Germany, still able to do a lot more things than elsewhere in Europe, and all the they give to politician parties). And of course, it's even worst...
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"If you have nothing to hide you are worthless" Shoshana Zuboff #CPDP2019
Should we not gather in resistance against surveillance capitalism which has come to destroy human nature as industrial capitalism did to nature?
@murakamiwood digital is another special fix of capitalism to commodify aspects of human experience until now uncommodified.
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Ok, I’m usually fairly cheerful, or at least practical action oriented on here, but I gotta say..
In 2003, the arctic ice sheet cracked in two, monsoons didn’t come to India, and it hailed in LA in the summer, and those are just the few highlights I remember.

2001 is when we really needed all the people out in the streets
(we still need that today of course #FamiliesBelongTogether)

2001 is when we lost the democracy we’d squandered for years.

Florida. Supreme Court. Nepotism. Don’t @ me.

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