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Happy Friday .@OntarioNDP!!! I have a Black and a POC candidate ready to win #ScarboroughCentre. Isn't this a big part of the .@NDP platform? Running lots of diverse candidates? All we need for you is to finish vetting our POC candidate.
And no worries, because he submitted his papers in June, so it should be done right? I mean given he's run for you several times right?

#Scarborough #ScarbTO totally deserves candidates who represents residents living here and we have not one, but TWO ready to go.
Both are passionate about anti-racism #onted and #onhealth as well as local issues in #Scarborough and #Toronto. One created a *whole curriculum* to address anti-Black racism in Canada, sweeping #onted by storm and one is the ED of UARR.
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.@OntarioNDP 238 days til e-day! It's a great day to schedule nomination meetings. Did you know #ScarboroughCentre is one of the most diverse ridings in #onpoli? Needless to say we haven't been well represented by our Conservative MPP Christina Mitas.
We have 2 BIPOC candidates who are passionate about anti-racism & I know the NDP is passionate about anti-racism and supporting BIPOC candidates. So #NDP let's get this nomination show on the road so we can best support whoever the *community* choses to be our candidate. #onpoli
As you know, .@OntarioNDP, campaigns need money and our candidate needs time to raise that green, so let's give them the best shot possible eh? Let's give our diverse riding the best chance at proper representation it has. We are ready to gooooooooo. #onpoli
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Yoohoo .@OntarioNDP!! I hope y'all are well. So how's our nomination meeting going? We have a candidate who submitted papers in *June*, still waiting on vetting. Now I *know* he's not a problem because he's run for y'all before in #onpoli and really involved in the party. #NDP
And I know when you really need to, y'all can speed that vetting process right up and since, y'all really want to win key #Scarborough #ScarbTO ridings and given the #NDP came in second last time, that this is something that is on...
...the top of your ol' to-do list, right? I also know that both candidates are BIPOC with strong anti-racism portfolios (cause you know it's kinda my thing) so why wouldn't we want to start showing off what superstars we have running under the orange banner? #onpoli
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1/ As #cdnmedia *now* talks to Conservative caucus members, they must interrogate their #elxn2021 coverage. When O’Toole presented himself so contrary to his leadership run, the current & not so fmr #CPC & platform. Did it not occur to reporters to investigate what was real?
2/ I know #cdnmedia think Liberals are hostile to journalism who can’t tolerate Trudeau criticism. There is *some* truth to this. But lots of our complaints are legit & r made in good faith. Most of Liberal Twitter has closely followed Trump’s America in horror, as Cdn media has.
3/ The diff btwn #cdnmedia & those who reg use the #, is we don’t believe #Conservatives & #Republicans are light yrs apart. Like the CPC caucus—we know O’Toole’s #Elxn44 campaign wasn’t representative of majority of Cons (elected or base) Nor resembled how EOT would govern as PM
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Today I’m going to talk about this ‘Full Slate’ the NDP had in #Elxn44

There were amazing candidates on there. In fact, our grassroots is full of people perfect for the job - and determined to do the work.

But it wasn’t what it looked like.

And the stories keep rolling in…
Sure, we filled every spot.

But how did we get there?

Was it democratic? No

Did locals get a say in their candidates? Mostly, no.

Did it impact our result? Absolutely!

December 2019, just after the election, a group of Toronto area candidates gathered for dinner.

Guest caller: Jagmeet

He makes us all a promise.

To thank us for our commitment, our dedication to the movement, he tells us…
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🧵When @Ipsos @darrellbricker takes on #JagmeetSingh’s performance in his #Elxn44 analysis for @globalnews, he dispels the myth that 4th place loser #NDP “holds the balance of power” anymore than they did in the last Parliament. That Singh is no kingmaker.…
WHY? ##NDP faithful are coming outta the woodwork to tell us 1 reason NDP didn’t win more seats. It’s not just that #JagmeetSingh is a lying narcissist @JessaMcLeanNDP tells us Singh turned the NDP into his own branding Co @ expense of the party&candidates…
Worse than a #NDP platform more concerned w VirtueSignalling than substance. Or leadership handicapping local ridings. #JagmeetSingh has weaponized legit #cdnpoli cynicism against Cdns. Forget PMJT not fixing every prob in 6yrs. I can’t think of anything……
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So why didn’t I run again?

