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Aditi Vaze became a counselor through her gift for listening and empathizing 🎧💖

#counselor #empathy.
Therapy was once dismissed as a "pseudo-science," but Aditi persisted and now values evidence-based techniques 🧐📚

#therapy #evidencebased
Aditi faced many challenges and skeptics, but she persisted, knowing her work could help heal people. Today, she is proud to be part of a growing profession that values evidence-based techniques and rigorous training 👩‍⚕️💪🌟

#proud #mentalhealthprofessional
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Few Facts about Our Great Nation India...

#India #Greatness #Culture #Heritage #Proud
India is a land of diversity and rich culture that spans over 5000 years. From the ancient Indus Valley Civilization to the modern-day, India has always been a land of greatness.
India is home to some of the world's greatest architectural marvels, such as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. These monuments showcase the incredible talent of India's artisans and craftsmen.
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🇺🇸 1) Začnu netypicky - víte, jak vypadá americký záchod? Já byla před lety překvapená. Splachování má silný tah (princip víru) a vcucne vodu hlučně dovnitř. Vzhledem k tomu, že nepoužívají vůbec štětky, mísa se naplní vodou celkem vysoko.
🇺🇸 2) Až na nepříjemnou obsluhu párkrát jsem z Amíků obě naše cesty nabyla dojmu, že se jedná o přátelské lidi. Ptali se, odkud jsme, zajímali, kam se chystáme či měli chuť se naučit pár našich frází. Moje cynické srdce to velmi obměkčilo a nesouhlasím, že jsou všichni falešní.❤️
🇺🇸 3) V NYC, ale i mimo něj je poměrně dobrá síť možností, kam si zdarma odskočit na WC (a ani nemusíte nic kupovat) a wifi. Původně bylo v plánu si každý koupit e-sim; nakonec bohatě stačila jedna moje (1 GB/týden s Airalo appkou) - wifi chytíte doslova všude, i na ulici.
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“It's a proud moment for us to represent your country and culture on such a big show. It’s path-breaking and a happy moment to put India on the map.

#Proud #Talent #Musicians #IndianArtists #America #TheBetterIndia Image
We never romanticised our struggles and want our work to always talk for us.", says the Indian artists Divyansh Kacholia & Manuraj Singh Rajput, who has just been selected in #AmericasGotTalent this year.
While #HeidiKlum described their performance as ‘Bollywood meets Brooklyn’, the duo got a standing ovation from the judges after their first performance.
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"'All That Breathes' is an ecological film that deals with the relationship between man and bird and the internal emotional struggle between the brothers.

#Proud #Oscars #AcademyAwards2023 #Nominations #Documentary #IndianCinema
The minute I met them with industrial decay on one side and these regal-looking birds on the other, I immediately sensed it was an inherently cinematic place.
After that, was 3 years of the rigorous long-winded shoot.", says #ShaunakSen about his #Oscars2023 shortlist documentary, #AllThatBreathes.
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."⁠

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India Image
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.⁠
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.⁠
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The Indian national blind cricket team won its third consecutive T20 World Cup on Saturday.

#IndianTeam #IndianPlayers #Sportsmen #CABI #Proud Image
Brilliant tons by Sunil Ramesh and captain & skipper Ajay Kumar Reddy allowed the team to beat Bangladesh, clinching a 120-run victory over Bangladesh at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in #Bengaluru.
"For the visually impaired people, cricket is still not a career. I am grateful to God that I could complete my graduation, get a job & have my own family. Not everyone is as fortunate.
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.
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"My father worked at a small shop on the side of the road, fixing people’s gas stoves and cookers. We lived in Supaul, a small town in Bihar. All we had was a Kacha house, and a mitti ka aangan outside.
We ate the same thing most days — roti, onions, and achaar.⁠

I was bullied by my classmates and would run home crying. On innocently asking my father why he couldn’t work in an office like the others, he would wipe my tears and say,
'Money isn’t everything in life.' But back then, I didn’t realise the value of his words.⁠

