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This is a stunning attack by the Sanders team on an independent org for which two of his top people worked. Unlikely Sanders wrote this letter himself; it has none of his standard hyperbole. His senior aide, a former CAP employee, has attacked @neeratanden repeatedly, though.
Making this letter more disturbing is the fact that @BernieSanders campaign manager @fshakir is former editor-in-chief of @thinkprogress who in fact wrote all the policy for this very issue.
This bespeaks lack of cohesion in the Sanders campaign and suggests personal animus.
That @BernieSanders would personally attack @neeratanden, a woman of color, when Sanders has long been chastised for both misogyny and failing to properly acknowledge communities of color, is at best counterintuitive and at worst borderline racist and misogynist.
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Women candidates are still being shut out of MSM coverage.
Not one female candidate on the Sunday shows for the third week in a row.
@ThisWeekABC has @TimRyan.
@FaceTheNation has @CoryBooker.
@MeetThePress has @JayInslee.

I've been writing about this for several weeks.
If women keep getting shut out of MSM attention, their polling numbers will drop. Then it becomes self-fulfilling that men poll better.
Remember, Biden polls highest because he's not in the race.

I wrote about this here:…
There are more stats on the coverage here:…
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DAMN 🔥 Today was the first time I heard #ElizabethWarren’s speech after the 2018 midterms and I’m about to throw her all of my money!

“Let’s make sure that nobody rewrites history. This resistance began with women and it’s being led by women.”

I need that on a shirt.
“Two years ago on a very dark election night, millions of women watched in horror as Donald Trump was elected President. They didn’t like it.

But they didn’t whimper. They didn’t whine. THEY FOUGHT BACK!”

This 2018 midterm speech is everything 🙌🏻 #Warren2020
#ElizabethWarren on the women who got elected in the 2018 primaries:

“They refused to let anyone shut them up or stand in their way. And that’s how real change begins!”
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I’m going to provide a thread on Dems who want to be President. I’m going to share a link to a site that shows their voting record. The proof is in the pudding- or the votes in this case. You decide who should get the nod. #ThursdayThoughts
In no particular order. Here we go. Why not start with our most recent entry into the Dem race.

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"Tribe" that granted #ElizabethWarren membership signed "treaties" w self-identified "Metis nations" in eastern Canada and "Cherokee tribe" in GA. As @KimTallBear, @Debbie, @Daanis, @justicedanielh + others have pointed out, #raceshifting operates across national borders.
The "Metis Nation of Canada" (not to be confused with Metis National Council and its affiliates) merged with the Council of First Metis People of Canada [sic] last year, the latter being founded in 2016. Together, they're at forefront of #raceshifting movement in region.
Eastern Woodlands Metis Nation [sic] circa 2003. Membership policies are so loose that majority of members have no Indigenous ancestry. Their opposition to Mi'kmaq is so extreme that 6 other #raceshifting orgs in province turn their backs on EWMN.

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i was asked at the harvard history of science talk i gave last week on pretendianism & DNA, "why the cherokee? why do so many white people want to identify as cherokee?" @justicedanielh explains some of that history in this podcast interview with medicine for the resistance.
at 10 mins this podcast links the dawes allotment act to the current treaty process in canada. it notes the "destruction and horrors that accompanied allotment"--the turning of Indigenous communal landholding into private property.
at 13:44 @justicedanielh discusses identity fraud perpetrated during allotment...whites claiming Native ID to get Indian allotments. "stories of having a great-great grandmother who was Cherokee....and there was no evidence of that...but there was free land..with oil on it."
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As documented by @TheAtlantic's always-excellent @JamesFallows, one of the underappreciated factors in 2016 election is the failure of #journalism to do its job (one Jim story-- he has many others).
...My thoughts on how to prevent repeat in 2020: <thread>…
In 2016, MSM obsessively covered @HillaryClinton emails, while ignoring the far-more-important story of #FBI investigation of the Trump campaign. This failure had a major impact on the election's outcome. My analysis is shaped by experience in both in #journalism and politics:
We're seeing exactly the same dynamic in the 2020 campaign that we saw in 2016: MSM is focusing on horserace issues & GOP talking points, rather than delving into SUBSTANTIVE differences between the candidates. This could determine outcome of Dem primaries-- & general election.
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I'm going to say some things that may be unpopular
I'm listening to #ElizabethWarren speak & its killing me because I agree with almost everything she says & stands for but at this time I still don't think she will have my vote for President
Heres why..

