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While the "car" is broken down and the hood is being opened up on our economy and society, it would be a good time, while continuing to aggressively address the current crisis, to also begin discussing some long needed & necessary systemic changes.
#markcharles2020 #AllThePeople
This entire week I have been posting live streams on my campaign YouTube channel addressing specific demographics about my campaign for #AllThePeople.
Yesterday (Thursday) I spoke to older and moderate Black and Native voters about my campaign for #AllThePeople that is seeking many of the same changes they were also fighting for 60 years ago.
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Ya'at'eeh my relatives. On Tuesday Joe Biden won three more state primaries including Florida. His lead over Senator Sanders is being labeled by some as "insurmountable". And many are calling for Bernie to bow out of the race.
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I receive messages daily from Bernie Sanders supporters telling me that if/when their candidates is out of the Democratic Primary, they will vote for me (#MarkCharles2020). Senator Sanders is working towards systemic change, as am I.
One of the primary differences between us is our understanding of the root of the problem. Sen. Sanders argues that the root is economic while I argue that the root is racial. It is this difference that has made it difficult for him to gain traction with communities of color.
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Let me tell y’all my thoughts around #ElizabethWarren suspending her campaign. Sit back and relax because this might take a while.
I am heartbroken that yet again, misogyny wins. I’d love to have a world my daughter can grow up in where women really can do anything.
I grew up thinking all I could be when I grew up was a wife and mom and nothing else. I wasn’t expected to go to college by my family. While being a wife and mom are good, they are not necessary. I want my daughter to know she can do other things too.
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I don’t support a woman just because she’s a woman. I support a woman who dismantles not upholds patriarchy. I’m a registered NY Independent to the left of Dems.

Regardless of your politics, listen to the many women - & some men - who are hurt & furious re #ElizabethWarren
I know the difference between supporting a woman simply for being a woman and supporting instead a woman who dismantles patriarchy and the oppressions it brings. That’s why I wrote this essay on women and power
Whatever political differences you have with #ElizabethWarren, unless the US reckons with the fact it has a sexual predator as President and that misogyny played a role in the way Warren was treated during her campaign, this country will miss a vital chance to reckon w/patriarchy
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BREAKING: #ElizabethWarren is leaving the race. I am in mourning for our nation. Her exit is clear evidence of the level of trauma we have suffered over the last 3yrs; causing us to cling to the familiar, stunting our capacity to dream, limiting faith.…
We MUST remove Trump. Our democracy will not hold another 4 yrs of the Trump admin, GOP Senate and white nationalist judges. The lesson of #SuperTuesday is this: To win, we MUST heed the pain of those who’ve borne the brunt of and are VOTING in the context of Trump’s terror!
REMEMBER: In the middle of terror, dreaming becomes nearly impossible.When terrorized, you literally have ONE GOAL: Make it stop.
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Does #Bernie not know that what pulled millions of Chinese people out of extreme poverty were the 1978 economic reforms that introduced CAPITALIST market principles into China's socialist economy?

I mean jeez...

It's not Bernie's goals that are the problem, we Democrats want a more even playing field, we want good healthcare for all Americans, we want a higher minimum wage & affordable high-quality education and childcare. These are goals we all should aspire to, but can we please:
understand that it is not capitalism that is the problem. Capitalism is flawed, it takes work to reign in, but it has pulled billions out of extreme poverty. Just as it did in China.

I am supporting #ElizabethWarren who gets this.

