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The trend for drug #overdose/poisoning deaths keep going ⬆️⬆️⬆️ as they count the data. For the 12 months ending in April 2021, the US had a record 100,000+ overdose deaths. *Thread/RANT* 🧵😡😤🗣…
Not to take attention away from people with addiction, but the media should also be using these opportunities to spread awareness about other at-risk groups, such as pain patients and ppl buying counterfeit pills for recreational use. They contribute to the death toll too.
Any media story on the drug epidemic should be educating ppl about HOW we got to 100k deaths - sure illicit fentanyl is a huge factor, but what about the role drug policies of underprescribing (safe) Rx opioids played in driving pain patients to seek (unsafe) illicit opioids???
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Last afternoon of #APSAD40! It is a joy to chair this session on #overdose - lots of key learnings and great work in the prevention space. Here are a couple of highlights from the session 1/
2/ Louisa Durrant (NUM at Melaleuca, @qldhealthnews) spoke about lessons learned supplying take-home naloxone in the opioid treatment program in QLD. Despite many having experienced an overdose, few had access to naloxone before the pilot, and consumers valued being offered THN.
3/ Dr Eleanor Black presented on the ONE study, a pilot study looking at ED delivery of #naloxone - a key opportunity to offer naloxone to people at risk of overdose. Most (not all) staff through they should offer #naloxone, with common misconception of naloxone increased OD risk
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Big last day of #APSAD40 today for #opioid research. I'll be presenting in a symposium of #naloxone today, and then super excited to chair two sessions on #overdose and prescription #opioid treatment ... a couple of highlights include ... 1/
2/ New research on the implementation of prescription monitoring in Victoria with @LouisaPicco @PPrathivadi and @Sarah_Haines_ (all superstar PhD researchers in the @MonashAddiction crew)
3/ @DrTinaLam_AU (also from @MonashAddiction) presenting on prescription opioid overdose using emergency department data and @JMoullin from @CurtinUni talking about pharmacists and naloxone supply in Western Australia
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🧵 #Overdose deaths hit record highs last year. Medications like buprenorphine cut the risk of death in half. But many pharmacies don’t provide it, saying they fear a @DEAHQ investigation -- like what happened to Martin Njoku. My latest for @NPR @KHNews
2/ As a pharmacist, Martin Njoku wanted to help those hit by the #opioidepidemic. But a few years after he began providing medications for #addiction, @DEAHQ raided his pharmacy & accused him of furthering the very ailment he set out to treat.
3/ DEA pointed to "red flags" at Njoku's pharmacy: ppl getting Subutex—considered easier to abuse than Suboxone— ppl driving from far away, paying in cash, etc. But @Formanir @hfdrlaw explained that's what happens when Suboxone is too expensive & access to treatment is scarce.
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Yes, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, #COVID19, but let’s not forget about the #opioid epidemic, a public health issue we have been dealing with a while... What can we do about it?? #ph260720 #opioidepidemic Image
In 2017 (more than 4 years ago), @HHSGov declared the #opioidepidemic as a public health emergency. An “emergency” situation that we have not been able to control yet... #publichealthemergency #ph260720…
According to @CDCgov and @NIDAnews, more than 70,000 Americans die every year due to opioid overdose. That is 70,000 lives (read in bold!) lost every year, the majority of which is preventable. #opioidepidemic #opioidskill #opioidoverdose #ph260720 Image
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#DrugChecking for Novel Insights into the Unregulated Drug Supply 1/5…
Tobias et al. (Am J Epidemiol. XXXX;XXX(XX):XXXX-XXXX) present a novel analysis of time trends in fentanyl concentrations in the unregulated drug supply in British Columbia, Canada. The pre-existing knowledge about unregulated drugs had pre... 2/5
viously come from law enforcement seizures and post-mortem toxicology. As both of these data sources are subject to selection bias, large scale #drugchecking programs are poised to be a crucial component of the public health response to the... 3/5
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"It's like 'liquid handcuffs": The effects of take-home dosing policies on #Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) patients' lives 1/5…
BACKGROUND: #Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways of reducing risk of #overdose, arrest, and transmission of blood-borne viruses like HIV and HCV among people that use opioids. Yet, MMT'... 2/5
s use of restrictive take-home dose policies that force most patients to attend their clinic on a daily, or near-daily, basis may be unpopular with many patients and lead to low rates of treatment uptake and retention. In response, this art... 3/5
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To compare the 3 south Florida counties’ drug #overdose data, each of them had an 83%+ increase of OD deaths from 2015 to 2016 📈. Then in 2018, all 3 saw a drop in their drug OD death count 📉.

