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[1/🧵] I believe @bob_way has already gone way overboard with #ILP and all the complexities of explaining all that needs to be expressed. ❤️

Still, let me make a few remarks on the following topics 👇
• Infrastructure layers of #ILP
#XRPL Payment Channels
• "Ledger Graphs"
[2/17] — Infrastructure Layers of #Interledger

When it comes to the most recent version of the open #ILPv4 suite in universal mode (high volume, low value payments), the layering is as follows:

1⃣ Application
2⃣ Transport
3⃣ Interledger (Core Layer)
4⃣ Link
5⃣ Ledger
[3/17] — 1⃣ Application Layer —

This is the suite's first layer, and it contains the following protocol:
➡️ #SPSP (Simple Payment Setup Protocol)

📝 This is for #identifiers, which are comparable to email addresses and are used to make addresses readable.
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I wanted to thank @bob_way once more for this 4 hour Twitter space marathon.

Today I realized that I am still in the early stages of learning about #ILP and the #XRPL.

In case you missed it today, here are all the sources we discussed: 🧵👇
2⃣ — Local Exchange Trading Systems (#LETS)…
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[1/🧵] @DigiEuro interviewed @moderndosh and @AntonyWelfare on the @Ripple #CBDC-Manager software.

The underlying private #CBDC-ledger based on #XRPL was also heavily discussed.

I summarized the most of the interview for you, along with my personal comments. 🧵👇 Welcome to the Ripple Digital Currency Manager
[2/19] To begin, if you are completely unfamiliar with #CBDCs and the #Ripple solution, here is a nice place to start:
[3/19] One important reason for using a private version of the public #XRPL is that a central #bank needs to be able to control the #money supply.

Why use a private ledger ❓
▶️ Central banks and #governments must be able to mint and destroy #currencies. CBDC Hierarchy of Needs
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[1/🧵] Beautifully crafted thread. 👍

Even though I mostly agree with everything expressed, there are some mistakes made based on terminology starting with the word "token".

A thread (🧵) about my opinions, which are hopefully more uplifting. 👇
[2/10] Let's start with a definition of "token" and see if we can locate a suitable statement in the #web.

What is a token ❓
❝ A crypto token is a representation of an asset or interest that has been tokenized on an existing cryptocurrency's blockchain. ❞ Source:
[3/10] Even if the distinctions are small, claiming that #XRP is a token is strictly incorrect since #XRP cannot be a token.

Because #XRP has no issuer, it cannot exist as a tokenized representation of anything. XRP  XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the XRP Ledger. All
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I defend secondary market sales of #XRP as well as other tokens sold in the secondary market (ie #LBC), not @Ripple or @LBRYcom.

When I sued the SEC, people immediately called me the #XRP Attorney even though I disclosed up front that I owned more in #BTC & #ETH than #XRP.
I was shocked that more people didn’t read the Complaint 🆚 Ripple the way I did - b/c it attacked the token itself and didn’t focus on the circumstances surrounding the way Ripple offered and sold #XRP.

Many allegations about #XRP applied to all other tokens.

For example:
“The nature of XRP itself made it the common thread among Ripple, its management, and all other XRP holders.”

The “nature of XRP itself”?

Wtf does that even mean?

The SEC is asserting that by simply owning a token you are in a common enterprise with ALL other token holders!
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Portfolio: Recently announced #Ripple partner Choice International (UK), is a co that supports money transfer businesses especially with de-risked nations requiring tight AML/KYC; places where liquidity is difficult. So how are they using ODL?
2. The main co offers all manner of services including cards and white labeled mobile apps.…
3. Choice International also has a forex division, which seems like the most obvious ODL implementation. What is notable about their forex business is that they only facilitate tx's for tangible goods, b2b. -There is an invoice for every tx.
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I always like to back up anything I say with facts - explaining why I believe the way I do. In the next tweet 👇 of this 🧵, I’m going to quote the @SECGov’s summary judgment argument 🆚 @Ripple. The following quote perfectly summarizes the SEC’s theory in a nutshell:
“Defendants do not dispute that they offered and sold XRP in exchange for ‘money’, which suffices to establish the ‘investment of money’ aspect of the Howey test. Defendants’ statements and efforts as to XRP...establish the other aspects of the Howey test as a matter of law.”
Now that’s an interesting way to approach the Howey Test. I’ve said in the past that the SEC is attempting to apply the functional equivalent of the “BUT FOR” test to securities laws.
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During this 🧵, I share the interview I did w/@Jay_SpendDBits well over a year ago when I was researching the #XRPLedger and independent developers who have no connection to @Ripple or its executives.

