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1. The Natalie Sour Edwards case that I have reported links the RNC GOP and Trump 2016 campaigns to Russian money finally woke up. It's been several months of no activity at all. Then just now the USA sent the judge a Classified Information Procedures Act ("CIPA) stipulated
2. protective order to sign. Unless Barr or somebody else put the SARs under a classification this looks like something else. Some reminders: It is a Trump related #SDNY case that US Attorney Berman should be recused in but isn't.
3. And the defendant is mid-level #FinCEN employee who is represented by Ben Brafman the same lawyer who represents Harvey Weinstein and other very rich clients. It's obvious that somebody is paying for her representation. I think it's likely the RNC and/or the Kochs.
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1. The 2016 @GOP cycle took Russian money. #FinCEN spotted it. Trump could start killing US service members kids and selling their body parts and #MoscowMitch would do nothing to stop him. @FBIWFO knows about the corruption and must finally begin to round up the GOP.
2. Here are the 2016 @SenateGOP. Coats knows. So does Burr. I'd subpoena Kelly Ayotte. The ones in yellow are the crew that spent July 4th with the enemy in Moscow.
3. Here is the page from the FinCEN employee Natale Edwards' criminal complaint that revealed the Russian money after Trump Tower.
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Trump's Texas Chain-Saw Massacre continues. 😎
Confess that I broke my rule and put on Chuck Todd for a bit and his guest @TexasTribAbby confirmed something that I tried to uncover but could not find: That the Texas US House retirees included a lot who were part of the #RNC cash raising ecosystem.
I was looking for evidence to confirm that because I think these retirements may be related to the @FBI counterintelligence investigation. IMO the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting was about money, not dirt. And both Trump's and RNC's coffers filled with Rubles right after it.
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@thespybrief I don't know how much will come out as counterintel dredges vast reams of new evidence - obviously, as I'm not in that world - but arguably *every* nexus of either data points or potentially critical intelligence/crime/terrorism is a key point to review as more data surfaces.
@thespybrief Short version: We have immense data processing resources and more evidence surfacing as various players have to confess everything they know.
@thespybrief @FBI @NSAGov @US_CYBERCOM But even if our IT resources increase exponentially - even with post-zetascale or quantum supercomputing - *starting* with narrower data sets or cases crimes gives us a focus small enough to actually work with.
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Hmm. What's the biggest weakness in trading in photographic & video evidence of child rape as your source of profits, in a criminal conspiracy?
cc: @FBI @NewYorkStateAG @USTreasury #FinCEN @ericgarland @thespybrief @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @LuluLemew
@FBI @NewYorkStateAG @USTreasury @ericgarland @thespybrief @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @LuluLemew Thoughts, anyone?

I realize, like my description of bitcoin/cryptocurrency as a map of criminal activities or botnets as an archive of illicit or espionage actions they were involved in...

This isn't so much speculation, as blindingly obvious.
@FBI @NewYorkStateAG @USTreasury @ericgarland @thespybrief @ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @LuluLemew We have more than a few threads to follow up on.

And many other sources of hard evidence we've discussed here also play into this.

Cryptocurrency ledgers, server logfiles going back a year, Darknet trading sites' records, files of suspects & compatriots.…
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THREAD: If you want to be reassured as to how scared many, many elites are today, please read the master at his detailed, level best. 😇
As @Dry_Observer will tell you:

