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#Trump Leaves #Florida Home to #Surrender to Charges in #NewYork | Mar 3
- “The #Corrupt DA has no case," Trump said on Truth Social, of the Manhattan DA prosecuting the case. “What he does have is a venue where it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a #FairTrial.…
Date typo: Last Updated: APRIL 03, 2023, 22:02 IST
#MAGA supporters line the streets of #PalmBeach and protesters swarm NY ahead of his arraignment TOMORROW
- His campaign managers #Wiles, and #LaCivita, as well as sr adviser #Miller, and spokesman #Cheung were traveling with him, along with his son #Eric.…
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#BREAKING | After #AkalTakht appeal, fugitive #AmritpalSingh may do conditional surrender in #GoldenTemple, #Amritsar

Not being beaten in custody
To be kept in Punjab Jail only
No arrest, he may give "heroic" speech to @BBCNews in private as evidence of surrender
Flag march conducted by police in the area around the #GoldenTemple in #Amritsar, #Punjab

Our focus is to make sure there are no obstructions on any of the routes leading to the Golden Temple and law and order is maintained: #ParminderSinghBhandal, DCP Law & Order
Amritsar Police Commissioner Naunihal Singh reached Shri Akal Takht Sahib amidst #rumors of Amritpal's #surrender

#AmritpalSingh #PunjabPolice @PunjabPoliceInd
#Amritsar #AmritpalMisleadingPunjab #Khalistani_Terrorists
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Here's a thread with key lessons from each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
Chapter 1:

Every duty comes with challenges. Learn to embrace the hardships - thats half the battle won.
Chapter 2:

You will never know peace, long as you are attached.

Peace comes from detachment.
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He refused to #surrender: near #Kherson, the #Russian militia killed the commander and handed over the weapons to the Armed Forces…
In the Kherson region, a large group of partially #mobilized #Russians surrendered to #Ukrainian #defenders. All the occupiers were transferred to one of the hottest areas of the front without preparation, equipment and with orders to stand to the end.
According to the sources of Channel 24 in the Ukrainian special services, the "chmobyks" whom #Russia sent to the war did not have a burning desire to participate in hostilities. Due to actual coercion and inadequate attitude from the command, the mobilized decided surrender
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🔥 Today, the guys from the #Ukrainian special forces allowed to publish photos and documentation of a new #trophy, which was captured at the positions of #Russian troops, just for the readers of the channel of the international intelligence community @InformNapalm. ImageImageImageImage
This is a relatively new Russian development of a mine, about which there is actually no information on the Internet yet.
The OLA-8T marking indicates that its composition: octogen – 77%, aluminum – 8%, a compound (LD-70, polyacrylic polymer,
stabilizer) - 15%. The detonation ImageImage
speed is 8430 m/c at a density of 1.84 g/cm3.

These are far from the first relatively new and little-known #Russian developments that the #Ukrainian special forces managed to capture along with the documentation.
The Russian military sabotages the orders of their command and ImageImage
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the cabal sent out instructions to all mainstream media
to use "evacuation" instead of #SURRENDER to describe the event in #azovstal
FACT : the Azov nazi criminals will stand trial in rape, murders, torture, ethnic cleansing of #Donbass residents since 2014 - face firing squad
Russia had given 3 opportunities to surrender earlier which was rejected by Azov Battalion
USA NATO ERDOGAN POPE UN ISRAEL could not extract them
#Surrender #Azovstal #FaceTrial #Donbass
The #Azovnazis brought to Donetsk base will face trial in genocide of #Donbass residents
they are not going to be exchanged for Russian POW
Russia is over loaded with Ukrainian prisoners (more than 3000) where to house them ?
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Here's a dilemma..

You see a cute bird. And you see a cute kid. Then you see the kid kill the bird with this slingshot. Will you punish the kid?

This is very common in many villages in Nashik. It leads to empty forests - no birds, no chirping, no singing.
Only silence! Image
So how to make these innocent kids stop using galor (slingshot)?

