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Dear Nigerians,

@MBuhari has asked @nassnigeria to approve the securitization of FG's N22.7tn debt to @cenbank.

Is it legal for @nassnigeria to approve the request of the FG to securitize the Ways & Means, which goes against the CBN Act?

Since 2015, the FG has asked @cenbank to provide advances to fund its fiscal deficit without any requirement for cost-cutting measures/fiscal control. The law stipulates that such advances should be limited to 5% of the previous year's revenues. This law has not been followed.
Also, Section 38 of the CBN Act mandates the FG to repay all advances made by the CBN to it at the end of the financial year in which the advances were received. Failure to repay the advances in full implies that the FG will not be eligible for further advances by the CBN.
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Have you been thinking about volunteering? ❤️🐶🤞

We have a few volunteer opportunities available, however, we are in dire need of emergency transport drivers 🚗 💨 for life or death situations in the current areas:👇
⛔️Within 2 hours of Atlanta, GA
⛔️Within 2 hours of Winnsboro, SC
⛔️Within 1-2 hrs of NYC/NJ

We also need a transport coordinator who understands how to use Google maps and thrives in communications.

These are emergency 🚨 positions where every minute counts.👇
For drivers it's usually 2-4 hours a week if you are available for certain emergency calls. For the remote 💻 transport coordinator it's 4-5 hours a week.

All volunteer roles contribute to changing our animals’ lives in different ways. These transports are life-saving—👇
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@DrSarahMcNab now presenting Tomorrow’s problems today: CIRCAN
#DFTB22 Image
Get to know your own (strengths and) weaknesses.

Get to know your team’s strengths (and weaknesses).

Use your team.

Wonderful synergies between @DrSarahMcNab and @symon_ben’s plenaries this morning.
We educate every single day at work, whether or not we have higher degrees in education.

@DrSarahMcNab encourages us to also be researches, whether or not we have higher degrees in research. #GetInvolved!
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At the Hanwell School information Session: I will be adding notes as I hear them. This is an informational thread. There is about 60 people here in the room plus presenters. There is an excitement but first question I heard was, is there a sidewalk or crosswalk at the door.
2/ Presentation being called to order. The principal Pierre Plourde and vice Tarah Gauvin have introduced themselves. Made a joke that he hopes to have more staff soon. ;). More people rolling in, about 70 people now. Tarah just seen inside the school and stated it was amazing.
3/ This will be a short presentation, but assured there is time for questions afterwards. **NOTE the same presentation will be tomorrow** 6:30-7:30. A lot of young families, I feel like I am the oldest.
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Hello Nigerians,

@nassnigeria plans to allocate N1.45bn to NSPRI & NCAM, two agencies in Ilorin, to construct the "Femi Gbajabiamila Public JSS" in Lagos.

Both agencies have no business supervising the staffing of a school in Lagos when the country has a @nigeducation.

We also found a N1bn allocation to the Nigerian Institute of Marine & Oceanography to install street lights in Delta Central Senatorial District, represented by Senator @OvieOmoAgege.

We would like to state that the provision of street lights is outside this agency's mandate.
N200m was allocated to the Industrial Arbitration Panel to install streetlights in Yobe North Senatorial District, represented by the Senate President, Hon. @AhmedLawan_019.

Again, this agency & others have no mandate to implement contracts for which they have allocations.
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BudgIT identifies 460 duplicated projects totalling N378bn and other corruption loopholes in the #2022budget.

BudgIT also raises alarm on the N67.8m allocated to the Ministry of Environment to “build gun armouries” in 4 states, a project outside its mandate.

Our preliminary analysis of the 21,108 capital projects in the 2022 approved budget revealed 460 duplicated projects amounting to N378.9billion. Recall that BudgIT observed 316 duplicated projects in the 2021 FG Budget approved by @nassnigeria. @ICPC_PE verified 257 duplications,
while the Budget Office confirmed the existence of only 185 duplicated projects worth N20.13bn, after which it informed the public that funds were not released for the projects in 2021.
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Introducing — Works in Progress™

An Editorial Venture into the Undefined.
Web3 moves so fast and $FWB is a digital city with no timezone, being built at all hours of the day.

The Editorial Team had to make an important distinction:

📲 TL;DR helps us catch up on a variety of events & projects in the short-term.
📚 WIP helps us go deep and go wide.
What is our aim with this editorial platform?

We want to identify and empower the imaginations that will help us better define what it means to create an abundant future that is central to the Friends With Benefits ethos.

Check out our pitch here:
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BudgIT launches, a comprehensive portal that provides citizens, CSOs & the media access to visualized & simplified data from @nigeriagov’s Open Treasury Portal.

This platform helps you monitor FG’s treasury reports & real-time expenses.

Recall that in December 2019, the Federal Government launched the Open Treasury Portal to increase transparency and accountability in government spending. The portal provides a space for collating data by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on budget implementation…
financial records and transactions above the threshold of N5 million by MDAs and N10 million by the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

While the platform is innovative and commendable, much work is still needed to ensure that the portal achieves its purpose of
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Our analysis of the #2021Budget reveals over 316 duplicated capital projects totalling N39.5bn, among other loopholes for corruption.

