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1- Warren's ancestors had many opportunities to claim to be Cherokee but they didn't. They didn't even claim it when they were living smack dab in the middle of the Cherokee Nation (as squatters.)
One member of her family actually claimed to be white even when her husband and children were filing their Dawes claim as Choctaw. #ElizabethWarren's ancestors were not Native and never pretended to be.
That is unusual in false Cherokee claims. Usually the white family has a history of trying to get land or money due the Cherokees. Warren's family does not have that history. If, and that's a big if, Warren's family believes they are Cherokee, it's a new belief.
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The white supremacy of Elizabeth Warren… via @IndianCountry
#ElizabethWarren voted for Trump’s military budget.

Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget…
In 2014, #ElizabethWarren defended Israel's bombing in Gaza that targeted schools and hospitals.

Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu by @ggreenwald
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What school board policy on pregnant teachers looked like at midcentury in PA.

Source: Republican and Herald (Pottsville PA) 05 March 1943.

#twitterstorians #histsex #ElizabethWarren #PregnancyDiscrimination
An example of the lengths school boards would go to in order to push out pregnant teachers and teachers seeking maternity leave at midcentury in PA. School boards would describe these women as incompetent and neglectful.

Source: The Express (Lock Haven PA) 27 Feb 1943
The 1943 PA Supreme Court decision created precedent and allowed other school boards to dismiss pregnant teachers on incompetence grounds.
Source: The Tribune (Scranton PA) 28 May 1943
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"Elizabeth Warren’s Big Challenge: Winning Black Voters"…
Jessie Jackson asked #ElizabethWarren and #BernieSanders to meet with us privately to plan an attack on the racist #Crosscheck vote purge system.
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1 of 25 (sorry; not my fault)

In the beginning, I thought that maybe #ElizabethWarren was a good alternative to #BernieSanders.

But the more I learned about her the more I became disappointed and realized that that the only choice is #BernieSanders2020.
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- #ElizabethWarren opposed gay marriage until 2010; Sanders has been a life-time supporter.

- She does not call out the fossil fuel industry disinformation campaign

- She does not support banning fracking (queue Republicans and fossil fuel industry cheering)
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- #ElizabethWarren voted for Ben Carson to head HUD; later flipped after backlash from constituents.

- After Donna Brazil book came out, Warren immediately agreed that the 2016 primary was rigged by DNC. A few days later she flipped her position.
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SHE'S HERE! #ElizabethWarren takes the stage. #theMajorityRules
Tune in NOW:
When #ElizabethWarren was urged to run for Senate, she was also told she couldn't win.

"If a woman doesn't run, I guarantee a woman will never win. You won't get what you won't fight for." — @ewarren #theMajorityRules
@ewarren .@ewarren made sure she did two things every day:
— She found a group of people to talk about what's important and why she's in the fight.
— Every time she met a little girl, she'd tell her "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm running for Senate because that's what girls do."
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#ElizabethWarren ”I support #MedicareForAll but also other plans. This isn't some contest.”

Yes, Elizabeth, It is a contest. People will keep dying without Medicare for All. So for many people, this is a fight for our lives. Your privilege oozes out of you.
Elizabeth in 2012

Lying about #Medicare4All saying is a framework, which is not. It’s comprehensive 100 page legislation.

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#HologramTHREAD: DNC Bullshit

I've slept on this. I've thought about not saying it. I've thought about just keeping it to myself.

I can't.

The DNC made a special provision to keep Tom Steyer in the race and give him a shot at Debate #5.

Billionaire Tommy Boy, late to show up
to the Election of the Century, (1) bought his way into Debate #4 with dubious means, and now (2) had the DNC kowtow to him to keep him (and his money) around for a while longer.

As someone representing a true grassroots candidate, this is INFURIATING. Here's what it is:
Because Steyer has been pouring his $$billions$$ into Iowa and New Hampshire. Every so often, odd polls would show up with Steyer pulling 6% in an early state. There's no way that Steyer can get 3% nationally: He has zero grassroots. He runs $$millions$$ in online ads to get
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Remember when Warren stood up to fossil fuel and government over reach going on record fighting for indigenous rights, clean water and Standing Rock?

Ya. Me either.

What I do remember is when she exploited Standing Rock though.…
Warren sure likes to exploit the indigenous when she can use it to get a leg up for her expediency.

Just the facts.
Elizabeth Warren's DEAFENING Silence On #StandingRock.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for @emmavigeland
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Why can’t Pocahontas just answer the question on increasing your taxes? The answer is YES. She will raise your taxes. #ElizabethWarren
The media should ask her about benefitting as a woman of color which clearly she isn't.
Warren is another hoax perpetuated by liberals.
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One viral image being shared on social media used a bit of reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family rather than the #Biden family. #GreatWhiteHunter…
A viral image being shared on social media uses reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family with its #GreatWhiteHunter sons rather than the #Biden family with its "great white" son, Hunter.…
#HunterBiden was a senior VP for financial services giant #MBNA — an arrangement that drew criticism during the 2008 elections for potential conflict of interests.
As senator, #JoeBiden spearheaded legislation that would have affected MBNA’s business.… #DNC
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A great article by @rebeccanagle, exposing the power of family stories to mislead #elizabethwarren into believing her anti-Cherokee ancestors were actually "Cherokee".…
@rebeccanagle I've been diving deep into the available "Eastern métis" archives to see how family stories/lore is mobilized to support fellow white people's efforts to become "Indigenous".

