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He calls out wolfman howl, a murder most fowl. #GeorgeHWBush. He even shared the genius dot com link that gives you the break down of what the lyrics mean. Why would Bob Dylan release this now? Hmm seeding the public I see.
#PANIC it’s a 17 minute song! Do you believe in coincidences?
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Hear me out: this has everything to do with cyber.

1/5 Three decades of #computer virus panic leads me to predict #COVID19 will lead to a major reduction in U.S. food poisonings -- but only over the short term.

I've long hypothesized that many so-called "food poisonings"...
2/5 ...actually stem from unsanitary conditions AT HOME.

Somebody plops a greasy taco bag or a leftover container on the kitchen counter / table. That residue spoils.

Then it transfers to Timmy's Big Mac. He pukes & poops and his parents auto-blame it on McDonald's.
3/5 I believe the U.S. has grown so "fast-foody" that we've collectively lost our discipline for kitchen & dining room cleanliness.

Now, suddenly, panic has swept the U.S. Everybody hoards @Clorox wipes and, wow, actually uses them!

These wipes are closely related to...
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The #coronavirus #pandemic/#panic has already fundamentally changed our society and #economy. We're already seeing #quarantines along with #unemployment, #bankruptcies, and empty shelves in stores. And we see how entire states are being shut down as government asserts they know
which businesses are 'essential' and thus may operate and which are 'non-essential' and therefore forced closed. Whereas this obviously will cause enormous economic problems, let's take a look at what is actually going on. We are not only in the midst of a virus pandemic, but
also a major economic shift: from industry to information. Such shifts can happen smoothly, but government's actions are forcing the shift and disrupting all industries--uprooting the traditional employment model and creating a gig and work-from-home economy. Part of this is the
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Coincidence? Same spike at marker 4 is 2pm pst, cleared and anchored.💙🌈✅ #MissionForward
Also saw this as I completed the Majestic Kern River by Bakersfield into entrance to Sequoias (Gateway to Gold Hz). It came around 2 most remote place where I was. While I was hiking to find a place to get next to river. After, then heard this fast loud sound 2x. Then I asked my
Guides is that what I think it was. If so pls let me see it fly again. After reaching 100 giants entrance but was close, due to CV, was sad cuz was looking Fwd to hugging one of them. So had to make a u turn. On way day the mtn, 1 hr after 1st sight it came back, N this time it
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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Think 45 played his ACE card...all the carriers are more than likely deployed...This is around the PI, where muslim-jihad R in So. Island. Phil in lockdown for a month w/ curfew... #PANIC #CheckMate #EvilWillBeNoMore…
Grd crew warriors have been undercover to many cabal countries to catch PEDO activities, just example below...This is the SICK VIRUS that is being purged WW now...#ForTheChildrenWW
Not that PI (my birth country) is a cabal country, it's been controlled by DS/Cabal, since DS took out Marcos in the 80s, to start [their] pedo/precious mineral resources from the islands.
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#PANIC since '17, GFL/Q forced mtg on Modi (who provided the Cabal cntrld tech engrs to US, n why majority have gone to Silicon Valley since the dot com, w/ working visa, part of the SPY campaign against US citizens/WW, per patriot act by Bush since 9/11)...2017 was a majestic
turnover, clean out cabal hold on IT tech giants. #TrustThePlan #TrustGFLQTeam #TheFinalPurgeUnderway
Just to msg was coming in fr my guides that the purpose of the PEAS in 2018 was to reverse any spying software/gps locator to all iphone/other top mobile phones w/ malice. In order for the other activated warriors, such as traveling light rays to be safe on the road b4
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Whenever there's a transition that GFL/Q team would like to start occuring, like big techs, w/c occured sometime 2/3 yrs ago to push the cabal tech giants to surrender to GFL or be exposed/rec'd indictments. So pharmacy/CDC are now next thing fwd for the transition, to end their
games and release all healing meds/vaccines (there are some being held. specially for kids)...So just trust the team, as this is part of the PUSH to heal many who have been hurt (DNA mutated, ie autism). I can't say that many will go for this, until disclosure occurs, as many
don't trust CDC. I for one want to protect my only child/son. But know that Q+/team is doing all the right moves in the DC. #PANIC
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"Restrictions imposed to control the virus — & public panic — have transformed #Italy’s commercial & financial capital in a way some Milanese fear will result in a deep & lasting economic blow."… #Milan #ItalyCoronavirus
1/ "Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte this week said the economic blow to Italy could be 'very strong.'”
2/ “'If the virus spreads, and it will spread, I think any local or national politician would have to take very drastic action, and that will virtually halt the economy,' said Roberto Perotti, an economist at #Milan’s Bocconi University, who was #workingfromhome this week."
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With the #COVID19 outbreak, it is important to use language responsibly. Here is the first entry of our new #ContagiousWords series, defining the buzzwords and terminology dominating today's conversation. #Pandemic #PandemicsCost
@ilariacapua Language is powerful, so we must be sure and accurate in the ways we communicate science. #Epidemic #ContagiousWords #COVID19
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New day's #Q!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3874...
Link2 @cain_nate Tweet ==> #POTUS chose his words carefully, letting us all know #Justice is coming.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @cain_nate 2) #QAnon 3875...
Image of 3365 on #LesWexner.
Link2 @sapna Tweet -> #Epstein & #VictoriasSecret's #Wexner connect & the truths R much darker.