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I would really like to support #ElizabethWarren. Her platform and campaign match up with my values and interests, and I believe she can defeat Tr*mp, especially after her debate performance in Nevada. 1/
Which is why I am so frustrated that @ewarren has not engaged w/ Cherokee & other Indigenous writers, scholars, & activists who have clearly & repeatedly explained why her Cherokee ancestry claim and DNA stunt do continuing harm, & why her apology is insufficient. 2/
@ewarren Cherokee activist and writer @RebeccaNagle even went so far as to *script an apology for her*. 3/
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1/ “Even if a new president proposes sweeping reforms, Congress would block or severely #weaken them. In #foreignpolicy, however, a new president could reshape the world with a few strokes of the pen. @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 2/ “A president could bring the U.S. back into the Iran nuclear deal; lift sanctions on Venezuela; offer to begin peace talks with Russia & China; pull American troops out of the ME; stop promoting the overthrow of foreign governments @StephenKinzer
@stephenkinzer 3/ 3 candidates are fully wedded to the paradigm of #conflict & #confrontation that shapes American #foreignpolicy: #JoeBiden, #AmyKlobuchar, & #PeteButtigieg.
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Bloomberg’s probably gonna take shots from everyone tonight. But who’s gonna take shots at Bernie? He’s the front runner right now, in case everyone forgot #DemDebates #NexstarDC Image
Damn. GAUNTLET DROPPED right out the gate from Elizabeth Warren. Harshest words in any debate so far #DemDebates #NexstarDC
Mayor Pete also came out fired up. Strategy is clearly to paint himself as the middle ground between socialist #Bernie and republican (#Bloomberg). He also answers my question -he’s obviously going at Bernie early/often #NexstarDC Image
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Back in March 2018 we reversed engineered / identified just over 250 Twitter accnts of the 600 Russian influencer accts monitored by the German Marshall Fund at the #Hamilton68 dashboard. Over time we expanede this list and broke them into subcatgories Image
Without giving away too much part of the reverse engineering involved an oversight in how the @SecureDemocracy dashboard displayed its trending data. We reverse engineered enough accounts as seed accounts to then grow out the set over time. We are completely independent of @gmfus ImageImage
Fast forward to 2day. We looked at the discussion of candidates within the Kremlin-aligned #Hamilton68 subset of accnts most focused on Russian Geopolitics. This wordcloud in first week of Feb. shows positive support to Bernie Sanders #Bernie2020 #elections2020 #nvcaucus Image
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4024-T: Chief Justice Roberts reacts to his reading of Senator Warren's question (VIDEO, PHOTOS) • #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #ElizabethWarren #JohnRoberts #Nonverbal
2/ Chief Justice John Roberts had a pronounced nonverbal reaction after he read aloud Senator Elizabeth Warren's question. What follows is an analysis of that moment.
3/ Beginning at 0:31, Chief Justice Roberts says, "The question from Senator Warren is for the House Managers, 'At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the Chief Justice is presiding over an impeachment Trial in which ...'
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(1/5) Solmen du semanes ante li caucus por li #Democratic Partise in #Iowa, emotiones ha inflammat se inter #BernieSanders e #ElizabethWarren, pos li ultim debatte per #CNN in quel Warren dit que Sanders mentionat la que il ne credet que un fémina vell

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/5) posser victer in li general election contra #DonaldTrump. Contra to Sanders dit que il hat esset misinterpretat e que il ne dit un tal cose. Pos li debatte Warren refusat presser li manu de Sanders e acusat le nominar la un mentitor avan li spectatores tra li tot país. E
(3/5) du dies plu tard, li campe Sanders quam @davidsirota usat un video por acusar #JoeBiden de voler reducter li securitá social, contra quel #Biden dit que li látere Sanders hat monstrat solmen un parte por dar un fals impression pri li idés de Biden pri securitá social. Secun Image
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Love how @CNN just confirmed loudly in public they are not only terribly biased, but also completely inept at propaganda at the #CNNDebate.
@ewarren showed herself to be duplicitous by allowing her staffers and members of the media to misrepresent conversations about campaign strategy. Liberals carry the most subtle knives. #WarrenIsASnake With any luck this is the death knell for her campaign.
I am ashamed to have ever spoken kindly of #ElizabethWarren
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I'm deeply disappointed in #ElizabethWarren, someone I've praised repeatedly during this election.

Doing this as #Bernie surges weeks before Iowa doesn't feel right.
Let me expand:

I respect and like #Warren and have said nothing but positive things about her campaign.

Whatever conversation she and #Bernie had, my issue is with the timing. I've done politics for 20 years, including two presidentials, and I recognize a low blow.
And one last point: Anyone who knows my career and my work with Hillary knows how hard I've fought sexism in politics.

This isn't about the conversation they had, it's about the timing of releasing it, which is clearly designed to damage #Bernie.

Who does that help??
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I admire and respect #ElizabethWarren

I admire and respect #BernieSanders

I think #Bernie's bold call for a political revolution is the ONLY approach to the danger we face from an emboldened right and a meek Dem establishment.

Things will get more intense...
As the intensity and negativity ratchets up, which it inevitably will, let's remember that Warren and Sanders supporters have a tremendous amount in common.

We're allies and friends in this existential fight for our progressive values.


I'll be honest: I tweeted this not having seen the CNN story about Warren and #Bernie.

Which makes my point even more salient: supporters of both candidates have so much in common. Let's be unified in 2020.

