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We're at the business end of the Russian National Figure Skating Championships and the girl in 14th place has already done more Quad jumps ever performed than every other non-Russian national championships put together, since the dawn of time.
Her Royal Highness is here. Ready to take home her 8th Championships in a row.

And if she doesn't, she will make a fur coat out of Dalmatian puppies. #FigureSkating #RussianNationals Image
Kamila Valieva is BACK!!!! #RussianNationals #FigureSkating
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The Kamila Valieva Ultras are in town. Reeking havok in Krasnoyarsk #FigureSkating Image
Eteri, not happy. She's going to go down to the local dog shelter and put down dogs to cheer herself up. Image
She's happy again. She's traded Kamila Valieva in for a younger skater. The new Eteri Expiration Date is 16. #FigureSkating Image
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Wow. Thomas Bach goes after the entourage of Kamila Valieva.

"She was received with such tremendous coldness. It was chilling."

#Beijing2022 #FigureSkating
More from Thomas Bach on Eteri Tutberidze and co (although did not use her name, but clear who he was talking about).

"You could feel this chilling atmosphere, this distance."

Bach also mentions TV pictures of Trusova in distress and her comments afterwards.

"All of this does not give me much confidence in this closest entourage of Kamila...neither with regard to what happened in the past nor as far as it concerns the future. How to deal, how to address, how to treat a minor athletes and under such an obvious mental stress."
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TRANSLATION Thread of the german Eurosport commentary regarding Valievas' FS (because it's harsh and to the point!) #FigureSkating #kamilavalieva
Just for reference:
Quick note: I will refer to the commentators as "Person A" and the other as "Person B".
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Holy shit while Valieva crying and getting a hug Alexandra Trusova is crying and shouting "I hate this sport! Why I didn't get gold? I never going on ice again!" #Olympics #OlympicGames #figureskate #FigureSkating
Also Trusova backed out from Eteri hug and told her that she knew everything from the start 🤔? (i made subtitles for this one) #FigureSkating #позорТутберидзе #OlympicWinterGames
And here her comment to the press:
"You have seen the results. Am I happy? No. Are you happy?"
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Kamila Valieva slips on the triple Axel, which also tripped her up in the short program, and then falls again, plus two big touchdowns.

Medal? Maybe, but certainly not gold.

#Beijing2022 #FigureSkating
Kamila Valieva does NOT win an Olympic medal. Finishes fourth. Applauded out of the arena by her team-mates, in tears.

Desperate stuff.

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Russian teenager Kamila #Valieva skated at the #Beijing2022 Olympics on Tuesday for the first time since sport's top court cleared her to compete despite failing a drugs test, bursting into tears at the end of her performance #figureskating #AFPSports
#BREAKING Russia's Valieva comes top in Olympic #figureskating short programme #AFPSports
#UPDATE Russian teenage figure skater Kamila #Valieva put herself in pole position to win a second #Beijing2022 Olympic title as she controversially returned to action on Tuesday despite failing a drugs test #figureskating #AFPSports
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That dot is Kamila Valieva, being watched in her final practice by more media than have been at the #FigureSkating yet. #Beijing2022 Image
Valieva falls twice in her final practice ahead of tonight's short programme, including on her triple axel. Looks rattled and currently deep in chat with coach Eteri Tutberidze.
#FigureSkating #Beijing2022
Here goes. Russia's Kamila Valieva, skating under the most pressure, is on the ice.

Scores this season in the short program.

87.42 - Rostelecom Cup, Sochi
90.45 - Europeans in Estonia (🌎 record)
90.18 - Team competition #Beijing2022

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Jackie's words do well to summarize my most prominent thoughts on the state of figure skating right now. #Beijing2022 #FigureSkating
In recent years, women's figure skating has favoured difficult jumps over artistry / skating skills. Judges and commentators view it as the way figure skating moves forward. Unfortunately, there's a price to the success for these young Russian skaters.
A short history of ROC skaters:
- Lipnitskaya (2014 Team Gold), retired at 19 due to anorexia
- Medvedeva (2018 Individual Silver), retired at 22 due to debilitating back injuries
- Zagitova (2018 Individual Gold), hasn't competed since 2019
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Beyond the #figureskating controversy, here's what is going on at the #Beijing2022 Games:
Austria 🇦🇹 takes 🥇 in men's team #skijumping #AFPSports
Chinese bakers looking to cash in on the popularity of #Beijing2022 mascot #BingDwenDwen ended up in hot water when authorities cracked down on licensing violations for sweet treats shaped like the cartoon panda
And @PabloSanRoman1 reports on Puerto Rican teen #slalom skier William Flaherty, who will undergo career-ending surgery after the #Beijing2022 Games to rebuild his jaw from a bone in his leg #AFPSports
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#BREAKING Russian skater Valieva cleared to continue at Olympics: CAS
#UPDATE Russian skater Kamila Valieva is cleared by Court of Arbitration for Sport to continue competing at Beijing Olympics despite failing doping test.

CAS rejects appeal to suspend her by International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, International Skating Union
#BREAKING Russia's Olympic Committee hails CAS decision on skater Valieva
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BREAKING: Kamila Valieva WILL compete tomorrow in the #figureskating after the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld her appeal against suspension.

She will be allowed to compete - but the overall case of her failed test will be investigated after the Games.

Full reasonings behind Kamila Valieva decision here:

The Kamila Valieva reasons are:

- the standard of evidence for minors in doping is different
- not letting her compete would cause 'irreparable harm'
- she did not test positive during the Olympic Games
- the positive test was too late to allow her to establish a proper defence
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Court of Arbitration in Sport have ruled that Kamila Valieva will be allowed to compete at #Beijing2022 but it's complicated - she may have any medal taken off her after the Games and investigation continues.

