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“In school, I used to think, ‘what are the Olympics?’ I never thought I would participate in the Olympics”, #PTUsha once recalled in an interview.

#Olympics #WomenInSports #history #timelapse
PT Usha’s historic run in the 400 m hurdles final in the 1984 Olympics was a heartbreaking loss for India but one that turned out to be as much of an inspiration as a victory.
In the years to come, she went on to set the tracks ablaze for the next few years, winning golds at the Asian Games and Asian Championships, setting records and being the darling of the crowd wherever she went.
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#SupremeCourt hearing plea by Indian Olympic Association regarding its new constitution.

Matter was listed as item 40 but taken up as first item after a mentioning by SG Tushar Mehta.
SG says that the draft new constitution is ready and IOC has accepted the national sports code as well.

#SupremeCourt #Olympics
SG says December 10 may the granted as the new date for finalisation of new constitution and new body to run IOA.

SG: My lord has requested to take it up pro bono. But govt stand is he may be given an honorarium. Also, the govt lawyers may be suitably compensated...
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#SupremeCourt hearing plea regarding new Constitution and electoral rolls for the Indian Olympic Association.

ASG KM Nataraj takes Court through pleadings. Image
Details of recent meeting with IOC at Lausanne being read out.

ASG: Our report is also there.

Sr Adv Abhishek Singhvi for IOA: Lordships may have it later and let Justice ( L Nageswara) Rao deal with it, he's already issued a detail Notice. We're in ...

Singhvi: agreement with IOC on all but 2 points.

SC: IOC has agreed that Constitution has to be modified and new electoral rolls have to be notified. All this they've said will take place before next meeting.

Singhvi: please see the list, except for two points IOC and I agree
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#OTD in 1909 Józef Noji was born in Pęckowo, Poland. One of the best long-distance runners of the 2nd Polish Republic he was executed by the #Germans in #Auschwitz. #ReparationsForPoland #PolishHistory #Olympics #history #twitteristorians #SportHistory @Olympics
He was an Olympian, multiple champion of 🇵🇱 in the 5000, 10000 & cross country running but also a tram driver.

Noji could have been registered for the "Volksliste" in the 1930s as he had 🇩🇪 roots, but he strictly refused, and joined the 🇵🇱 resistance when #WWII broke out.
He was arrested on 18 Sep'40 and was initially kept at #Pawiak. After a year, he was transported to @auschwitz, where in Feb'43, in death block 11, he was shot in the neck for allegedly smuggling a letter. He was posthumously awarded the Cross of Valor.
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I found a fascinating video from Ukrainian journalist Serhii Peichev about how Russia used sport to achieve its bloody and imperial goals. The video is 20 minutes long, so I will summarize critical things here.
First, we need to go back to 1936. Nazi Germany organized the summer Olympics.
While Germany was becoming antisemitic, many participants of Jewish descent refused to go to Berlin. /1
There have been boycott threats in some countries, but the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Pierre de Coubertin, came to Berlin and showed his support. /2
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#NATO (#Rothschild wants WAR) countries pour weapons into #Ukraine, risking conflict with Russia
-formerly neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And Germany, long allergic to sending weapons into conflict zones, is sending Stingers…
The Finnish Awakening Published January 5, 2022…
#Rothschild's #China asked Russia to #delay Ukraine war until after #Olympics, US officials | Mar 3
-The report indicates that senior Chinese officials had some level of knowledge about Russia’s war plans or intentions before the invasion started last week…
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#Olympics #Thread

A dream waiting to come true...

Let’s take a break from cricket and look at India’s other sports aspirations. A big development took place today – Mrs Nita Ambani made a presentation at IOC to host the 2023 ‘Session’ in Mumbai. It was accepted unanimously.

Indian Olympic Assn (IOA) president Narinder Batra, Youth Affairs & Sports Minister Anurag Thakur and India’s first-ever individual Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra were part of the Indian delegation with Mrs Ambani.
India last hosted an Olympic session in 1983.

Royals, academicians, former sportsmen and women, corporate leaders, and more – the members who participate in an Olympic session make for a very unique set. The decisions taken at an Olympic session are considered final. Mumbai will host the session in May-June 2023.

