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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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Day off.

For no particular reason, here’s @isitt_ using his position at the Council table Feb 13, 2020 to read a letter he wrote to one of the owners of @HarbourCats in their capacity as Chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, who Isitt claimed had defamed him. #yyj
I asked Isitt about it the next day. It’s unusual to see an elected office holder (who later voted on matters that could directly impact the team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s letter) to use a council seat in this fashion.

Isitt did not recuse himself Thursday. #yyj
Instead of recusing himself Thursday from a matter potentially impacting the sports team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s Feb 13, 2020 letter alleging defamation (above), Isitt predicted potential problems with “fecal matter” proximate to the sports field.

Neat. #yyj.
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Right, following on from this thread about #IntrusuveThoughts, a lot of people have commented about embarrassing memories that pop up out of the blue and make them cringe all over again.

That's a different, if related, phenomenon. Here's my understanding of why it happens

First and foremost, it's important to recognise that the fundamentals of the human brain's memory system were laid down looooong ago. Before we were even human. Consciousness and rational thought are far more recent developments, evolutionary-speaking

One upshot of this is that our memory system is often the result of new software running on old hardware.

A lot of the brain is like this, in fairness, and it causes a lot of issues. I *may* have written a book all about it…

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Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya(Kenya tours) in the East, in the north by South Sudan, in the West by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the southwest by Rwanda(Rwanda tours), and in the south by the Republic of Tanzania. Image
The keystone of the tourism industry is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. With more than 300 Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has approximately half of the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas ImageImage
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12 de Octubre! Hoy es el aniversario de #SatoshiKon, el famosísimo director de anime. Una persona que se fue demasiado pronto pero que nos dejó unas obras de arte tremendas, hilo va! ImageImage
Su filmografía es muy breve, pero muy reconocida. En primer lugar tenemos #PerfectBlue, del año 1997. Un trhiller psicológico, una historia acerca de la industria de las idols, no digo más!
Aquí os dejo la ficha de filmaffinity, para el que le interese:… Image
Siguiente película! #MillenniumActress, en 2001. La película nos presenta a Chiyoko Fujiwara, una actriz famosa que de repente desapareció. Años más tarde uno de sus admiradores está realizando un documental acerca de ella. Cuando se conocen, este le muestra una llave que Image
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I’m going to post this tonight because I have purposely planned a day away from screens tomorrow. It is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 down here in Australia and I am going to pack a picnic and spend it at the idyllic Rainbow Bay. Today has been a slow sink into the PTSD that 2/
has shaped my life since that day. What can I tell you? 6:45am I arise to feed George Eliot my cat. I amble half asleep to the kitchen and put the coffee on. 7:10 am- showered and and sitting with my first double shot coffee and cigarette of the day. Turn the tube on 3/
for NY1 news with the temperature on the bottom left corner. I never seem to get the layers right otherwise. It was unseasonably warm. The sky was a perfect blue. Also get updates on the subway delays because from here on 5th St I have options. I can get the F line from 2nd at 4/
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My cousin the „Jungpionier“