The thread below explores some specific court testimony ...…
@rebeccanagle 1-White man claiming bbq where family members wore "red face" was traditional "powwow"
2-White man claiming that being called "savage" by his grandmother was "proof" he was "Indigenous" today.
3-White man confused about whether Swiss brothers-in-law are "Indigenous" or not ...
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I was recently interviewed for a politico article, “Native American critics still wary of Warren despite apology tour” that appropriately focused on Cherokee critics’ voices.…
As I expected, most of my lengthy comments didn’t make the article. But that e-mail I sent to the reporter was another opportunity to think some things through.
Here are my thoughts on #ElizabethWarren’s “apology tour” in tweets.
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From March. features history & politics of ancient DNA research, like all science fields develops from settler colonial agendas of (biological) resource appropriation. Also imposes settler origin stories. History of an industry that performed #ElizabethWarren's DNA test. & yours.
This article describes recent efforts of some researchers to revise unethical scientific practices to respect Indigenous life & authority. but we still struggle against a the colonial foundation underlying this & other fields & against the public embrace of colonial science.
When people say #ElizabethWarren's multigenerational lie of Cherokee ancestry is not a real issue, that her DNA test & the Indigenous
appropriation its built on and further supports isn't a real issue, they show their ignorance of the situation. It's complicated, no doubt.
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THREAD: Democrat Politics

Fam: I'm #YangGang until the man wins or gives up. I'm going down with this ship, m'kay?

I know politics. I know LOTS about politics. And I have nothing but respect for what @AndrewYang and @Zach_Graumann have built FROM NOTHING!!! That is AMAZING!
2/ But let me be real with you for a minute. There's a way to win the Democrat nomination. You know who has been studying it and strategizing it for years? #ElizabethWarren And she's running a smart, strategic CAMPAIGN. Her polling numbers have gone from 4% to 17.3% in 6 months.
3/ Now ask yourself: Why?

Has it been by "introducing herself?" No, we all knew who she was, already. She had a head start.

Was it by posting cringy vids of her drinking beer? No.

What she's done is to go meet people. She's gone where THEY are, met them, and written policies.
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This is one of my problems with #ElizabethWarren! She throws out wonky flames, like #Mufasa vs the hyenas against corporations who exploit. But, when tasked with defending or attempting to make the case for ethnic identities she turns into #Zazu!

Not the the same energy.
Yesterday, I hinted at this, saying "This "wonkiness" is not going to mean a thing up against that "lily-white" demagogue who doesn't even understand much of it!

He didn't win on tax-cuts, he win because he cheated, and because of racism and xenophobia.
He understands base insticts, not specific policy details! He understands, and enjoys his comfort zone: Mooooslums, Mexicans, and The Blacks!
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#DemDebate wrap-up:

Maintained top tier status: #ElizabethWarren

Boosted his candidacy: #JulianCastro

Shaky: #BetoORourke
Though credit to #Beto for bringing up Russia's 2016 cyberattack.
And yes to those saying that #CoryBooker did well too.

But I think @ewarren did everything she needed to do and more to cement her position as one of the frontrunners.

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Senator #ElizabethWarren w/ #JohnMcCain👇in #Kabul Jul 5, 2017
"The time for a strategy has come, we need a strategy in the #UnitedStates that defines our role in #Afghanistan, defines our objective & explains how are we going to get from here to there," said Warren🤨?
.@SenWarren told WBZ-TV that #JohnMcCain has been an ally since she joined the #ArmedServicesCommittee he chairs
And Warren notes that McCain has been a champion of high-tech Military Research & Development that is a key sector of the Massachusetts…
And Warren notes that McCain has been a champion of the high-tech Military ... that is a key sector of the Massachusetts economy through venues like Natick Labs & Lincoln Labs & the web of local private companies that feed off Defense Spending:…
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The #ElizabethWarren story is a perfect case study of how structural racism, white authority to categorize race, & anti-Indigeneity intersect. Add to that "Native American DNA" testing, which i wrote a book on. This is why i tweet & write on this issue.
it's been fascinating since 2012 when i first found out about her Cherokee claims, how Americans of many political & racial persuasions can only see her story within a frame of US nationalism. my frame is Indigenous authority. this makes more of you uncomfortable than not.
i know many of you are also uncomfortable with critiques of #ElizabethWarren b/c you too have unsubstantiated myths of Cherokee, Blackfoot, etc. ancestry. You prob don't know that "playing Indian" is key strategy since the 18th c. to strengthen American claims to this land.
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#ElizabethWarren called for #impeachment. SHE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.

#JustinAmash called for impeachment. HE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.


#Impeach and defend the rule of law.
I hate division.

I hate conflict.

I hate injustice.

But they are unavoidable realities.

Nobody enjoys the idea of #impeachment, but we have a DUTY to protect and defend our Constitution.

Trump, Barr, and the GOP are mocking the rule of law. Make them pay for it. #IMPEACH
Why am I pushing so hard for #impeachment? Because smug political thugs like Trump, Barr, Graham, and McConnell shouldn't be able to trample our Constitution without consequences.
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Two of these people are 40yrs older than four of the others.
At some point we need to talk about that.
The 2020 nominee must be able to be the 2024 incumbent.
Otherwise, 2024 will cede the White House back to the #GOP, like in 1980.
Three of these people would better serve the country by running for the Senate 2020. Without winning back the Senate in 2020, a Democratic president will continue to be limited by having no control over the judiciary which is already being packed by Trump.
Half of these people have not polled above 1%.
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It figures that communist #ElizabethWarren would want 1) our MILITARY to be political and 2) to HELP countries like #Russia and #China by making our military comply with the left's #GreenScam.

This would be an extreme RISK to the security of our country.
Hey @realDonaldTrump - you should ask the media to ask Elizabeth Warren why she wants to weaken our military so badly to make us extremely vulnerable to China, Russia, and other enemies.
It's also quite the coincidence that all these #Democrat plans fall in line with the same dates as China's world domination plans, such as their 2030 Plan:

(Note Warren wants her plan done by 2030 as well)…
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