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🌐🌐THREAD on all 16 [0] DELTAs🌐🌐

DELTA = Less than 1 minute difference in time between a Q post & a @realDonaldTrump Tweet. Q posts first. Then our @POTUS

#QAnon #FactsMatter #MemesMatter #QProofs #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #KAG #MEGA #FAKENEWS #JessieSmollett
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Information waterfall.

Buckle up!



#MAGA #KAG #MEGA #QAnon #Q #Qposts #QAlert #ArcvhiveOffline #InformationWaterfall
Former top FBI lawyer: 2 Trump cabinet officials were ‘ready to support’ 25th Amendment effort
🌐🌐Anon Notable🌐🌐



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The end of the Plan there will be MANY that wont be able to handle. Its not telling the world Evil lived off the blood of the young, they will be told. Its not for me to tell the end for there is no destination with OUT first journey.

We take this journey together.

#Qanon #MEGA
Practice challenging your self to take emotion out of EVERY thought. It will be heavy. It is very NEEDED.

The middle/center is often referred to as LIGHT.

Believe in SOMETHING.

The Plan is REAL
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🌐🌐Anon Notable🌐🌐



BO appears to confirm Anons' understanding

Energy on the board is electric

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #anon #Anonymous #MAGA #MEGA #KAG #TheGreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #ThinkForYourself #DoItQ #QArmy
"We did 1 statutorily, we did 2 statutorily, now we go to phase 3"
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SHE’S SORRY: Ilhan Omar ‘Unequivocally Apologizes' for Anti-Semitic Twitter Rant
Recently sworn-in Rep. Ilhan Omar “unequivocally apologized” for her anti-Semitic tirade on social media Monday; saying she’s “grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are educating me on
the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes.”
“We have to always be willing to step back & think through criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity. That is why I unequivocally apologize.,”…




And this "apology" is acceptable to you, @SpeakerPelosi?

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United States Army, HOOAH!
United States Marine Corps, OORAH!
Talking to you, anon.
We always see “It’s Happening” here.
The ‘Tone’.
@realDonaldTrump #QPosts 02/10/2019
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 39082e No.5109544 📁
Feb 10 2019 15:53:21 (EST)

Define 'Projection'.
How do you fix something that is known to be broken (corrupt)?
Do you first need to remove those responsible?
Think FBI/DOJ 'exit' list.
@realDonaldTrump 2682
Q !!
Feb 10 2019 15:53:21 (EST)
The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats…
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Thread for Sunday February 10, 2019


#QAnon #WWG1WGA #DoItQ @POTUS 🇺🇸
2) 2683 - Q is back on Sunday Afternoon! This time he provides explanation for why the #FakeNewsMedia will cease to exist, when all is said and done.

They have openly & willingly betrayed the TRUST of the American People. This cannot and will not be repaired. FINISHED.

3) Flawless example of the media's bias and complicity is their blatant refusal to cover the #GiletsJaunes movement in France and similar ones around the world.

Each of these movements grew out of a disdain for Globalist policies.


#WWG1WGA #GiletsJaunes
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Right off the bat I see a Q reference

look to twitter exactly this:

"My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......."

Not the full statement so probably not significant but worth noting

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
Democrats only showed any life when the women employment rate was brought up
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #OcasioCortez #Democrats
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#Abortion fights rage on across the Nation...

Clinton, Cuomo call on Legislature to pass reproductive rights bills. Wonder if any connection btn Cuomo and PP?…
Indiana GOP preparing abortion-rights legislation…
Phil Scott supports abortion-rights bill moving through Vermont legislature…
Federal Appeals Court Just Took a Big Swing at Planned Parenthood
AG Paxton urges federal court to allow Texas to defund Planned Parenthood…
Challenge to abortion clinic restrictions in Louisiana will test Supreme Court's new conservative majority…

#ProLife #AbortionIsMurder #AbortionLaw #AbortionUpToBirth #MAGA #MEGA #KAG #WWG1WGA
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WASHINGTON, D.C. January 18, 2019 In a surprise appearance, President Donald Trump addressed pro-life advocates @MarchForLife2019, telling them "every life is worth protecting" & that he will veto any legislation that crosses his desk that "weakens the protection of human life."
"Today I have signed a letter to Congress to make clear that if they send any legislation to my desk that weakens the protection of human life, I will issue a veto. And, we have the support to uphold those vetoes. Every child is a sacred gift from God," said in pre-recorded video
Trump sent his message via large screens set up in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life Rally.

#ProLife #MAGA #KAG #MEGA #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #AmericaFirst #BuildTheWall #1A #2A #Abortion #QAnon #Q #QPosts #Anon #Anons understand
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In 1992, 172 governments attended the Rio Summit, with 116 sending heads of state. There were also 2,400 people from UN-connected NGO's. Then President George H.W. Bush was there on Prince Charles' yacht, where he signed the Agenda 21 document with absolutely no legal standing to
do so.
In 1993, shortly after Bill Clinton took office, Nancy Pelosi helped, with 33 original cosponsors, to introduce legislation "to implement Agenda 21."
The bill passed the house, but was stopped in the Senate. But with clearly international pressure to advance the program
in June 1993 Democrat Clinton created The President's Council on Sustainable Development which has placed Sustainability Officers in every federal department and agency since then.
This has resulted in administrative regulations enforcing Agenda 21 policies as (possibly
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Listen to your favorite music with new ears. I'm telling you. If you know, you know. Q - "NO FEAR"...the end isnt going to be for everyone because not everyone is going to understand it yet. Come on, I know we are all thinking it. Say it. Believe that shit. Trust the plan to SAVE
I've use scripture. I've used gematria. I've used articles and videos and poems. I'm using my soul. I know someone out there is reading this and their mind is doing something its never done before. GOOD WINS.
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Nov. 24, D5.... 2017 Q
Weiner Laptop
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
Stage Set
With ZeoHedge reporting disgraced FBI 🤡 threatening to turn on Hillary and release the Weiner Laptop. Could this be what holds it all together? Who knows where the bodies are buried? Find the Spiders and Build the Web. The MAP is the key. News Unlocks MAP.
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Once again #FAKENEWS isn't giving the full story. They claim that the Native American was "surrounded" by the #MAGAkids. Watch the full videos and you'll see it was HIM who approached THEM. You'll also hear children getting called horrible things by "adults"