Although my cousin, born in March 1983, so the same year as I, just 8 months before, she was the only one of us two that actually became a real "Jungpionier", because she started school in 1989. Image
I on the other hand was denied this "award". Unbelievable! She also had the pleasure of eight weeks of summer vacation, at least once in her life.
I had my first day of school in August 1990, a few weeks before the German reunification.
So by then, the fall of the Berlin Wall was less than a year ago and I proudly displayed my white dress with its purple silk bow and uncomfortable patent leather shoes at the „Einschulung“ (first day of school).
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The Irani Restaurants of Mumbai each had something special about them Kayani for its mini Khaari biscuits, Bastani for the greatest Mutton Mayo Roll of all time, Sassanian for its yum Teacakes, Koolar for that crazy 12 egg Wrestler's Omlet, but they all had Bun Maska and Chai 1/2
As time has gone by most of the stalwarts have either turned into Gaming dens, Beer bars or simply shut down. The legacy of one of Mumbai's great immigrant success stories is quietly dying with them. That then is the simplest truth. Only change is constant. 2/2
They all had mirrors on their walls to make them look larger than they were, a taciturn Irani gent at the 'galla' (cash counter), Czech Bentwood Chairs and marble topped tables. The tables scarred over the years and yet sparkling clean. Often glass topped with menus below.
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Since 2003, Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day is celebrated every year in Baler 🇪🇸🇵🇭 This time has a special meaning, as it marks five centuries of shared #memories between Spain and the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. New post on… [THREAD]
On March 2021, 500 years have gone by since the Spanish expedition, led by Ferdinand Magellan, arrived in the archipelago of the current Philippines, after 17 months of sailing into the unknown in search of a new route to the Spice Islands (Malaku or the Moluccas) (2/11)
That first meeting between the East and the West in Suluan and Homonhon was very cordial. Pigafetta described it as “... to celebrate a ceremony of our worship. The King [of Samar] approved everything and sent us two recently slaughtered pigs”. It was Easter Sunday (3/11) 🙏
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It's a beautiful day to start!@IWS_Network .
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my #story and hope I can do the justice of being part of #IWSVoices
Stay tuned to hear my story!! feel free to pop a question for me!!
#IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #AgriTech #WomeninAg
Hello #Monday!
I would like to re-introduce myself!👩‍🌾 An #agribusiness marketing specialist with experience in leading corporate marketing and internal communication for various #agritech platforms.
💪My journey hasn't been easy but it's worth it."
@IWS_Network On the 74th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, I landed on earth🐣; Born to two #progressive thinkers, a Malayalee by heart but brought up in the milk city of India- #Anand.
Who does'nt love #Amul?? Miss it🍫🍧🍨
#VoiceIWS #WomenInStem @IWS_Network Image
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Rumor has it neoliberal globalist Daniel Hannan is sniffing around to get the top gig at the Heritage Foundation.

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Feel free to join me and Izzy for a #VirtualDogWalk up on the fells.
It’s breezy, so if blustering is too much, you may prefer sound off.
This is the fell I see from my kitchen window. I’m enjoying taking in the view, but someone else is ready for the off!
What I love about being up here in the winter, is that we hardly see anyone, just the odd dog walker, fell runner or sheep.
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* #Gratitude*
I keep a "memory jar" for each year wherein I write in brief the best moments of my life & lessons learnt. Even a small event which taught me something goes in it .
I strongly believe in " No regrets, only lessons learnt ".
( That's handpainted by me! :) )
Occasionally when I have a rough day or when I am elated , I go through the chits one by one savouring the lessons learnt . It keeps me grounded. Makes me realise I am blessed to have had so many #memories & grown as a person and that life is beautiful !! 😇
Things that happen to us, just happen. It is we who perceive it to be good or bad as per our emotions at play. It is then that practising gratitude becomes of utmost importance for we need to realign our thoughts towards #positivity& #contentment & steer away from negativity.
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clearing out my old photos

anna and i have such a fun time working together

here is us sharing a laugh in the studios in 2019

#memories ImageImage
ok this is maybe the most on-brand photo of me and anna Image
[this was in the alley behind the office at about 10.30 on a Wednesday]
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1/ 22
By far the best book I have read in a long long time.
One can simply begin from any page,for each note makes so much sense that we get lost in them , sometimes chuckling & often amazed .

Here are MY learnings from
" A Book of Simple Living" by Ruskin Bond.
The book is enriched with life lessons . Most profound of all for me being ,

#Life is simple despite all its hardships and complexities .
For the purpose of life is to live ....

Now, how we choose to live our life makes it simple or complicated.

