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Wyoming lawmakers held a hearing on @ICIJorg @washingtonpost's #pandorapapers.

Wyoming doesn't need to change its transparency laws, one prominent attorney said.

Guess what didn't get said? An affiliate of the attorney's law firm helped a Russian oligarch get a Wyoming trust.
Public records and #pandorapapers documents show a registered agent affiliated with law firm Long Reimer and Winegar helped Igor Makarov set up a private trust company.

@itsmikeyin, a Democrat at the hearing, told me he wishes he had known about the link

Authorities in Canada and Australia recently sanctioned Makarov following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

He hasn't been sanctioned in the US and previously denied links to Putin.

Makarov's trust and trust company recently closed, months after @debbiecenziper and I wrote about it
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Today, ICIJ is releasing its final installment of #PandoraPapers data, adding information from seven offshore providers headquartered in Hong Kong, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland and Dubai to the #OffshoreLeaks Database. #WPFD đŸ§”
In total, the #OffshoreLeaks Database now boasts information on more than three-quarters of a million people and companies behind secret offshore structures with links to more than 200 countries and territories, spanning five different major leaks.
ICIJ is publishing this information in the public interest and we’re thrilled to make this data freely available to all on #WorldPressFreedomDay, as the #OffshoreLeaks Database has become an essential tool in the global fight to dismantle offshore secrecy.
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The tycoons at the top of the Russian economy have been hooked on transferring wealth to BVI and other financial havens, according to our new tally based on the Pandora Papers. #PandoraPapers @ICIJorg

On the day of the invasion, 37 businessmen met Putin at the Kremlin. Thanks to @ICIJorg, we could use the Pandora and Paradise Papers to count how many of them had companies in places known for financial secrecy.
More than half of them did, a measure of the importance the offshore financial system holds for the Russian elite.
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Remember the Panama Papers? What ever happened to them?


One update since last time I checked:

Former Maltese Prime Minister Vince Muscat was sentenced to 15 years in prison in connection to the car bomb assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

The Canadian Revenue Agency found $21 million of "missing" money but per the article "The agency hasn't gotten a single criminal charge filed against anyone as a result of the Panama Papers."

Strange how that happens.

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Alaska, New York, Wyoming and Congress. @ICIJorg and @washingtonpost's latest #pandorapapers update.đŸ§”

In Alaska, representatives introduced a bill to require trust settlors and beneficiaries to identify themselves.

“When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, I reflected on all the ways a state could have an impact on wealth that oligarchs
might be able to hide,” said Zack Fields (D).
In New York, lawmakers are pushing to make owners of LLCs publicly available.

"I see it as my responsibility to ensure our city isn’t a haven for tax evasion, money laundering, or political corruption,” said New York Assembly member Emily Gallagher (D), who sponsored the bill.
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The #PandoraPapers Russia: @ICIJorg reveals more than 800 Russians behind secret companies in landmark expansion of public (and free!) offshore database with @washingtonpost, @BBC and others:

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New leaked data from @ICIJorg provide more evidence how financial secrecy allows Russian elites to evade sanctions - and how prestigeous Western advisors enable this fraud.

Hello, #PandoraPapers: Russia.

A thread đŸ§”:

For background on Russian wealth offshore and prior investigative journalism, check out my previous thread:

The new leaks, from Alpha Consulting, an offshore services provider based in the Seychelles, confirm several trends we already knew:
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NEW: #PandoraPapers Russia offers new data and reporting on how figures close to Vladimir Putin dodge sanctions, maneuver vast wealth, and scoop up luxury assets with the help of Western enablers, based on the largest-ever leak of offshore records. đŸ§”
To put the power of this info in the hands of the public, we're publishing data from Alpha Consulting Ltd, an offshore firm that serves mostly Russian clients and one of the 14 providers that make up the #PandoraPapers leak, in the #Offshore Leaks
First up in our new investigations, #PandoraPapers show how executives at 5 of Russia’s biggest financial institutions stashed their personal wealth offshore, in some cases shifting assets just before or soon after sanctions targeting Russian elites.
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How did companies linked to foreign billionaires, like Russian oligarchs Oleg Deripaska & Igor Makarov, find a home in the US?

