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ID: a graphic with drawings of raised fists. Text overlayed reads: REVOLUTIONARY SKILL SHARE 9/24 - 5PM - Location TBD
Learn a Skill - Share a Skill - Supply Distribution - Frontline Prep/Support
#WeAreAllInThisTogether #ACAB #BLM #Say Their Names
S.P.I.T.S.W.A.P. - Socially 1/2
ID: Proliferating Interdisciplinary Tactics & Skills With A Purpose
I plan on being there (maybe with other #AccessiBloc folks) to hold a little workshop on alt text/ image descriptions and captioning!
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1/5 - We had another successful #PediatricFamilySupport meeting last night. I am so proud of our community of pediatricians who are making a difference by educating & supporting our community!

#WeAreAllInThisTogether #SoMeDocs

@somedocs @AAPCA2 @CMAdocs @LAPedSoc
2/5 - Here are some video links from some of the formal presentations during our #PediatricFamilySupport zoom sessions:

Coping with Anxiety during the Pandemic:

Contact Tracing:

#COVID19 #SoMeDocs

3/5 - More #PediatricFamilySupport zoom meeting videos:

Riding the Corona Carousel (getting out during coronavirus):

The Importance of Well Child Visits In-Person:

Great series of presentations!

#COVID19 #SoMeDocs
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1/3 As with all of our efforts thus far, #WeAreAllInThisTogether to enable school reopening and help students thrive. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and what we do now will shape our future. Our individual actions matter. #BePartofTheSolution
2/3 Living with #COVID19 means remaining aware of the risks for exposure in your area and making informed decisions based on the advice and recommendations of your local public health authority.…
3/3 Taking appropriate precautions and avoiding high-risk settings and situations will help to keep you, your family and community safe, while ensuring that we all can continue to do things we enjoy. Find information and resources here:…
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Saturday statement you can read in full here:…
2/7 As jurisdictions across the country unveil plans for reopening schools, which take into account the local context & #epidemiology, families are having important conversations to decide what works best for their unique needs.
3/7 With ↑ capacity and public health measures in place to keep #COVID19 spread under manageable control, we must now establish a careful balance to keep infection rate low, while minimizing unintended health & social consequences.
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1/3 🍎 As we get ready for back to school, we can all increase our know-how on how to reduce our risk of infection and spreading the virus. #COVIDKnowHow #WeAreAllInThisTogether #Canadian…
2/3 🍎 Quality information is the key to success! There is a lot of #misinformation out there so it important follow trusted and credible sources. Here is a place to start, #GetTheFacts and check back often:…
#CheckThenShare #BePartofTheSolution
3/3 🍎 Did you know, you can learn about and report #COVID19 scams, frauds and misleading claims on the #GOC website? #BePartofTheSolution #COVIDKnowHow #Infodemic #Misinformation #Disinformation #GetTheFacts #CheckThenShare…
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: with September fast approaching, school reopenings are top of mind; Jurisdictions have unveiled plans and families are having important conversations to decide what works best for their unique needs.
2/5 This can feel stressful with so many factors to consider. Each parent or guardian is making back to school plans to best suit the needs of their family. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. #COVIDCoping
3/5 Canadians have made many sacrifices during #COVID19 to maintain the well-being of their families. Parents, guardians, students, and teachers alike have been anxious to know the “back to school” plans for this year.
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1/8 Here’s the [fairly] simple math on why YOUR actions matter. 1 case of #COVID19 spread to ~3 people X 10 generations of spread (IF NO #PUBLICHEALTH MEASURES) = 88,573 cumulative cases & many deaths in just ~5 weeks. See how it happens:
2/8 Think of yourself as the red dot in the middle who could spread to 3 contacts IF no #publichealth measures. This shows just 3 generations of spread from 1 (YOU) to 39 other cases in just 12 days (~4 days btw. each generation).
3/8 The degree of #COVID19 CONTROL vs. SPREAD depends on the #Publichealth measures we all continue to take. Without #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, #CoughEtiquette, & non-medical masks where recommended, here is what can happen:
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1/n Our teams at @YalePCCSM are awestruck by the courage and esprit de corps exhibited by so many of our @YaleMed colleagues that have joined forces with us to help care for the increasing numbers of critically ill #COVID19 patients in our units…
2/n We feel that the commitment and dedication exhibited without hesitation by so many of our colleagues who do not regularly care for medically critically ill patients need to be highlighted…
3/n Leaving your comfort zone is no easy task in normal times. But to be able to do it in the face of stress, uncertainty and even potential personal risk is simply nothing short of heroic.#COVID19 #Solidarity #Heroes
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Core message: try to learn from the current #COVID19

