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⚖️ Court dismisses writ petition in a tax evasion case involving a registered dealer, transporter, and misuse of E-Way Bills. Find out how multiple transactions were made with the same documents and vehicle, leading to the dismissal. #TaxEvasion #GST #EWayBill

Facts & Timeline:
• On 08.04.2018, the petitioner, a registered dealer, sold 300 bags of Pan Masala valued at Rs.33,81,000 to a dealer in Meghalaya, generating a tax invoice and E-Way Bill under the IGST Act, charging 28% IGST and 60% Cess.
• The goods were handed over to transporter M/s Bombay Kandla Transport Pvt. Ltd. for transport via Truck No.NL01N/6504

• The vehicle was used for transporting fruits and vegetables to West Bengal on 07.04.2018, and then for transporting rice to Darbhanga (Bihar) on 12.04.2018
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Eric Trump: I’m on the receiving end. Every single day, my father gets subpoena after subpoena.
Below here Lying Eric Trump claims his father and their family gave up businesses when Donald Trump went into the white house in 2017.

The governor, Phil Bryant, cheered the Chawlas……
Meanwhile my mom, Brenda B Flowers, name is used with Identity Theft at Melton Law Firm since 2001 and Trustmark Bank in Greenwood Mississippi while the Chawla's were business with Eric, Don Jr and Allen Weiselberg from 2017 to Feb. 2019. #TaxEvasion
Eric Trump, Don Jr and Allen Weiselberg were business partners with Suresh and Dinesh Chawla.
Suresh and Dinesh Chawla are businesses partners with Melton law firm.
Melton Law firm embezzled millions from my Trust, mishandled my mother's estate and use my mother's name with……
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“The #oilandgas industry...has never been a free-market capitalistic enterprise. #JohnDRockefeller built his oil empire on the legendary monopolistic fraud, deception, & anticompetitive conspiracies of #StandardOil.” #abpoli
(Black /Internal Combustion/ St. Martin’s 2006:p.271)
In 1938, Standard Oil interests organized AB's first o&g regulator. Its first order of business was strangling local production, which it halved--sparking the creation of a Royal Commission into AB oil.

The 1940 report,drafted by chief justice of AB's supreme court is brilliant.
"The [1940 McGillivray] Commission’s review & findings regarding conservation...emerged from the only substantive provincial review of the Conservation Board that has ever been undertaken."