In our latest investigation with @washingtonpost, we take a look at a little-known player in the financial secrecy business. đŸ§”
US states like Wyoming, Delaware, and Nevada have become havens for hidden wealth largely through LLCs, business structures that offer owners privacy, legal benefits and tax breaks.

Representing every LLC is a registered agent.
Registered agents provide perfunctory corporate services and often serve as the only point of contact for companies with anonymous owners.

Operating with no required training and little oversight, some agents have massive, globe-spanning client lists.
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Il faut arrĂȘter de dire que les Français "veulent faire aucun effort pour le climat". C'est faux.
Ce que je constate, c'est qu'ils veulent bien changer, mais que ce soit JUSTE. On ne peut pas leur demander de prendre leur vélo pendant que des exilés fiscaux sont sur leur yacht.
Depuis bientÎt 4 ans, je le constate tous les jours en commentaires, échanges, débats. C'est systématique.
"Pourquoi je ferais des efforts si les politiques n'en font pas ?"
Et ils ont raison. Les politiques ont un devoir d'exemplarité.
"Pourquoi je ferais des efforts si les stars n'en font pas ?"
Et ils ont raison. Pourquoi baisser mon chauffage Ă  19°C pendant qu'on autorise l'Ă©quipe de France Ă  voler en jet privĂ© pour un Paris-Lille ? Je ne parle mĂȘme pas des influenceurs Ă  DubaĂŻ..
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Bon đŸ€” cela fait maintenant plus de deux ans que l'Ă©pidĂ©mie de #Covid_19 parcours le monde et donc cela fait deux ans (plus en vĂ©ritĂ©) que les "#Complotistes" ont fait plusieurs thĂ©ories.

Ce thread va servir à faire la liste des théorie qui se avéré ou non.

Théories sur le #coronavirus :

- Le virus c'est échappé du laboratoire de Wuhan [Pas encore entiÚrement validé]
- Le virus a été fabriqué par l'homme [Pas encore entiÚrement validé]
- Les États-Unis et la France ont des "billes" dans le laboratoire de Wuhan [Vrai]

- l'hydroxychloroquine a été retiré des médicaments en vente libre car elle soignait le covid [Faux cela avait été décidé avant]
- Le #LancetGate est une fraude [Vrai]
- Le Conseil Scientifique mis en place par le gouvernement est rempli de conflits d'intĂ©rĂȘt [Vrai]

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Today at #SEJ2022, ICIJ reporter @shirafu will talk about strategies to #followthemoney in environmental journalism with @manuelaandreoni, @sashachavkin and @schapiro at 11am.

Here’s some of Scilla’s investigative reporting on who profits from environmental abuses. 👇
In #PandoraPapers, @shirafu investigated the financial maneuvers of the founding family of Solvay at a time when the Belgian chemical giant was charged with poisoning a factory town’s groundwater and cleanup failures at their sites. #SEJ2022
To investigate the contamination claims against the company, @shirafu traveled to northern Italy and New Jersey to interview workers and families who live near Solvay factories and experienced health problems like cancer. #SEJ2022

đŸŽ„ Watch here:
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Why haven’t sanctions against Russian oligarchs worked in the past? And what’s different now?

@nytimes’ The Daily podcast tackled the question, citing a case ICIJ is very familiar with: Putin’s judo buddy, Arkady Rotenberg. #PanamaPapers #ParadisePaper
The Rotenbergs are among many Russian powerbrokers who ICIJ investigations have shown use the offshore system to hide their money and anonymously spend their billions around the world, effectively skirting the intended impact of sanctions. #RussiaArchive
For example, when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 and Arkady Rotenberg — a billionaire oligarch and childhood friend of Vladimir Putin, was sanctioned — he and his brother transferred substantial assets to their sons, #FinCENFiles show. (HT @BuzzFeedNews!)
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Eine #Taskforce sollte die Probleme bei der Durchsetzung der #Sanktionen lösen. Kanzleramt und Bundesregierung bekamen dafĂŒr vor 10Tagen viel gute Presse. Viel passiert ist seither aber offenbar nicht. Ein Thread mit ein paar neuen Infos: 1/x #Oligarchen #Putin #Russland #Ukraine
Nachdem Medien ĂŒber Probleme bei der Umsetzung der Sanktionen gerade gegen sogenannte #Oligarchen berichtet hatten (u.a.
), kĂŒndigte die Bundesregierung vor 10Tagen an, eine #Taskforce einzurichten.2/x
Dabei wurde gezielt der Eindruck erweckt, der @Bundeskanzler mache Thema zur Chefsache. Auf „direkte Bitte des Bundeskanzlers“ sollte Kanzleramt und StaatssekretĂ€r @joergkukies eine â€žĂŒbergeordnete koordinierende Rolle“ einnehmen. 3/x

