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@ericgarland Jan 2021: The first 113 top Russian & other foreign-intelligence operatives and leaders have not only confessed for improved treatment, but have effectively been teaching counterintelligence classes on "everything we have & everything we've ever done."
Codename: Vodka Season
@ericgarland Feb 2021: Mass-allocation of all global Mob funds seized in the 2019 mass incarceration known as The Reaping is complete.
Codename: So *That's* Where the Money Went
@ericgarland Mar 2021: Department of Justice and it's recently established Office of Social Media Management announce all existing trolls, bots and unverified/anonymous accounts have been purged from significant platforms, & measures taken to prevent their resurgence.
Codename: We *See* You
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Hmm. *How* easy is it to track #cryptocurrencies?

By definition, a permanent, online, irremovable record of each exchange.

Aka, the #blockchain.

@Bambenek literally set up an automatic tracker of neo-Nazi #bitcoin transactions. @NeonaziWallets.
I go into this rather extensively. In part because of just how *much* has surfaced recently on how vulnerable it is.

For criminals at least.
If your wallet public/private key is out there, people can literally Google it.

But notice just how *many* huge cryptocurrency law-enforcement takedowns have been in the news recently.

Backpage gets taken down for child trafficking & money laundering $1/2 billion... in bitcoin?
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There's another motivation that crops up: When you're talking about money on the scale we have flowing through the markets in places like Florida, New York City & London, *everyone* invested in the market ends up w/a stake in property inflation, even if not directly involved.
If you're speculating, or being paid rents in a market that can bear the cost, seeing property values go up 10, 20 or 50% in a short time is very enticing.

But it creates a bigger problem when you're looking at rooting it *out,* market collapse.
.@FBI @ericgarland @LouiseMensch
People have been asking why, say, the UK government hasn't dropped the hammer faster & harder on Russia.

No one gains from a market crash except more speculators.

But that's why targeted sanctions are *freezing* oligarch/Russian-organized-crime assets.
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And bear in mind, there are a *lot* of threads which amplify their ability to track down not just the laundered money, but criminals & intel assets, records of crimes, etc.…
For example, #botnets! Thousands, sometimes *millions* of computers linked together, letting you hack, launch DDoS attacks, dox and stalk, reap kompromat and demand blackmail ransoms or distribute bribes!

What could go wrong?

The trick is: What happens when you overlay all this data from different sources on top of the map created by #cryptocurrency exchanges the underworld thought were invisible & the transactions & holdings unearthed by #FinCEN.
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Last week I tweeted that I thought @MichaelAvenatti scoop about Cohen shell companies came from a #FinCEN leak. I went on @allinwithchris the following night & discussed that the info could have come from #Fincen or perhaps the financial institutions. Tonight @RonanFarrow /1
Confirmed that the leader of the #SARS was from #FinCEN. I must admit when @RonanFarrow and I spoke this week, I was stunned about the possibility that someone could have removed SARS. I felt that there is no way this could happen short of work by a nefarious actor. But, I also/2
Would share that I am not worried whether Mueller’s team has the SARs. I’ve been tweeting since March 2017 that I believe that #FinCEN holds the key to #TrumpRussia, in part because the SARs are filed and the data collected long before Trump got elected. Which means that from /3
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The USG official leaked Cohen’s financial records b/c the official became “alarmed” after being unable to find 2 suspicious-activity reports on Cohen in a government database & worried the info was being withheld from law enforcement‼️ 1/…
Two previous suspicious-activity reports (SARS) documented **even larger flows of questionable money** into Cohen’s account👉🏼>$3 million‼️ Which individuals or corporations remains a mystery.🤨 2/

The 2 SARS were *absent* from #FinCEN’s database: “I have never seen something pulled off the system. That system is a safeguard for the bank. It’s a stockpile of info. When something’s not there that should be, I immediately became concerned. That’s why I came forward.”😳 3/
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"7000 data points" -- That. They're. Willing. To. Admit. To. -- "on 240 million Americans".

If they've been actively manipulating the electorate & recording responses, they'll have a *lot* more than 7000 data points on many, *many* Americans.
But if they had access to medical & especially psychiatric records & exploited them, their knowledge gets far more intimate.

And the story likely gets far darker.
Cambridge Analytica probably stumbled into using evolutionary algorithms in their work - assuming they ever realized that's what it was.

The difference between throwing programs that fail you & people who "fail you" is a subtle one, to be sure.
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Just remember - as I'm sure you do - that Flynn had flipped and was actively cooperating for *months* before it was announced publicly.

That was enough of a warning shot.

The more people secretly cooperating, and legally bound to do their utmost, the better.
So many are waiting for a Great Figure to pronounce Final Judgement upon All the Guilty.

