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But @PierreKory @BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @P_McCulloughMD @richardursomd @AGHuff @DrJBhattacharya @Doctor_I_am_The

Are somehow your "heros," after failing for 2 years at doing anything other than producing self-promoting studies, books, podcasts, testimonies and rallies?
At some point they will all either face REALITY as #RobertMalone has or die at the hands of the enemy that THEY unconsciously serve.

If any of them could prove me wrong they would because it would benefit them to do so.

THINK: Why won't they just disagree and TEACH ME A LESSON! Image
Logic and Reason are WHY they won't - it is because they have wrestled with what to say and they got NOTHING.

THEY make a living proving others wrong BUT ONLY where they can, which is about the safety and effectiveness of #IVM and other multi-drug protocols.

But when it comes Image
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A #BlackHole warped space-time so much that astronomers saw flashes of light from its far side

#discovery #space @KIPAC1… Image
@KIPAC1 For the first time, scientists have seen the light behind a black hole.

Because no light can pass through a #BlackHole and come out the other side, the discovery further confirms #AlbertEinstein's theory that massive objects, like black holes and neutron stars, warp space.
@KIPAC1 This particular black hole, 800 million light-years away, was distorting space so much that astronomers could see X-ray explosions flashing behind it.

#BlackHole #discovery #space @KIPAC1 Image
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Do u recognise this man walking beside #AlbertEinstein, Hideki Yukuwa & John Wheeler?
~Nominated for #NobelPrize for Physics in 1951.
~"father of Indian nuclear programme"
~famed radio telescope at Ooty was his initiative
~ died in Air India Flight 101 #crash on Jan 24, 1966.
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has been named after him.
Homi Bhabha!
In October 1965, Bhabha had announced on All India Radio that they could build an atomic bomb within 18 MONTHS if given the go-ahead by the Government of India.
A few months later he "died".
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"Comparve Hitler, un uomo di limitate capacità intellettuali, inadatto a qualsiasi lavoro utile, pieno di invidia e di amarezza contro tutti quelli che erano stati favoriti più di lui dalla natura e dal destino.
[…] odiava più di qualsiasi altra cosa proprio quella cultura e quella educazione che gli erano state negate per sempre.
Nella sua disperata ambizione di potere scoprì che i suoi discorsi sconnessi e pervasi dall'odio suscitavano gli applausi frenetici di quanti si trovavano nelle sue stesse condizioni e condividevano le sue opinioni.
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1/ Almost one year passed since I work from home. It is time for the #workplace evolution post. March 12, 2020. Coffee table, a bunch of books, #MacBookPro 12 (2019). I am sitting on a couch 😅
2/ April 14, 2020. My back kills me. Now I have a standing desk. Plus, #Beats Solo for all the 5x meetings. #AlbertEinstein for inspiration.
3/ May 18, 2020. Okay, lockdowns are in place in the UK. We will WFH for at least 3 more months. #LG 4k, @twelvesouth stand for MacBook, @HermanMiller Mirra 2 Chair, and the best keyboard I ever had – @UltHackKeyboard ❤️. This keyboard healed my fingers in a couple of weeks.
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Good morning! Finally a very good news in such depressing times: @nuclearban @BeaFihn just succeed in a tremendous achievement. #UNTreatyForProhibitionOfNuclearWeapons reached 50 ratifications which are needed to enter into force:…
My country, #Italy, is the EU country with the highest number of #USNuclearWeapons on its soil and the only one with 2 #nuclearBases(#Aviano and #Ghedi): it's time to say: #NukesGoHome
In 2002, I was lucky enough to meet #JosephRotblat,one of the nuclear scientists who created the #NuclearDisarmament movement with #AlbertEinstein and #BertrandRussell. He had a unique story: he had left the #ManhattanProject as soon as he learned #Hitler didn't have the A-bomb
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A collision in #space revealed a #blackhole that physicists thought could never exist. The observatory that detected it cracked a 100-year-old mystery posed by #Einstein.…
Seven billion years ago, two black holes crashed into each other and merged into one enormous #blackhole with the mass of 142 suns.
The collision reverberated through space and time, and these ripples — a phenomenon called gravitational waves first predicted by #AlbertEinstein — traveled 16.5 billion light-years through the universe, reaching #Earth in May 2019.
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#baratavoa. ELITE BRASILEIRA ADOTA SUA PRÓPRIA QUARENTENA. Primeiro foi um empresário atendido no hospital #AlbertEinstein . Depois um funcionário ou executivo da #XP, a corretora mais rica e bilionária do Brasil. Os 2 pegaram coronavírus na Itália e trouxeram ao Brasil. O fio.
Era natural que o coronavírus chegasse primeiro a quem pode viajar pelo mundo. Mas enquanto o Ministério da Saúde recomenda que todos levem sua vida normalmente até apresentarem sintomas reais causados pelo vírus, a elite brasileira está adotando sua própria quarentena.
Quer ver? Alguns chefes da #ErnstYoung (EY), uma auditoria e consultoria internacional, estão recomendando a seus subordinados que trabalhem de casa. A empresa espalhou álcool gel por todo o lugar, segundo nos contou uma fonte. Por quê? Por quê? Por quê, Tixa?
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Humans are about to see the first-ever photo of a 'supermassive' black hole. Here what we hope to discover…
The heart of every major galaxy is said to contain a supermassive #BlackHole - a place where anything, including light, can be devoured to the point of no return.
For years, scientists have struggled to capture one of these deadly masses on camera, since the absence of light renders them nearly impossible to see.
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'Israel was given by God'😡👉Preposterous & Insulting
!! 1948 Documented Massacres by #Israel !!
!! 1948 #DeirYassin Massacre !!👇🇮🇱🇵🇸
#MenachemBegin was called a terrorist and a fascist by #AlbertEinstein and 27 other prominent Jewish intellectuals in a letter to the #NewYorkTimes which was published on December 4, 1948:…👈LETTER #GazaReturnMarch
#AlbertEinstein's 1948 letter to the #NewYorkTimes, denouncing #Israel's Massacres of #Palestinian Villages.
Letter Archive:…👈#NAKBA #GazaReturnMarch
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