Bottom line: I believe #Bernie is our best candidate to take on Trump.
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Today, after @JulianCastro’s news, discussion by mostly non-Indigenous ppl who still support #ElizabethWarren’s DNA political ploy was again met w dissent from Indigenous scholars.

I, an #Indigenous scientist, remind that Warren is NOT Native American:… 1/
Any estimation of Warren’s supposed “Native American” ancestry is based on statistical INFERENCE reliant on % similarity w short chromosome segment that recently admixed Indigenous individuals from Central & South America happen to also share. And it’s poorly sampled (N=37). 2/
But she’s not claiming to have a Central/South American ancestor, is she? (Let’s also consider WHY people want to claim US Indigenous and not, say, Indigenous heritage with groups south of the border?AeroMexico’s farcical ad may touch on the issue: .) 3/
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#FollowTheMoney of the #GreenScam 👇

Goldman Sachs is shilling for the implementation of a #CarbonTax.

Democrats and Presidential candidates such as Biden, Buttigieg, and Andrew YANG, some RINOs, and many leftists also want some form of carbon tax from the middle class.
#Warren2020 Elizabeth Warren also supports Goldman Sachs’ carbon tax plan.

The same #ElizabethWarren who criticizes Goldman Sachs and their money supports making Goldman Sachs richer.…
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This person's fiance' lives in the US and is a sick, SICK PEDO.

Now, I also want to know why this person, who appears to be a UK citizen, is raising money for #ElizabethWarren's 2020 Presidential campaign.
Here's a thread about Challenor's PEDO boyfriend, who has since deleted their sick and degenerate tweets:

I happened to find a cached version of one of their threads on Thread Reader that was still available. It's really sick and stomach turning, so just be prepared if you choose to read it.
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Non-Natives often think that b/c i go after #ElizabethWarren's #pretendianism (I wrote the book "NATIVE AMERICAN DNA: Tribal Belonging and the False Promise of Genetic Science") that i must be FOR one of the other US prez candidates. No. i'm against settler-colonial occupation.
and yes, it should not need to be said that it's a settler-colonial occupying government, no matter who is at the helm. they all buy into the settler state as their horizon of freedom. including as far as i can tell, Indigenous politicians.
FYI i also don't debate who is a "settler" and who is not. it's kind of like attempting to definitively categorize races. we have 400 years of that misguided scientific project. we're all capable of shoring up the settler-colonial project. i focus on the system.
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#ElizabethWarren math doesn't add up on Medicare4All. There isn't a $30 trillion pot of gold so like Bernie has said, TAXES will go up. She wants to talk about cost with no receipts, but I want to talk about all this extra 💰 coming out my paycheck. Stop the deflection games Liz.
PS- Unless you have seen my paystubs, keep your funky ass comments about costs to yourself. If I'm not going to accept Warren's talking point, what makes you think you regurgitating it will yield different results? WARREN can tell me the tax increase and I'll do my own math.
Since y'all love to talk shit w/o watching the full video, here's the exact part you say I didn't mention. Bernie talks about premiums, Warren talks about COSTS. As I said, EYE want to talk about taxes.
PS- Full video w/captions:
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1- Warren's ancestors had many opportunities to claim to be Cherokee but they didn't. They didn't even claim it when they were living smack dab in the middle of the Cherokee Nation (as squatters.)
One member of her family actually claimed to be white even when her husband and children were filing their Dawes claim as Choctaw. #ElizabethWarren's ancestors were not Native and never pretended to be.
That is unusual in false Cherokee claims. Usually the white family has a history of trying to get land or money due the Cherokees. Warren's family does not have that history. If, and that's a big if, Warren's family believes they are Cherokee, it's a new belief.
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"Elizabeth Warren’s Big Challenge: Winning Black Voters"…
Jessie Jackson asked #ElizabethWarren and #BernieSanders to meet with us privately to plan an attack on the racist #Crosscheck vote purge system.
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1 of 25 (sorry; not my fault)

In the beginning, I thought that maybe #ElizabethWarren was a good alternative to #BernieSanders.

But the more I learned about her the more I became disappointed and realized that that the only choice is #BernieSanders2020.
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- #ElizabethWarren opposed gay marriage until 2010; Sanders has been a life-time supporter.

- She does not call out the fossil fuel industry disinformation campaign

- She does not support banning fracking (queue Republicans and fossil fuel industry cheering)
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- #ElizabethWarren voted for Ben Carson to head HUD; later flipped after backlash from constituents.

- After Donna Brazil book came out, Warren immediately agreed that the 2016 primary was rigged by DNC. A few days later she flipped her position.
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