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There was a code blue on the ground floor. Weird considering no code blue is ever called there.


Codes DO happen there. But it never reaches the overhead sirens since almost always it's happening in the emergency dept where everyone is already there and ready.

I was on the tenth floor when I heard it. Typically those nearby run to get to the code. I wasn't near. But I did wonder what it was all about. Grady is busy, though. There's lots that I wonder about.

And then I go on to wondering about something else.

A few hours had passed. I was checking on one of my patients. The patient in the bed next to his was talking about what he thought had happened.

Neighbor Patient: "Somebody got shot right in front of Grady!"
Me: "Really? Oh my goodness. I hadn't heard that."
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#AmazingGrady, Day 11

"Some type of way"

You'd been so upbeat before. So animated and full of light. Out of breath, yes. But joyful still. I pulled up a chair to sit down and just soak it up.

Today? It was none of that. Just quiet cooperation and a cloak of melancholy.

Me: "What's wrong?"
You: *shrug* "I'm okay."
Me: "Really? You seem different. Like you're not okay."
You: *silence*
Me: *silence*

Another shrug.

I slowed my movements and looked for a chair. Perhaps if you didn't feel like I was too busy to listen, you'd share.

I didn't like the idea of you holding on to something all by yourself while laying in a hospital bed.

And so. I told you just that.

A tear slipped out of your eye and rolled under your chin. You shook your head hard. More tears followed. Hot, mad ones.

Me: "You ok?"
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“Where are your people from? Maybe Mississippi or an island?” - India.Arie

His voice sounded like music. Rolling up and down in these soft, lulling rhythms telling of both his present illness and of lands far away from Georgia.

I had to coach myself not to get lost in it.
Me: “Okay. Walk me through what happened.”

Him: "Started with a bit of nausea first. The pain in my abdomen and vomiting didn't start until that evening. I'd been in queue at the grocery store. I thank the good Lord that I was able to make it out of those sliding doors."

Me: “So you vomited as soon as you got outside?"

Him: "Indeed, Dr. Manning. And it was just terrible. I did feel better for a beat but not even 30 minutes later, it returned. Fortunately, I was home by then."

A beat.
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#AmazingGrady, Day 15

Stepped onto the E elevators on a Saturday morning, joining a young man who looked like me. We gave each other a nod.

Him: “Morning, doc. What floor?”
Me: “Good morning, friend. 10, thanks.”
Him: *pushes 10*
Me: “Preciate you.”

*ride in silence*

Him: “Hey doc? Where you from?”
Me: “Me? I’m from California.”
Him: “No, I meant like, where you FROM FROM.”


Usually this kind of thing feels like a microaggression. But this young brother could easily blend into my own family. I decided not to overthink it.
Me: “Umm. Born in Compton. Raised in Inglewood.” *holds up hand gesture* “West syeeeeeed.”


Him: *squints eyes* “But where your peoples from?”
Me: “Alabama.”
Him: “Alabama? I was thinking you was something else.”
Me: “I say we’re all ’something else.’ ”

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I’d never heard of that song before my intern said it. I’d told my team that my birthday was coming. On our long call day, to be exact.

“Your birthday? Oh man! I’ll have to sing you Las Mañanitas, Dr. M!”

Las Mañanitas? I sifted my brain for the song.

Nope. I had nada.
Alfonso, my intern, was originally from Mexico City. He shared that “Las Mañanitas” is the classic song people sing or play on birthdays in Mexico. Then? He took out his phone, pulled up a YouTube and played it for us.

“This is Happy Birthday where I’m from,” he said.

Alfonso kept his promise and sang (part of) Las Mañanitas on my birthday--1st thing on our morning long call rounds.

Sure did.

That was a while ago. But I always remembered that moment and stuck it on a mental post-it note in the back of my head.

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