Protip! Try not to be on video in a globe-spanning child rape/espionage/democracy-demolishing conspiracy with RICO implications.
@Dry_Observer I mean, if you want to simultaneously launder transnational Mob money/destroy democracy/rig markets/rape children on an industrial scale, doing it on video while #FinCEN, @FINTRAC_Canada, @AUSTRAC and others are watching with disgust in real time, go ahead, I guess.
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1.Professor: I am fairly certain #Putin covered @realDonaldTrump sizable flanks by putting money in most, of not all, of the 2016 @SenateGOP campaigns. Take a look at the original criminal complaint filed in the #FinCEN employee Natalie Sour Edwards SAR @BuzzFeed leak case
2. pending in #SDNY. Putin holding #Kompromat on these Senators (NB some no longer Senators) gives Trump the impeachment protection that is keeping him in power. When you start looking at this case as a coup and not just dirty tricks you will be able to analyze how to fix it.
3. IMO only the states can. Here are some pages from the Edwards complaint. NB Geoffrey Berman should have been recused due to the obvious Mueller connection but, as you can see from the letter, he is running the case.
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1. Trump is just days from being exposed as a fraud and a traitor. Yes you can commit treason without declared war. Just help someone attack the US and you're a traitor. It's why Trump calls others traitors. Always projection. He needs to blame them for discovering his crimes.
2. So what's Trump's endgame? It's more than likely he has none. He lies to his attorneys so he is working without a net. His attack on @SpeakerPelosi was predictable and exposed Trump's growing panic. I have reported since June 2016 that Russia financed the GOP
3. and Trump campaigns. I stand by that reporting. When the American people see the extent of their betrayals the @SenateGOP @HouseGOP may feel an urge to flee. Until then they are fascinating to watch. First and foremost @senatemajldr McConnell. The Kentucky gubernatorial
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1. NB this stuff is by law secret. Ask Natalie Edwards: MT Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts
2. Spot the issue on the NY times @DeutscheBankAG SAR report? Now @realDonaldTrump Kushners accounts are relevant to every state regulator that has Trump Kushner accounts and tax returns need to go to law enforcement, not to mention @RepRichardNeal and his committee. 😎
3. IMO not filing a SAR is not common. They're routine IMO. Not something for top managment. #FinCEN trained employees deal with it. If I had RICO case against Trump I would definitely name @DeutscheBankAG as a RICO person now.
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1. @MSNBC @maddow @MaddowBlog IMO Berman has unrecused. He is on SDNY letter head signature block in Mueller related #FinCEN Natalie Edwards case. See letter on left. On the right is a page from the Edwards criminal complaint that shows that the case involves June 9, 2016 Trump. Page from the Natalie Sour Edwards original complaint.
2. Tower meeting and Russian money going to the GOP in 2016. You need competent trial lawyers to track these cases as if they were billing for them. Your legal people (@BarbMcQuade @Mimirocah1) are very smart but don't know the file. Berman is likely obstructing and should
3. be subpoenaed to testify on recusal. Here is proof Edwards case is a Mueller related case. @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff @Lawrence Page from Edwards criminal complaint.Page from Edwards criminal complaint.
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1. Congress may not have the tools to defend us from a treasonous @WhiteHouse and treasonous @SenateGOP majority. When Trump and the @KremlinRussia_E stole the election, I knew then that to survive the states will have to act. That time has come. It must begin or we are doomed.
2. @NewYorkStateAG @AGBecerra can coordinate their efforts. NY can start bank and tax investigations against the @Trump family and @GOP RNC that have received Russian money. Here is some of the proof that I fear is being burred by #SDNY USA Berman who was supposed to recuse. Page from Natalie Sour Edward criminal complaint.
3. Berman is on the letterhead in this Trump Russia related case. The above page is sworn @FBI evidence from Natalie Sour Edwards complaint that evidences the June 2016 Russian op was about money, not just dirt. Ben Brafman, Harvey Weinstein's attorney, represents Edwards, a
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1. Trump Taxes: There's two basic types of commercial loans. Credit based & Asset Based. When you buy a home the bank insures both areas are covered. They check your credit ability to repay & make sure there's an equity cushion to protect them. That was the basis of our banking
2. industry and what went wrong leading to the mortgage/bank crisis.
But commercial loans are different. I don't want to shock folks but a lot of developers pay little or no income taxes. They build up tax attributes that in a structure like Trump where he is personally at risk
3. may be carried over to later years. We saw this in a few old returns that have been uncovered.

Development loans are often "non-recourse" meaning that the mortgage holders only get to foreclose on the collateral and don't have "recourse" to pursue borrower for a deficiency.
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1. I spotted what might be actionable misconduct by Trump appointed US Attorney in #SDNY. It appears to me to be something that, at a minimum, should be referred to the Office of Special Counsel at the DOJ. @SenFeinstein @SenBlumenthal @SDNYnews @NewYorkStateAG @NewYorkFBI
2. You may recall Trump's pick and, as I recall, @RudyGiuliani former partner Geoffrey S. Berman recused from all Trump Russia matters.
Natalie Sour Edwards is #FINCEN employee alleged to have leaked SARS to @BuzzFeed and is clearly a case related to Trump Russia.
3. I didn't notice that when #SDNY filed the Information on Jan 30, 2019.

Berman signed it.

The defendant has Ben Brafman as her attorney. He is also Harvey Winestein's attorney. Kinda pricey for a govt employee don't you think? 😎 Signature page of Edwards Information with Berman's signature
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May Edwards from #FinCEN pled not guilty & is on administrative leave - not sure if paid or unpaid admin leave. Not sure why CNN @eorden isn’t reporting the name of FinCEN May Edwards’ co-conspirator since @WSJ @aviswanatha already outed him.….
Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards pled not guilty for 2 counts of conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of suspicious activity reports (SARS) which are a form of financial intelligence related to former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, among others.…
A complaint accuses May Edwards with 2 counts of conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of SARs, related to Manafort, Richard Gates, Russian agent Maria Butina, the Russian Embassy in Washington, and a suspected Russian money-laundering entity.…
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1. When Trump Campaign team met with Russians on June 9, 2016 both Trump & GOP campaigns were struggling. Trump was broke. Then he flies to Scotland & the money flooded in. I reported that it was likely he was meeting with Russian money sources. IMO Mueller has them all. #FINCEN
2. Here's my June 23, 2016 post. I was watching and auditing his FEC reports. I knew he was broke. Attached to this thread is the report that FINCEN did spot his criminal conduct in June 2016.
3. And just to be sure my 2016 posts to the @FBI would get the right attention, I copied the Secret Service. Mueller has the logs. And IMO #GCHQ has the intercepts.
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1. Keep an eye on this case. Natale Sour Edwards. She was the @USTreasury #FINCEN employee charged by the #SDNY, arrested in VA and arraigned in NY. She was leaking SARs related to Mueller's Manafort & Gates cases but also alleged to have leaked SARs related to Trump and Butina.
2, Here are the parts of her criminal complaint that caught my eye. The recent filings give the USA time to try to work a deal with her before January 4 when they need to indict. Okay, but why do I think you should you watch this case? page from Edwards complaint about Butinapage from Edwards complaint about Trump in 2016
3. Because Ms Edwards has Ben #Brafman as her attorney. Remember your Watergate history? It's in film"All the President's Men." Woodward sees powerhouse lawyers representing burglars. He know something's up. Call me suspicious. But this one is worth watching. @maddow @lawrence Ben Brafman
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A reminder that @RepMaxineWaters & @FSCDems will be looking into the money laundering of Trump's favorite financial institution, #DeutscheBank