BudgIT also found ZERO audit records of the N10.02tn received by the security sector between 2015 & 2021.

Our press statement:
2021 has been a horrifying year for Nigerians concerning security – as the country combats mutating forms of crime and terror – across all its 36 states. This is despite allocating over N10.02tn to security between 2015 and 2021. #AskQuestions
In the 2021 budget, the entire security sector’s allocation was N1.97tn, representing a 14% increase from the N1.78tn allocated in 2020. #AskQuestions
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Hello Nigerians,

To improve electricity access, FG plans to spend N661bn ($1.74bn) through the Nigerian Distribution Sector Recovery Program (DISREP)

Of this $1.74bn, 72.1% will be funded by loans. This will increase Nigeria's N31tn debt burden by 1.54% #WatchTheDebt

For context, a brief review of Nigeria's current electricity distribution status reveals that;

85m Nigerians currently have no access to grid electricity, and Nigeria records N10.1tn annually as economic losses due to lack of reliable power supply, among others.👇 #WatchTheDebt
N476.3bn, which represents 72.1% of the total sum of N664bn for DISREP, will be funded with loans.

The loan consists of N265.3bn from @AfDB_Group and N189.5bn from @WorldBank.

#WatchTheDebt #AskQuestions
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What has Nigeria achieved since it joined the OGP?

Do citizens now have access to the budget & public info on govt activities?

What about the ease of doing business & asset recovery?

What has changed?

This thread highlights the successes of @ogpnigeria since its inception.
To reiterate, the OGP initiative is meant to promote open government, empower citizens and fight corruption among other objectives.

To achieve these, @NigeriaGov & CSOs drafted the 1st National Action Plan (NAP1), highlighting 14 commitments to be implemented between 2017-2019
The implementation of NAP1 achieved the following successes under @ogpnigeria;

• Open Budget to citizens

• Access to public information

• A Presidential Committee on Asset Recovery

• Ease of doing business, among others

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THE PROPOSED #2021Budget

Critical issues that need @nassnigeria's attention


N17bn will be spent by govt officials on intl. travels & trainings that can be done virtually.

Whereas 38 Fed. Hospitals do not have allocations for medical supplies.

The N64.75bn allocated for the construction of government buildings across all MDAs should be reviewed downwards, seeing that nearly 135000km of roads in Nigeria are untarred, obstructing the movement of goods and people.

The latter needs more investment. #2021Budget
Also, the N11.9bn capital allocation to the police formations and commands is quite small considering the dearth of equipment needed to provide security for almost 200m people and the poor state of police barracks.

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😮🥳Wow #30days30waysUK – our penultimate day ‘September is #PreparednessMonth 2020. Preparedness and Community Resilience work best when lots of people are involved. Today we celebrate and look at #volunteer opportunities #GetInvolved.
These are very difficult times for everyone. Only through the help and support of volunteers can community resilience be built and maintained #TogetherApart.
There are many brilliant organisations and groups to #getinvolved. Take a look at some of these inspiring hashtag examples
+ more
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😃👋Hello #30days30waysUK. Today is #PeaceDay 'Shaping Peace Together'. We stand with @UN @UNDRR to promote compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the #COVID19 pandemic.
⬇️an inspirational thread…

#WorldPeaceDay #DisasterRiskReduction Image
Compassion, kindness, hope are core qualities of the countless professionals and volunteers that sustain the Covid19 effort and other concurrent emergencies. Today on #30days30waysUK we celebrate YOU, the people that are making a positive difference despite hardship every day.
Covid19 has exposed fault lines in our societies. Marginalised communities suffer more than others. Hate speech + discrimination are on the rise. You can speak up on social media, challenge misconceptions and express support for those in need.
Research volunteering #getinvolved
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🙂👋Hello #30days30waysUK. Today we move from #FloodAware to #FloodRepair and #FloodRecovery on day 13 September is Preparedness Month 2020. Yes - it's all about teamwork to #BuildBackBetter after #flooding...
⬇️🧵 thread
💰💸 Accessing funds is key to help you over the worst.

1⃣ Insurance claims: policies differ so check with your insurer and property owner if renting
2⃣ no insurance: some funds via your local authority or charities

➡️ #FloodRecovery Guide @floodmary… Image
Flood cleanup is unpleasant and can be a serious health hazard. Guidance by @PHE_uk is a good place to start and look for top tips on #30days30waysUK today.
➡️… Image
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We have always called for subsidy removal because it has been used as a conduit for corruption.

However, we are worried about President @MBuhari & @nigeriagov’s approach to the removal & the timing..

...considering the devastating effects of #COVID19 on the economy and the rise in food prices.

While subsidy removal is inevitable, we expect @nigeriagov to earn Nigerians' trust and public support first by taking proactive measures including cutting government waste... build citizens’ confidence in subsidy reforms.

Currently, the optics by the government give the impression that the country is not living on borrowed funds.

Reforms cannot begin with the citizens, but with the government cutting costs in light of the pandemic.
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It's time to celebrate!

Our advocacy for improved service delivery to Nigerians through our @TrackaNG platform yielded notable results in August.

