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Good job @RudyGiuliani , we are looking forward to @RepAdamSchiff @JoeBiden being named in these lawsuits for money laundering out of Privatbank in #Ukraine. This is HUGE. #MAGA…
Police Raid Headquarters Of Ukraine's Largest Bank As IMF Mission Arrives In Kyiv on 9/11/19. This is gonna be a blockbuster. The Dems are panicking. #Ukraine #impeach this.
What happened here, This was a privately owned bank and Biden and Obama had Poroshecko nationalize the bank so it could be used to launder money that was stolen from the US taxpayer and the IMF . BILLIONS STOLEN. Zelesky is suing in the USA now to get the money back
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Republicans will protect Trump on #impeachment.

They will almost certainly do so in the Senate.

And the 10-month delay while Trump traumatized migrant families, incited white supremacist violence, and abandoned the #Kurds to slaughter, was useless.
And here is @djrothkopf elaborating on why this #impeachment process isn't correct.

@djrothkopf And to those who argued not to #impeach earlier this year because Trump would claim exoneration if acquitted, what do you think he'll do if the Senate acquits him during the heart of the 2020 campaign season?

BOTTOM LINE: #Impeachment should have happened in January.
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Being paid for a vote?
Selling vote?
Would the vote count?

These people are stupid!

Let's see how many [Republican deep state] expose themselves.

They have not taken a vote & have nothing to #Impeach #Trump for.

🍿🍿 Enjoy The Show 🍿🍿…
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Doing social media for @NewSanctuaryNYC means I rarely take a break from #immigration news. Every day the Trump administration looks for another way to cause harm to black & brown people. Thread highlights some of the current policies. We MUST not stop fighting back. #impeach 👇🏼
The Trump administration is doing another secretive pilot test in El Paso, this time “Prompt Asylum Claim Review,” a program to speed up deportation of #asylum seekers.…
"These new policies have resulted in the separation of family units, lasting trauma and heartache, and shocking detention conditions for both children and adults."…
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“Mr. Cornstein declared Mr. Orban ‘the perfect partner’ and ‘a very, very strong and good leader.’ Mr. Anka serenaded the Hungarian leader with a personalized rendition of ‘My Way.’”

This is some wild reporting. And my God, fascists are tacky.…

“Mr. Cornstein arrived unannounced and commandeered the meeting, saying he saw no evidence of corruption, according to several people in attendance.

“‘Before I could start, Cornstein interrupted,’ said Miklos Ligeti, a former official at the Hungarian Ministry of Justice.”
Cornstein is an old friend of Trump and a real piece of work. He did nothing to stop Orban from kicking the pro-democracy Central European University out of Hungary or to prevent the opening of a shady Russian bank “with sweeping diplomatic immunity” there.
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1. @TheDemocrats are blowing the opportunity to remove Trump. We all ready have what we need to #impeach. At trial when a defendant admits it, you shut up and sit down. The thing that will REMOVE @POTUS is Syrian Christian Kurdish Genocide for the Jihadist @trpresidency #Erdogan.
2. Every one of the @HouseDemocrats & @SenateDems must say address this: "Trump must stop genocide of #Christians and #Kurds and not exchange their lives for money from his Istanbul property." Do that every time they get a microphone.
3. Force the @SenateGOP @HouseGOP to deal with it. They are already doing it and credit to them. Trump has lost @FoxandFriends on this issue. @SpeakerPelosi we can have 70% demanding his removal in 1 week. You know how fast people turned on Nixon. The #Evangelicals are against
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1 - A lot of #MAGA #Patriots are rightly upset about the @FoxNews poll about impeachment.

But the changes in Fox and the @GOP just show that @realDonaldTrump is winning.

Follow along as I explain the #ImpeachmentHoax
2 - To understand zoom out to the 100,000+ foot level and travel back in time to 2016

@realDonaldTrump becomes the nominee for the @GOP

He wants to Make America Great Again

But to implement his policies and #MAGA means that he also has to #DrainTheSwamp
3 - All polls show @HillaryClinton winning the Presidency in a landslide. Great job @FiveThirtyEight

Liberal Conclusion: See there was no motive or reason for @BarackObama administration to create #FISAGate or set up @GeorgePapa19 etc.