That's bad news for Trump... as recent developments underscore the need for #FinCEN independence from Trump.…
So the daughter of new Attorney General Bill Barr is now getting a job at... #FinCEN, which is as the rest of this thread shows, a central venue for assessing rump/Kushner/Manafort/etc money laundering. That's disturbing!!!!…
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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Yesterday we learned about the arrest of a career #FinCEN employee. Her career supervisor at FinCEN was named as an unindicted co-conspirator. I worked w both of them briefly from 2015-16. If they did share SARs, I’m very sorry to hear that. The leaking of intel - including /1
Including financial intel through financial records - to reporters fundamentally harms the government’s ability to protect the United States. Sharing financial intelligence from within the government destroys trust between Treasury & the private sector. Specifically, the leaks /2
jeopardize the US’s ability to ensure that financial institutions continue to proactively share info evidencing suspicious financial transactions to help the federal government ferret out terrorism financing and money laundering activities. And leaks make our law enforcement /3
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Apropos of nothing, here is a thread with links to #crypto guidance from the US Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or #FinCEN
July 21, 2011, FinCEN clarifies what a money service business means…
March 18, 2013, FinCEN issues guidance with respect to using, exchanging, and administering virtual currency…
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Last week I tweeted that I thought @MichaelAvenatti scoop about Cohen shell companies came from a #FinCEN leak. I went on @allinwithchris the following night & discussed that the info could have come from #Fincen or perhaps the financial institutions. Tonight @RonanFarrow /1
Confirmed that the leader of the #SARS was from #FinCEN. I must admit when @RonanFarrow and I spoke this week, I was stunned about the possibility that someone could have removed SARS. I felt that there is no way this could happen short of work by a nefarious actor. But, I also/2
Would share that I am not worried whether Mueller’s team has the SARs. I’ve been tweeting since March 2017 that I believe that #FinCEN holds the key to #TrumpRussia, in part because the SARs are filed and the data collected long before Trump got elected. Which means that from /3
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The USG official leaked Cohen’s financial records b/c the official became “alarmed” after being unable to find 2 suspicious-activity reports on Cohen in a government database & worried the info was being withheld from law enforcement‼️ 1/…
Two previous suspicious-activity reports (SARS) documented **even larger flows of questionable money** into Cohen’s account👉🏼>$3 million‼️ Which individuals or corporations remains a mystery.🤨 2/

The 2 SARS were *absent* from #FinCEN’s database: “I have never seen something pulled off the system. That system is a safeguard for the bank. It’s a stockpile of info. When something’s not there that should be, I immediately became concerned. That’s why I came forward.”😳 3/
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Newly Uncovered Payments By Russian Embassy Are A Focus Of Mueller Probe: Sergey Kislyak received $120K ten days after the election of Trump. Bankers flagged it to US Gov't as suspicious because, marked as payroll, it didn’t fit prior pay patterns.
^ @benjaminwittes: "@a_cormier_ & @JasonLeopold took a lot of criticism for their earlier story on wire transfers to the Russian embassy...that story warranted more consideration than it was receiving. This followup emphasizes that."
^ Nov 14, 2017 piece referenced above: FBI scrutinizes more than 60 money transfers sent by the Russian Foreign Ministry to its embassies across the globe, bearing a note that said the money was to be used “to finance election campaign of 2016.”
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This big story by @JasonLeopold and @a_courmier_ shows how #FinCEN uses it’s suspicious activity reports/SARs collected from financial institutions (like Citibank here) to track illicit financing and connect the dots for $ laundering. You can bet Mueller has it if he wants it.
Please excuse spelling errors. A few words about SARS - #FinCEN requires banks, financial institutions, wire transfer companies, money services businesses, jewelers, etc. to file reports documenting suspicious banking activities that they witness online or in person./2
So for example, if you normally make deposits at one rate and pace, and all of a sudden your accounts starts receiving deposits once a month for $300,000 from a non-employer, your bank may file that as a SAR with FinCEN. Or if a guy walks into a bank with $19,000 in cash, and /3
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