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Trump tells ABC he'd take info about 2020 opponents from foreign powers

Trump Still Hasn’t Condemned Russia for Interfering in the 2016 Elex

GOP & the Trump Adm naked attempt to permanently rig elections—exposed.

Feds eye NatSec case against Mar-a-lago intruder

Trump has denied wrongdoing, played the victim, & refrained from criticizing Russia’s role in the 2016 elex, & failed to do anything, which should raise grave concerns amongst all Americans.

House Holds Barr & Ross in Contempt After Trump Asserts Executive Privilege

House panel passes 9/11 victims fund bill a day after Jon Stewart's emotional testimony

EG: “Just rechecked the ol' PACER for the EDVA Rocket Docket (the one with the National Security) and it looks like around 850 sealed cases in 2019 alone”

Time to load the canon!
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I agree with @K_JeanPierre while I have tremendous respect for @SpeakerPelosi -I also feel that Trump is a VERY different President than Clinton was, with very different crimes, & with the overwhelming evidence, respectfully, it's time to #Impeach.
#reiders #SaturdayMorning
2-Last wk's CNN/SSRS poll shows that approval for Impeachment Inquiry is up-as of an entire wk ago- to 79% of Dems. It's higher now, as indicated by the # of Dem Congress who now support it. @SpeakerPelosi don't wait for Repubs, we won't get that til the hearings start.
3-Here's last week's poll re Impeachment Inquiry approval:…
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If you think Republicans are the only reason America is in this awful state, just watch this bizarre #JimmyKimmel interview with #NancyPelosi.

She asks how you explain Trump's lawlessness to "kids in the hood."…
#Pelosi continues to push contradictory and specious arguments against #impeachment, saying "we have to hope" the GOP will see the light on Trump's abuses.

She says impeachment could "divide the country." Like it isn't already.

And that Trump "doesn't honor his oath..."
But if she knows for a fact that Trump is violating his oath of office, why do we need more evidence to #impeach him? Isn't that impeachable on its face?

She continues to push the absurd case that Trump wants to be impeached.

How is anyone buying this double-talk?
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And as someone who has lived in #NY10 for most of the past 35 years, I will run for Congress on the principle that we need to overhaul the Democratic Party to fight for TRUE justice.

#Mueller #Barr #Impeachment
As a lifelong Dem who has spent two decades in the political trenches, I REFUSE to have a Tea Party Republican like #JustinAmash be more princpled in defense of the rule of law than the Democratic leadership. What was the #BlueWave for if not accountability?

#ImpeachNOW #Mueller
#IMPEACHMENT is the very LEAST America is owed after a hostile power cyber-attacked us and tilted our election to a Republican autocrat.

If you're a patriot, you defend America against threats to our democracy. Otherwise, step aside and let real patriots do the job.

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1. @MSNBC FYI. #Treason under US law has two clauses. Everyone is fixated on the clause that requires "adherence" and "aid and comfort" to an "enemy." IMO Trump violated the "levy war" clause by calling for GRU attack, assisting in it and not reporting it. That clause does not
2. require a foreign enemy as evidenced by fact it was charged in US Civil War that did not involve a foreign enemy or a declaration of war. IMO If you take up arms against the US or attack it you are engaged in both sedition and treason. Jefferson Davis learned that.
3. I don't expect most lawyers have considered this. Few if any as much as I have. I believe that #702FISA intercepts that Barr is trying to destroy will show that Trump committed Treason by levying war on the US. @maddow @Lawrence @Mimirocah1 #DECLASSIFY AND #IMPEACHTHETRAITOR.
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@WhiteHouse LAWS are for EVERYONE. It's too bad the White House is no longer anything but a PROPAGANDA arm of the Trump Crime Syndicate.
@WhiteHouse The cost is well worth the 215 criminal charges
38 indictments or pleas
5 prison sentences
500 search warrants
2800 subpoenas
13 requests to foreign governments for evidence
@WhiteHouse President Trump's Vacations Cost More Than These 11 Things The Government Spends Money On
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OPEN LETTER TO @RepJerryNadler

Dear Chairman Nadler,

As a New Yorker and as an American, I am writing to ask why you refuse to open #impeachment proceedings in the face of rampant lawlessness, abuse, and corruption on the part of Donald Trump and his Republican cronies.

From incitement of violence against the free press in contravention of the First Amendment, to violations of the emoluments clause, to atrocities on the southern border, to obstruction of justice, there is an overwhelming imperative to #ImpeachTrump.

Chairman Nadler, for most of the 35 years since I escaped war in Lebanon and settled in New York City, I have lived in your district on the west side of Manhattan, moving from the Upper West Side to Battery Park City after the September 11 attacks.
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#ElizabethWarren called for #impeachment. SHE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.