Because I spoke up.

I ran for Party President last minute on a platform to challenge the divestment of resources from the #NDP grassroots.

We ran to challenge an establishment slate that was bound to continue this strategy.
Over 30% of the Convention delegates agreed with us.

We exposed the rebate debacle for what it was. We challenged their handling of Convention, and their refusal to make the space accessible.

We challenged the National Director’s vision.

That was in April 2020.
The @NDP have cut off all contact since I publicly challenged them.

To me and @NDPYorkSimcoe - of which I am President.

Not one returned phone call or email. Not even when the writ dropped.

They tried to erase us.
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NDP federal council took the rebates from the local Ridings and poured it all into @theJagmeetSingh’s image and campaign.

We invested nothing in the ground.

Two elections : Down 11 seats.

PPC made more gains than us.

We’re not a movement. We’re an ad campaign.

It gets better. Those links to donate to your local? They don’t all work.

Many of them go directly to Central, even with active Riding Associations.

This leaves many Riding Associations unable to even use the standard system (Populus) available for NDP campaigns.

The Party still charges the Ridings almost $1700 for the use of a website and Populus.

This is beyond the budgets of many.
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My Grandma was moved from #Lethbridge #yql ICU to the #Edmonton #yeg ICU to await a transplant.
Her liver and kidneys are both failing.
She is one of the ones drawing a short stick in the triage world.
she is too sick to wait and they need the room in ICU for the increasing #COVID19AB cases in the province.
She has now been taken off the transplant list, and they are going to decrease her life support.
We will lose her within days, none of us can see her, none of us get to say good bye. She will "live" her final days with no loved ones and only medical staff surrounding her.

She didn't end up with COVID but it was ultimately COVID that will take her away from us.

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Yesterday: I pointed out the Big Oil connections of some supporting @JustinTrudeau's climate plan.

Today: @SethDKlein - my bro-in-law & renowned progressive climate policy expert - wrote a detailed and devastating critique of the modelling behind that fatally flawed plan.🧵
Tonight at the leaders debate, @JustinTrudeau will pretend that a couple recent op-eds from economists means that their party has the blessing and support of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (@IPCC_CH).

But that’s simply not true.
The NDP has a better climate plan than the Liberals - one that would kickstart what the @IPCC_CH actually calls for: "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society." #climateemergency
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This is a heinous lie I continue seeing #LiberalTwitter tell, as some argument about #NDP obstructing the LPC, as an excuse for this election, let's unpack it.



#DisabilityDebate #Elxn44 #CERB
No, the NDP did not, "vote against the disabled". They initially refused to support the Covid-19 spending bill in June, which contained a $600 payment for disabled Canadians. And for good reason.

The Liberals wanted to fine/jail CERB recipients! (2/9)
Which was pretty unfair, and necessary to stop, because LIBERAL MPs like Wayne Easter and Adam Vaughan who told people to apply for CERB whether they knew they qualified or not! Can we say, entrapment? I'm no lawyer but, unfair to say the least. (3/9)
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THREAD: There's something good happening in Barrhaven. Tonight we're in Thistledown Court. I've been here before. My kind if people. Give you the shirt off your back kind of people. 1/
There's a reason the #NDP resonates with working class Canadians. "I know you're good people," is what we heard tonight. "I know you've got our backs." 2/
When they say why they're voting NDP, it's not about what they want for themselves. It's about others. Guy said he's voting NDP "so Indigenous communities can get clean water." He likely has trouble paying his rent. 3/
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This happened.

I picked up about 20 signs this morning. Signs that I put up at 1 a.m.

