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Now that @realDonaldTrump has kicked off a storm stating he will initiate investigation looking to “treasonous activities” by Google & with Google having played a role in 26/11 Mumbai attacks of 2008, will Google to be investigated by Indian Govt as well?…
American President @realDonaldTrump has kicked off a storm stating that he will initiate an investigation looking into “treasonous activities” by American multinational technology company Google after allegations from @peterthiel.
Google came under fire last year for its plans to build a censored search engine for China. Employees protested and after internal upheaval and political pressure, the project, called #Dragonfly, was put on hold.…
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Requiem for the EVM

What is the position
of the opposition?
"It seems we have lost
But must at any cost
Find some justification

But what could it be
That would with authority
Scrub out our losses
yet please our bosses
And run off with impunity?"

Eureka one said
As he sprang out of bed
This idea's a gem
let's trash the EVM
And cast doubt on the EC instead

So off the cabal went
to make in democracy a dent
They drove in their fancy cars
But emerged in crushed kurtas
To make a straight tale bent

And of course the pliable
And the old reliable
Took their clarion call
From studio to town hall
To prove the EVMs were fallible

And here on twitter
The usual folk were aflutter
"Institutions compromised!"
"Idea of India revised!"
Dragging their souls through the gutter

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The EC has made process of securing EVMs clear. Fake videos of #EVMs which are not in use in current election are being shared, fake “news channels” are spreading rumors of #EVMhacking, all for a singular intent.

To attack democracy and the voter by the loser #TukdeTukde gang.
One can always find undated videos with no reference point. When is the video shot, are these EVMs in use in current election, are these the serial numbers that were voted, none of this is present in the video.

But to attack Indian democracy these videos are being circulated.
Because to circulate a false video takes very little effort. To debunk it takes time. That is what fake news peddlers count on.
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Want to apologize to the many folks who sent me similar videos from many parts of India🙏
Didn't for a moment believe that such brazen rigging was possible.
But this clip put out by @anuragdhanda has been found true by @OfficeFaridabad.
A little less faith in the process today😢
Hi #ElectionCommissionOfIndia, I am a satirist & people are sending me MANY such clips of voter influencing.
Not happy to know that people place more faith in a joker than the @ECISVEEP
This happened next to the Capital, imagine what's happening elsewhere…
Finally some justice as @ECISVEEP is forced to order re-polling at #Faridabad booth.
Remember this would've been brushed under the carpet if Social Media hadn't created so much pressure💪
Every voice matters, especially when institutions are breaking down.…
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Will be reporting live for @TheQuint from a press conference in London at 5:30 PM IST (12 noon GMT) where a US-based tech expert claims he will be able to prove Indian #EVMs can be hacked. Will he be able to back up his claims?…
We will be going live on @TheQuint 's YouTube channel at 5:30 PM IST…
And here's the @TheQuint 's live blog with updates, reactions, and more on the press conference. Stay tuned as we find out whether Indian #EVMs can be tampered with.…
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Why did Election Commission share secret EVM code with Microchip & Renesas. Why cant BEL & ECIL 'fuse' it onto microcontrollers in their own premises in a secure manner or get it done anywhere in India? Why do this in a foreign country - USA & Japan?…
Heres the new 'tamper-proof' Electronic Voting Machines 'Mark-3' launched by GoI to be used at 1800 centres in Karnataka elections for trial & entirely during 2019. Interestingly still the EVM code suppossed to be secret was fused by American Microchip & Japanese Ranesas?
#EVMs like all other machines, are prone to errors and malfunctioning. No machine ever made anywhere in the world is infallible. Machines are also prone to manipulations. Indian electronic voting machines are no exception.

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#EVMs like all other machines, are prone to errors and malfunctioning. No machine ever made anywhere in the world is infallible. Machines are also prone to manipulations. Indian electronic voting machines are no exception.

In crucial confidence vote to decide fate of MMS govt in Sept 08 whole nation witnessed on live TV how as many as 54 elected members of parliament failed to register their votes electronically. Utter chaos & confusion prevailed & finally these MPs were allowed to vote manually.
If India's 543 lawmakers themselves have difficulty in voting on electronic system installed in parliament isn't it nonsensical to ask if India's 714 million electorate – many of whom can neither read nor write – have any difficulty voting on electronic voting machines #EVMs?
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