Tweet links 2a #NYT piece on improprieties surrounding the corp.…
#LockEmUp [ ]
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @cain_nate @sapna 3) System isn't uploading images - again.
Separate uploads?
#QAnon 3875 cont...
The latest drop ties neatly into current realities.
#LexWexner's reign over others is nearing an end.
It continues...
U'll have 2click the links😡…
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1. BOOM! President Trump Threatens to Sue Deep State Operatives Behind Fraudulent and Criminal Mueller Witch Hunt… #Trump2020 #News
2. Obama Lies Again – Ignores that the Year after Signing the Stimulus More than (4) MILLION JOBS WERE LOST… #Trump2020 #News
3. The Gateway Pundit has exclusive information and photos that prove Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor in the middle of the Russia collusion scam, Who Was Reported Dead, is VERY MUCH ALIVE!… #Trump2020 #News
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1)Q told us the “Tarmac” would come back into the news about a year ago. And here we are!!!…
2) We were told there was a “Witness” at the infamous Tarmac mtg & she was a trusted Clinton person

Her name is Amanda Renteria

From the same conservative Central CA earth as Devin Nunes, Renteria ran for Congress in 2014 for her traditionally conservative District 21 & lost.
3)Renteria has a typical Deep State resume: attended Harvard, former nat’l political dir for HRC, worked w/Feinstein.

In 2016, she last-minute ran for governor of CA w/ a “grassroots” campaign.

Q asked who her campaign manager was and who donated to her campaign?
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Prosecutor assigned to review #Flynn case, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, apparently has a similar mandate to #Durham

#FISAGate #Durham #SpyGate #QAnon #WWG1WGA
"Attorney General William Barr asked the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, to look into Flynn's FBI interview, the people familiar with the inquiry said. The inquiry began within the past month."
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New Q!…
Read carefully.
Sound familiar?
Sometimes a leak turns into a flood.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
#NYT article about #Durham and his investigation into #JohnBrennan the #CIA and the origins of the #RussiaHoax looking at the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) and speaking to #AdmiralRogers
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It's a new day's #Q!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3856...
Q gives us a re-drop of 802 ==> Definitions of #Patriot & #Traitor.
The text begins with a covert msg.
#Renegade & #Evergreen are 2be defined - see image...
Depopulation - 2be fleshed out in the future.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 2) #QAnon 3857...
Anyone that haunts #8kun, knows full well that it's been under attack, or was hit & is limping.

#Corporate, #WeaponizedMedia has been pushing new narratives 4their #Propaganda campaign(s).

The WHY is clear 2those that have 2firing neurons 2rub together!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 3) Apologies' #Twitter just will not upload #QAnon 3858.
Hours in?
It's a re-drop of 3721 aka 3613.
Will keep trying.
#NotGood [ ! ]😡
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"EPSTEIN was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him, we all knew what he was doing." -Cindy McCain at a Human Trafficking Conference

No name was afraid of Epstein?...or.......
Question was clipped earlier..
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🌐Global Elites❤️love to host dinners &
give each other lifetime achievement awards.
In 2013 Joe Biden was "honored" by the
"U.S. Global Leadership Coalition" 🤔
Surprisingly, Hunter Biden was on their board
Who would present the award? Of course🐦🤣
presents Joe Biden a lifetime award by a
GLOBAL organization Hunter Biden is a board
member of - NOTHING TO SEE HERE🤣
"My Dad used to have an expression...
You know you're a success as a father, when
you turn and look at your son or daughter, and
Joe Biden to Hunter Biden 12/13/13
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as he whines into the TRUMP HATING echo chamber

Iranian Official John Kerry is using terms like..."IRAN sued us for the money" & "we lost in court"....🤣🤣🤣
FRIEND OF IRAN JOHN KERRY still unhinged & whining as if he's scared or something🤣 As he rants, listen and ask yourself, is he representing us the American people? Or is puppet John frightened and protecting someone or something...🤔 #PANIC
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People are speculating what is coming next. JUSTICE PHASE JUST ON THE HORIZON...#Panic #Pain #Justice
Video credit @Crank_the_crank
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🤓Maddow is sad & confused
A consequential targeted assasination?
Comparing it to a step below killing a "head of state"
The face you make when the President you hate killed a terrorist that's killed thousands of Americans...

@realDonaldTrump #KAG

See how this works now deep state? PATRIOTS IN CONTROL

@realDonaldTrump #KAG
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A historical look back.....


The 2009 story of a Globalist/American
laundering scheme that ripped off you and me
🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump #KAG #PANIC
💰Weeks before he was sworn in, the plan was in place
📺CBS News -December 22, 2018

#KAG @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump Pres. elect Obama in Hawaii
VP elect Biden & advisors scheming

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