Someone went out in the middle of the night and thought it would be a good idea to tag a BPOC candidate's signs with the word "racist".

I shouldn't feel hurt, but I am.
Many people don't appreciate just how hard this work is. As a BPOC woman, putting my name on the ballot was not an easy decision. I didn't take it lightly. I knew that something like this could happen, but I really didn't expect it, nor did I expect to feel this way if it did.
People don't realize the time and effort and money that goes into running a campaign. The emotional work. The long hours. I'm exhausted at the end of a 16-18 hour day, but I get up the next day and continue the work because I believe so strongly in it.
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1/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

It's been hard for me to watch #CDNmedia coverage of the 2 Michaels, knowing there's a pointless media blackout that's resulted in widespread #disinformation & exploitation by partisan actors

This #thread is RE Spavor

2/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

Canada has become a laughing stock to our global partners due to #CDNmedia suppression of facts about Spavor & Kovrig, that are available to everyone else in the world, including 🇨🇦, if we only bothered to google
3/26 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

I've known facts about the #2Michaels for some time & I declined to share earlier so it wouldn't impact Spavor & Kovrig's trials in #China. But that collective ignorance is being weaponized against voters & both sides have been disingenuous in recent news
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1/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

I see many of you were excited by the polls today, so here's a few things you #NeedToKnow about polls

First, all pollsters exhibit bias & it's measured enough to constitute a graph. Here's one from the 2015 election to give you some example:
2/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

Watching polls throughout an election is a fool's game. It may provide insight at a given moment but it isn't until the final stretch that it may be indicative. Much can happen & a #LeadersDebate can change everything (click photo to see tail end)
3/5 🧵#CDNpoli #Polling #Elxn44

Next, the #338PollAggregator contains every bias from every pollster, as demonstrated in the photo from (1/5) in this thread. With that said, they currently list an exact tie between Libs & Cons, with NDP ranking lower than the poll released today
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My followers are a blend of #Autistic/#Neurodivergent folks around the world & then #cdnpoli people -- here's a super quick video explaining why I talk so much about these things and why our movements are important 💜 (& thank you all so much for 2k!!)
Here is some info about #elxn44 , and why the snap election here in “Canada” matters so much.

First, some candidates I hope you can go follow - #1 @kemalahmedproud, who has publicly been attacked for supporting Autistic people against the behavioural modification industry!
@NPNDP - openly Autistic & hella compassionate, @kmalakos - fierce advocate for disabled folks & his riding, @deebizzo - bold and brilliant leader,
@PaulTaylorTO - champion against food insecurity/ injustice, @AmyNormanNL, Inuk land protector & badass. more later...
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@mat_schmaltz and on top ..
They don't have to spend a dime
When they've #cdnmedia selling their BIG LIE
FED #NDP @theJagmeetSingh joining the party for free
I mean how gullible are people
This same kind of garbage was shoved down our throats regarding Harper's CPC for yrs.
@mat_schmaltz @theJagmeetSingh when people show you who they are ,and in their own words ,believe them
O'Toole was a loyal Harper flunky
He has clearly stated his intention for private healthcare
He will kill universal childcare replacing it with a privileged people tax credit
He did allow ...
@mat_schmaltz @theJagmeetSingh free votes on restricting abortion rights
and voting against banning gay conversion torture therapy
He did state CERB was wrong and killed the culture of work
He does think res schools had good intentions
He did through around
white fragility "cancel culture"
He did ...
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A note for #NDP supporters and I primarily mean the sleazy f**ks who make like the average Canadian voter who is in fact an NDP campaign worker.

I have in the past and will in the future call out Jagmeet (Silver Spoon) Singh for his smearing bullshit campaign. I particular
where he's using his skin colour and his religion to pander to First Nations people. He claims to have lived a different life that Trudeau, no doubt he has. Bigotry and racism has no doubt been a part of his life in his US private school and in his Canadian experience.
That does not make his life experience the same as someone who did not have his advantages. He was born into a wealthy family, educated in a private controlled environment and has had all the advantages of wealth. Yet he continues to allude that he is equally a victim.
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*NEW* I updated and added to my list of Conservative and Liberal Votes that are the same for #Election2021.