All of that is a #ConspiracyTheory
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A clear, unmistakeable shift in public opinion in favor of the #impeachment inquiry, including today's Politico/Morning Consult poll showing half of voters support impeaching *and removing* Trump
#FoxNews poll: Should #Trump be impeached and removed from office?

51% Yes
40% No
#impeach #impeachment…
Increase in support for #Trump's #impeachment and removal among Trump’s core constituencies:
White evangelical Christians: +5
White men without a college degree: +8
Rural whites: +10
#impeach #FoxNews
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The #Ukraine call is enough to impeach Trump. His refusal to respond to House subpoenas makes #impeachment even more likely. Despite Democrats’ strategy to keep the impeachment inquiry simple, the House should subpoena the transcript of Trump’s call w/ #Erdogan.
2/ Trump will no doubt refuse to comply. But an #HJC investigation of the #Erdogan call will winnow fact from fiction & eventually yield witnesses, perhaps another whistleblower.
3/ There are critical reasons for looking more closely at the #Erdogan call. On its face, Trump acted unilaterally against a US ally in support of a dictator hostile to that ally — an abuse of presidential power. Digging deeper, the call has an appearance of #QuidProQuo
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𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 | 𝗧𝗵𝗲🍑𝗜𝗺𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗗𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗱 𝗝. 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗽
Nancy Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

🔗 #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
Here’s a timeline of Trump’s Ukraine scandal. It’s damning.

🔗… #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
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How many of you feel that you're just shutting down? I write @ politics for a living & have a thick skin, but I have to say that regardless of all of this incredible, constantly breaking news (2nd Intel WB?!?!?) I'm tired & angry but not much more..Anyone? #FridayFeeling #Impeach
I'm not talking about depression or giving up, not by any means. I am disturbed that Trump's deliberate overload is getting to me, numbing me, and I sincerely want to know how many others are feeling it. There may be a real story in this, and it matters.
Thank you all for the wonderful, kind, informative responses.
I think that collectively we have a great deal of hope, we are tenacious, we are strong. And I believe that it is critical for us to stick together..
@HillaryClinton wasn't wrong, we ARE Stronger Together.
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So Democrats have not been running ads about this scandal or #impeachment. So let's help them out. Let's make a series of ads & retweet the he!! out of them. Let's share them on every platform & even email them to our LOW INFORMATION family members, lol! Share yours here!
I have been a proponent for #impeachment since day 1 of Trump's term, but now we have him dead to rights! Trump is under Putin's thumb. Trump asks for help from Ukraine & tells them to make a deal with Putin who is literally invaded Ukraine & killing thousands of Ukrainians.
Are you a part of the #ImpeachmentTaskForce? Help spread the message of how vital it is to stand up for the rule of law!Learn the facts & develop talking points. Look to influence low information voters. You can't make an impact on hardcore MAGA types but YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT!
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Dear @SteveScalise @GOPLeader @SenBillCassidy @SenJohnKennedy : I know reading isn’t your strong suit, since it took you days to read a brief call memo. But you really need to read this story by a Republican lawyer based in DC. NO REALLY!…
This particular Republican lawyer also has a rock solid source inside the White House. Maybe y’all should pay attention. 👀#TrumpLies
A former Trump lawyer: “He lies his a$$ off.” Isn’t capable of telling the truth. Not good for a POTUS, huh? #UnfitForOffice
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An impeachable offense doesn't have to be a crime.

The House can write Articles of Impeachment
and the Senate can hold a trial — all before vote is taken requiring 2/3 concurrence.…

Is he taunting them?

#wellhellzbellz #impeach
Article I, Section 2, Clause 5

The House of Representatives ... shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

Link for text of U.S. Constitution…

Lefties love an underdog. Many will see Democrats have gone too far. Most lefties aren't as crazy as you assume.
Article I, Section 3, Clause 6

The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. ... When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.
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Nancy Pelosi #Impeach THREAD

It's Not Political ☑️
Be very Prayerful and Somber ☑️
Hate's Trump ☑️
Up for Reelection 2021 ☑️
Ocasio is going to Primary Her ☑️
Tearing America & Constitution apart ☑️
Taking the Democrats down with Her ☑️