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Funny how both @BurgerKing and @TUIUK released public statements soon after @ICIJorg & partners sent them detailed questions about their Russian business partners & offshore dealings in #PandoraPapers Coincidence? #RussiaArchive đŸ§” 1/3
After @ICIJorg 's questions, @BurgerKing announced it's divesting from a JV with a Russian sanctioned bank, linked to the Russian franchisee. Details on the JV are well documented in #PandoraPapers and we'll have a story soon... #RussiaArchive 2/3
@Severstal_PAO chair Mordashov transferred his @TUIGroup shares to a BVI shell after he was sanctioned. TUI said it didn't know who owned the BVI co...until today=24+ hrs after @ICIJorg found the shell in #PandoraPapers & asked Mordashov about his wife's links to the company 3/3
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đŸ§” Russian oligarchs now being widely targeted with sanctions have featured prominently across several ICIJ investigations.

Here's some of the offshore dealings we’ve previously uncovered about political elites close to Vladimir Putin. #RussiaArchive👇
🔮 Alisher Usmanov

#ParadisePapers showed that a firm connected to the Uzbek-Russian billionaire provided a link between Russian state money and large early investments in Facebook.

Read more in the #RussiaArchive:
🔮 Gennady Timchenko

#PandoraPapers reporting revealed a series of massive loans between anonymous offshore shell companies and a firm the oil magnate registered in Cyprus.
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NEW: Using records from both the #SuisseSecrets and #PandoraPapers leak, OCCRP exposes the hidden ties between a top Uzbek official and one of the country’s wealthiest, most secretive oligarchs. 1/

Leaked banking data from inside Credit Suisse shows how Payzullajon Mirzaev, co-founder of industrial conglomerate Orient Group, had control over an account at the scandal-ridden Swiss lender that belonged to a previously unknown Uzbek woman, Rana Ramatova. 2/
Our reporting reveals that Ramatova, whose name has never emerged in public, is in fact the wife of Uzbekistan’s first deputy prime minister, Achilbay Ramatov. 3/
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Je n'aurais jamais votĂ© pour un candidat sans expĂ©rience politique qui se prĂ©sente au poste suprĂȘme (et qui se dĂ©crit lui-mĂȘme comme un clown).

J'aurais encore moins accepté qu'un corrompu devienne le futur chef de guerre de mon pays.

Le peuple ukrainien mérite mieux.
Source de l'article : @KyivPost et #PandoraPapers

Un autre article, celui du @guardian qui accable #Zelinsky et démontre sa supercherie politique :

Et c'est cet homme que les médias mainstream et #BHL veulent nous vendre en héros ?
#Zelinsky s'est fait élire sur le thÚme de la lutte contre la corruption alors qu'il est impliqué dans une sombre affaire d'argent avec le milliardaire Kolomoisky qui l'a fait élire grùce à sa chaßne tv 1+1 et ses millions.
C'est le comble de l'imposture. L'Ukraine a été trompée.
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🚹#Elections2022 #lecandidat #MacronDehors đŸ‘ŽđŸŒ
1/n L'indĂ©cence de la communication hĂ©roĂŻque du PrĂ©sident đŸ‡«đŸ‡· candidat Ă  sa rĂ©Ă©lection & dotĂ© du bilan qu'on lui sait, me pousse Ă  faire 1 exception Ă  la neutralitĂ© que je vise d'ordinaire.
il suffit !😡
2/n Je commencerai par le slogan #lecandidat.
Un temps surprenant, le message Ă©mis est pourtant limpide : il est sĂ»r d'ĂȘtre LE seul candidat digne de diriger les enfants de đŸ‡«đŸ‡·.
Cette pauvre France qui souffre temps (par la conséquences de quelles décisions au fait ?)... Image
3/n Il incarnerait donc une figure allĂ©gorique, sorte de PERE, sauveur d'un monde confus, plein de dangereux virus 🩠 et barbares đŸ‡·đŸ‡ș, dans lequel il apportera toutes solutions đŸ’‰đŸ”«en rĂ©dempteur de ses valeurs (cf sa lettre A4 de campagne officielle âžĄïž
) Image
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Ich fragte mich:
Was ist dran an Putins ErzÀhlung der "Entnazifizierung der #Ukraine"?