Nation humbling nation, alliance crushing alliance.

What's ironic is the individual workings of real-world justice are more precise and more formidable.
*None* of the conspirators bear each other any real loyalty.

They have been bought or blackmailed to begin with, bound by fear of discovery after that.

But they're self-centered & quite willing to turn on the others.
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The Dutch didn't just get the whole hack on video, they got personal information on 420,000+ Hansa users.

When I say you can track #cryptocurrency - you can *literally* search your evidence for the number string of a #bitcoin wallet.

You can *Google* it.…
Even if you're more cautious now, it's easy to track past transactions.

But even local cops can search a computers files for numerical strings of interest.

Now ask yourself what the @FBI & @NSAGov can do.…
When @NeonaziWallets can run an automated feed showing the daily bitcoin activities of white supremacists, imagine what the Federal law enforcement & counterintelligence who have known about this for at least almost 6 months could do with their data.
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The Dutch Hansa takeover.
"They obtained at least some data on 420,000 users, including at least 10,000 home addresses, which they've turned over to Europol to be distributed to other police agencies..."

#Cryptocurrency map.

@ericgarland @patribotics
"We want people to be aware," says Ras. "We have the data. It's here, and it's not going away."…
"Researchers have used the blockchain to tie years-old Silk Road bitcoin transactions to current, public accounts."…
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#Cryptocurrency is readily admissible evidence re: a host of felonies. But no one may have stated how much more it can do or how easily. Until now.

.@ericgarland .@counterchekist .@911CORLEBRA777 @20committee @thespybrief @patribotics @gametheorytoday .@FBI .@NSAGov @GCHQ
1st, some basics. #Cryptocurrencies create a permanent, online record of each transaction, arguably the most easily tracked exchanges on Earth. But law enforcement shut down multiple #Darknet auction sites even before that was common knowledge. .@FBI .@NSAGov
Those sites had tens of thousands of users. And money launderers, Russian intelligence, terrorists & ordinary criminals have moved into it en masse. The world’s worst method for making nefarious transactions. .@FBI .@NSAGov
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So Dutch intelligence recorded the entire Russian hack of the US election, & has the hackers & their visitors *on* *video.*

Things just got exciting.
In other words, it’s even more beyond question that Russia hacked the election – we literally have them on camera doing it. We have their faces, & the faces of those directly overseeing them.…
.@ABC has done a piece on this revelation, but I thought I’d bring it to the attention of .@CNN .@CBS .@NBCNews .@MSNBC. And I wanted to sum up the other devastating revelations tearing this would-be coup, & its perpetrators, apart.…
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Newly Uncovered Payments By Russian Embassy Are A Focus Of Mueller Probe: Sergey Kislyak received $120K ten days after the election of Trump. Bankers flagged it to US Gov't as suspicious because, marked as payroll, it didn’t fit prior pay patterns.
^ @benjaminwittes: "@a_cormier_ & @JasonLeopold took a lot of criticism for their earlier story on wire transfers to the Russian embassy...that story warranted more consideration than it was receiving. This followup emphasizes that."
^ Nov 14, 2017 piece referenced above: FBI scrutinizes more than 60 money transfers sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry to its embassies across the globe, bearing a note that said the money was to be used “to finance election campaign of 2016.”
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This big story by @JasonLeopold and @a_courmier_ shows how #FinCEN uses it’s suspicious activity reports/SARs collected from financial institutions (like Citibank here) to track illicit financing and connect the dots for $ laundering. You can bet Mueller has it if he wants it.
Please excuse spelling errors. A few words about SARS - #FinCEN requires banks, financial institutions, wire transfer companies, money services businesses, jewelers, etc. to file reports documenting suspicious banking activities that they witness online or in person./2
So for example, if you normally make deposits at one rate and pace, and all of a sudden your accounts starts receiving deposits once a month for $300,000 from a non-employer, your bank may file that as a SAR with FinCEN. Or if a guy walks into a bank with $19,000 in cash, and /3
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.@CNBC But why, you might ask, are #Cryptocurrencies not only of intense interest to the US .@FBI .@NSAGov .@IRSnews, but countries from .@Ukraine to .@Japan to .@Israel? Russia & so many others use it to move illicit money & it’s the most trackable exchange on Earth.
.@CNBC For those just catching up, *Every* #Cryptocurrency maintains a *public* log of all transactions in one form or another. Even if you’re a criminal who didn't use them, how many of the people are you tied to who did? Now combine w/a global FinCEN investigation.
.@CNBC #Cryptocurrencies were already a ludicrous way to do illegal transactions. I've kept silent for 1/2 decade+ of metastasizing – Letting everyone who wanted to expose themselves do so. But it’s still astounding how many made that self-evident error.
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