#JustinAmash called for impeachment. HE DISPLAYED COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE.


#Impeach and defend the rule of law.
I hate division.

I hate conflict.

I hate injustice.

But they are unavoidable realities.

Nobody enjoys the idea of #impeachment, but we have a DUTY to protect and defend our Constitution.

Trump, Barr, and the GOP are mocking the rule of law. Make them pay for it. #IMPEACH
Why am I pushing so hard for #impeachment? Because smug political thugs like Trump, Barr, Graham, and McConnell shouldn't be able to trample our Constitution without consequences.
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As a longtime upper west sider, I'm considering a run to #PrimaryNadler

DONE with Dem leaders refusing to confront the GOP's assault on our democracy.

Refusing to #impeach is normalizing Trump and his rightwing extremist cohorts.

If #Alabama isn't a wake up call, what is?
Wow, so many encouraging comments. I appreciate you all!
I fully appreciate that there's a good faith difference between those of us who think the Democratic Party needs a leadership overhaul (something I've talked about since my Iraq war protest days) and those who fully trust Dem leaders. But maintaining the status quo isn't working.
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Continued dithering by Dem leaders on impeaching Trump has had an extremely damaging effect on the power of #impeachment to protect the rule of law.

They thought it would strengthen their hand to appear reluctant, but waffling has had the opposite effect.
I hate to say this, but I increasingly believe that #impeachment will be far less effective now than it would have been out of the gate in January.

Mealy-mouthed Dem excuses for inaction have telegraphed to the public that impeachment is entirely a partisan political calculus.
Just to be clear: I believe more strongly than ever that Dems should #impeach NOW. And it isn't about Mueller. Incitement of violence against the press is enough. What this thread is saying is that #impeachment will have less teeth than it would have a few months ago.
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1. Any Dem who says we need MORE evidence for #impeachment or that they're worried about the optics, shouldn't be in a leadership position.

2. Instead of MORE candidates joining the 2020 race, we need some to start withdrawing.…

I've been in politics for two decades and I've seen my party steadily lose ground to the rightwing onslaught. Women are now facing #Gilead in states like #Alabama, #Georgia, #Ohio, and more. The Republican Party is an extremist threat.

I look at my own efforts working within the Democratic establishment to bring about change. And I see failure. I want to do better. I ask Dem leaders to look in their hearts and ask what they've done wrong. How did we let things get here?
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John Yoo is the reason I have not given $ to my law school in nearly 20 years. They hired him after his famous “torture memo” gave Bush explicit permission to use tongs to crush the testicles of a child, for purposes of terrifying his mother and possibly extracting information.
Yoo was a monster then. He’s a monster now. Don’t @ me with “I had him for prof and he wasn’t monstery - very quiet.” The quiet monsters are the dangerous ones.


When the monster says “You’re too monstrous.”

That’s a clue.

A big one.
I’ve pressed the view, past few days, that Trump’s categorical obstruction (“fight all the subpoenas”) has de facto dissolved Congress. Nadler and Schiff must forcefully wrest Congress’s power back with decisive action in days, OR IT’S GONE.
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#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachBarr #ArrestMnuchin…

Schumer and Pelosi should resign their leadership positions. Trump is effectively above the law and they are busy working with him on infrastructure week. House Dems have the power to #impeach and IT DOES NOT MATTER if the Senate won't convict.
Every minute, every hour, every day, there's some brazen violation of our fundamental norms & values by Trump and these power-hungry GOP lawmakers.

How long are we going to tolerate the Democratic Party's passivity, the only institution big enough to protect democracy? How long?
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@SpeakerPelosi & @RepJerryNadler enough with timorous hand wringing. We need leaders with strength & resolve. #Impeach him now! If you don't have the stomach for this fight then let those who do uphold the rule of law. Let THEM write a better future because you are failing us.
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If the House stays this impotent course of applying normalized #RuleOfLaw that’s NOT working for this illegitimately elected criminal, it’s clear by his Obstruction— Congress will only succeed in obtaining replies of litigation& stonewalling to prevent truth
The Constitution MANDATES Congress ACT, not debate should we or shouldn’t we #Impeach

Trump’s strategy is to defy subpoenas, litigate, obstruct justice until the clock runs out. He’s committed verifiable crimes & only impeachment hearings will hold him accountable.

Today during the Barr hearings, I made a list of all Trump is suing to prevent House oversight—it’s Literally EVERY item the House has requested or subpoenaed

Laws haven’t been written for this Constitutional Crisis & Nationalist takeover of the USA.
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🎆It's the #FinalCountdown 🎆

Biden says if Trump can't comply with Congress' subpoenas, Democrats have no choice but to #impeach.