By talking to each child.
By telling each kid how painful it is.
By making them promise never to use again.
By nudging them to "voluntarily #surrender Galor"

In short, by winning their hearts! ❤️ Image
Video from a village on how children made this into a #movement
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Hard Hitting Realities of Laweypora #HMT #SrinagarEncounter for those who will try their best to draw a parallel between #Amshipora and #Laweypora.
A #Thread.
#SrinagarEncounter #Kashmir
#Lawaypora was a joint #operation launched by parties of #JKP, #Army & CRPF based on specific #intelligence about the presence of #terrorists in the Lawaypora area.
Based on intelligence input, cordon was laid & all the standard operating procedures were followed.
The #operation was conducted right besides the NH44 under full #media glare of both #national & regional media. The operation lasted for 18 hours in the thickly populated area with heavy traffic & numerous houses in the vicinity that had direct view of the entire #encounter site.
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It's not #police record but an act of violence [first, second or many, each holding equal weight] that make you a #terrorist : A #Thread

On 21-22 Dec 20, terrorists Amir Mir and Yawar, both from #LeT surrendered to SF at Tantripora, #Shopian, during live operation.

#Srinagar Image
Questioning of Amir revealed that Zahoor Ahmed Bhat r/o Hattipura, whose name doesn’t exist in any police records, is his close #terror associate.

Following lead, joint team of 34 RR & #JKP launched an operation in which Zahoor was arrested with Pistol, Grenades and ammunition ImageImage
It is thus established that Amir Mir, Yawar and Zahoor were all #terrorists who acquired #weapon and war like stores but were given chance to #surrender by Security Forces at Tantripora, Shopiyan & Hattipura

#Kashmir Image
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Fundamentals of prayer - What makes your prayer more powerful and effective? Pray with faith, belief and then surrender! Your prayer doesn’t have to be scripted. It could be you simply conversing with the higher power.
Pray anytime in the day, multiple times in the day, can be a few seconds or can be as long as you want.
Pray with consistency - Make it a habit and lifestyle! Don’t just pray when your life is in turmoil. Once you’ve prayed with intention, faith and belief, surrender peacefully. Don’t try and do the higher power work and micromanage all hat you prayed for. Surrender!
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And so it begins...

"If you won't put your details on this list, you ain't coming in" is a slippery slope - via "#ImmunityPassports"? - to the (digital) #PapersPlease culture that the #DatabaseState proponents have always wanted.

Muse on that while you sup your pint.
N.B. It's also a wicked marketing set-up for when/if the #nhsxCovid19app launches: "Oh, you're #surveilling yourself, madam - please walk right in! No need for that inconvenient list any more..."

What other #freedoms will folk #surrender for a mere 100cm?
Please note, I am not advising against - in fact I endorse! - sensible #clinical & #PublicHealth advice. Problem is, they just crashed into @10DowningStreet's idea of the #economy. (About which we'll be told more shortly, no doubt...)

Guess who loses?
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“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light.” ~ #Rumi

#quotes #wisdom #life #light Image
All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

#Hafiz #Hafez #poetry #sky #clouds #love 💗🌎💗 Image
“All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.” ~ Samuel Butler (1835-1902) British poet

#quote #quoteoftheday #life #wisdom #dogsoftwitter #dog Image
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#Surrender doesn’t depend on the object, it is a quality that you bring into your #being. To whom you surrender is irrelevant.

Any object will do. You can surrender to a tree, you can surrender to a river, you can surrender to anything, your wife, your husband, your guru.
Even through stones, people have attained because it is not a question at all to what you #surrender.

You surrender, and that brings the whole thing, that opens the door. Surrendering, the effort to surrender brings an opening to you.
If you are open to stone, you become open to the whole existence, because it is only a question of opening. How can you be open to a stone, and not open to a tree?
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#Yoga is outgoing energy; #Tantra is energy moving inwards.

In modern psychological terms that, Yoga is #extrovert and Tantra is #introvert.
For those who possess #Masculine psychology i.e. aggressive, violent, extrovert - #Yoga is the path. The path of #Will

For those who possess #Feminine psychology - receptive, passive, non-violent - #Tantra is the path. The path of #Surrender
On the path of #will, #ego is not the concern, the #self is.

On the path of #surrender, even the #self is not the concern.

The #yogi is trying to be #aware and the #bhakta is trying to be totally #lost.
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At dinner, I learned more about corruption + racism built into society by our masters. A book we discussed (Zinn) was used as part of this "Left" resource's bibliography. I had to share. [A thread]

@BlackSocialists - thoughts on this resource?
It very simply lays out the case that we are all being controlled. It covers hidden history of the United States including their (and, due to the systems created by our masters, our) racism. 

#racism #systemicracism #history
If you haven't been in school for a while (or are in a terrible school), some of the words might trip you up. and are two good resources to help you.
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