(Breen /Alberta’s Petroleum Industry & the Conservation Board/ UofA + ERCB 1993:p.172)
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Some important lessons from the #PandoraPapers, thread 🧵…
1. The #PandoraPapers confirm that #BeneficialOwnership is the mother of all sins, and allows #IllicitFinancialFlows.
2. The #PandoraPapers confirm the importance of focusing on the facilitators - those who enable corruption, tax avoidance/evasion and financial crimes. This is not new and has already been highlighted by the @FACTIpanel and others.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section is called: Building A Fair System of International Trade for Our Worker. Only one party has a specific plan for rebuilding the great American #MiddleClass. ..the other has a loyalty pledge to a lying con man. 1/11
For too long, the global trading system has failed to keep its promises to American workers. Too many corporations have rushed to outsource jobs, and too many countries have broken their promises to be honest and transparent partners. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #GlobalTrade
The #COVID19 pandemic has shown the risks of relying too heavily on global supply chains, as shutdowns and shortages have created chaos for workers and consumers and made our public health response even more challenging. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #Shutdowns
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1/5 New @CEPII_Paris working paper on #taxevasion with @VVicard and A. Guillin…
We employ a standard gravity framework to quantify abnormal stocks of FDI and portfolio securities over 2009-2017 for up to 236 jurisdictions.
2/5 we provide evidence that about 40% of global asset are abnormal stocks and that: (a) the bulk of international assets in tax havens are `abnormal', i.e unexplained by standard gravity factors; (b) there is a strong heterogeneity among jurisdictions,
3/5 Heterogeneity on the #Map: the larger a country, the more their international financial exchanges are NOT driven by economic and geographic factors.
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My paper on #taxevasion and #inequality in Spain is online! I estimate evasion in the Spanish income tax in the early 2000s (2001-04), with microdata from @IEF_ES. Here are some main points: (1/6)
Evasion in capital incomes was very high, especially for financial flows and at the top of the income distribution. The top ten percent of the taxpayers are estimated to report 50-60% of their real incomes of this sort. (2/6)
Therefore, fraud had a regressive impact: the rich evaded more, making the tax less progressive and redistributive than it otherwise would have been. For example, evasion reduced the redistributive impact of the tax by 33% in 2001. (3/6)
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I'm a teacher at Al Ameen Public school Edappally, Ernakulam. Every month the management forcefully collects blank cheques from us. Then they credit the CBSE recommended salary to the teacher's account. Within minutes, they debit around 9000 from our accounts and evade the tax.
When I complained about this corruption, to the CM n enquiry came, the manager Siyad koker, Academic counselor Thahar, Principal Lekshmi Haridas and Vice principal Shafeena Nisam called me alone to the room and threatened me and terminated me from service.
As a teacher I believe it's my duty to voice against the exploitation of teachers by the school management. It's our duty to stop this financial fraud. They are evading large amounts of income tax for the past decades. I hope the authority would look into this matter.
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Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @chiproytx
@iGiveYouMoore @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @measureaustin (acct suspended?) authored APD Police contract, decriminalization of homelessness ord, & Land Development Code (LDC)!…
@GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @chiproytx @iGiveYouMoore @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @AustinSkidrow @OANN @FoxNews @Austin_Network @YALiberty @BreitbartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @Melynda_Brant @JudicialWatch NYU School of Law got Chas Moore, Kathy Mitchell, & Chris Harris 2 draft APD contract giving special considerations 2 BK/BN ppl when they're majority population producing the problematic crime which is NOT representative of the #Austin Community at large.
@GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @chiproytx @iGiveYouMoore @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @AustinSkidrow @OANN @FoxNews @Austin_Network @YALiberty @BreitbartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @Melynda_Brant @JudicialWatch @EpochTimes Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG
These Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/non-elected decriminalization activists have also created "Freedom City" policy w/ res. 73 & 74 - violates SB4 & puts Austinites in danger & blocks @ICEgov cooperation.…
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💡 How to reconcile globalisation & #TaxJustice?

Some 🗝️ key points by 🎙️ @gabriel_zucman in another cracking #podcast episode of @TheTaxcast

🎧 ➡️…

#TaxEvasion & #TaxAvoidance are not laws of nature, but policy choices. We can choose to:
🕵️‍♂️ allow secrecy
💸 lightly regulated the tax avoidance industry
🌪️allow tax competition to drive a #RaceToTheBottom

Or we can choose not to allow them 👇 2/7
The alternatively could be to choose to:
🧮 record wealth in registries
🏛️ regulate #TaxAvoidance industry
🌍 make international #tax coordination a core part of #Trade agreements & international cooperation

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Looks like they are going to get more receipts!
Court orders law firm to identify clients who used off-shore accounts to hide money! #taxevasion #MoneyLaundering
The IRS convicted one of their clients for tax evasion from 1996-2000 by using the firms services to set up off-shore accounts & shell companies. So the IRS filed a "John Doe" summons for the records of all their similar customers from 1995-2017!
The law firm has lost it's legal fight as of last week & will have to provide the identities of the clients to the IRS. Piercing their claim of attorney client privilege as they were acting as accountants/tax preparers not attorneys!…
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Deutsche Bank employees charged with spotting ILLEGAL activity *repeatedly* encountered transactions suspicious of MONEY LAUNDERING by @realDonaldTrump, his kids, and Kushner.🧐

Bank executives *never* filed reports, as required by law.🤬

A longtime anti-money laundering specialist at Deutsche Bank found money moving from Kushner Co to #Russians🇷🇺and recommended reporting the transactions (they weren’t).