My educated guess: the positive overdose death spikes in 2015 may be attributed to the rise of illicit fentanyl in the US. I’m not too sure about the negative spike in 2018. Keep in mind that 2018 was the ONLY year of nationwide #overdose death decline since 1999.
Maybe the decrease was due to programs such as @HealthyFla HEROS that distributed free naloxone/Narcan to #FirstResponders. But of course, the overdose death count jumped back up in 2019.
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Effective early drug education is necessary to curb drug #overdose deaths. And no, I don’t mean DARE. I taught a univ. freshman seminar class and they go through a lesson on “substance abuse” and those 18 yr olds didn’t know sh*t about drugs. #InternationalOverdoseAwarenessDay
If that’s the representation of our teenage and young adults in the US, then we need to do more in middle school & high school to educate them about drugs, responsible medical use, and the risks of irresponsible or recreational drug use. Educate them rather than scare them str8.
We can’t look at the drug epidemic as a problem that will be solved overnight, or next year, or even in 5 years. We must invest more in educating the younger generations with basic information about drugs.
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My next few posts will be about South #Florida, the most populated region in my state. Miami-Dade Co. also had a large surge in drug #overdose deaths in 2016 and has remained above 200 per year ever since.

This 135 drug #overdose death surge is within the same timing as the 248 death surge in the Jacksonville Florida area (shown in my last tweet) from 2015 to 2016. This surge also correlates to the rise of illicit fentanyl overdose spikes in the US.
The data from Miami-Dade is actually mind boggling. This county is the most populated in #Florida but has managed to maintain one of the lowest overdose deaths per 100k ppl in the state over the years.
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Word is out that @bostonpolice is about to reprise Operation Clean Sweep, the brutal purging of the homeless and people who use drugs in the Mass Ave./Melnea Cass corridor this coming Tuesday. This is a public health disaster in the making. 1/@MayorKimJaney
You do not create another public crisis in the midst of a pandemic. @bostonpolice are about to make #COVID19, #HIV, #HCV and #overdose worse in Boston. 2/
There is no plan but to disperse and purge the area. This is is public health and medical malpractice by law enforcement in #Boston. It’s going to make things worse. 3/
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New data on #OpioidDeaths in #Ontario released from the Coroner's Office today. Again, opioid-related deaths continue to climb, with 246 deaths in March 2021 (probable/confirmed) Image
As we started to see in last month's release, carfentanil involvement continues to grow, contributing to 29 deaths in the first three months of 2021. Image
Reminder: rates vary by PHU, with huge growth seen in Northern parts of the province ->Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Porcupine, North Bay and Algoma. Image
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Ontario Canada: "The world's longest #lockdown will come to an end next week" (Step 3, July 16/21).

No. It's not over.

New chief medical officer of health, Dr Kieran Moore makes clear #endemic state will emerge in fall w/ Ont. "doing all the due diligence to prepare." Image
Let's explore numbers behind "world's longest #lockdown", Ont., Canada. Gov't of Ontario website updated July 11, 2021.

"Active cases" in Ont. as of July 11 2021 under 20 yrs of age: 0

Deaths under 20 w/ #COVID19 - 3.

Estimated pop. of Ontario: approx. 14.73 million people. Image
Under 20 yrs:

Jan 15 2020 to July 11 2021:

Resolved cases: 68, 280

Active cases: 0

Deaths (WITH #covid19): 3

[Keeping in mind that Covid tests are inaccurate (false positives) & largely meaningless as testing positive can mean mild to no symptoms whatsoever.] Image
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Toxic drug policy kills 5.9 British Columbians every day in 2021.

Less than 4% of the ~90,000 people at risk of #overdose in BC have been able to access a #SafeSupply.


Safe supply is not accessible through a medicalized model.

Over a year ago, ‘#SafeSupply’ was rolled out in BC under the guise of #COVID19 risk mitigation.

The belief was that people who use drugs would get sick and require isolation—to keep them comfortable and isolated, safe supply would be prescribed.…
Under that context, prescriber guidance for pharmaceutical alternatives (aka safe supply) were developed for *WiThDRawAl MaNAgeMent*.

The guidance failed to acknowledge that people use drugs for more reasons than avoiding dope sickness.… Image
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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A moment of #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday : I’ve been selected as a finalist for this years VGH/BMO Innovator’s Challenge with my team for developing a novel opioid analyzer.

Last year, BC experienced the highest rates of #opioid #overdose fatalities ever recorded in history, with the highest rates of death in Canada. #OUD can be treated with #HarmReduction strategies, therapy, and partnering with patients to meet their goals and priorities.