#Qclues #Qanon #MAGA
"What the young man was doing was blocking my escape. I wanted to leave."

Sure doesn't look like he wanted to leave. He walked right up to the #MAGAkids, banging a drum in a child's face.

ESCAPE? Why not try turning around and walking back the way he came?
#Qclues #MAGA #Qanon
The Native American said the #MAGAkids were "blocking his escape" and he "wanted to leave"
...Even though HE came up to intimidate THEM

What a blatant lie.

Next he'll be telling us he's Elizabeth Warren's brother

#Qclues #MAGA #Qanon #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Patriots
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Is that the sun setting or sun rising?
We are headed into a Super Blood Wolf Moon tomorrow. @GenFlynn changed his background on the Winter solstice or day after.

Red skys at night sailors delight?
Red skys in the morning sailors take warning?

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA

Im asking which one do u think it is MORNING or NIGHT TIME?

Because I cant tell if thats dusk or dawn. My bad should of been more specific.

Folks giving me a hard time BUT Flynn and I are both on East coast. Sun rises on East and sets in West yes.

BUT what if your on the Atlantic WAY out on a boat and turn around towards the East coast but facing West. Then it could be setting. I see land. So IDK

😁 @GenFlynn
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You’re a true friend @GenFlynn 👊🏼.
Not many It’d be excited to traverse the depths of hell with.

#WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump 🍀
@Veritas_Invictu @FreeStateOJones

IDK about yall but this is not a game to me. I humble play any roll the Lord demands.

God Bless CLEAR @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump #MEGA
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12 tribes of Israel
12 apostles
12 unleavened breads
12 sons of Jacob
12 Gates made of pearl
12 names in the Bible with 2 letters
12 was Jesus age when first mention
12 along with 3, 4, 7 & 10 R used in a symbolic fashion in God's word.

#WednesdayThoughts ✝️
Its ironic there is 22 chapters of Revelation. In all 22 chapters 12 is used 22 times. How many bones in a human skull? How many letters in the alphabet of Biblical Hebrew wrote the Bible?


This door will be opened later.
The choice, to know, will be yours.

🐉 [FISA] what color are Dragons?

#GodWins #MEGA #QAnon
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Earlier Trump Tweeted Hamberders. Theres a Berder Island. Urban dictionary says a Berder is evil. IDK I find it more fascinating @realDonaldTrump chose 11:11 Est. to fix typo. 3hrs & 13min delay.


#Qanon #MAGA #MEGA
Adding this to the thread. The corrupt E. Holder and BHO operation Fast & Furious had [1,000] + guns stolen. Maybe within a hour IDK may not tie in but figured I would add. F&F is a HUGE border security issue! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#BuildThatWall @realDonaldTrump
I will also add this as sauce. Not claiming anything. Just placing cards on table. Alain Berder of France. Which correct me if Im work is the same location as Berder Island?

H/T @WWG_1WGA_ @realDonaldTrump
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Unlike past administrations, when @realDonaldTrump talks about thousands of dollars worth of fast food, it isn't code for anything other than fast food

#Qanon #Qclues #Qarmy #GreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm
I bet @realDonaldTrump was cheap and didn't even match obama's $65,000 worth of hotdogs / pizza. Didn't even fly them in all the way from Chicago either! What an awful president...

#Qclues #Qanon #GreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakening #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #ThesePeopleAreSick #TheStorm #Q
Once again @realDonaldTrump has baited his haters into discovering more info on the real issues...

Very stable genius.

#Qclues #Qanon #MAGA #TRUMP #ThesePeopleAreSick #MEGA #PresidentHamburglar #PresidentHamburgler #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #GreatAwakening #Q
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Mueller Probes an Event With Nunes, Flynn, and Foreign Officials at Trump’s D.C. Hotel

The breakfast event, which was first reported by The Daily Sabah, a pro-government Turkish paper, took place at 8:30 a.m. at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 18, 2017—days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration.
About 60 people were invited, including diplomats from governments around the world, according to those same sources.
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Trump on @FoxNews. - TONIGHT

Judge Jeanine “Trump I would like to see you get out of the White House and take a break”

DJT “You know Jeanine I really like it here I’m in the White House and they’re out there you know going to a play, enjoying a play”

#SPYGATE @realDonaldTrump
Trump on @FoxNews. - TONIGHT

Judge Jeanine “Are you going to release what everybody wants to see, FISA”

DJT “You know most likely I will release them & I will release them at the right time. There’s some really nasty stuff in there you know that”

#FISA @realDonaldTrump
I’m paraphrasing, was watching it on TV live 9pm. Its pretty close to how I said it.

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