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Oct 1 7 tweets 2 min read
#NRI #Remittances will not only #COLLAPSE but they could reverse

A quick thread with implications for the #INR Image #NRI #Remittances will not only collapse but they could reverse as outflows unless the DEPOSIT Rates offered by Indian Banks to NRIs are at-least 6-7% $ Rates
May 29 21 tweets 12 min read
#Genius #MasterStroke 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr


Govt Introduces a #POLICY estm to SAVE Rs 36,000 Cr/Yr in #Forex

BUT To SAVE Rs 36000 Crore, the Govt & Indian Public are SPENDING 300% or 117000 Crores more 😳

= 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr

#Thread on A #MasterStroke #Modinomics decided in 2020/21 to Introduce the 20% #Ethanol Blending (Petrol) Policy.

Intention of the Policy designed by the @NITIAyog was to save India Rs36,000 in FOREX & help the Environment

Link to the document niti.gov.in/sites/default/… Image
May 28 4 tweets 4 min read

@BCCI is the #WORLDS #RICHEST CRICKET board (Valuation: Rs16500cr, Income: Rs3900cr)


BUT that is NOT the Shocking Part, Read the #Thread

#CRICKET is a #RELIGION in India & #TRANSPARENCY should be Foremost Image As per the FY17 Annual Report, @BCCI paid an INTEREST Cost of Rs115 Cr (400% YoY) while it’s INTEREST Income of Rs171 Cr (Fell 2% YoY).

BUT WHY were they paying 171Cr of Interest Costs when they had a CASH BALANCE of 3770 Cr (3560 Cr in FY16) ? ImageImage
May 27 6 tweets 2 min read
UK/US NRIs & Top 2% Indian Residents (30 Mn Income Earners > Rs6lac/per yr) praise #Medical #Facilities in India especially ability to Approach Specialists Directly

Driving though PUNE/MUM/BLR & reaching Hospital in time in a Medical Emergency is Impossible These people generally forget that when they compare themselves to the US/UK NRIs vs the Indians in India… one is comparing the Avg US/UK citizen with the Top 2% in India

Let me explain
May 19 8 tweets 4 min read

How many People get impacted by #taxterrorism of Newly implemented #TCS (Tax Collected at Source)?


That’s JUST 1.2% of INDIAN FAMILIES …. basically the TOP end of India’s Travelling Abroad in 2019 has Still NOT been exceeded, so let’s use that Number. Indian who Travelled OUTBOUND in 2019 was just 27mn. ImageImage
May 19 9 tweets 7 min read
THIS IS #BIG ! #Hawala 2.0 Will EXPLODE in India post JULY 1st. Just My opinion:

By IMPLEMENTING 20% Tax Collected On Source (#TCS) on Foreign Spend (Currency, FX cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Transfers), it becomes Increasingly more Cost Effective to Transfer Via #Hawala Image If you try and BUY #Foreign Currency in the Black, that spread that used to be 2-3%, will now become 10% possibly

Unused Balances of Loaded Forex Cards will Go at a Premium of 10-12% Image
May 18 4 tweets 3 min read
WILL #ITC Hive off the Non-Tobacco FMCG ?
During Q4 & FY23, Operating PAT Growth delivered by #ITCs non-tobacco #FMCG business has been No1 amongst Peers.
Revenue (+19% YoY) but EBITDA (+76% YoY) & margins a respectable 13.3% Will Investors Attach Super High PE to Non-Tobac FMCH biz ?
I was looking at DABUR, its Consold Op Profit and PAT declined in FY23 vs FY22... its 3 yr CAGR is just 6% (that's way lower than inflation). Its Fwd PE and EV/EBITDA is 47 & 34 respectively (marketScreener.com) ImageImage
May 17 5 tweets 2 min read
I am honestly surprised by #Fintwit waking up to this now !! I realised this on the day of the #Budget itself 👇
May 17 7 tweets 2 min read
AI for personal Finance

Game-changer: ChatGPT for Personal Finance is finally here 🤯

Parthean AI is the world’s most powerful financial coach. Right in your pocket. By integrating the most cutting-edge AI tools with your personal financial information, this new tool allows you to ask any question about your money and get answers that are personalized and immediate.
May 8 16 tweets 9 min read
As a #Kannadiga, U must READ THIS.

#Thread on how the #Foundation Stones & #Modus Operandi for dairy farmers of #Gujarat, who could eventually control not just Karnataka's Pride #Nandini but India's Entire #Dairy Industry

Crystal Ball Gazing into the future!! CHRONOLOGY
1) Amul Enters a mkt
2) Jul-21: Union govt formed Min of Cooperation under #AmitShah
3) Dec-22: Amendments are made to the Multi-State Co-op Societies Act, allowing State Milk Coops to Merge
4) Dec-22: Amit Shah spoke of a possible #Amul #Nandini Merger
However (contd)
May 8 7 tweets 3 min read
Recent History of India's #PassportRanking

2006: 71st
2010: 77th
2014: 76th
2016: 85th
2019: 82nd
2022: 87th Rank (All time low)
2023 Q1: 82nd

Would appreciate @ShashiTharoor to reconsider his praise for @DrSJaishankar Diplomatic Achievements ImageImage Source:

History of Indias Rankings: Click on henleyglobal.com/passport-index, choose INDIA and click on historical Rankings.