Medications such as opioid agonist therapy (OAT) can be part of the treatment plan for some or many patients with OUD.

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THREAD: The Biden-Harris administration will pursue policy responses rooted in #science and evidence to bend the curve of the #overdose epidemic. 1/
Our priorities:
- Expand the #addiction workforce and #recovery ready workplaces
- Confront #RacialEquity issues
- Support #prevention efforts to reduce the supply of substances and their demand, based on science and evidence 2/
- Enhance #HarmReduction efforts to protect the health of people with substance use disorder
- Expand access to evidence-based #treatment 3/
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A (HAPPY) THREAD: The #Montréal city council today passed a motion to call on the #GOC to decriminalize possession of drugs for personal use. We @HIVlegal applaud this initiative and congratulate all who fiercely advocated for it. We are proud to stand among you. #drugpolicy 1/7
Today’s motion joins the growing call for #decriminalization in municipalities across Canada, including #Toronto, #Vancouver, and others. Cities now recognize the many harms of #criminalization, which marginalizes people who use drugs and pushes them away from #harmreduction. 2/7
Removing the threat of criminal law will allow people who use drugs to do so more safely. Lives will be saved. #canpoli #Montréal 3/7
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/01/2021…
Beyond Climate War: Writings on Deep Adaptation to societal collapse…

#SystemsChange #adaptation #ClimateChange #conflict
“Those of Us Who Don’t Die Are Going to Quit”: A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies and the Nurse Who Lost Hope — ProPublica…

#supplies #hope #patients #nurse #COVID19
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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Late in CDC's 2016 Guideline, a table reveals the Agency had no solid evidence for its claim that reducing rx #opioids would reduce ODs without harming people in #pain. In fact, ODs & suicides have spiked in their wake.

Thread: What did CDC know & when did they know it?
In a spring 2016 research paper, the Guideline's authors report that no "rigorous" studies had been conducted on whether dose reductions lower ODs, tho "preliminary results" suggested that high doses are less risky than low doses.

(All references at end of thread.)
CDC conducted its own study using VHA data about vets taking rx opioids. They matched 221 vets who died of OD (some of whom "likely" committed suicide) with 221 vets still living.

They found "dosage was a moderately good ‘predictor’ of opioid overdose death."
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2,887 #vets died of #overdose or #suicide after they were taken off #opioids meds by the VA to adhere to guidelines. @StefanKertesz & colleagues found stopping meds increases the risk of death up to 6.8x (study in linked tweet). @headsUPmigraine thanks him for his work.
2,887 #vets died of #OD/suicide after their rx #opioid was stopped in FY2013, only 90 fewer deaths than on 9/11.
Stopping treatment was associated with increased risk of fatal OD/#suicide regardless of the length of treatment (Oliva et al BMJ 2020). 1/3
#Vets whose #opioid med was stopped were 1.67 to 6.77 times more likely to die than those who continued to be treated. Deaths were highest in 1st 3 months after treatment was stopped. 2/3

Oliva, Bowe, Manhapra, Kertesz et al. BMJ 2020.…
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New article from @kendracrighton about our program! Check out this thread for some highlights.⬇️⬇️…

#ThatsSAFER @AVIVanIsle @OutreachSolid SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, wears a SOLID Outreach shirt
“ …for those who are left outside, accessing a #safesupply isn’t easy. Cue @SaferVic. This team of nurses, outreach workers with lived experience, physicians & a systems navigator are working full-time to provide people sheltering in Victoria parks the medications they need.” A pop-up supervised consumption tent stands on grass covered
We’re stoked that SAFER Outreach Worker, Jaclyn, was highlighted in this article because she is a force of nature & “...spends most of her time in the community…handing out harm reduction supplies & building a bridge of trust.”
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An editorial full of errors about @LethbridgeOps, Tweeted by @jasonluan88's staff.
The protesters do not speak for the entire community. This is a foul-mouthed minority that is ignoring COVID rules & has spit in the face of LOPS volunteers (video avail.).
#ableg Thread 1/
Wrong 1: @LethbridgeOps does not “enable drug use”, but was created in response to the closure of the SCS and the #overdose death rate (3 ppl die in AB every day). The rates in the South Zone are the worst in the province.
#ableg #abhealth
Wrong 2: There are not more ppl using drugs because of @LethbridgeOps. Drug use will happen when people lack housing, living wages mental health & trauma supports. When people face systemic racism & discrimination. While an OPS does not increase use, it decreases death.#ableg 3/
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