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Q: What do🐍 snakes have to do with ICU pharmacology?
A: A lot! We use 💊medications derived from snake venom every day in fact!

Buckle up for a fun 🧵of #UnusualDrugDiscovery & #HistoryOfMedicine about medications derived from from 🐍☠️snake venom! #FOAMed #FridayFun
First a question: which of the following snake venoms have been used to develop medical therapies?

(don't worry we’ll go over the answer at the end)
It was long known that workers in banana plantations would collapse due to low blood pressure if they were bitten by the Brazilian Arrow Headed Pit Viper Bothrops jararaca.

A Brazilian graduate student - Sergio Ferreira - thought this could be useful...
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This gentle man is Sir William Osler.. He has frequently been described as the “Father of Modern Medicine” and one of the "greatest diagnosticians ever to wield a stethoscope". What did he hv to say about #India ? @sanjeevsanyal @vipintukur @naveenthacker @EricTopol @mvankerkhove Image
His fascination for #India, The land of #Vishnu had no bounds..!! At each & every intellectual commentary he mentions about his interest in the values #India was known for @ProfSomashekhar @iapindia @IndianMedicalAs @MoHFW_INDIA @VirusesImmunity Image
In one of his essays; “Of India, of "Vishnu-land," what can one say in a few minutes? To the Hindoos we owe a debt which we can at any rate acknowledge; and even in medicine, many of our traditions and practices may be traced to them”. @drharshvardhan @PMOIndia @BharadwajSpeaks Image
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1/ #NYACP #Tweetorial
#MedTwitter, let’s start with a ❓

56 yo man with type 2 diabetes mellitus and CAD for 7 years has a A1C 8.0%, and albumin:creatinine ratio 300. Which add-on diabetes med will have a protective effect on his cardiac comorbidities?

2/ That’s right- Canagliflozin!

In this tweetorial we address: Why are we optimistic about SGLT2 inhibitors?

♦️ The -flozins let glucose “flow out: of proximal convoluted tubules of nephrons
♦️ Half of filtered glucose is excreted- more than 💯g in T2DM patients
#flozinate PMID: 26137213
3/ Okay, they work for T2DM. But so do all7⃣of our first line agents! Why all the hype?

SGLTi also:

✅ ⬇️ risk of cardiovascular mortality in chronic and decompensated failure
✅ Slow progression of diabetic and non-diabetic kidney disease
✅ Induce weight loss ⚖️ PMID: 31290126
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The use of a dermatome to harvest a skin graft is a familiar sight within any modern plastic surgery operating room. But how and when did the practice of skin grafting start? (1/14)
#plasticsurgery #historyofmedicine
According to some accounts, the use of skin grafts can be traced back to ancient India, where the Tilemaker caste utilised skin taken from the gluteal region, which they then beat with wooden slippers, in the correction of nasal defects incurred as punishment. (2/14)
The use of skin grafts then disappeared for 2,500 years and re-emerged in the 19th Century with reports by Cooper and Bünger of their successful use of skin grafts in humans. Bünger published on his work in 1823. (3/14)
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The history of public health is also the history of women in health care. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how the discipline of public health arose out of social justice reforms in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The second half of the 19th century saw an increasing appreciation of the health consequences of poverty. Among other factors, the development of germ theory created an understanding of how the crowded, unsanitary conditions of slums propagated infectious disease. 2/
At the same time, women were fighting for a greater voice in all aspects of public life. A popular suffragist argument was that women had unique skills and traits that could balance the harms men caused to the world. 3/
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Short #Tweetorial

How did we started with heated humified high flow nasal cannula in 🇺🇾 ?

Easy explanation of 3 #HHHFNC homemade models #HFNC devices?

(No COI to declare)

#PedsICU #SoMe4MV #historyofmedicine @WFPICCS
It is really easy.
You can get information of its uses and applications in this nice review in @respcare ▶️

This is basically the diagram 👇
So back in 2012 in our country we wanted to try some kind of respiratory support for the youngest infants in which interfases for #NIV was difficult.

SO we came up with an idea: What if we dismantle the old ventilators we do not use any more?

Like this ones 👇
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51M & daughter in California admitted w fever/resp failure/hemoptysis. CXR +mutifocal PNA. Father +tender groin LN. Bcx +GNB bipolar staining. Next day, 13 other pts from the same area, admitted w severe PNA. Reported handling dead rats. Recomm isolation precaution on admission?
(1/5) Answer: droplet isolation. The rapidly progressive pneumonia, tender lymphadenopathy (index patient), epidemiologic link to handling dead rodents, the high attack rate, & the bipolar staining GNB seen on blood culture all point to 🌟📌💡plague (Yersinia pestis). #meded
(2/5) When plague is suspected, patients should be placed on 🌟droplet isolation until 48H of effective Rx (1st line: gentamicin). 📌Person-person transmission of plague has only been observed in the pneumonic form. 💡#meded
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Packed house for @OHSUSOM dept med #GrandRounds w @svenjammin & @Clotmaster @OHSUKnight: “Delivering on the promise of anticoagulation without bleeding via contact pathway inhibition: There will (not) be blood” Image
Super neat discussion on evolutionary pathways w acquisition of clotting factors. Yes, if you zoom in, the graphic says “did anything happen here?” Between hagfish and lamprey #GrandRounds Image
Also neat historical history w Factor XII and John Hageman, found to have prolonged clotting time but no bleeding predilection, and died of pulmonary embolism! #GrandRounds #historyofmedicine Image
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