2023 Q1 Rankings: cdn.henleyglobal.com/storage/app/me…
May 7 8 tweets 4 min read
Let me make this very clear - there is EVERY reason to Doubt the #EVM machines. IMHO they can be manipulated several ways -

precisely why every other Western & Developed Asian Democracy has reverted back to Paper Ballot.

REGARDLESS OF ELECTION OUTCOME, #EVMs must be stopped! Media reports of a difference of 1% of Votes or 6 MILLION votes between Election days & Counting day in 2019

VVPATs were destroyed in 6 months while the rule is 1 year. Court case was going on and yet it was destroyed

Media reports of 1/3rd of the Machines Malfunctioning
Apr 21 14 tweets 3 min read
#KarnatakaElections2023 : why I think #INC & #JDS will win against the #BJP

HOWEVER it will be a #Big #BLUNDER for INC-JDS to Accept that #EVMs are Credible - since EVMs are Not

A #THREAD (not Original but I agree with the Logic) 1/n
with the Winds are blowing against the BJP, the BJP has decided to hand it over to Congress-JDS on platter. The resignations of influential leaders is a big give away.

This has multiple benefits for both parties, more so for BJP.
Mar 29 8 tweets 7 min read
#BRILLIANT CHARTS showing India’s GDP Growth - A Notable #ACHIEVEMENT by #Modinomics

Let’s look at India's nominal GDP that matters to Households & Businesses

EXCLUDING government borrowing & spending) Indians Households & Business Experience ~ZERO GROWTH since 2014-22 Image This contrasts with the period FY 2008-14 when non-government component of GDP accounted for 38% of nominal growth.

Economists believe these animal spirits to be a vital ingredient for high growth of #SMEs & #Businesses Image
Mar 29 4 tweets 2 min read
Let’s help you with some #UPI Frauds Bajaj Finance has a FAQ on the subject
Mar 29 4 tweets 3 min read
#UPIcharges #upicharge


Visa & Master card networks provide Payment Guarantee and hence charge MDR. If there is a fraud, I can stop payment immediately. Not required to go to Police and Register an FIR.

What does #UPI charge the MDR for ? #UPIcharges for what it’s worth, In #Singapore there is something called #PayNow which is just like UPI.

ZERO CHARGES the last that I know
Mar 29 4 tweets 1 min read
Imagine that GoI decided that #Goa becomes the #GIFT city instead of #Ahmedabad, it would be awesome.

Good Food
Great People
Clean & Green
Nice Windy Roads
Lots of Hotels & Resorts
2 Airports
Good Education & high Literacy What do you think ?
Mar 28 4 tweets 5 min read
#FACTCHECKING @Inc's @PChidambaram_IN when he was interviewed by @sardesairajdeep at the #indiatodayconclave2023 and said “I would give credit to this government for its single-minded focus on containing the deficit and debt management."
SIMPLY NOT TRUE: SEE the data & be a judge ImageImageImage @PChidambaram_IN mentioned "single-minded focus on containing the deficit"
Chart 1: Absolute Fiscal Deficit is MASSIVELY EXPANDING like a Rocket
Chart 2: As % of GDP, Fiscal Balance (Deficit) is Highest Levels despite LIFE-TIME high Tax/GDP & Low Crude Oil Prices vs FY10-14 ImageImage
Mar 28 4 tweets 3 min read
#BRILLIANT Example of #Modigovt CAPEX !

Rs20000 per Plate of Food for #G20 comes as No Surprise

#Modinomics CAPEX is GOLD PLATED thereby costing us at-least 50-100% More than what a Frugal Govt should spend or what has been spent by the same institutions in the past. This is precisely why your Road Cost you Rs75 LACS per 10 Meters of Road (Bangalore- Mysore Expressway) or the User Development Fee at your Airports are being raised by 500% etc

I have written Several Detailed Threads on this subject
Mar 25 28 tweets 14 min read
A #BRILLIANT move by the @FinMinIndia hit 4 birds with one stone by introducing 3 changes in the Finance Bill. The 3 birds..
1) Higher Tax Collections
2) Capital Controls
3) Bank Deposits
4) Lower cost of Govt funding.
But will HURT GROWTH. Long #THREAD What are the changes
1) End of LTCG on #debt, Gold ETFs, Overseas or Any mutual fund that invests in less than 35% india equity bought after 1 Apr-23
2) STT Raised by 25%
3) Tax Collected at Source (TCS) raised to 20% (5% earlier) & threshold reduced to Zero (Rs7 lac earlier)
Mar 24 4 tweets 2 min read
UN Report: India's water scarcity expected to get more severe by 2050

IRONICALLY... EXPORTING SUGAR & 20% ETHANOL blending will bleed India DRY

To Save Rs30000cr of FOREX, our #Vishwaguru wants to SPEND 100000 cr

STUPIDTY of the Highest Order !

indiatvnews.com/news/india/ind… Here is the MATH