@ekitistategov has finally awarded contracts for the renovation of dilapidated PHCs and Schools in Ekiti.

Thread! Image
2. @NigerStateNG's Chief Press Secretary has sent a detailed list of Universal Basic Education(UBE) intervention projects in Niger State from 2013 to 2018 to our @tracka team.

We will be using the detailed information to monitor Education projects in Niger state.

3. Our @TrackaNG team facilitated the completion of an abandoned Primary Health Center in Gurara Gawu Babangida, Lambata, Niger state, through our advocacy engagement with @NigerStateNG

The Health Centre has been constructed and completed!

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😃👋 Welcome to #30days30waysUK 2020 🇬🇧
the 6th edition of the ‘September is #Preparedness Month’.
1⃣ join
2⃣ follow #30days30waysUK like+share
3⃣ access daily resource links
⬇️bookmarks this master thread directory

#DRRtwitter #EMGtwitter #SMEM #DRR Image
Wow 🤩 What a day!! Over 100 partners taking part on the first day!!
What a fantastic start for this years #30Days30WaysUK Thank you so much 👏🏻
We are so excited for this year - stay with us! it’s going to be a great September!!
Here are some of our partners 👇
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Lawmakers and implementing agencies keep getting away with shoddy execution of constituency projects.

Here's a N15million public project meant to serve thousands of people -built on a private property and under locks.

Residents cannot access or use the borehole.

Thread! Image
This same project was meant to be a solar-based borehole, but was eventually built as a motorised borehole

This will attract additional cost of maintenance

@SwitchNigeriaNG also joined us to advocate for the people in Obeledu community (read here:
We call on @ICPC_PE, @officialEFCC and @nassnigeria to investigate this situation.

They should also make sure this borehole is opened to the people of Obeledu community of Anaocha Local Government Area.

Public funds must work for the people!
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We sent a Memo to @nassnigeria highlighting our requests on the huge cuts in allocation to major sectors in the 2020 revised budget

UBEC Budget should be restored to N112bn &

Capital projects under Health Budget to N159bn

Other key sectors should also be prioritized

Thread! Image
N4.75bn cut was made to developmental projects under the capital component of the Ministry of Education

Capital projects in the Education budget should be restored to a minimum of N84bn which was initially approved

Developmental projects should also be introduced
#GetInvolved Image
@nassnigeria should vote more funds for UBEC as the UBEC budget ceiling doesn't stipulate 2% of consolidated revenue fund but ''not less than 2%''.

CRF should be reviewed from N2.52tn to N5.59tn thereby increasing the budget for UBEC from N51bn to N112bn. Image
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As oil revenue falls, can Nigeria's solid minerals sector rise to the occasion?
There's no doubt that solid minerals offer a great potential in improving our revenue, but first, how did this sector contribute to the Economy in 2018 and what are the prevalent issues?

In 2018, Nigeria sold 46.68m tons of solid minerals and accrued a total revenue of N69.47b . The solid mineral sector contributed 0.18% to the total GDP in that same year

#Askquestions ImageImageImage
A total of 1,516 mineral licences were issued, and 46.68m tons were sold compared to the 35.33m sold in 2017. While Ogun State produced the highest volume, Dangote Cement Plc made a contribution of 46.38%, and limestone accounted for about 54.85% of the total volume produced. ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD: With the ongoing #COVID19 global pandemic coupled with the Saudi Arabia - Russia oil price "war", global crude oil prices have taken a major hit and Nigeria might be faced with harsh economic realities in terms of revenue and budget financing.

With Nigeria's Bonny Light currently trading below $30pb, this huge decline amounts to about 60% fall in the previously benchmarked price in the 2020 approved budget. At $57pb, the government’s revenue target was about N2.64tn, a projection that is now impossible to achieve.
Inspite of the Federal Government's reviewed benchmark of $30 at 1.7million barrels per day, the resultant cut in revenue will no doubt have adverse effects on not just the economy, but also on the standard of living of Nigerians.
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Join us for a virtual tour of the coast at Paull. Located on the outskirts of Hull, Paull is a coastal village with many interesting archaeological remains. Sam and Chris visited the area a few weeks ago. Follow this thread to see what we found. #Humberdiscovery #Archaeology
We started our walk on the north edge of Paull just above the foreshore, then headed North towards Hedon Haven.

Find out what we found on…
In the past, the mouth leading on to the Humber gave access inland to the town of Hedon and the Haven Basin.

Within no time we had spotted some interesting archaeological features. Check out our @ThingLink to find out more-…
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How important is Education to the administration of @jidesanwoolu? We analysed the Lagos State Education Budget to highlight the priorities of the government.

The total sum of ₦136.1bn was budgeted for the Education sector, with N80.7bn and N55.3bn allocated for recurrent and capital expenditures respectively. This represents a 51.7% increase compared to 2019 education budget of N65.6bn. Image
Notable capital project allocations include N10.72bn for the construction / rehabilitation of schools, N7.65 for Lagos State University, N5bn for Education Trust Fund and N1.89bn for the upgrading of Vocational Institutes among others. Image
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