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This girls went to an inn to relax after a hard day in their jobs, but they didn't expect to have an extra service to relax.
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It's so crazy out there
Isn't it?
Wouldn't you rather just listen to me?
Where it's so simple
You like it simple don't you?
Where I tell you exactly what I want
And you can easily follow along
No need to think about all those crazy things
When you can relax and focus here
Just following my words
While I make you feel at ease
So nice and relaxed
To just do nothing and listen
Isn't that right?
And it's so simple
You don't even need to think at all
You can just nod along
Absent minded
Agreeing with me
Knowing that you feel much better like this
Just following my words
As those thoughts slip away
Replaced by my simple soothing words
Isn't that right?
Just so easy to let go
Just listening and relaxing
Focusing on me
Letting my words fill your mind
Blocking all that craziness
Isn't that much better?
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We thought we were a team before, but we were just a bunch of guys playing.

Coach changed us.

#hypnosis #hypno #hypnojocks #hypnotizedmen #menunderhypnosis #hypnotizedjocks #jocksunderhypnosis #hypnoslave #gayhypno #gayhypnosis Image
At first we had our doubts... he was younger than us, smaller than us, he didn't look like he could lift his own arms above his head. How was he supposed to lead us? We thought just because of that, he was weak.
He showed us how wrong we were.
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A little late but better late than never! ⌚️ Here's a recap of @AmCollegeGastro Virtual Grand Rounds by @ScottGabbardMD on...... FUNCTIONAL DYSPEPSIA!

This is a VERY common entity that is underdiagnosed! #MedTwitter take notice!

#GITwitter #GI #gut
DYSPEPSIA = epigastric #pain. (can be associated with any other upper #GI symptom such as epigastric fullness, nausea, vomiting, or heartburn).

Dyspepsia is COMMON, and most cases are FUNCTIONAL (i.e., caused by brain-gut axis dysfunction)!
Like all disorders of gut-brain interactions FD pathophysiology is❌completely understood, but is thought to be complex+multifactorial. Components include
🤢disrupted duodenal barrier
🤢altered duodenal #microbiome
🤢visceral hypersensitivity
🤢psychosocial stress
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Recapping @AmCollegeGastro's #VirtualGrandRounds on #IBS! Let's begin!
🟣IBS can be diagnosed with the Rome criteria
🟣Making a positive diagnosis is very helpful to patients, many of whom have gone years without a name for their symptoms
#IBS is heterogeneous, and so are its pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
🟣Identifying underlying factors in patients can help target treatment!

Important principles when diagnosing and treating #IBS.

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#OSHO #hypnosis

The #unconscious #mind is nine times bigger than the #conscious; it has tremendous treasures, all the memories of your past.

Below the unconscious, there is the collective unconscious. One can descend into the collective unconscious also with somebody’s help.
The master of Mystery School will take you slowly towards the unconscious and the collective #unconscious.

In your collective unconscious, you have memories of your #PastLives as animals, as birds.
Below the collective unconscious is the #cosmic #unconscious.

Slowly, slowly one can go deeper and deeper, and the cosmic unconscious has #memories of your being trees, rosebushes, stones.
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