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Thread. I'm cooking proso #millet upma which is a South Indian dish. The ingredients to be fried are as seen in the pic. I've used a pressure cooker to do everything, from frying to cooking the #millets #IYM2023 ImageImage
2. Add mixed vegetables to the mix. I've also added a bit of turmeric powder and red chilli powder. Then add one cup washed proso millets to the mix and add 2 to 3 cups of water. ImageImage
3. Pressure Cook until 3 whistles and let the pressure dissipate slowly. End result is a nice upma with a texture similar to semolina which is what the original recipe calls for. The #proso #millets is thr gluten free version of the same. Garnish with coriander leaves. ImageImageImage
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🔶चपाती की भाकरी? नक्की काय खावे🔶
🔸Jowar Roti Or Wheat Roti🔸

-बरेच जण म्हणतात चपाती ने वजन वाढतं.
-वजन कमी करायची असेल तर भाकरी खावा.
-मधुमेह असणाऱ्यांनी चपाती ऐवजी भाकरी निवडावी.

-यामध्ये खरंच काही तथ्य आहे का?
सगळं काही जाणून घेऊयात या Thread मध्ये👇
1/13 Wheat roti or jowar roti co...
▪️गेले बरेच दिवसांपूर्वी Whatsapp वर "जेवणात का खावी ज्वारीची भाकरी""ज्वारीच्या भाकरीचे महत्व" असे Messages पाहिले.
▪️या मेसेज मध्ये "गव्हामुळे अनेक आजार होतात, वजन वाढतं, Acidity वाढते आणि बरेच काही सांगितलं होतं".
▪️असे मेसेज समाजात प्रबोधनाऐवजी गैरसमज च जास्त पसवरतात.
2/13 Image
🔶चपाती भाकरी मधील Macronutrient🔶 Per 100Gm Of Grain.

गहू - 72 Gm.
ज्वारी - 72 Gm.

गहू - 13 Gm.
ज्वारी - 11 Gm.

▪️Total Calories▪️
गहू - 340 Calories.
ज्वारी - 329 Calories.

वरील Comparison वरून समजलं असेल की दोघांमध्ये फार मोठा फरक नाहीये.
3/13 Image
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Glutenunverträglichkeit / Zöliakie
- (K)ein Problem für #IchBinArmutsbetroffen|e

Wer #HartzIV oder #Grundsicherung bezieht und kein #Gluten verträgt, also #Zöliakie oder Sprue hat, der hat Anspruch auf einen Mehrbedarf von 89,80€.

Wer kein Gluten (Klebereiweiß aus vielen Getreidesorten) verträgt, kann einen Mehrbedarf für Ernährung geltend machen, dieser beträgt nach den Empfehlungen des Deutschen Vereins pauschal 20% des Regelbedarfs.

Da beim Mehrbedarf Ernährung immer der Regelbedarf der Stufe 1 zugrundegelegt, wird ist die Summe unabhängig von der Regelbedarfsstufe des betroffenen.
Anspruch auf diesen Mehrbedarf haben alle Betroffenen im SGB II / XII-Bezug, aber auch Studenten.

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Qu’en est-il des #Débouchés…..
…. #Sorgho GRAIN 🌾
….. En #AlimentationHumaine ?


⬇️ Image
11 bienfaits du #Sorgho grain:
- Riche en #antioxydants (Cellules corps)
- Riche en #protéine (Energie), magnésium (Métabolisme Ca+ et P), #fer (Système immunitaire), #fibre (Système digestif) & vitamine #B3 (Système nerveux) + #B6 (Métabolisme énergétique)
⬇️ Image
.... Mais aussi
- Faible indice #glycémique (Diabétiques)
- Sans #gluten (Maladies cœliaques)
- Acide gras insaturés ((Taux cholestérol sanguin)
- Graine #Durable (Faible besoins en eau et intrants)
⬇️ Image
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Recapping @AmCollegeGastro's #VirtualGrandRounds on #IBS! Let's begin!
🟣IBS can be diagnosed with the Rome criteria
🟣Making a positive diagnosis is very helpful to patients, many of whom have gone years without a name for their symptoms
#IBS is heterogeneous, and so are its pathogenesis and pathophysiology.
🟣Identifying underlying factors in patients can help target treatment!

Important principles when diagnosing and treating #IBS.

