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🧵12 scientific Twitter accounts you should go follow for the latest updates on #GutMicrobiome-host interaction research: 🦠👩‍🔬🧪⬇️

#aging #immune #nutrition #probiotics #brain #SciComm
1/12. @bykriscampbell - Kristina Campbell, MSc, is a #SciComm extraordinaire. Her tweets give excellent summaries of cutting edge #GutMicrobiome-host publications primarily #FMT #probiotics and #Disease
2/12. @john_damianosMD - Dr. John Damianos tweets about all things #Microbes and #Medicine. We're talking #Probiotics, #IBD, and more, from the prospective of a clinician.
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#Probiotics, #antibiotics, #FMT, and other #microbiome therapies in C. difficile with @DrPaulGastro

@AmCollegeGastro #ACG2021 Image
Spore phase is resistant to gastric acid and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Image
A healthy #microbiome protects against the development of CDI Image
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C. difficile in #IBD, with @DrJessicaA

@AmCollegeGastro #ACG2021 Image
CDI is epidemic level, especially in #IBD ImageImage
CDI can be disease defining in #IBD Image
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⭐️The new C. difficile guidelines! Image
Here are the 🧠s behind the new guidelines! Image
What's in a name?

Clostridium difficile ▶️ clostridioides difficile Image
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A 🧵on our new work on preclinical #FaecalMicrobiomeTransplantation studies!

A while back, I began to plan my own #FMT study.

Turns out, the literature is wildly varied but mainly it is pretty difficult to find a protocol that has all the nitty gritty detail you need.

We systematically reviewed all #FMT studies (in mice) in the past decade, extracting all the methodological details they used/reported.

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🚨New @AmCollegeGastro guidelines for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome! I will summarize in this🧵 ⬇️⬇️⬇️…

Authors: #BrianLacy, @MarkPimentelMD, @dbrennerGIMD, @umfoodoc, @drlauriekeefer, @MLongMD, @BMoshiree

#GITwitter #GI #IBS #gut #MedEd
🔘In pts w diarrhea, rule out #celiac disease🍞
🔘In pts w diarrhea + no🚨features, check fecal calprotectin/fecal leukocytes AND CRP to rule out #IBD
🔘❌routine 💩testing for enteric pathogens in #IBS
🔘❌colonoscopy in IBS if <45 and no🚨s
🔘Make POSITIVE IBS dx (Rome), ❌DOE
🔘Identify #IBS subtype to target therapy
🔘❌testing for food allergies/sensitivities
🔘Test anorectal physiology in pts w IBS + symptoms suggestive of pelvic floor disorder +/or refractory #constipatoin
🔘Limited trial of low-#FODMAP #diet
🔘✅soluble fiber,❌insoluble fiber
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Recapping @AmCollegeGastro's #VirtualGrandRounds on #IBS! Let's begin!
🟣IBS can be diagnosed with the Rome criteria
🟣Making a positive diagnosis is very helpful to patients, many of whom have gone years without a name for their symptoms
#IBS is heterogeneous, and so are its pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
🟣Identifying underlying factors in patients can help target treatment!

Important principles when diagnosing and treating #IBS.

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1mo writing, 4mo #PeerReview
Finally! Our invited #publication on #infections in #cirrhosis World Journal of #Hepatology
Update on diagnosis and management of sepsis in cirrhosis
Full paper:
Exhaustive discussions, new stuff..1/4
#livertwitter #MedTwitter Image
...a lot of important defining and prognosis powered scoring systems used in #sepsis 2/4
#MedStudentTwitter Image
...biomarkers new and old for sepsis 3/4
#ScienceTwitter #medicine #biomarkers Image
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Team tests hypothesis that #FMT from aged donor mice into adult recipients cld impact #brain functions associated w/ #aging 👉 Find that FMT from aged donors led to impaired spatial learning and memory in adult recipients:… ImageImage
2/ FMT from aged mice also modulated expression of a variety of proteins implicated in maintenance of #synaptic plasticity + neurotransmission in the #hippocampus☝️and #microglia cells of the hippocampus fimbria acquired an aging-like phenotype Image
3/ The trends must be replicated/tested in humans! 👉 But, it makes my long-held contention that the #microbiome is involved in #aging processes less “crazy”😉 For more background check out this webinar I did on the topic w/ @mike_lustgarten + @subC0smos:
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This! The activity of the host #immune response largely determines whether #pathobionts acquired from an #FMT donor might become capable of virulence 👉 So including immune status in the study of FMT outcomes would be extremely informative
IMO immune status should be included in the general study of #antibiotic resistant infection 👉 It’s no coincidence that most “superbug” infections occur in immunocompromised patients, often in hospitals (w/ patients on cocktails of steroids for procedures like organ transplants)
Because extrapolate that trend and consider that the immunosuppressive biologics used to palliate “#autoimmune” disease symptoms are the top selling medications in the world 👉 With top side effects of such drugs being “serious #infection by viruses, fungi or bacteria”(see below) Image
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