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This is the Fire-station in Naples
😱🙁 🙏 #naplesflorida #Hurricane_Ian
STORM surge in FL #Naples 😱
#Hurricane_Ian #Flooding #HurricaneIanupdate
Extremely upsetting to watch. #FtMyersbeach #FortMyers #HurricaneIanupdate #hurricaneIan #Florida
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WEATHER: While #HurricaneFiona Is A Relatively Weak #Hurricane, #PuertoRico Is In Serious Danger From Massive #Flooding Amplified By Training/Orographic Lift!
This Is An Incredibly Life-Threatening Situation Especially On The Southern Half Of #PuertoRico
UPDATE: This Was The Eye Of #HurricaneFiona As It Crossed #CaboRojo #PuertoRico
Photo By: 📸 Luis A. Ramírez
UPDATE: The Entire Island Of #PuertoRico Is Without Power As #HurricaneFiona Dumps Massive Amounts Of Flooding Rains Destroying The Islands Infrastructure!
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1/ Flood Alert in Japan 🚨

Heavy rainfall, associated with the remnants of Tropical Storm Songda, has moved across northern Japan from July 31.

As a result of heavy rains, ICEYE has observed flooding in Hokkaido and Northern Honshu.

2/ Our team continues to take new satellite images and monitor the #flood, as these rains in Japan continue. Yamagata Prefecture and Niigata appear to be the most affected areas so far.

Current data indicates that hundreds of buildings have been impacted.
3/ Initial flood extent and depth analysis is aimed for customer delivery within 24 hours 💧
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#climatechange🌍🌡 is the greatest threat to human #health👩⚕️. 
Here are 5 ways climate change is impacting our health and how the future could look like if no action is taken. 
A 🧵. 1/11
#climatechange #globalwarming #savetheplanet #climate #climatecrisis #climatechangeisreal
1. Extreme Heat🌡: Heat waves are deadly⚰. One study attributed more than 1/3 of heat-related deaths to climate change. Future warming could result in an additional 2K - 10K deaths/year in each of 209 U.S. cities. 2/11
Heart attacks & strokes can result from prolonged exposure to heat. The heart has to work harder to pump blood and minerals are lost through sweat. Extreme heat can also worsen pre-existing conditions such as kidney damage, especially for vulnerable populations such as 👴👵. 3/11
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“'Every piece of real estate in #Bangladesh is populated, and this entire area is underwater,' said Sheldon Yett, the United Nations Children’s Fund representative to the country, referring to the northeast."… #Sylhet #FinnegansWake
1/ "But this year, the #rains have been especially intense, a harsh reminder that #climatechange is bringing more extreme weather around the world."
2/ "In #China, where recent #flooding has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, the state-run news media reported this week that water levels had surged beyond flood levels in more than a hundred #rivers."
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Disasters continue to sweep the world. Anthropogenic in nature, exacerbated by #climateCrisis #capitalism and #EcosystemDestruction. The age of disasters is upon us.
#Yellowstone hit by #floods; staff cut off and in short supply.…
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1/n 📢🧵: The @IPCC_CH launched their new report (WG2-AR6) this week, exploring the impacts of #climate risks, #adaptation & vulnerability. Here are some insights on the key takeaways for #India.🇮🇳🌏♻️
#ClimateReport #IPCC #IPCCReport
🔗Read Asia Ch. 10 ➡️ Image
2/n #India🇮🇳 is at risk of multiple #climaticrisks, many of which are accelerating in frequency & intensity. Rising temp.🌡️are likely to cause severe heat stress in summer, esp. in cities where temp.🌡️can be more than 2℃ warmer than the surroundings due to heat island effects. Image
3/n Extreme rainfall events are projected to lead to more frequent #flooding in settlements near vulnerable rivers & flood risks across the country will become more frequent & severe. Higher than 🌏 mean sea level rise for #Asia’s coasts exposes 🇮🇳’s large coastal population. Image
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#Brazil > new video of the flooding in the Rio suburb of Petrópolis ;
Bus passengers are desperately fighting for their lives.

The death toll from #flooding and #mudslide has risen to over 80 ...

#Petropolis = 8 of the current reported/confirmed fatalities are children ...
21 people were rescued by the emergency services
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#Brazil - #RioDeJaneiro
Death toll has risesen to 23 after heavy rainfall causes major flooding in suburb