In einem Beitrag der Panorma-@ARDde von 2014 wird der #RechteSektor bzw. #Rechtsextreme als entscheidend fĂŒr #Maidan-Umsturz dargestellt.

Ein ukrainischer Nazi-Kollaborateur und Kriegsverbrecher, dessen Denkmal auch heute noch in Lwiw(Lemberg) in der Westurkraine steht, wird von Mitgliedern der damaligen #Swoboda-Partei, als "Held aller Ukrainer" bezeichnet.
Der russischsprachige #Ukraine wurde gleich nach dem #Maidan-Umsturz mit einem Gesetzesvorschlag der rechtsextremen Swoboda gegen die đŸ‡ș🇩 Regierung aufgebracht. Auch wenn das Gesetz nicht durchging, so wurde der Anti-Russisch-Kurs unter Augen der EU bis jetzt weiterverfolgt.
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Der Technikkonzern Ericsson soll im Irak Schmiergelder fĂŒr AuftrĂ€ge gezahlt haben – und nicht nur dort. Interne Dokumente, die @ICIJorg zugespielt wurden, zeigen zudem: Damit könnten die Schweden auch die Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat unterstĂŒtzt haben

Laut #EricssonList fanden interne Ermittler von Ericsson heraus, dass Korruption, Bestechung, Betrug und Veruntreuung, BilanzfÀlschung und GeldwÀsche gang und gÀbe war, wie @KathRinaKut @SZ berichtet

Die #EricssonList-Recherchen sind nach #PanamaPapers #ChinaCables #PandoraPapers das nÀchste internationale Projekt von @ICIJorg, In Deutschland waren daran @SZ_Investigativ @KathRinaKut @NDRrecherche @WDRinvestigativ beteiligt
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What has the last decade of tax haven leaks revealed about Russian offshore wealth?

A comprehensive đŸ§”:
Before we begin, it must be said that Russian elites are not alone in hiding wealth offshore. Offshore wealth is a prevalent, global phenomenon, estimated in the magnitude of 10% of global GDP - per @annette_als @gabriel_zucman and N. Johannesen:

But Russian offshore wealth does have particular features - in scale and nature.

For one, Russian elites hide significant larger proportions of their wealth offshore than large Western states.
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Portrait troublant du Président #Zelenskiy paru dans @lavoixdunord en 2019 lors de son élection :

On y apprend qu'il fut la marionnette d'un sulfureux milliardaire. Homme de tĂ©lĂ©, il fut catapultĂ© Ă  la tĂȘte du pays sans expĂ©rience politique.
Apparemment, il n'y a pas qu'en France oĂč les milliardaires placent leur pantins Ă  la tĂȘte de l'État.
Les Ukrainiens ont Ă©lu pour PrĂ©sident un individu "qui se qualifie lui-mĂȘme de clown", censĂ© dĂ©barrasser l'Ukraine de l'oligarchie😏.
Qui est réellement derriÚre ce clown ?
Un homme de télé catapulté par un milliardaire en haut de l'affiche et qui clame lors du débat du second tour : "je ne suis pas un homme politique, je suis un type simple venu cassé ce systÚme."
Pourtant, ce Président qui se qualifie de clown a été épinglé par les #PandoraPapers
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UPDATE: Oligarchs Boris Rotenberg, Igor Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko have been sanctioned by the U.K., along with five Russian banks, hours after President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into two regions of Ukraine after recognizing their independence.
Oil magnate Gennady Timchenko is one of a number of prominent Russians with close ties to President Vladimir Putin whose offshore financial activities were exposed in the #PandoraPapers investigation last year.
In 2016, the #PanamaPapers revealed offshore firms linked to billionaire brothers Arkady & Boris Rotenberg — childhood friends of Vladimir Putin —which invested in a major pipeline company and helped build an Italian villa for Arkady's son, Igor Rotenberg.
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