While girls in my area went to cooking classes, my father cooked for us. I realised that I had something none of them had — a father who cared about my dreams.
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#Pride is an act of bravery
When hecklers threaten to take all your rights away, #pride is an act of bravery
When politicians want to drive families away from queer havens, #pride is an act of bravery
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1-6. Many times in the Education sector (18 years & a bit) I was told during interviews "we only gave you an interview because we were told we've got to tick a box that we interviewed a coloured person". I will never forgot those horrible words!.
2. I was told "your over experienced for the role you've applied for, especially for someone of your kind!". I always knew what the reason was, they didnt want someone like me, it was obvious looking at the working enviroment. #southasian #asian #proud
3. I never knew being brown skinned, having a culture and religion was a crime, till I joined a profession that almost finished me off!. But I aint going nowhere! I'll keep standing my ground and building that equality and fairness for others in my position in the profession....
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Powerful words from #VT’s TAG MG Knight. When I spoke with him yesterday, I told him how proud I was.… Image
TAG presents @VTNationalGuard’s Vermont Battle Flag to MSgt Fitzgerald (longest serving enlisted) and Airman 1st Class Gullo (the newest enlisted #VTANG member deploying). Image
MG Knight presents Blue Star banner to @VTNationalGuard Sgt Lucey and kids. SGT Lucey’s husband is being deployed, and she and her family continue to serve at home. Image
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I saw a mouse outside this morning which I had never seen before.

There is much I still don’t know about this specific mouse.

Ignoring all my previous knowledge of mice, I can speculate that it might kill & eat my entire family.

I have cancelled Christmas & bought 300 cats.
Great news:

The cats have arrived.

They are all blind, paralysed and rigged with randomly detonating explosive devices.

But the cat salesman assured me they are safe and effective.

Then he showed me a video of a singer I like saying the same thing.

So I ordered 300 more.

We just found our dog in the driveway with his legs blown off, surrounded by cats.

The vet, kindly paid for by the cat salesman, told us that the injury was almost certainly caused by the mouse.

When will people start to take this mouse threat seriously?