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I was live on @BBCNews last night talking about the language of #climate change. Here's a thread of short clips. First, I was asked to address what we call it: #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming Great to talk with @bbcdavideades!
Then we discussed a great term: #GlobalWeirding. Because human-caused #climate disruption is so much more than warming. It's the increased frequency & intensity of #extremeweather #heavyrain #Heatwaves #Wildfires #drought #flooding and more.
I explained why #greenhouse gases or #GHGs are not a great term for the public and why I prefer heat-trapping #pollution - it explains the mechanism.
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The first nor’easter of the season may become the third bomb cyclone in a matter of days to affect the continental U.S., and it will usher in miserable conditions. ⛈💨 Check out our thread below to find out more: ⬇️…
2. The storm has been categorized as a nor'easter since it will be spreading northeasterly winds along the coast and is the first such storm of the season to impact the region. 💨…
3. Like the "bomb cyclones" in the Pacific this week, the nor'easter could undergo a period of rapid intensification known as bombogenesis:…
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And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn
Hey @Grubhub @Grubhub_Care if you can help me find this delivery driver I’ll donate anything I get from media requests to him
Update: I haven’t been able to find this man yet. I think his plastic bag is a generic take out often used for Chinese food (photo attached). If anyone has ideas and/or had delivery around 10:10 near roebling/11th st let me know
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I’m going go out on a limb here and say someone in this highlighted area is probably going to get a foot plus of rain tomorrow. Not widespread to be clear but isolated totals 12”+ are definitely reasonable. I’ll explain below👇 #pawx #njwx #ida #rain #flooding
As Ida will be undergoing baroclinic process and transitioning from a tropical depression into a extratropical storm we’ll actually see some similarities to a winter storm. Warm air advection will be playing a part in aiding Frontogenesis tomorrow across the Northeast as…
The contrast in temperature as noted in the pictures will create an enhanced area of lift. Along the edge of those juiciest dewpoints and under the FGEN setup that is where a combination of the best forcing along with moisture content will be aiding in producing anomalous…
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One of my main contributions to the #IPCCReport was to coordinate the Frequently Asked Questions.
With @nigelhawtin @TomMaycock @connorsSL @MelichatGo and the authors, we've produced 34 1-page explainers + figure on important climate concepts.
👉… Image
In the coming weeks, I'll try to share the main findings from the FAQs.
1/ for the 1st time, #ClimateReport says that human influence on the climate is an established fact. To support this, we show the many consistent lines of evidence showing that the world is warming /FAQ2.2 Image
2/ from FAQ2.2, we know that the climate is changing. The observed warming since 1850 (black) can *only* be explained by human activities (grey: red + blue). Natural causes (green) have had a limited effect
PS: climate simulations are very close to observations /FAQ3.1 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/25/2021…
Quarantined spaces are everywhere—and they’re much more influential than you think…

#quarantines #history #effectiveness
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The death toll from torrential rains in central #China's Henan province increased to 33 on Thursday, while eight people still remain missing and more than 30 lakh others affected, local authorities confirmed.

A total of 3,76,000 local residents have been relocated, said the provincial emergency management department.

Rainwater has damaged more than 215,200 hectares of crops, causing a direct economic loss of about 1.22 billion yuan ($188 million), reports Xinhua news agency.

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#China🇨🇳:📍Zhengzhou subway station
#Flood #chinaflood
#China🇨🇳: Another video of Zhengzhou subway station,

Water inside metro train as flash flood raging across Zhengzhou city in central China.
#China #flooding #floods
#Flood #chinaflood
⚠️Updated🇨🇳:#CCP Propaganda Department said that One person killed, two others missing in central China's #Henan Province, after heavy rain hit the city

But Video showing more casualties...

Communication disruption has been reported in some parts of the city. Rescue is underway
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/17/2021…
Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat…

#racism #cities #temperatures
Christian attitudes surrounding abortion have a more nuanced history than current events suggest…

#christianity #abortion #history
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At least 42 people have died in Germany and many more are missing following severe floods, police say. At least six others have died in neighbouring Belgium, and the city of Liège has urged all residents to leave.…
Germany floods. Cars being washed down the street in western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. #Hochwasser video @rq_sh4
The situation is dire in Liège in Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region, where the river Meuse has burst its banks and residents are being evacuated. #Belgium #flooding…
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Massive #flooding in #Detroit this past weekend. It's been heartbreaking and people need help. If you're able to volunteer to help with home clean-up between now and Wed 7/7, sign up here with @ICNARelief:

ICNA Relief #Michigan-Volunteer Sign-up Sheet…
If you are a homeowner in #Detroit, #Dearborn, and #Hamtramck and need help with mucking out the damage after the #flooding, please give @ICNARelief's Michigan disaster team a call at (313) 366-6800 or email at
Another option is to get help from Detroit SW Cares, a local mutual aid group that works in Southwest. Their form is in English, Spanish, and Arabic:…. Those who are undocumented can safely request aid here. #Detroit #FloodResponse
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/01/2021…
Five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable…

#research #ClimateChange #flooding #resilience #demographics
Neurons Act Not As Simple Logic Gates, But As Complex, Multi-Unit Processing Systems…

#neurons #dendrites #behavior #nodes #MultiUnit #ProcessingSystems
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Video on Chinese #flooding situation. Audio interesting, not related to flooding... financial. #China flood this yr has been catastrophic... Flood amnt matches political news coverage, obvious distractn. 🙄 Worst flooding began Oct 2019, yep, u know where!
There is a decided lack of info on #spongecities but China spent billions in Wuhan w help from green investors. Wonder who? Concept stupid, what happens when water sitting around... Disease/mosquitos/parasites! Nxt came flooding Iran & Northern Italy..…
Ivrmctn/hydrx effective against covid, they are anti parasitics.
#Legionnaires outbreaks reported worldwide end of 2019, city of Chicago lost a court case from VA hospital deaths millions. Worldwide outbreak 2019, world flood. Jan 2020 disease practically disappeared from news.
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#EUSpace for global monitoring

#Hurricane #Sally has caused catastrophic #flooding in #Florida & #Alabama 🇺🇸

⬇️ @CopernicusEU #Sentinel1🇪🇺🛰️ radar image of the eye of #HurricaneSally off the #US coast, before it made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama Image
Thanks to @ai6yrham for the inspiration!
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🙂👋Hello #30days30waysUK. Today we move from #FloodAware to #FloodRepair and #FloodRecovery on day 13 September is Preparedness Month 2020. Yes - it's all about teamwork to #BuildBackBetter after #flooding...
⬇️🧵 thread
💰💸 Accessing funds is key to help you over the worst.

1⃣ Insurance claims: policies differ so check with your insurer and property owner if renting
2⃣ no insurance: some funds via your local authority or charities

➡️ #FloodRecovery Guide @floodmary… Image
Flood cleanup is unpleasant and can be a serious health hazard. Guidance by @PHE_uk is a good place to start and look for top tips on #30days30waysUK today.
➡️… Image
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