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. @rbganatra and I had pleasure of presenting talk on 2021’s most important papers in #HospitalMedicine @BIDMC_medicine #GenMed #GrandRounds. Here are our (abbreviated) 🔑points.

Anyone wanting to watch the video (with nerdy jokes) can click here:
Article selection: reviewed the major med journals ➕ JWatch Hospital Medicine for articles that were practice-changing or practice-confirming in setting of sparse data.

Covered the following 8 questions:
First, does contrast->CKD/AKI❓ Retrospective cohort w/ regression discontinuity design in all EDs in Alberta 🍁 2013-2018. >150k w/ D-dimer during ED visit (no RRT in prior 6 mos).
1o outcome: long-term renal f’n (eGFR up to 6 mos post index visit).…
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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Fantastic #grandrounds by @lmraomd @UCLAMCH
Neuro complications of #Covid in children

🧠Loss of smell (anosmia) and taste (ageusia) >80%
🧠Headaches typically don't respond to analgesics.
🧠Dizziness can also be seen
#pedsICU #pedsneuro @uclachildneuro @timbooth75
Ischemic stroke seen more than hemorrhagic.
Median age of stroke 50.
Neuro manifestations of #SARSCoV2
May present later, up to 17 days out.
May present with mental status change seizures or acute psychosis. @atopeli @VeysiCe @smutlubm @ozlemyildiz1881 #PedsICU
Para post neurological symptoms
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We are eager to learn from this #GrandRounds by @OHSU_ID faculty @lstrnad5 and @SikkaMon regarding the overlap between complex bacterial infections and SDOH ImageImage
Looking at rates of IUD-associated bacterial infection versus other Oregon demographics.

These infections are more common in poorer and more rural areas Image
Racial disparities also exist in Oregon. Black individuals accord for a disproportionate % of IUD infection related admissions versus the 2% of general population Image
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#GrandRounds today by @vaportland faculty Dr. Kate Mackey (and alumna/former chief resident) about evidence synthesis in the era of covid19 including overview of the VA Evidence Synthesis Program (ESP). Many thanks also for the mentorship of TEN residents working with the project ImageImageImage
here's the link to the website:
One of the research/writing teams including resident @DrLiederbauer and recent grad (& incoming faculty) @kieferm2 leading to this publication in @AnnalsofIM !… Image
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#OHSUscholarship #GrandRounds—if it’s been happening for over 5 years, we can call it a long standing tradition!
Celebrating the scholarly work of our residents today ~ through knowledge and curiosity, may we work to help our communities, patients, and profession! Image
Dr. Jenna Anderson shared her multidisciplinary work on developing an acute pancreatitis care guideline across the OHSU enterprise and partner hospitals #OHSUscholarship @OHSUsurgery @OHSU_DHM Image
Dr. @DrSimoneDekker sharing her research critical illness, traumatic injury, and gene expression Image
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Dr. Mukerji kicking off @MGHNeurology #grandrounds on #COVID19 and neurology by reviewing @JAMA_current series- neurological complications started early in course of disease, most common: dizziness, headaches, impaired consciousness, stroke, then neuromuscular.
Neuro symptoms in 45.5% in severe #COVID19, 30.2% in mild COVID. But newer studies suggest this is an underestimate.
Dr. Chwalisz differentiates between minor vs major neurological symptoms #COVID19 #neurology:
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1). “Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude”— Renaldo Williams started his #chieftalk this morning @VUMCSurgRes with this Frederick Douglass quote— and took us down several personal roads in an incredibly thoughtful and moving #grandrounds. Thread follows....
2). It was about roads— the many different types of roads that get us from one place to another— some unmarked, some treacherous, some worn, some patched. And he reflected on his road— from Holmes County #Mississippi where 45% live in poverty.
3). To successfully navigate any road, you need a map and a compass (value systems), rest stops (opportunities that open doors), and guides (mentors).
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Fascinating #grandrounds on “Preventative Cardiology: the birth of a subspecialty” by Dr. Sergio Fabio @OHSUCardio—combining forces of cardiology and endocrinology to move the focus of care much more upstream Image
Cardiac rehab is underutilized, and underutilized in preventative cardiology! Image
“Can you prescribe kale?”
Preventative cardiology is multidisciplinary including pharmacist and dietician—but beyond “eat this/don’t eat this”—getting produce directly to patients with home delivery! Image
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2nd case presented at Grand Rounds today. The clues to the diagnosis are all in this famous Rembrandt painting. What’s your diagnosis? #IDMeded #IDgrandrounds #grandrounds @WashUID Image
Correct! This is the portrait of Gerard de Lairesse, displayed at the Metrop Museum of Art. Frontal bossing of Parrot, saddle nose, rhagades are just some of the many features of congenital syphilis depicted by Rembrandt.…
The case presented today was a neonate who presented with fever, URI, and a diffuse discoid rash thought to be from neonatal lupus. RPR/TPA + so as mom’s. Cord blood negative (5% false negative RPR because of the Wharton Jelly within the umbilical cord).
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Wonderful to have @LisaB_MD from @GistHealthcare giving the Paul Mason Lectureship for #IMED #GrandRounds today: The Future of #Healthcare
Always so insightful!