Do we chase #happiness by climbing infinite mountains in the quest for fame & wealth or do we savour the goodness in the little things that often come our way but go unnoticed and unappreciated by us ?
For ultimately , " It is the little things that matter the most ".
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Thanks to Facebook, I retrieved this beautiful memory. I can't believe I wrote this 5 years ago and the manifestation of this process is just happening 👏👏.

Memories reinvented and will be repacked & delivered on "The Motivation time out" tomorrow ( 9/8/2020) by 6am.
.....1/3 ImageImage
Kindly join me via Instagram or Facebook.

I bless God for the gifts of inspiration.
These Inspirations have being reinvented now, repackaged and better delivered with the brand Transparency Speaks. Transparency Speaks started years ago.........
but the contact point( the brand) got out few months ago.
Time and Season🤔
I believe this will still be of good use to someone.
Stay blessed, stay safe, I hope you are having a nice day already.
#defeat #memories #august #reinvention #giving #needy #hope #giving #smile #MTO
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Things I’ve learnt that have enabled a much better understanding of #coercivecontrol

On evidence:

People will focus all their attention on the minutiae but you need to look at it in context- at the big picture.
On people:

The "halo effect" is deeply underestimated.

This is when one trait of a person or thing is used to make an overall judgment of that person or thing. It supports rapid decisions, even if biased ones.
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As kids saw ‘Bi-scope’ wala in our street in Lahore
The chant that I remember was:

Barah maan ki dhoban dekho
Dili a katab manar dekho
Dekho Gama palwan dekho
Aur bahut sa aur saman dekho
Aa jao aa jao doo paiaa mae sara Jahan dekho!

Then we got a View Master (late 1950 early 1960) & grandfather moved to Gulberg
Street life was left behind in Kucha Kakezain, Dili Darwaja, Sanda & Ichra; Ladu pethian walay & katlama included!

Places where perhaps a part of me still lives! ImageImageImageImage
If in another life a picture were taken I would’ve been the headstand kid!
@UmaimaBlogger @odysseuslahori @HarounRashid2 @microMAF @manihammad #Lahore #memories #oldschool @iqbutt @HofPak @FatimaArif ImageImageImageImage
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A nice box, isn’t it? Neapolitan, hand painted, has recently surfaced from old stuff which originally belonged to my great grandfather Aniello Salzano. #memories 1/1 @MariuzzoAndrea @AntonioBanfi1 @GioB1974
The real surprise was its content though: photos, letters, documents, newspapers cuttings. All related to the life of Umberto, the last son of my grandfather. 1/2
He studied agriculture in Naples, went to Libya to work as an agronomist. When Italy entered In the war on the side of Germany and Japan, Umberto joined the army. He was in Greece. 1/3
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#eurobasket87 - Ενα #thread με πολλή❤️ έχοντας ξαναδεί ολα τα παιχνίδια στη διάρκεια της καραντίνας. Μικρά ή μεγάλα που μου έμειναν απο τα βιντεο. Στο τέλος ενα όμορφο μεμοραμπίλιο απο τότε. #letsgoo 33 χρόνια μετά το αγαπημένο χρυσό #hellas #otd #eurobasket1987
Vs Romania #eurobasket87
- 12αδα με Gallis k KAMBOURIS - το M δεν θα το ξαναδούμε απο το 2ο game 👀ΥΓ:Φανης χωρις “initial” στη 12αδα ❤️ οπως κ Martheulenis κ.α
- Πρώτο καλάθι εθνικής back door Φανη σε Γκαλη (2ο back door μιας κ το 1ο απο Γιαννακη σε Νικ βρήκε στεφάνι)
Vs Rom cont: - Οι 2 πρωτες βολες Καμπούρη ευστοχες (για τις τελευταίες τα γνωρίζετε) - Φάση απο Harlems (Φιλιππος) στο β´απο Ρωμανιδη σε Γκαλη 👀🎬
- Το πρωτο/τελευταίο game που θα κατσει στον παγκο ο Νικ ✌️#eurobasket1987
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