I think one of the biggest issues in our country is #WealthInequality & #ClassWarfare & I think its the basis for the #Corruption we've seen ripping our Country apart.
Elizabeth Warren appears to understand this, possibly better than anyone, but I'm not sure that makes her POTUS
In order to win the Presidency we need a fighter
Someone who not only represents our ideals but has a firm grasp on messaging & political strategizing
A leader who can organize others to believe & back their ideas
Warrens demonstrated that if she gets hit she gets back up
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1. The #DNS #democratnationalsocialists are destroying #USA which changed it's name from the #CommunistParty & infiltrated since 1930 in EVERY branch of Govt. THESE communists are #TheEnemiesWithin .@Livableworld #partyofeuropeansocialists #PES #WorldSocialism
2. The spider web of communism is enormous which grew after the fall of the #Berlin WALL #WallsWork . #SamWebb #JeromeGrossman #VictorSadell #DavidBonior & dsausa leader.
3. #LeoSzilard a #NuclearPhysicist fled #Hungary to be founder of .@Livableworld #ManhattanProject These grateful #socialistleaning #Senate candidates #EdwardMKennedy & #JohnKerry & more, endorsed by the council for .@livablaworld lobbied to reduce...
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THREAD. We need to discuss #ElizabethWarren & the Native American identity issue as a new reveal has brought the MAGA trolls & bots out in force. Specifically, a form @washingtonpost found shows she at least once claimed to be Native American in writing.…?
I think the only people who have a true right to speak to this are those of actual Native American tribes. However I want to tell a story of my own in relation to this. Because I think that context matters and I don't believe #ElizabethWarren tended to falsely claim NA identity.
Since I was very little my family has itself on its Native American ancestry. I was told many, many times by multiple people in my family that we had strong Cherokee blood and even could trace our lineage back to several other tribes, including a direct line to Chief Seattle.
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I was playing w/ the #TwitterAudit tool a couple months ago but didn't get around to posting the screenshots. I had decided to check some fake ass people to determine just how fake they are.

The Winners:

