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It’s been a big 24 hours for the pro baby eating community. I’m #humbled and #honored by all the @’s.

But 🐐 satire aside, I want to be clear, believing that having more children, and that population growth in general, is a threat to the world is cynical, stupid and wrong.
Modern day Malthusianism is every bit as silly and dangerous as the original version.

Never forget that Malthus was an anti-vaxxer. He was wrong about just about everything.

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Extra sauce for your liberal friends.
This is your government of
(“hand picked” “esquires”)...
Who then founded, funded, developed and weaponized (via DARPA & IARPA) the media against American citizens; Whom they lulled to sleep, and robbed blind.…
For centuries...
“progressive” elites have sought “alternate means” to enslave and control you.
This is but one example, of how they’ve attempted to weed out “undesirables” or “cull the herd”.…
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Marcus is also a straight-A student. Both students are incredibly competitive. He’s also the kid from the “detonate” story.

We're learning about the Roman Republic that day. Patricians are the wealthy class; plebeians are the working class.

Stan stands up mid class.
Me: Only patricians had a political voice. This meant that the plebeians, which made up of 95% of the population had no voice in the government!

Stan: Yooooooo! Yoooooo! Yooooo, Ms. don't see that...

*Marcus rolls eyes and sucks teeth*

Marcus & Stan:
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I have a former student named Stan*. I’ve been sharing his commentary on Facebook for 3 years. Folks think he’s funny. 🙄 In honor of his recent graduation, I’m going to start positing the stories here. Here’s our very first interaction, 3 years ago. 👇🏾
Stan: Ms. Buddington, you like your hair like that?

Me: Yes...why?

Stan: *walks around me, looking at my head*

Me: *confused*

(Exhibit A: 👇🏾 2016 Hair)
Stan: *goes into his notebook, scrawls something, rips a paper out and hands it to me, with a number on it*

Me: What is this?

*still confused*
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