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“Our #USEconomy in a nutshell? We are a huge insurance company w a bunch of tanks and planes!”- @LisaB_MD
#physicians need to use their voice for advocacy for our practices and our patients”- @LisaB_MD
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Fascinating #GrandRounds @renalpolitics @OHSUNephrology on dialysis for undocumented patients and emergency only dialysis v what states have some Medicaid coverage for this patient population Image
Emergency only dialysis v scheduled? Almost four times the cost for 2/3rd number of sessions. Image
There is also data that emergency only dialysis is a driver of burnout for those who end up providing it and caring for patients who depend on it Image
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It’s one of our favorite #GrandRounds of the year! SIXTH annual “celebrating achievements in resident scholarship”!! @OHSUSOM @OHSUNews Image
Our presenters today! Drs. Spencer, Liu, @rloganjonesmd, Maniar, @JoelB_PDX, and Bhushan! Image
Dr. Hunter Spencer presenting his fascinating case of bile cast nephropathy, which has been an invited oral talk at #SGIMNW18 #OHSUscholarship ImageImage
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Packed house for @OHSUSOM dept med #GrandRounds w @svenjammin & @Clotmaster @OHSUKnight: “Delivering on the promise of anticoagulation without bleeding via contact pathway inhibition: There will (not) be blood” Image
Super neat discussion on evolutionary pathways w acquisition of clotting factors. Yes, if you zoom in, the graphic says “did anything happen here?” Between hagfish and lamprey #GrandRounds Image
Also neat historical history w Factor XII and John Hageman, found to have prolonged clotting time but no bleeding predilection, and died of pulmonary embolism! #GrandRounds #historyofmedicine Image
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#ChiefResident blog #WINOFTHEWEEK: shoutouts to APD Drs. @katieiossi and Assistant PD @aoglasser who both made a splash this week online!…
Dr. Iossi was featured in @AAIMOnline Member Spotlight:…
Dr. O'Glasser gave @OHSUSOM Dept of Medicine #GrandRounds on #medtwitter with a #tweetorial posted afterwards. it quickly went viral, gaining tremendous feedback as the "gold standard" for discussions about academic use of social media.
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#GrandRounds @Bloodman proximal DVT treatment? 3 months. Also get ultrasound at end of treatment to establish post tx “baseline”—evidence of scar tissue can prevent dx of “recurrent” or “chronic” DVT Image
3 month applies if provoked! If truly idiopathic, still need better prediction rules for who will have another VTE. Newer anticoagulants shifting risk/benefit of long term therapy
Long term options with DOACs. Don’t forget the larger loading dose, consider low dose for long term therapy after treat with usual dose Image
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#GrandRounds Noble Wiley @jpkassirer did you know he introduced the clinical problem solving and images in clinical medicine series to the @NEJM? ImageImage
Here’s the 1992 article introducing the images series…
And here’s the 1992 article announcing the new clinical problem solving series…
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#GrandRounds @jpkassirer discussing the evolution of clinical analysis and problem solving, how physicians understand positive predictive value, etc @VinayPrasadMD @Jia_Luo Image
“Good medicine does not consist in the indiscriminate application of laboratory examinations to a patient, but rather in having so clear a comprehension of the probabilities of a case as to know what tests may be of value” 1978…
And updated more recently.…
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#GrandRounds @OHSUSOM @OHSUNews @Dadikoman very important lessons re legacy of the Tuskegee study + race & medicine-will tweet key articles
@Dadikoman 1978 Hastings Center Report, openly available HT @Harvard @oscharvard…
@OHSUSOM @OHSUNews @Dadikoman this was the first research study to come out from the early years on the Tuskegee study, 1936 @JAMA_current…
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#GrandRounds @Jgold10529Jeff the "zebra" v "horse" case analysis was really educational, so sharing more details... Image
@Jgold10529Jeff #GrandRounds respiratory illnesses (upper & lower) common in Tanzania (not all TB)...why?
@Jgold10529Jeff @OHSUPulmCCM domestically acquired particulate lung disease (i.e. Hut Lung) Image
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