#wapo 40% fake "trusted" news source has 4.7 MILLION fake followers!
fake #kamalaharris 40% fake omg?!
Fake #ElizabethWarren more than 50% fake! 2 million fake followers wow!
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2672...
#RealClearPolitics link from #Q on how #DevinNunes plans to investigate ex-#Clown #Brennan re: involvement & perjured testimony re: #SteeleDossier.…
The #Dems are focused on continued......
2. ......#Obstruction among which is an effort to continue the #RussiaCollusion #Narrative begun in an #AntiTrump conspiracy to create redundancies to prevent the #MAGA agenda. Ex. The fight to protect the #MuellerProbe. There are #GrandJury testimonies happening &......
3. ......attempts to block progress & protect the conspirators will fail. This #Panic among #OldGuard #DSMinions, their #Corruption we know, continues with this #Seditious path. #Law regarding removal of sitting officials of the #House & #Senate is in the #Constitution ==> ......
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historians who work on indigenous history have come together to respond to & contextualize the elizabeth warren DNA controversy. i'll be live-tweeting their panel later today. be on the lookout! #aha19 #elizabethwarren
here is additional info:…
here is the lineup:
Deborah Miranda,Washington & Lee Univ
Jean M. O'Brien-Kehoe,Univ of MN Twin Cities
Julie L. Reed,Penn State Univ
Doug Kiel,Northwestern Univ
Malinda Maynor Lowery,Center for the Study of the American South,UNC Chapel Hill
Alyssa Mt.Pleasant, Univ at Buffalo
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Throughout the day, i'll post Indigenous media/ Indigenous authored material on the #ElizabethWarren case. More in-depth analysis is possible when Indigenous research/investigative questions & standpoints are centered. Indigenous people are not just "informants." We're experts.
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Members of the press have asked me, given my critiques of @SenWarren for her Native American DNA stunt, would I vote for her for president?
My response: I emigrated to Canada in 2015. I no longer vote in US elections. And after the debacle that was DNC2016 I’m done with the Democrats, although I grew up in the party.
But I don’t tell people to vote or not. I’m not an electoral politics pundit. My knowledge lies elsewhere.
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1. #Midterms2018 - The Facts:
- To win the #House the #Democrats need 23 more seats: Not easy
- To win the #Senate they need 2 more and successfully defend existing seats (100 seats in total, 2 for each #state): Not easy
- I detect that the #TrumpTrain (#RedWave) runs full speed!
2. #Midterms2018 - #Trump does a lot right:
- "The Base" was well prepared: You see it at all Trump-rallies
- Trump pushes a few emotive topics (illegal #migration): He knows - "Keep it simple, stupid!" #KISS
- The numbers are on his side: #Economy & #JobNumbers great
3. #Midterms2018 - What the #Democrats do wrong:
- Too many damaged goods: #ElizabethWarren (#Fakecahontas), #HillaryClinton despite all the support, over a billion war-chest & #media on her side LOST! But they keep pushing her!
- No single winning face, to win the votes!
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1) Thinking, today, about Native identity, and how we speak of it.
2) I used to say "tribe" but realized that just "tribe" wasn't sufficient. For those who did not (and do not) know that we are sovereignty nations, "tribe" alone let them place us as a race or a cultural group.
3) I can talk all day long about growing up on our reservation, doing the things we do as Native people there, and say things like "moccasins" and most people in the US would nod because it would fit with what they know of us as peoples with distinct cultures.
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We should all be so lucky to have an Aunt Bee 🐝 who is seemingly an untrained geneticist. #ElizabethWarren #Pocahontas #Cherokee #Indian #papaw #highcheekbones
President Trump should do a DNA test. He is probably more Indian than Warren.
Typical Dems, they don’t know their race, gender or party positions. The party of confusion.
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1/ It's sad that #ElizabethWarren opted to play the #BloodQuantum game to prove ancestral indigeneity and one-up Trump. First, the very notion of blood quantum is some white folk bullshit, created largely to limit indigenous land claims & rights. What this means is...
2/ effect, Warren just used a scientific racist notion to ostensibly prove her indigeneity all so she could embrass Trump, or avoid being attacked for "faking" that ancestry when she runs for POTUS...
3/ But by doing that, she has reinforced the racist notion that race is "in the blood," which notion has never worked out well for the victims of structural white supremacy...
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@realDonaldTrump successfully baited @elizabethforma aka Pocahontas into taking a #DNATest which revealed she could be 1/1024th Pocahontas... Going back 10 generations.

These people are stupid.

#Pocahontas #ElizabethWarren #qanon #MAGA #ElizabethWarrensSoWhite
The best part?
She did this in an effort to become a more viable Presidential candidate in 2020.
#ElizabethWarrenSoWhite #Pocahontas #DNATest
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This whole Elizabeth Warren 1/512ths DNA "proof" of Native ancestry hurts Native people because it adds to the Republican attack that we are "race-based" and not citizens of nations. #Indigenous #Termination 1/5
This "race-based" argument was recently cited by a federal judge in Texas to declare ICWA unconstitutional and in violation of the 14th Amendment. The goal here is to declare TRIBES unconstitutional because they are "race-based." #ElizabethWarren #Indigenous #Termination 2/5
The writing is on the wall: Tribes need to get rid of blood quantum or disappear politically.
#ElizabethWarren #Indigenous #Termination 3/5
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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