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1/ On 3rd December 1971, exactly 50 years ago today, my father, then a young Captain in the Indian Army, commanded the advance Workshop Detachment of the 50 Para Brigade into Bangladesh at Chowgacha heading for Dhaka via Jessore & Khulna.
@adgpi #proud #IndianArmy
2/ Commissioned in 1966, my dad & his many NDA coursemates share tales of fateful events that led up to the 71 war. He lost dear friends that fortnight who he remembers forever; he reflects on the treachery of America then & the strength of Indian leadership against devious Pak
3/ The Pak Army surrendered on 16th December. My dad’s Workshop Detachment was rushed back to support the Western theater near Giddarbaha - Malout, Punjab. And some days later the cease fire was called, leaving the Indian army with having to handle 93,000 Pak prisoners of war.
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Great Parents' Night tonight. We're only 5 days in, and it appears that the 8YO is already gaming the homework system. Chip off the ol' block. #proud
Don't let your kids read this, but I basically did - at best - 20% of my homework through 12 yrs of school (without cheating, obvs), and I turned out just fine. Gaming the system is an important skill too - maybe THE MOST important! #slackersFTW
True story: my mom went to some parents' night back in the day & the mom next to her started talking abt all the homework her son did, and Mom just nodded along & then came home all mad & asked "X does 3 hrs of homework per night and you do like 15 mins how is that possible" LOL
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These giant “scissors in space” point to the location of a supermassive black hole of 55 Million solar masses in the heart of the giant radio galaxy Centaurus A! Brand new image with unprecedented resolution by the @ehtelescope and our group @Radboud_Uni…
In Centaurus A we do not see a ring like in M87, because the black hole is smaller. We see the plasma jet shooting out from the center and that looks remarkably like the jet in M87. This points to universal similarities of black hole jets!
Centaurus A is huge & close. It is the brightest extragalactic radio source in the sky. The radio emission stretches 1.5 Million light years across. With radio eyes you would see a structure 200x larger than the full moon. All originates in a tiny spot in the heart of the galaxy.
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1. Last night I finished #ItsASin @russelldavies63, the director, amazing cast have given us a beautiful gift with #ItsASin. The 80s music, the politics, the friendship. Perfect. Fun but also serious. By episode 3 (no spoilers) I was in bits. Tears continued until the end #La
2. I’ve never worried sex could result in a death sentence. Even as the child of an alcoholic, have never had that sense of loneliness, nor fear of dying alone. Nor had my life stigmatised. While HIV can affect everyone, #ItsASin demonstrates why it lives in the LGBT experience
3. Thankfully the HIV/AIDS of the #ItsASin period is very different to HIV today – it is not a death sentence, those diagnosed early have normal life expectancy, those on treatment CANT PASS IT ON, and we have a HIV prevention drug #PrEP to help people stay negative.
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Current reading, for a glimpse at our future/ present ImageImage
Author seems to regard Xi as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Image
China’s social credit system, in which the hope is the populace “will censor and sanction themselves at every turn” ImageImage
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I am #grateful for the opportunity given by #IWS_Network to share my story, struggles and success in the voices without frontiers (VWF).
My name is Betelhem, most people call me Betty and I prefer it that way. I was born 27 years ago to a young couple in AddisAbeba, the capital of #Ethiopia. #IWSVoices 1/n Image
My mom and me rather look like sisters. Despite being a teenager when she got me, she sacrificed her whole life to raise me up. She made sure I had the best #education possible. I am forever grateful to my mom sis & do everything to make her and God #proud. #IWSVoices 2/n Image
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1/n Some reflections on #BAME inequality #covid19 and #NHSBirthday. Today is the 72nd birthday of the #NHS - founded upon a set of principles that we hold dear of universal access to healthcare, free at the point of delivery at a time when the nation was impoverished due to war
2/n A few weeks earlier, the Empire #Windrush arrived in the UK bringing the first of the “windrush generation” to help rebuild Britain, including the new #NHS. Things were not quite as promised for them.… #Covid19 #NHSBirthday #BAME
3/n I had the privilege of meeting around 100 #windrush nurses in #Leeds with the @BHILeeds and heard fantastic stories of their work building the #NHS, their pride in doing so and the struggles they had endured #NHSBirthday #BAME #Covid19
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As #bioinformatician #biostatistician #DataScientist, have you ever felt you've done lots of work, yet achieved nothing? here is how to change that! A thread 👇 1/n
1 - #document rigorously your computing work - same as bench scientists do on experiments. Document your initial thoughts on data, your decisions, tests, issues, how you solved them, how you tried various tools, how you picked one over others. These are all *achievements*. n/1
2 - #track your tasks and efforts - make it quantitative. Write a weekly checklist on GitHub wiki; update and check it off at the end of a day. Version control your codes; push meaningful commits. Be aware of your time spent on each task. Numbers may be boring, but effective. 2/n
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New camera project - a photo a day during isolation (or at least I hope to!) Day 1 daffodils in our living room Image
Isolation Day 2 photos ImageImageImage
Day 3 of my isolation photos, these ones from my walk today & two of our camilia especially for @ECOdomesticsUk ImageImageImageImage
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Back to back telephone conferences, briefings and work on #DWP matters today to ensure we can support the UK at this time.

Not sure what some don’t get about this tough time in our nations history: have a watch - it’s not complicated + really matters: 1/
Mega effort being made by Team #DWP civil servants, #jobcentreplus #pensioncentre + support staff all across the #UK to make this work.
The logistics / heavy lifting of sustaining welfare support, UC, benefits + pensions is a true testament to the great team out there
#Proud 2/
Am also flat out with constituency work, with my small local team: we are all working remotely,to try + give #Northumberland residents the answers they need in very difficult times, + to liaise with @N_landCouncil, @NorthumbriaNHS, + community leaders to beat this #coronavirus 3/
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A positive thread on the need for #aspiration for the #future of our #food & #farming industry...

🚜 🐓 🐄 🐑 🍎 🥦 🌾 🌳 🐝

[1/9] Image

We’ve a lot to be #proud of in 🇬🇧 - but we can #aspire to #better.

More productive. More tech-savvy. More collaborative. More environmentally proactive.

Change is coming. We have to embrace it & lead the #change. Consumers respect us - that’s a big asset ✅

[2/9] Image

With #NetZero we have to step up. It will be difficult; hard decisions will have to be made. But we must show #leadership.

We can’t complain about the consequences of #ClimateChange if we don’t play our part.

And only Ag can act as a carbon sink 💨 🌱

[3/9] Image
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