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Die Europa-Abgeordnete M.Rivasi beklagt beim Treffen des „Special Committee on Covid-19“ am 12.5.22 die geschwärzten Verträge mit den Impfstoffherstellern und will von S. Kyriakides wissen, ob Länder wie Polen trotz veränderter pandemischer Lage weiterhin zur Abnahme …

… von 70 Millionen zusätzlichen Impfstoffdosen verpflichtet werden können.…


Der niederländische Abgeordnete Robert Roos beklagt ein zu zögerliches Handeln der ECDC zu Beginn der Pandemie, trotz vielfacher Warnungen.

Zudem möchte er von der Gesundheitskommissarin Kyriakides wissen, ob Sie auch der Ansicht sei, dass Lockdowns und die drakonischen …

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Erste SARS-CoV-2 Rekombinanten in Österreich

In Proben wurde eine noch nicht beschriebene Rekombination von BA.2 mit dem Spike von BA.1.1 bestätigt. Was bedeutet Rekombination bei Coronaviren? Ist das epidemiologisch bzw. klinisch relevant? Und was tut sich international? 1/8
Coronaviren verändern nicht nur einzelne genetische Buchstaben, sondern können auch größere genetische Regionen austauschen. Voraussetzung dafür ist, daß ein Wirt von zwei Viren gleichzeitig infiziert wird, und beide in dieselbe Zelle eindringen. (Grafik: Lara Herrero) 2/8
Beides zusammen ist unwahrscheinlich, aber bei hohen Infektionszahlen möglich. Bisher in UK, FR und DK beschriebene SARS-CoV-2 Rekombinante inkludieren Delta+BA.1 („Deltacron“, XD), BA.1+BA.2 (XE) und auch Delta+BA.2 (XF). Siehe Abbildung von @UKHSA Technical Briefing #39. 3/8
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“Of is het omdat onder de doden zoveel coronapatiënten waren? Die heten vaak niet eens patiënten, die heten ‘druk op de zorg’. Van druk op de zorg komen beperkingen en die beperkingen vinden we verschrikkelijk, dus het betreft hier eigenlijk doden die ons tot last zijn geweest”
Mij valt op dat wanneer men zegt dat de maatregelen niet (meer) in verhouding staan tot de opbrengst, men vaak kijkt naar het aantal #covid19 zieken en doden op dat moment
En niet naar het aantal dat was geweest zónder maatregelen

@KustawBessems Image
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#Thursday #Dec30th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories.
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THREAD: Some interesting uses of the @TwitterAPI to explore #extremeweather events in relation to #climatechange. I found the cognitive dissonance explored in the #wildfires in Australia to hold up based on……
…research that has been carried out. This is where #socialscience can be a leader in engaging with the public. Work that I’m doing now creates spaces for conversations that explore #severeweather risk, focusing on issues of shelter access for those without a range of resources
…we help #communities explore their options, including building consensus on alternative shelter provision, especially where funding is an issue in rural communities. We work with faith groups who have strong #trust and social networks alongside other stakeholders to explore…
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"Responding to outbreaks tomorrow is about preparing today." #ph260720 #pandemicpreparedness
Do you think the US should invest more funds to preparing for future pandemics? #ph260720 #pandemicpoll
Every time there's been an outbreak around the world, there's been a large investment in trying to mitigate and eliminate these threats. But we need to invest for the future, where we could face something worse. #ph260720 #preparedness
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PhD thesis examination of Liangliang Lu has started. Exciting! I'll try live tweeting first time. Let's see how it goes. :) @MerikotkaCentre @AaltoENG
By the means modelling, the thesis contributes to advancing the #riskmanagement of #oil spills in
ice conditions, focusing on #pollution #preparedness and response.
First the system that generates the risk (Accident -> Collision & oil outflow -> oil drifting -> response and recovery) is developed. It is then used to identify critical factors related to (a) the accident aspects and (b) the response aspect.
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THREAD: My research was published today in the International Journal Of Disaster Risk Reduction (#DRR) The link is below. I wanted to take you through it in a series of graphics and infographics. So here goes....…
This is #SantaBarbara, California. It really is a beautiful place to live, but expensive too. (Secretly - or maybe not - I would LOVE to live and work here). It is also where I carried out my #PhD fieldwork, Living my best #phdlife...
Like many places in Southern California, there are a number of #naturalhazards that can and do impact on the city and its surrounding County:

Wildfires 🔥🔥
Mudslides ⛰️ 🪨
Earthquakes 🏚️🏚️
Tsunamis 🌊🌊
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So #ICYMI #OnThisDay in 1974, and into the following day, was the #Tornado #SuperOutbreak This montage of images is on the @NWS pages at: Image
I have the following image as a poster in my office for several reasons, which I will expound upon in subsequent tweets. Firstly it was produced by hand by Theodore ‘Ted’ Fujita, who developed the F-scale (later the EF-Scale based in wind intensity and damage. Image
What I really noticed in the key/legend on the map was how he was also looking at the type of structure where fatalities occurred, something that other scientists (@StephenMStrader) were looking at before I came along, but once you start, you can’t stop. I’m pretty much obsessed. Image
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Personal #preparedness lessons from the #wind #storm: 1. Upgraded UPS units worked great, much better than UPS-destroying planned blackout. APC 19 inch rackmount units, ex-corporate units. 1/x
2. SMA solar inverter's SPS (Secure Power Supply) worked very well for recharging 2 of the 3 identical model UPS units. Third triggered GFCI outlet I have on the SPS every time. 2/
3. UPS unit powering my switch, Wi-Fi router lasted 5 hours before I had to charge it with the solar. Another UPS--with new batteries from Amazon--powering just few other components lasted 3.5 hours, those batteries are not very good. UPS on desktop only lasted 2 hours. 3/
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😃👋Hello and welc😳..... er..... hang on a minute...
let's make very sure this is NOT YOU this winter.
It's day 28 #30days30waysUK and we're taking #WinterReady #DrivePrepared - thread ⬇️
❄️Are you ready for winter? #SevereWeather can affect everyone in the UK not just if you're living in the North. Follow @ReadyScotland advice:

Jason from @KirkleesCouncil knows what he's talking about in terms of #WinterReady #preparedness which covers a range of weather from flooding to snow. Remember the #BeastFromTheEast? Take a look ▶️🔊
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😃👋Hello #30days30waysUK day 26.
As it's our very last #caturday for this 6th edition of 'September is Preparedness Month' we thought we'd honour #CatsOfTwitter one last time: staying alert matters for security and safety ⬇️🧵(open thread)
The police service + partners work hard to keep us safe. Incidents are rare yet it pays to know how to act. #RunHideTell + ACT #ActionCountersTerrorism are national campaigns for #safety #security and #preparedness. Today we share their resources for community resilience.
Official evidence-based advice to #staysafe in the rare event of a firearms and weapons attack is #RunHideTell - here is the @TerrorismPolice video with @antmiddleton
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😃👋Hello #30days30waysUK day 25.
Personal #preparedness 📲✅➡️there's an #AppForThat - many really good ones actually. So, what's in your 'digital #grabbag' to #BePreparedNotScared?
Top FREE resources in this thread and on our hashtag all day today ⬇️

We've already discussed FREE @metoffice #weatheraware and @BritishRedCross #firstaid apps on day 8 and 14 'September is #Preparedness Month' but just in case:
➡️ 🌦️…
Do you #KnowExactlyWhere you are? @what3words works even if you run out of data on some networks @bt_uk @EE @Plusnet and hopefully soon more.
👀⬇️✅... 📲
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😃👋Hello #30days30waysUK
Stay connected, be #cyberaware, #TakeFive to stop fraud and report it. Lots of fantastic resources and expert tips to share for day 24 #cybersafe September is #Preparedness Month so be a clever owl 👀 ⬇️thread
Staying connected online is essential for modern life so it's important to keep ALL your devices safe. Sadly, no one is immune as this recent incident shows (RT @GetSafeOnline)