Deutsche Bank has laundered BILLIONS of dollars for Russians.🙄
One Deutsche Bank employee was FIRED for trying to report Trump and Kush’s shady transactions with #Russians🇷🇺to the government.🤬

“They attempted to try to silence me,” she said. “I’m at peace because I know that I did the right thing.”

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Todos os anos a UE perde cerca 1 bilião de euros através de esquemas de fraude e #evasãofiscal. A Resolução ontem aprovada no #EPlenary contém medidas concretas de combate à evasão e elisão fiscal.
#TaxJustice #TaxEvasion #Whistleblowers
A Resolução apela aos Estados Membros que revoguem de forma célere os regimes de #vistosgold, porque potenciais benefícios destes não compensam os riscos de branqueamento de capitais e evasão fiscal.
A resolução reconhece pela primeira vez 7 Estados Membros como paraísos fiscais: Bélgica, Chipre, Hungria, Irlanda, Luxemburgo, Malta e Holanda.
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Never forget @TheRevAl blamed his “tax scrutinity” on his support of Obama yet somehow he went years without paying his taxes has/had 🤷🏼‍♀️ over $4 million in liens but guess what he’s never faced? Criminal charges or jail time #Manafort…
Willie Nelson had THIRTY TWO MILLION in unpaid taxes, the government slashed it and let him make an album to pay back. #Manafort
Triggered left out of their f**king minds attacking Judge Ellis instead of listening to what he said, 10-20 years is bat shit crazy. Here’s a similar case in Democrat heaven: bank fraud & tax evasion, sentence 36 months. #manafort…
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#ForeignAgent! #RussiaCollusion! Pay-to-Play Scandals! #TaxFraud! #TaxEvasion! Lying on sworn, Federal forms! Intentional misuse of donated funds!

Why are we still waiting for action,  @RepMeadows & @RepCummings? AG Barr? Huber?

Too busy focused on Fake Trump investigations...
Cl¡ntons acted as foreign agent for multiple countries, engaged in pay-for-play, brokered pharmaceuticals, $$$, uranium, etc. thru #ClintonFoundation in exchange for favors, and used CF as a personal "piggy bank."

$400M - $2.5B that may be subject to taxation & incorrectly used!
501c3 charity should take ≤ 15% in administrative costs & give 85% of money taken in to actual charity work. Only 40% of the money taken in by the CF went to charity work. 60% went to the Cl¡ntons & the CF in administrative costs. Money decreased when they had no influence!
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Weisselberg, TrumpOrg CFO, has Immunity in Cohen Probe-he knows everything

NYAG criminal probe likely re Cohen's taxes & senior TrumpOrg execs re hush 💰payments.

The illegal acts that may have helped Trump win the presidency:
Hush Money, Hackers, Trolls & psyops

Manafort tried to get the US military kicked out of Central Asia to help RU

WH Criticizes China Over El Salvador Recognition

Sen. John McCain will discontinue medical treatment for his brain cancer.🙏🏽

Omarosa: I’m ready to testify at Trump impeachment trial🔥

Senators are demanding info about Giuliani’s history with opioid maker Purdue Pharma

Cohen wasnt alone: records suggest two senior TrumpOrg execs had role in hush 💰 arrangements.

Trump killed stories about his kids, ex-wives, & Melania—the Pecker & safe knows all
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(1) #BillClinton granted a #pardon to #MarcRich, who was convicted of #racketeering and #taxevasion and was on #FBI 's #MostWanted list.
(2) The pardon followed donations by #DeniseRich of $1M to the Dems, $100K+ to #Hillary 's campaign and $450K to the #ClintonLibrary .
(3) #Obama granted #clemency to 1,927 criminals, more than any other President . He released to the public 504 inmates w/ #LifeSentences .
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