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After the coffee, I will attend one of the parallel sessions: Charleston Trendspotting: Forecasting the Future of Trust and Transparency.
With Leah Hinds @chsconf and @lisalibrarian and a "Future's Wheel"
(I am a bit nervous about what a Futures Wheel is and the pieces of paper and markers on some of the tables - if this is too interactive or too buzzwordy, I might run to the nearest #introvert corner).
Futures Wheel: there is an event/trend in the middle, some direct effects around it, secondary effects a bit further out, etc. Effects can be positive/negative. The further out, the harder it is to predict them. Effects can occur multiple times.
#SSP2023… Image
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The other day, a friend sent me an advert for a writing ‘camp.’ ‘Wouldn’t it be fun? we could go together!’ Camp: joining strangers at an unfamiliar place and being forced to interact. This is my hell. ‘But cool, like-minded people!’ Still nope. Why? On being an #introvert, a 🧵
My friend thought being an #introvert meant you only like socializing with people you find interesting—and as long as like-minded, it didn’t matter who or how many. That’s not introversion, though; that’s discernment and sensible curation. I, too, want interesting friends. But:
As an introvert, I want to hang with people ONE at a time. Two at once in some cases. Four is my max. And that’s even with people I know and love. I find social situations draining, not energizing. The effort that goes in is like running a long race but with no endorphin rush.
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As #bioinformatician #biostatistician #DataScientist, have you ever felt you've done lots of work, yet achieved nothing? here is how to change that! A thread 👇 1/n
1 - #document rigorously your computing work - same as bench scientists do on experiments. Document your initial thoughts on data, your decisions, tests, issues, how you solved them, how you tried various tools, how you picked one over others. These are all *achievements*. n/1
2 - #track your tasks and efforts - make it quantitative. Write a weekly checklist on GitHub wiki; update and check it off at the end of a day. Version control your codes; push meaningful commits. Be aware of your time spent on each task. Numbers may be boring, but effective. 2/n
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మనుషులందరూ ఒకేలా ఉండరు… అలా ఉండాలనుకోవడం కూడా మూర్ఖత్వమే అవుతుంది.మన చుట్టూతా ఉండే వాల్లల్లో కొంతమంది అంతర్ముఖులు (introverts) గా ఉంటారు. అంటే తక్కువగా మాట్లాడుతారు,కేవలం తక్కువ మంది తోనే మాట్లాడుతారు.తమతో తాము ఎక్కువ సంభాషిస్తారు.
#introvert #introvertlife
ఏకాంతంగా,ఒంటరిగా ఉండటానికి ఎక్కువ ఇష్టపడతారు.అయినా సంతోషంగా,సంతృప్తి గా ఉంటారు.అవసరమైన వాటికే స్పందిస్తారు.అయితే పుస్తకాలు, లేదంటే సంగీతం ఇలా ఏదో ఒక వ్యాపకంతో కాలక్షేపం చేస్తూ ఉంటారు…!
ఇలా అంతర్ముఖులుగా ఉండటం వల్ల కలిగే లాభ నష్టాలు.

ముందుగా నష్టాలు
1. అంతర్ముఖులు తమ భావాలను ఎక్కువగా పంచుకోరు కాబట్టి అందరూ వాల్లని అహంకారులుగా, స్వార్ధపరులుగా,గర్విష్టులుగా అనుకునే ప్రమాదం ఉంది.
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#Yoga is outgoing energy; #Tantra is energy moving inwards.

In modern psychological terms that, Yoga is #extrovert and Tantra is #introvert.
For those who possess #Masculine psychology i.e. aggressive, violent, extrovert - #Yoga is the path. The path of #Will

For those who possess #Feminine psychology - receptive, passive, non-violent - #Tantra is the path. The path of #Surrender
On the path of #will, #ego is not the concern, the #self is.

On the path of #surrender, even the #self is not the concern.

The #yogi is trying to be #aware and the #bhakta is trying to be totally #lost.
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I think it's important to note that you can be deeply introverted like me, without being shy or self-deprecating. A long time ago I realised that I would be poor and led by fools, if I continued to be shy. #Thread #Introvert #Shy
I needed to speak up about my ideas and ideology. I needed to be bold about my contributions and talents, before other people's mediocrity killed me.
I decided my route to leadership and prosperity would be by "doing". I would work harder than anyone else. I would volunteer for things no one asked me to do. But, I didn't just "do", I claimed what I did. I published my achievements and gained recognition. I began to lead.
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