There is a lot you can do for your personal #cybersecurity and #mobilesecurity. A brilliant place to start is by following @NCSC. Check out their extensive resources:

➡️… Image
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😀👋Hello #30days30waysUK it's our special day on #preparedness with #pets 🐾🐶🐱🐹🐰🐦🐢🐟
Your household emergency preparedness must include the animals in your care. Today we share lots of tips and FREE resources inc. downloads for #PetPreparedness #LeaveNoOneBehind [thread]
There are a lot of good videos available online if you search for #PetPreparedness and check your sources.
A great place to start is with our curated playlist:
➡️… Image
New this year @30Days30WaysUK have created some handy resources for FREE download. First, our #PetPreparedness checklist available as PDF to print or JPG image:

📲 JPG…
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👪👋Hello #30days30waysUK 'September is Preparedness Month'. Today we tackle #preparedKids .
Any #preparedness for emergencies must involve children and young people. As any parent knows, kids are capable and resilient given the right support...
When children are given accurate, clear information in accessible, age-appropriate ways, they are highly motivated to help reduce emergency and disaster risks, both at home and in their communities.
Children can contribute to community resilience.…
Involve children in your household preparedness.
This @East_Riding video is a great explainer and motivator ▶️🔊

#readyKids #preparedKids #YouthPrep #30days30waysUK
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😀👋Welcome to day 20 #30days30waysUK September is Preparedness Month. This #SundayMorning is the perfect time to ask: is your household prepared?
How prepared are you? 🏡👪 ⛈️✅
🤔What exactly is Household Preparedness?
Our intro cartoon explains ▶️🔉…
✅Household Preparedness is planned so you are ahead of an emergency. Bonus for everyone: no need to panic buy. This is especially important during these difficult times. Turn up the volume for South Africa @PicknPay - shop thoughtfully (and safely!) ▶️🔊
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😀👋Welcome #30days30waysUK where on day 19 September is Preparedness Month we jump right in with our top #FireSafety topic #SafeEscape.

Video @cambsfrs ▶️🔉

[open thread ⏬]

Make your home safer from fire risk NOW - this weekend - and 'Stop The Clock' with this video from @Norfolkfire.
#FireSafety personal #preparedness saves lives and property.

Unfortunately for this year there is no new #30days30waysUK #SafeEscape video but take another look at this one from @northantsfire last year
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😀👋Hello #30days30waysUK. After yesterday's #RespectTheWater enjoying our beautiful coast and rivers safely we now fire up 🔥😉#FridayFeeling and head inland and upland ...
The UK has many stunning areas to discover. Do so safely.
We start with this stunning video @cairngormsnews

#WildFireAware #MoorFire #GrassFire #WildFirePrevention
Wildfires devastate natural areas, threaten lives and livelihoods. You may remember the horrendous Saddleworth #MoorFire. This ITV @GranadaReports tweet takes us back....
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😃👋... where would you rather be other than scrolling through your feed right now? It's #ThrowbackThursday and #30days30waysUK yearn for glorious times spent near the water 🏊‍⛵‍🚣 ⛱️

⬇️🧵thread Day 18 September is #Preparedness Month: #WaterSafety #RespectTheWater #staysafe
Even though it's late in the season, luckily some UK beaches still have @RNLI patrols:
⛱️choose a lifeguarded beach
🌥️check the forecast and tide times
⚠️heed local hazards signs
There are many #watersafety tips shared today on #30days30waysUK from partner resources such as @HMCoastguard @MCA_media @RNLI @CoastguardTeam.
Below, we highlight stories recently in the media.
Always remember... 👀🆘➡️📞999 CoastGuard

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