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This is from the list of "rationalized content" - i.e., stuff that will be dropped - from the syllabus of class X, from the website of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in India.…

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The rationale for the "rationalisation" of content is that the same subjects are covered in a higher class.

So evolution is covered in XII standard biology, and the periodic table in XII standard chemistry. So why teach it in Xth?

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The problem with this logic is that, in India, students opt for different "streams" after the Xth standard (class X) board exam.

Some opt for science, some for commerce, some for arts.

Non-science stream students will NEVER encounter evolution or the periodic table again.
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap 'Politics Returns' written by @shyamsek

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#stockmarket #investments #politics #personalfinance #marketwrap
The markets have intense spells when politics prevails over everything else in directing sentiment. Closer to every general election, this trend returns to haunt the markets. (2/n)

#markets #indiangovernment #elections
But, the ability of politics to drive sentiment is influenced by how much the outcome of the election will drive change. If change is likely to be significant and for the better, the markets can run up ahead of elections. (3/n)

#stockmarket #politics #investors
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#SatyendraNathBose FRS was an Indian mathematician and physicist specialising in theoretical physics. He is best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s, in developing the foundation for Bose statistics and the theory of the Bose condensate. Image
Today, @Google honours and pays tribute to the Indian physicist and mathematician with doodle.
By 1917, Bose began giving lectures on physics. While teaching postgraduate students Planck’s radiation formula, Bose had questioned the way particles were counted and began experimenting with his own theories.
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युक्रेनमध्ये एका भारतीय विद्यार्थ्यांचा मृत्यू झाला आहे हि गोष्ट खरोखरच मनाला चटका लावणारी आहे पण ज्यांनी साधा नेपाळ देश पहिला नाही ते लोक परदेशातील भारतीयांना भारतात परत आणण्याबाबत टीका करत आहेत. तुम्हाला लॉजिस्टिक बद्दलच असं कोणतं ज्ञान आहे जे केंद्र सरकारला नाही?
जवळपास अठरा हजार लोक दुसऱ्या देशातून स्वतःच्या देशात परत आणणे म्हणजे सभेला बस करून नेण्याइतकी सोप्पी गोष्ट वाटली का? मुळात प्रत्यक्षात युद्ध सुरु होण्याच्या कितीतरी आधी गाईडलाईन्स दिल्या गेल्या पण कोणीही मनावर घेतल्या नाहीत.
मुळात सरकारने कुणालाही बाहेर पाठवलं नसल्याने परत आणायची जबादारी सरकारची कशी? सरकार हे कर्तव्य समजून करत आहे हेच खूप झालं. कारण हि जबादारी असती तर बाकीच्या देशांनी हि जबाबदारी घेतली असती. मी स्वतः बाहेर राहत असल्याने एक गोष्ट खात्रीने सांगू शकतो जे भारत सरकार भारतीयांना परत
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For the past few years, the govt has been tightening the screws on foreign-owned e-commerce giants—to favour Indian traders and merchants and local rivals. The latest salvo will come as a big blow to these platforms, and its biggest sellers and also you, dear customer. Image
In Jan 2020, the Competition Commission of India, opened a probe into Amazon and Flipkart, citing four anti-competitive practices: exclusive launch of mobile phones , promoting preferred sellers, deep discounting, and prioritizing some seller listings over others.
Both Amazon and Flipkart are currently in court, fiercely fighting to block the probe. The government has moved to strike a potentially decisive blow to Amazon and Flipkart. It unveiled a draft of a new ecommerce policy that stipulates:
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I'm a teacher at Al Ameen Public school Edappally, Ernakulam. Every month the management forcefully collects blank cheques from us. Then they credit the CBSE recommended salary to the teacher's account. Within minutes, they debit around 9000 from our accounts and evade the tax.
When I complained about this corruption, to the CM n enquiry came, the manager Siyad koker, Academic counselor Thahar, Principal Lekshmi Haridas and Vice principal Shafeena Nisam called me alone to the room and threatened me and terminated me from service.
As a teacher I believe it's my duty to voice against the exploitation of teachers by the school management. It's our duty to stop this financial fraud. They are evading large amounts of income tax for the past decades. I hope the authority would look into this matter.
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