@Spend_The_Bits is a PERFECT example of what’s wrong w/the SEC lawsuit.
In fact, there have been 15 Amicus Briefs filed in the @Ripple case and if Judge Torres were to inform me that she was only going to read one Amicus Brief but was going to allow me to pick the one she reads, I would tell her to carefully read the @Spend_The_Bits Amicus Brief.
The @Spend_The_Bits Brief may be the best at demonstrating how flawed the SEC’s all-encompassing #XRP theory is.

Like most in Crypto, Jay read the #Bitcoin White Paper and bought #BTC
He knew #Bitcoin was going to be part of the future and decided to develop a payments app.
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[1/🧵] — #XRPL (#XRP) vs. @Ripple #CBDC

A short thread comparing and contrasting the #opensource public #decentralized #XRPLedger with #Ripple's private #CBDC Ledger based on XRPL👇 Source:
[2/6] ▶️ What do central bankers expect?

#Interoperability — ILP
#Security, #Trust & #Speed — Unregulated
⚠️ #OverlayServices — Hooks and @EvernodeXRPL
#Access and #Inclusion — XRPL-DEX & AMM
#Stability & #Resilience — 10+ years old (XRPL) Source:
[3/6] ▶️ Why does it have to be a private solution?

With proven security & all of the #XRPL Tooling at its disposal, the only thing a CB lacks is "control" of the gov. process.

Gov. on the #XRPL is conducted through amendments and voting, which cannot be controlled centrally. Source:
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[1/🧵] With all of the #XRPBuyback debate going on, there is one aspect that frequently gets misrepresented

▶️ People conflating the terms "#price" and "#value"

Because the definitions differ, it is essential to comprehend the distinctions

Let us evaluate it more closely. 👇🧵 Source:
[2/19] To have a better understanding of the subject, we must first define several terms that are crucial to #finance and explain the following in further detail:

🔹 "Price"
🔹 "Cost"
🔹 "Value"
🔹 "Store of Value" (#Bitcoin/#BTC)
🔹 "Internet of Value" (#Ripple) Source: Source:
[3/19] We will also go through the following scenarios to see whether what we think we are talking about is correct:

1⃣ The chart in reference to the #USD
2⃣ You are about to sell your #property Source:
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When was the last time you did an analysis of the distribution of #XRP on the #XRPLedger?

How and where can you even do that?
And can you do it yourself at all?

I'm happy to show and I've also worked up the data (visually) directly.
Next, for those who might not know, @xrpscan ( and @bithomp ( are excellent blockchain explorers (and more) for the #XRPL!
Hearty shout out to the teams of both services whose provided data I used.
And also to @WietseWind with whose help the easy creation of the pure data of the #XRPL was possible at all (for me) as well as to @Ripple and its operation of the "S1" server ( from which I extracted the data of the XRPLedger for this.
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[1/🧵] Is this you? 🤨

• Holder of #XRP since December 2020
• Has never heard of $FLR before (Hello, #Spark?)
• Has no idea what the fuss is all about
• Slept under a rock for two years

Allow me to bring you up to speed w/ this crash course on @FlareNetworks and $FLR. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/20] If you've been following this topic, you'll recall that there was once a #XRPL snapshot:

• 12th December 2020, 00:00 UTC
#XRP Ledger index 60,155,580
. . . Source:
[3/20] . . .

You may recall that you had to claim your #Spark coins by providing your #EVM-based $FLR address in the message key field of your #XRPL account.