Feel free to download / share but I make NO warranties for errors /omissions! Nothing beats doing your own research at


#Elxn44 #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
You can tell these apart from the old ones, which I recommend you update to, because the font is different. They also say, *NEW* 2021 ELECTION (easy right?).

Orange = #NDP motion, Dark Blue #CPC, Light Blue = BQ, Red = #LPC. (2/3) ImageImageImageImage
To look these up yourself, enter the numbers *without the parenthesis*, after the slash (/) at this address:…


#Elxn44 #Elxn2021 #canadavotes
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The #NDP platform #ReadyForBetter dropped this week, and there are some powerful climate policies that I'm excited to run on.

The party has been listening to big ideas coming out of the climate movement and it shows.

A 🧵...
The Civilian Climate Corp could fix youth unemployment with jobs jobs jobs:

🌊 restoring wetlands, coasts & other habitats
🌲 planting millions of trees
🏞️ healing the land and storing carbon

Indigenous leadership & knowledge is key to the success of any land-based program.
Legislating multi-year carbon budgets - both sectoral & national - is absolutely necessary to bend the curve on emissions.

The Trudeau Liberals - when they're not doling out💰💰💰 to Big Oil - relies on market incentives. Totally not working. Time for hard caps.
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With 21% of Ontarians fully vaccinated, we have surpassed the threshold to move to reopening Step 2. With more than 1% of the province getting a second dose each day, we should reach 25% fully vaccinated on Monday, the threshold set for Step 3.
CFIB calls on @fordnation to prepare to skip Step 2 & move the province to Step 3 next week. This would allow personal services, malls, gyms, entertainment/event venues & indoor dining to reopen (w capacity/other restrictions). These services are currently open in most provinces.
Malls: Ontario is the only province still in lockdown (4 provinces have been fully open in 2021).
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Some #NDP news, I have to be honest with myself that I was put into burnout by the ableism of the staff and particularly Anne McGrath at the @NDP Federal Convention & after, which has destroyed my work and coping capacity.

I've given my time, energy, body to this party for years
I'm in the process of figuring out wtf to do.

An exposé? Keep doing heartbreaking work to try and make the party what it claims to be? Quit, admitting I wasted years on phony career politicians? I don't know. I just know this burnout can be tracked squarely to #NDPConvention2021
People I loved are dying and my capacity to handle it has been ransacked by this burnout.

Burnout caused by the party I go around to doors saying will stand up for marginalized people "forgetting" that disabled party members exist.
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Last weekend @NDP convention delegates adopted a constitutional amendment on labour affiliation & convention delegate entitlement. In this 🧵, I try to make sense of the change by providing some historical context for the #NDP-union relationship.

#canlab #cdnpoli
.@CanadianLabour is a founding partner of the #NDP having played a significant role in the formation of the party in 1961. But the relative strength of labour’s institutional ties has varied over time.
At the @NDP founding convention in 1961, 35% of delegates represented affiliated unions. For the first few decades thereafter, union delegates typically made up a quarter of NDP convention attendees.
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Peter Kormos passed away 8 years ago today. Despite having served 18 of his 23 years at Queen’s Park on the opposition benches and fewer than 6 months in cabinet, the former #NDP MPP commanded a profile that was the envy of most cabinet ministers. THREAD⏬

#onpoli #PeterKormos
Kormos’ populist brand of left politics, his oratorical skills and his in-your-face style of political engagement made him stand out from the crowd. His wicked sense of humour and ability to produce witty one-liners and punchy sound bites made him a media favourite.

Kormos had a gift for getting under people’s skin. In May 2003, he had an amusing run in with Ontario PC MPP John O’Toole, the father of current Conservative Party leader @erinotoole.

#onpoli #PeterKormos
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