1) This came across the Twitter today
Nancy Pelosi #Impeach THREAD

2) So you can look up the Ad on Twitter Transparency…

She spent $2.2K

Targeted audience
United States
Nancy Pelosi #Impeach THREAD

3) She ran the AD Sept 26 - OCT 1
Seen by seen by 153.2K
Ages 13-19 thru 50 and up

Because our Poor Country 🇺🇸 is in "It's Darkest Hours"
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1 Constitutional demand a president investigates crime.
2 US-Ukraine Treaty to investigate crime.
3 Whistleblower statute changed just b4 complaint to include heresay.
4 Impeach. a premeditated set up.
5 Changed rules, House Minority cannot participate.
1) In case of criminal conduct, (#BidenExtortion #CrowdstrikeDNCCollusion), Article 2 Sect 3 of Constitution's "Take Care that Laws are Safely Executed" clause, states any president has the obligation to ask about crime. Asking Zelensky was w/in the law.
2) The 1999 US-Treaty w/Ukraine on "Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters" gave Trump & Zelinsky the right to ask about & discuss. #BidenExtortion #CrowdstrikeDNCCollusion
Read treaty >>
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I saw Guns n Roses at Louder Than Life and it was AN AMAZING SHOW!!! 😀😍🤘🏻
GnFnR! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
I spent all day yesterday seeing a shitload of awesome bands and if you're here for political commentary you gotta wait for the love to wear off, I'll be back later Twitter! 🤘🏻
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I just spoke on the House floor regarding the transcript from President @realDonaldTrump conversation with the Ukrainian president. Simply put, this topic is nothing more than a roadblock that keeps us from passing meaningful legislation. (1/6)
@realDonaldTrump We could be discussing ways to improve care for our veterans or how to further strengthen our economy, but instead we are having prejudged conversations about #impeachment. (2/6)
@realDonaldTrump I've read the transcript and I'm not seeing what the Democrats are. There were no bombshells. There was no threat to withhold military aid unless an investigation is conducted. (3/6)
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(1) I'll be honest, I had reservations about #impeachment since the start. It's not popular to say on Twitter, but I worry about an electoral backlash when the #Senate likely acquits. But #Trump's #UkraineExtortion is just too much; it's my breaking point.…
(2) Now we know that Trump personally ordered Mick Mulvaney to freeze $391 million in military aid to #Ukraine right before he pressured Ukrainian President Zelensky dig up dirt on the Bidens. This plot has all the criminal subtlety of a community theater production of Goodfellas
(3) It was bad enough #Trump targeted a political rival's son. It was horrifying he asked a foreign leader to intervene in our election. But now it's clear he turned U.S. military aid to #Ukraine into a shake-down scheme. If this isn't enough, where do we move the goalposts next?
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The American President urging another country to disallow @RashidaTlaib and @Ilhan, who are elected members of Congress?
63 million voted for him!
#tRump #Israel #Impeach
@RashidaTlaib @Ilhan The 63 million include "leaders" of the #GOP, who always have a mute button on when it comes to their Dear Leader's pronouncements!
Let's see how many Democratic POTUS wannabes step up, like here:
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🆘Trump is an unmitigated disaster as POTUS🆘
—Can’t govern
—Knows nothing
—Abuses power
—Gets talking points from propaganda TV
—Can’t keep competent cabinet, full of crooks & liars
—Drags America into racist-fascist gutter to distract from his disloyalty & incompetence
Trump is an unmitigated disaster. Unmitigated b/c even if you still doubt he's racist, it's indefensible for a POTUS to use racism as a tool to divide us. There's no longer doubt—RACIAL RAGE IS HIS POLITICAL STRATEGY. NOTHING MITIGATES THAT HARM—NO tax cut, good economy, NOTHING.
Trump is an unmitigated disaster b/c even if you think a wall is good immigration policy, it's indefensible for a POTUS to use fascist propaganda to dehumanize & traumatize innocent children & refugees. NOTHING MITIGATES THAT HARM—to them—and us. We become the perpetrators too.
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We need aggressive economic correction plus reform. Paying off college loans only for entrepreneurs who were able to score Pell Republicans isn't going to cut it. Not by a long shot.
Education needs to be approached as an investment, not a privilege of the privileged.
Healthcare for all protects the masses from disease, distress, and depressed economics. Not only is healthcare a human right, it helps protect us from pandemics and keeps the general public healthier and more productive.
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