→ claim period expired on #XRPLedger index 64,204,315
→ Message could be changed until 11th June 2021, 23:59 UTC
. . . Source:
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[1/🧵] #XRPLedger's Green ♻️ Agenda 2030 — Part 2/2

#XRPL, the leading and first prominent #DLT to achieve 💚 carbon neutrality 💚

Part 2 of this series will teach you all you need to know about the #eco-friendliness of #XRP, the digital asset. 🧵👇 Original Source:

This is typically a heated topic. That is why I will do my best to be neutral, clear, and factual. Expect no guesstimates or personal opinions on this subject.

Everything is stated exactly as it is! Source:
[3/26] If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading part 1 of this lengthy series to get a feeling of the magnitude of the undertaking that @Ripple is leading in this domain with the help of the #XRPL. 👇

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A brief overview for folks reading about @Ripple & $XRP use in 2023. Years ago, Ripple offered 3 products:
xCurrent = payment messaging
xRapid = #XRP as bridge currency
xVia = an API solution
Co's originally signed bilateral agreements w/ partners to move value. And now?
1/3 #RippleNet #ripple $XRP #XRPL #XRP
Now these functions are integrated into one service, "RippleNet," a payment suite managing messaging with the option to use "On Demand Liquidity" (ODL), an $XRP using product, if desired. Bilateral agreements are no longer necessary between users.
So if you see someone uses "Ripple" or "Ripplenet",
-they likely only use it for messaging, not #XRP
-if "ODL" is specified, then value is moved using XRP on the #XRPL
-Many ODL users start with RippleNet only.
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What is #TextRP? An explainer...
TextRP is a private messaging service that allows users to send and receive text messages using a virtual phone number. The service is available for both personal and business use, and allows users...
to use a US-based phone number for sending and receiving texts without requiring any personal information. To log in to the TextRP app, users use their @XummWallet. TextRP accepts payment in $XRP, and in the future, may accept other #XRPL tokens...
Once you've set up a TextRP account and chosen a phone number, you can use the service to send and receive texts from any device with an internet connection, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. TextRP also provides the ability...
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[1/🧵] I've been reading a lot about #XRPL #scalability recently.

Let me quickly go through how #XRPL performs and #scales on these metrics:

▶️ Scale up "vertically"
▶️ Scale out "horizontally"
▶️ High volume & High value TX
▶️ High value & Low speed Source:
[2/17] 👉 Asynchronous TX speed—Scale up "vertically"

In contrast to #DAG-based systems, which operate in "chaotic order" and execute transactions in parallel, the #XRPL validates transactions in canonical transaction order—one Ledger at a time.

. . .
[3/17] . . .

❓ The approach for #DLT/#Blockchain-based systems such as #XRPL:
☑️ "Payment Channels"

🧐 It's a sophisticated feature for transmitting "asynchronous" #XRP #payments that may be broken into extremely small amounts and paid in total order afterwards.
. . . Source:
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@sentosumosaba 1/🧵 I'm not sure if the news is worrisome in any form.
In fact, you are accurate (as always 😉) that the #XRPL will not possess ALL THE MONEY, but it will be #interoperable with and #interconnected to ALL THE MONEY.

Here's some background: 👇
@sentosumosaba 2/ #Partior is built on the private #permissioned #Ethereum-based @ConsenSys #Quorum #blockchain, which contributes to fragmentation rather than consolidation.
. . .
@sentosumosaba @ConsenSys 3/ . . .

For this reason alone, it is far inferior to payment settlement alternatives such as #ILP+#XRPL, which are open and #interoperability friendly. Source: https://consensys.n...
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99% Of #CryptoCommunity Do Not Realy Understand The Concept Of #CBDCs & #XRPL People Keep Saying That #XRP Cannot Hit 100$ 1,000$ Or 10,000$. I Will Explain You A Bit Why #XRP Will Hit 4/5 Digits.
As Everyone Knows #XRPL Will Be Use By Central Banks & Hedge Funds. #XRP Will Bridge All #CBDCs But You Have To Understand That #CBDCs Is The New Digital Curreny. The Fiat Money Which You Have In Your Wallet & Fiat Money Which You Have In Your Bank Ac.
#XRP Is Not Going To Bridge Those Money. Central Banks Will Create #CBDCs Value Will Be The Same The Difference Is That Its New Digital Currency Which Is 1:1 Backed By Real $ € £ ¥ ₹. For Ex Old Fiat System Has 100 Trillion $ In Supply Then #CBDCs Will Also Have 100 Trillion $.
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[1/🧵] @Ripple's Green ♻️ Agenda 2030 — Part 1/2