Not just about pandemics, but [long tail of] risks, misinformation,… we all will need it, including yourself, then extrapolate/transfer

There are many lessons here, pick preferably the best ones, and act on them

Intelligence is not just in our brain, but in our laws, protocols, culture,…

Mistakes were and are being made. What can we learn from those who did best? 🇨🇳🇰🇷…

More importantly: what can we extrapolate to do better in the next "unforseen" disaster or even prevent or avoid it?
When the situation is under control, the panic will be over, and there will be more urgent but less important matters to focus on, neglecting preparation

Now #StayAtHome and #FlattenTheCurve, but remember, we must also #LearnAndPrepare, when possible, before it is too late again
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Although #COVID19 is horrific and changed everything for all of us including #acc20 #WCCardio I just wanted to take a second to reflect on a few things.
1. Social distancing has not been isolating in this day & age. We have been able to gather strength from being in touch #SoMe
2. We have been able to be resourceful & use technology to stay connected with colleagues worldwide, our families and friends. Never before had I felt connected to the world despite being slightly alone physically
3. Did we ever have happy hours together before this, virtually?
4. Did you ever call your parents or siblings so often that you ran out of things to catch up on? Sometimes we have sat in silence and that has been nice. Or watch movies from afar but together. ♥️
5. Working together via @zoom_us has been better than just quick call, text, email
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The tired and oftentimes heartless Education Establishment is using a pandemic to cheap shot Education reform and parental options.

Shame on them!

For more than a decade, tens of thousands of Wisconsin families have educated their children in online charter schools...
Our kids have gone on to be lawyers, actors, engineers, small business owners, etc. Some are, as you read this, on the front lines of this crisis, working in healthcare and helping save lives....
...Sure, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin families have had online instruction thrust upon them, and for many it’s been a challenge. Of course it would be.

But online charter schools, the schools our families chose long before this pandemic, work...
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There's been a lot of talk about us being at war with #COVID19 and that is true in many ways, but it is somewhat unfair to healthcare workers. (thread) 1/

@Docbasia @somedocs @aoglasser @afedwardMD @dr_rajgupta @kari_jerge @karenerrichetti Image
Military: there is clear command and control that is ALWAYS present. You walk around with rank on your sleeve.

Hospitals: there are silos, departments, employees, faculty, etc. A pandemic command center pops up with the facility manager and ID Doc as leaders.

Not the same. 2/ Image
Military: we plan and train for crisis regularly. We actually ALL go into a field and act like we are at war.

Hospital: we plan for efficiency and quality. We do not simulate pandemic regularly hospital-wide.

Not the same. 3/ Image
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@ACCinTouch program #CAAACC starting now. Yesterday over 10,000 watched the first session #COVID19 Today they will discuss cases and their management @hmkyale
celebration: no new case in China 🇨🇳 today!
Case1: #COVID19
🔹 diabetic male age 31 from Wuhan
🔹 febrile on admission, +SOB
🔹ECG On admission
🔹 elevates troponin and elevates CRP, D Dimer
🔹 ground glass CT lungs
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Features of #COVID19 @ACCinTouch #CCAACC
🔹fever predominant feature
🔹cough (less often productive)
🔹cough presents on discharge (Lancet paper)
🔹 more than pneumonia
🔹 abnormal coagulation: ⬆️ d-dimer so anticoag needed
@TheLancet @Drroxmehran @CMichaelGibson @hmkyale
Rapid deterioration seen quite often. Cases below demonstrate this: #COVID19
Discussion of this dilemma of ACEI and ARBs: question still remains. We don’t have evidence to stop these and shouldn’t yet.
🔹48% have HTN, less with HTN who survive (~20%)
🔹limited data to say stop anti-RAS
🔹 need studies
@ACCinTouch @hmkyale @DrJenniferCo_Vu
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