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❄️ Catch up on our most-read stories from the #Olympics 👇
A Polish speed skater recalled ‘crying like crazy’ in the back of an ambulance after a 3 a.m. knock on her isolation hotel room door. Here’s what happened @julienpretotRTR @karolosgrohmann @SNkeats
🏂 One of the #Beijing2022 Winter Olympics venues, the Big Air Shougang, generated a buzz on social media for its industrial look, built at the site of a former steel mill @readkrystalhu @martinpollard21
⛸ Russian star figure skater Kamila Valieva tested positive for trimetazidine before she won the team event #gold medal. Here is what you need to know about the banned drug: @readkrystalhu
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🧵IOC just destroyed another young woman athlete,complicit with the Russian coaches who gave Kamila Valiyeva drugs,lied about her test, gave her a ludicrously unbelievable story to tell, putting full blame on her instead of taking responsibility. Appalling treatment of this girl.
🧵Russia shouldn't be competing all all. They were banned for doping. But IOC bent to Putin and created the fake ROC. Why didn't Kamila's test from TWO MONTHS AGO get reported until this week? That's more Russian subterfuge. In which the IOC is utterly complicit.
🧵People who don't understand what these Russian athletes go through, how these little girls get plucked out of their families and made to compete for the State. And then are discarded for a new model. #TaraLipinski echoed what I said here after the short program. It's criminal.
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Holy shit while Valieva crying and getting a hug Alexandra Trusova is crying and shouting "I hate this sport! Why I didn't get gold? I never going on ice again!" #Olympics #OlympicGames #figureskate #FigureSkating
Also Trusova backed out from Eteri hug and told her that she knew everything from the start 🤔? (i made subtitles for this one) #FigureSkating #позорТутберидзе #OlympicWinterGames
And here her comment to the press:
"You have seen the results. Am I happy? No. Are you happy?"
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@taralipinski + @JohnnyGWeir: the way you both demonized the Russian child skater -- she is 15 years old -- is crass bullying. Take out your rage & outrage on the Putin Machine, not this child? You both should reach out to her, apologize & offer support. You should be ashamed.
@taralipinski + @JohnnyGWeir Have you actually heard of Vladimir Putin? I bet Valieva & her family will be punished in some way. You should be there for them instead of maximizing your public clout in misplaced outrage at a child. She's not in charge. You are adults! For shame.
@taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir I mean let me just close this loop by saying: Do you really believe that any 15-year-old Russian Olympic athlete is in charge of their own drug regimen? Do you really believe that the Russian #Olympic Machine that forced the games to allow them would take even one chance on that?
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#Swedish skater says China's hosting of #Olympics 'extremely irresponsible' amid human rights abuses
Swedish speed skater Nils van der Poel, who won two gold medals at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, on Sunday (Feb. 13) condemned the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) as being "extremely irresponsible" in handing over the games to a country that "violates human rights as blatantly" as China does.
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🚨 LIVE: From robots to hazmat suits, ask @amytennery questions about the #Olympics bubble
Q: What’s the best thing about being in the bubble and what’s the worst thing?

A: The best part is getting to meet a lot of the colleagues that I talk to online but rarely get to see in person.

Join our Reddit AMA on the #Beijing2020 closed loop →
Q: Are there any restrictions regarding what is and what is not allowed to be reported?

A: I haven’t been given any restrictions on what I’m allowed to report.

@amytennery answers your questions from the #Beijing2020 closed loop →
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LIVE: CAS decision on Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva…
BREAKING: Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva cleared to compete in her next #Olympics event
No provisional suspension should be imposed on Valieva, CAS states…
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The world's top anti-doping authority will investigate the entourage of 15-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva who tested positive for a banned drug, plunging her into a doping scandal at the Beijing Winter #Olympics Image
Valieva tested positive for a banned heart drug at her national championships last December, but it took more than six weeks for her to be notified, allowing her to compete in #Beijing2022

About the drug trimetazidine: Image
The World Anti-Doping Agency @wada_ama said in a statement to @Reuters that it would ask its independent Intelligence and Investigations Department to probe the coaches, doctors and other adults surrounding the athlete Image
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Fifteen-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva failed a test for a banned substance and her future at the #Beijing2022 Olympics will be decided before her next event on Tuesday, the International Testing Agency said
Kamila Valieva won a team event #figureskating #gold medal having earlier failed a drug test and Olympic officials will fight Russia's decision to let her compete at the #Beijing2022 Winter Games, the International Testing Agency said
Here are six facts about Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva #Olympics
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Shaun White completed his legendary snowboarding career with his final competitive run in the men's halfpipe at the #Olympics:

📸: Ben Stansall, AFP via Getty Images Shaun White lifts his helmet up.
Although Shaun White did not medal at the Beijing Games, he capped off a remarkable career in which he won three Olympic gold medals.
Shaun White's career, which spanned more than 20 years, was filled with several memorable moments. Here are the ones that defined it:
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Nathan Chen wins the gold medal at the #Olympics, dazzling in his final appearance at the Beijing Games.
With the victory, Nathan Chen ends Team USA's individual figure skating gold medal drought at the #Olympics. 🥇
And during the win, Nathan Chen showcased his powerful quad jumps. Here's a visual look at the physics of those impressive jumps. ⛸
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🚨#SHOCKER: Olympic athlete from #Russia busted for doping.

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva tested positive for #Trimetazidine—a banned stimulant—before arriving at the #Beijing Olympics, jeopardizing her team gold medal won this week.

Valieva’s bust for doping is ZERO surprise, as Russian athletes in Beijing are competing as the “Russian Olympic Committee” (#ROC) **after #Russia was banned because of a massive state-sponsored doping scheme** at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Cheaters gonna cheat.🤬

#Trimetazidine is used to treat angina (chest pain due to reduced blood flow to the heart) and is banned by @wada_ama as a stimulant.

The Russian bobsled team at the 2018 Olympics was previously #busted for **doping with the SAME drug** resulting in an 8-month ban.🙄
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The Russian figure skaters who won the team event at the Beijing Olympics on Monday have still not received their gold medals, with two Russian newspapers reporting that 15-year-old Olympic star Kamila Valieva had tested positive for a banned drug 1/5 ImageImage
Reuters attempted to reach the Russian Olympic Committee chef de mission for comment but was unable to reach him. The ROC earlier declined to comment on reports of a positive drug test 2/5 Image
Earlier on Wednesday, the IOC said 'legal consultations' had forced the postponement of the medals ceremony, but said it would go ahead eventually. 'A situation arose at short notice that requires legal consultation,' IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said 3/5 Image
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🇧🇾 Belarusian cross-country skier Darya Dolidovich has fled the country with her family because of fears of reprisals by authorities after she was barred from competition over the family's political views, she and her father said Image
Darya and her family are now in Poland, where she hopes to continue training, Sergei Dolidovich, a seven-time Olympian cross-country skier who also coaches Darya, told @Reuters in an interview by video call with his daughter Image
'Darya has been stripped of her right to take part in competitions,' Sergei said.

The Dolidovich family's departure comes a few days into the #Beijing2022 Winter #Olympics Image
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“The gate to the groin for Yannick Bertrand and you could hear it. And if you’re a man, you could feel it…The boys took a beating on that one” #Olympics2022 #WinterOlympics #Olympics #OlympicGames
I’m finding the #WinterOlympics painful to watch

It isn’t just men’s genitalia getting pummelled, it’s women’s too

For matters of good taste, I’m not going to post the clip of the couple’s figure skating, but instead leave it to Robin Williams to explain
The #WinterOlympics can also lead to injury when viewers decide to give sports a go in their own homes

Inspired by the #Olympic figure skating, this kid ended up with a blister on the sole of his foot the size of a golf ball.
(Video via @DoggerlandMan)
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Kamila Valieva has made #Olympics history by landing two quadruple jumps. Valieva and the rest of Russia's “Quad Squad” all work with the same coach: Eteri Tutberidze.

But the coach’s training methods have been under a microscope for years. 👇…
Between the team, pair, and three athletes individual events, Tutberidze could have a hand in as many as five Olympic medals in Beijing — an unthinkable achievement for most coaches.…
But prominent Russian coaches have gone so far as to refer to Tutberidze's athletes as "disposable" or "perishable goods," and see her as trading on her athletes' health in exchange for medals for Russia.…  Text on a black background...
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📍The venues for #Beijing2022 have been divided into three zones:
🏂 Zhangjiakou for Biathlon, skiing and snowboarding
⛷ Yanqing for Alpine skiing and sliding events
🥌 Beijing for opening and closing ceremonies, ice sports and big air
🏟 National stadium
Also known as ‘The Bird’s Nest’ due to its unique design, this iconic stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing #Olympics, as well as the athletics competition and men's football final of the Summer Games
🔥 The flame
China lit its Olympic flame in Beijing on Oct. 20 after the ceremonial torch arrived from Athens. The Chinese capital is the first city to host both the Summer and Winter #Olympics
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