@Ripple as a significant actor in the achievement of the most critical goal of:
🌱 „Goal 13 Climate Action“

In part 1 of this series, I will break it ALL down for you in regards to #Ripple 🧵👇 Source:

This is typically a heated topic. That is why I will do my best to be neutral, clear, and factual. Expect no guesstimates or personal opinions on this subject.

Everything is stated exactly as it is! Source:
[3/33] Before I get any farther into the intricacies of #Ripple, we must first build the groundwork:

❓ What is the primary goal ❓
The purpose is to combat #climate change by enacting the "Paris Agreement" and meeting the "#UN Sustainable Development Goals [13]." Source:
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So @The_DTCC has selected @inside_r3 as the Underlying DLT Technology for the Project Ion Platform


2023 “Test” Year,🤔 First Settlement Mechanism on Corda #XRP
Liquidity - Settlement THATS What #XRP Is For The First Settlement Mechanism‼️

Below 👇🏼Is A Live Demo Using #XRP Posted by @inside_r3 Also I Have Provided The Actually Link Too This Demo So You Can Play Around With It
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[1/7] I was curious why no one had raised this question sooner. 🧐

The reason for this high figure is that additional #XRP were generated out of thin air.

The reasons are as follows: 🧵👇
[2/7] ❗️ What you're seeing is a "drop".

1 #XRP is represented as 1,000,000 drops in #XRPL terms or technical contexts such as the #rippled #APIs response we received from the reporting server.
[3/7] Think about "drops" in the same manner that you think of #SATs.

It is, in reality, the smallest technical unit utilized for exact measurements.

⚠️ As an example:
1 #Satoshi (#SATs) = 0.00000001 #Bitcoin
1 #Drop (#drop of XRP) = 0.000001 #XRP
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[1/🧵] That is a genuine question, and while the answer may disappoint you, it isn't as important as one may believe.

Let's go back in time to find out what happened and thoroughly address the question. 🧵👇
[2/19] 🧐 First and foremost, let us establish some fundamentals and address the question:
❓ Is "block" the proper term to use ❓

Yes & no, as @JoelKatz puts it:
"The transactions are stored in a series of ledgers, but an #XRPLedger contains everything a block contains.
. . .
[3/19] . . .

So because it’s a chain of ledgers, it’s also a chain of blocks."

The primary distinction between #Bitcoin and #XRPL is that the #XRPLedger utilizes an account model rather than a #UTXO model, thus the term "Ledger".…
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@WKahneman 1/ Certainly one of the finest tedious rants I've heard in a long time 😉

But let me add a few more facts to your fantastic thread:
@WKahneman 2/ First and foremost, if you're looking for a quick way to find the first or oldest commit, often known as changes to the repository, ever recorded on XRPLF/rippled, here it is: 👇…
@WKahneman 3/ You can see when the #XRPL was initially built, who was involved in the early stages, what issues were addressed, and what improvements were implemented at what point in time. 🧐
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So, I tweeted out the below 🧵 and w/in 30 minutes, I was getting DMs and emails at my law firm asking me how much 💰 the @Ripple executives are paying me to ✍️ my 🧵s. 🤦
Articles like the one below routinely state exactly what this one does:

“Crypto Law founder and pro-Ripple lawyer attorney John Deaton responded …”

I don’t defend Ripple, I defend the truth and the facts. Notice that when I do a 🧵 I cite actual facts.…
When someone tweets out that they think the Ripple executives gifted themselves too much #XRP, I don’t challenge what they say. It’s a fair criticism. When someone says Ripple owns too much XRP and that fact makes them less attracted to the token or project I don’t argue w/them.
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