Rep. Green (Houston) wants to #impeach really, really, really badly.
🎆 #FinalCountdown 2 🎆

Congress is pressuring Trump and his administration with subpoenas. They're also considering consequences for non-compliance, such as jail and fines.

@JRubinBlogger thinks Congress should consider impeachment of administration members, such as AG Barr.
🎆 #FinalCountdown 3 🎆

Mueller is still a public servant, as his magic is worked as evidenced by @RubyWorms legal calendar.

U.S. prosecutors tell a judge that Stone can't see unredacted Mueller report.

Credico is being subpoenaed.

Assange faces U.S. extradition trial.
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Evidence in the Mueller report clearly points to a massive coverup of the entire Trump campaign courting Russia's assistance -- and making party concessions to Russia's demands already at the RNC. I need a signal boost for this long thread I posted on FB. #MuellerReport post1/?
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Sarah Sanders as Thumbs- A thread (001)
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1. #News ~ DO IT!… Trump Campaign Proposes Busing Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities (VIDEO)…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#CRISIS #EMERGENCY #NationalEmergency
2. #News ~ Weird: Democrat Ilhan Omar Posts Bizarre Tweet on George Bush After Her Insensitive Remarks on 9-11 Are Made Public…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ Liar James Clapper Changes His Tune: In 2018 He Said There Was No Spying on Donald Trump, Now He Can’t Say for Sure (VIDEO)…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#SPYGATE #RussiaGate
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Trump: Day 786
-#StPatricksDay Unhinged Rant
-Keeps Trampling on McCain's Grave
-Threatens Saturday Night Live Again
-Implores Fox Return Judge Jeanine
-Lashes Out at 3 Fox News Anchors
-Blames Autoworkers 4 Plant Closure
-Flip-Flops on Syrian Troop Withdraw
Day 891 since Donald Trump *bragged* and joked about sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 742 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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#IlhanOmar is #AntiSemitic
But won't admit it.
#Democrats are #Antisemites
But can't admit it.
#Americans MUST OUST
These cancers from
The Body Politic
#DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica #DemocratsAreEvil #DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica #1A
#IlhanOmar is the FIRST
#IllegalAlien in #Congress
She married her brother
To enter the #USA &
Has lied about it ever since.
#Impeach #Ilhan !
#IlhanOmarIsATrojanHorse #RemoveOmar #RemoveOmarNow #ImpeachOmar #ImpeachIlhanOmar #IslamIsOppression #stopIslam #MuslimBan #NRA #1A
#Ilhan does not know #American #Values
(According to #NancyPelosi )
#Omar cannot be privy to secret
#Intelligence briefings when she
Abhors #Israel & Supports #Hamas !
#USFirst #UnitedStatesOfAmerica #UnitedStates #GoArmy #NavyReadiness #AirForce
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2919...
Repost of bottom 2/3 of 1668. #Nunes notes the unofficial sharing of intel by #FVEY's nations. [#Illegally!] Welcome 2the #DS!
Link 2 @GeorgePapa19 #Tweet on #Clapper's recent silence.
2) #QAnon drop No. 2920...
Stacked drop, last over a repost of #Q 1164.
This is an explanation of how #FVEY was used to circumvent data collection laws. Also, how #Hussein, #HRC, #LL,Brennan & #Clapper met in a #SCIF 2plan their #SurveillanceOp & #CoupAttempt.
3) #QAnon drop No. 2921...
#Q drops a repost of No. 1828.
This drop is a heavy data set & the next tweet in this thread will be of a decode graphic of No. 1828...
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Great.. wonderful having the President of the United States in cahoots with the 'very nice' Saudi's, UAE & Russia.. Sen Murphy points out here that the military equipment Trump sold to them is now in the hands of Al Qaeda. Trump must go.. NOW! #TuesdayThoughts #Impeach
2- This is one VERY IMPORTANT reason why Trump's refusal to listen to the Intel Chiefs about Iran and ISIS is going to get us all killed... this equipment will now be used against the US interests, and the Iranian's now have it, too. We HAVE to impeach him @SpeakerPelosi
3- And it's not just weapons, acc to this article, the weaponry itself exposes "some of America's most sensitive military technology to Tehran.." SA did this in DIRECT violation of it's agmnt with the US. Did Trump have ANY inclination? NO. Why not? Why not....
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They were ready to impeach the president. Time to get woke and be aware of what the liberal MSM is trying to do. #impeach #FakeNewsMedia
Media theatrics instead of reporting.
If If if if if if if if if.....What if you all did your job and be fair and accurate.
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