Reasons for CAS decision on Kamila Valieva #FigureSkating #Beijing2022

- She a protected person, i.e under 16
- Preventing her from competing could cause 'irreparable harm'.
- 45 days between test and result has not given opportunity to put together a legal defence
Press conference is due to start imminent. More context on the Kamila Valieva decision to follow.

Quick take - wow. #FigureSkating #Beijing2022 Image
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Fifteen-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva failed a test for a banned substance and her future at the #Beijing2022 Olympics will be decided before her next event on Tuesday, the International Testing Agency said
Kamila Valieva won a team event #figureskating #gold medal having earlier failed a drug test and Olympic officials will fight Russia's decision to let her compete at the #Beijing2022 Winter Games, the International Testing Agency said
Here are six facts about Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva #Olympics
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BREAKING: The International Testing Agency (ITA) have confirmed that a sample taken from Kamila Valieva, 15, on 25 December 2021, returned positive for banned substance trimetazidine.

According to ITA, Kamila Valieva was provisionally suspended from competition on 8 February, the day after Russia won gold in the team #figureskating.

The decision was challenged, and heard on Wednesday evening. The Russian Anti-Doping Agency accepted the appeal and lifted ban.
IOC say they are appealing the decision to lift Kamila Valieva's suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

There will be an expedited process in an effort to return a decision before she competes again on Tuesday.

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Kamila Valieva remains at the centre of a legal battle over the #FigureSkating team gold, due a reported failed drugs test from December.

The Russian skated on the practice ice this morning, and at present remains in line to compete on Tuesday and Thursday.

It pains me to say it but @jtoneysbeat is bob on here.

Kamila Valieva has been badly let down by those around her, and now the 15-year-old has the world scrutinising her when she should be in the middle of one of the greatest Olympic performances.

@jtoneysbeat I have always thought it weird that under-16s are allowed to compete.

In most countries, they are not allowed to marry or own property or have sex - but they are allowed to train and compete under the highest pressure.

Kamila Valieva's plight is just another example of that.
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IOC's Mark Adams quizzed on the Kamila Valieva drugs case.

"I'm not going to comment on all sorts of speculation that I have seen. We had a situation arise yesterday at short notice that has legal implications. I'm not going to comment because it wouldn't be appropriate."
IOC's Mark Adams refuses even to comment on which body is handling this case.


Meanwhile, Kamila Valieva (who did not train yesterday) is out on the practice ice as we speak, as per @rockerskating (who I recommend following if you are really interested).

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The Russian figure skaters who won the team event at the Beijing Olympics on Monday have still not received their gold medals, with two Russian newspapers reporting that 15-year-old Olympic star Kamila Valieva had tested positive for a banned drug 1/5 ImageImage
Reuters attempted to reach the Russian Olympic Committee chef de mission for comment but was unable to reach him. The ROC earlier declined to comment on reports of a positive drug test 2/5 Image
Earlier on Wednesday, the IOC said 'legal consultations' had forced the postponement of the medals ceremony, but said it would go ahead eventually. 'A situation arose at short notice that requires legal consultation,' IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said 3/5 Image
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𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 - line art (traced)

comment any skater you want me to do!
#prints #figureskating Image
Evgenia Medvedeva / Евгения Медведева Image
Alexandra Trusova /Александра Трусова Image
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My favorite in #figureskating are many. I really love #YuzuruHanyu #AnnaShcherbakova #PapadakisCizeron and #DellaMonicaGuarise, and they are not the only ones. But lately I feel very unhappy watching them (I am better with Pairs and Ice Dance, though. Solo is killing me inside).
I think the skaters I love are great skaters and great people, but this doesn't change how bad things are. And, no, is not (just) ISU or rulings, but all the toxicity that is usually around them.

Many of the toxicity comes from fans, BTW. Is very sad.
Is that so I had another account and interacted with other fans. But a few after Olympics, I just gave up. Kept a time just reading what other people write. And feeling ashamed by them most of time. So I stopped reading regularly. That was necessary to save my mental sanity
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1/5 Shame on @United Airlines. @LAIceTheater Team THIRTY FIVE HOURS from LAX to Birmingham, AL for the 2019 National Theatre on Ice Competition Young athletes traveling to compete to represent our country at the World Championships @LAIceTheater @USFigureSkating #TOInationals2019
2/5 Flew them to Denver rather than Houston. Separated them from their luggage - including skates. Waited all day in the airport. Missed practice, rest, Athlete's Reception, etc. @United @LAIceTheater @USFigureSkating #theatreonice #figureskating #TOInationals2019
3/5 Best of luck to the LAIT Team IN SPITE of @United Airlines' arrogance, incompetence and "who gives a $#*!" attitude towards one of our top national teams of young athletes. @LAIceTheater @USFigureSkating #theatreonice #figureskating #TOInationals2019
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With all the Adam Rippon fans out there, it might be a good time to go oover why a triple jump landed cleanly won't score as high as a quadruple jump landed poorly, or fall. #pyeongchang2018 #figureskating
It's makes total sense. Here's why: The rotational velocity of jump makes it harder with each rotation. Jump right now. Then jump and rotate once on one foot. Then twice, on foot. First, wow, you can do it. #pyeongchang2018 #figureskating
But also, it's much harder to land when you rotate twice, then on one foot. The scoring system rewards the difficulty of the move as well as how cleanly it is executed. #pyeongchang2018 #figureskating
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