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#JustinAmash’s financial interests reveals a very personal business motive for switching political parties. His 2017 financial disclosure forms reports income of between $100,000 to $1,000,000/yr. for majority ownership in Michigan Industrial Tools. Link:…
Industrial Tools produces Tekton Tools - which are manufacuted in China. Moreover, #JustinAmash is co-owner of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that supplies products to Michigan Industrial Tools.

In 2010, Justin Amash's Democratic opponent called him out for his company's advertisment that their products were "Made in the USA" (which they're not):… #MAGA
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Respectfully, @RepJerryNadler, that's a total dodge.

First, if you believe “there certainly is” justification to #ImpeachTrump, then show me where in the Constitution you're required to reach a specific polling threshold.

Second, you say "The American people...don’t know the facts. We have to get the facts out.” THAT'S WHAT #IMPEACHMENT DOES. Look at Nixon.

Third, if you're focused on the polls, a majority of Democrats DO support impeachment. So there's that.

Finally, as a third generation New Yorker who respects the work you've done as my rep over the years, PLEASE explain why a Tea Party Republican like #JustinAmash is being more principled on #impeachment than the entire Democratic leadership.
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And as someone who has lived in #NY10 for most of the past 35 years, I will run for Congress on the principle that we need to overhaul the Democratic Party to fight for TRUE justice.

#Mueller #Barr #Impeachment
As a lifelong Dem who has spent two decades in the political trenches, I REFUSE to have a Tea Party Republican like #JustinAmash be more princpled in defense of the rule of law than the Democratic leadership. What was the #BlueWave for if not accountability?

#ImpeachNOW #Mueller
#IMPEACHMENT is the very LEAST America is owed after a hostile power cyber-attacked us and tilted our election to a Republican autocrat.

If you're a patriot, you defend America against threats to our democracy. Otherwise, step aside and let real patriots do the job.

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Crazy -- the first question, the guy says he read the entire Mueller Report. Amash apparently draws an educated audience.

The questioner stated he thought Trump crossed the threshold for impeachment.
2nd questioner asks about the children being separated at the border.

Amash says he is concerned and they are working on legislation. The need more resources on the border.

Amash sounds reasonable.
3rd questioner -- all men so far --

"first I want to salute your courage" -- gets standing ovation.
This questioner states that he was in Vietnam.

Then asks if there is a way to amend the constitution so the electorate gets a mulligan.

Hilarious. He gets a laugh.
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Donald Trump has violated his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

He has done so by repeatedly attacking the free press as "enemies of the people," a direct subversion of the First Amendment.
The sycophants cowards, and right-wing extremists of the GOP will never have the courage or principle to follow in #JustinAmash's footsteps. And sad to say, the Democratic Party leadership is still dithering, refusing to do their constitutional duty.
So has anything changed today or is #impeachment still on hold? And if so, WHY?
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#ElizabethWarren called for #impeachment. SHE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.

#JustinAmash called for impeachment. HE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.


#Impeach and defend the rule of law.
I hate division.

I hate conflict.

I hate injustice.

But they are unavoidable realities.

Nobody enjoys the idea of #impeachment, but we have a DUTY to protect and defend our Constitution.

Trump, Barr, and the GOP are mocking the rule of law. Make them pay for it. #IMPEACH
Why am I pushing so hard for #impeachment? Because smug political thugs like Trump, Barr, Graham, and McConnell shouldn't be able to trample our Constitution without consequences.
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