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Camp Celiac swag is our #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser! We have cool gear for everyone. Support kids with #celiacdisease and other #gluten-related disorders during the pandemic by helping us fund virtual Camp Celiac! Here's one of two logo styles… Image
Here's our second logo style for our Camp Celiac swag #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser! Create your own #glutenfree home celiac camp and attend in style… Image
We can't host in-person Camp Celiac this year but our director & counselors are planning Virtual Camp Celiac 2020 on our social media platforms & Zoom. We have substantial costs in providing virtual camp & other free community services during the pandemic. Thx for your support!
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1/ EU Commission @Food_EU is responsible for labelling commercial infant foods and asked EFSA for scientific advice on #ComplementaryFeeding (puree or solids) for infants in Europe who are still consuming milk (🤱/🍼/both)

What did we do?
2/ Assessed scientific evidence on #infantnutrition #infantdevelopment & #infanthealth. DYK it’s not EFSA’s job to look at social/cultural aspects? BUT EU decision-makers will consider them because these aspects are important

AND the science says…
3/ There’s no single precise age when to start #ComplementaryFeeding based on the science. For nutrition reasons most infants start at 6 months but it can be earlier depending on #developmentalreadiness, food texture, health effect signs, nutritional need

Let’s be clearer…
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Décryptage de #CashInvestigtion "hold-up sur nos fruits et légumes"
Est-ce qu'ils ont perdu en qualité nutritionnelle ? les lobbys de l'agriculture et des semenciers ?…

#FactCheck #France2
"Les légumes c'était mieux avant"...
"La teneur en vitamines et minéraux de l'époque" que l'on compare avec ceux d'aujourd'hui (CIQUAL gérée par l'ANSES), pourquoi cette comparaison est compliquée ?
-16% de calcium
-27% de vitamine C
-48% Fer pour les fruits et légumes
En France, les premières tables de composition des aliments ont été publiées en France en 1937 par Lucie Randoin et une deuxième édition complétée est parue en 1947 (L. Randoin, P. Le Gallic et J. Causeret, ed. Lanore)
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1/ A new study by @BrighamGI & @MIT documents unlabeled gluten, lactose and other inactive ingredients in medication. "In a recent survey, 18% of manufacturers said their medications contain gluten." #celiac #medication #gluten
2/ The study was led by Dr. Giovanni Traverso @BrighamGI, whose #celiac patient felt sicker after starting a new #drug, due to unlabeled #gluten. The national celiac community has lobbied for over a decade for mandatory labeling of gluten in drugs:…
3/ We hope @US_FDA takes notice and revisits its position that #gluten in drugs is rare and in too small amounts to require labeling. @FDAPatientinfo @FDA_Drug_Info This is our position on FDA's stalled and inadequate 2017 gluten in drugs proposal:…
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Hey @UniversalPics, now that you've accomplished your transparent goal of offending a community to get extra publicity, at the expense of children with a life-threatening autoimmune disease for which they are bullied, could you please pull the ad. He's a Grinch, not an asshole. Image
According to @MerriamWebster:
Grinch: "A disgruntled grump who ruins the pleasure of others"
Asshole: "A stupid, annoying, or detestable person"
Used in a sentence: Only an asshole would portray the Grinch as a ruthless bully
@UniversalPics #celiac #gluten #PullTheAd
if you still can't tell the difference, ask a GI doc and they'll educate you
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1/ This is an important area of study for #celiac disease and it’s good to see a major celiac center like @CeliacatCUMC taking it on. It’s a difficult topic to study for many reasons, but scientific rigor is still the only way forward. [thread]
2/ Crowd-sourced data on #gluten cross contact in #glutenfree restaurant meals could be a useful addition to Columbia’s excellent body of work on hypervigilance and anxiety in celiac disease patients if it is presented with equal scientific care and rigor.
3/ My understanding is that this was a preliminary abstract from a conference, restricted in word count and expanded upon in oral presentation.
Unfortunately, the preliminary simplified conclusion that one third of GF meals contain gluten has predictably already swept the news
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Armchair attendees - Skim or dive deep into the latest #celiac & #gluten research (diagnosis, treatment, drug development, nutrition, marijuana use, YouTube habits...) on the excellent #DDW18 app (free). Use search to find over SIXTY celiac talks June 2-5, swipe to read the study Image
Hoping for #DDW18 tweets on #celiac and #gluten from @CureCeliac @BenjaminLebwohl @CeliacBeast and others who can find a few moments to share the wealth of knowledge at Digestive Disease Week in Washington DC over the next 5 days!
Nice guide to the #celiac lectures at #DDW18 on the @TweetNASSCD website. (Other celiac presentations on the DDW18 app are ePosters.)…
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