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The Senate convenes now to try the President of the United States for impeachable offenses, namely, bribery to subvert the elections, and obstruction. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump
The Republicans, under Mitch McConnell, will now try to set rules that will ram through a quick moot court without witnesses, in an historic first and a powerful gesture towards dictatorship #ImpeachedForLife
The rules would force the Democrats to present their case for twelve hours at a time and late into the midnight hours. Careful attention has been paid to make the procedure as visually boring as possible #ImpeachmentTrialRules #ImpeachedForLife
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FYI I was opposed to the @GOP
#Impeachment of @BillClinton.
Yes they had sufficient cause and 11 felonies, but it was still #Political. The timing and the optics (Blue dress white stain)
Opened #Republicans up to what we are seeing now.
2 I was a dyed in the wool Republican at the time, and although I was NO @BillClinton Fan, I knew my Party was making a BIG MISTAKE!
I also wasn’t so partisan I couldn’t see that unlike @BarackObama, Clinton did some good things because he was willing to work across the aisle.
3 DO’NT get me wrong... @BillClinton wouldn’t know a good idea if it bit him in the Cigar! 😂😂
If not for @newtgingrich and his “Contract with America” in Clinton’s 2nd Term; Billy would
Have been best remembered for The Lewinsky Affair, #USSCole & failure to kill BinLaden.
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MPs allied to DP William Ruto have been all over the country complaining about President Uhuru Kenyatta. They are wailing more than those in "opposition". Am going to give them a simple #Thread on how they can #impeach the President and spare us the noise #SokoNews
Article 145 (1)"A member of the National Assembly, supported by at least 1/3 of all members may move a motion for the impeachment of the President (a) on grounds of gross violation of the provision of this constitution or any other law… #SokoNews
(b) ...where there are serious reasons to for believing that the President has committed a crime under national or international law; or (c) gross misconduct.… #SokoNews
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🔥Senator ⁦@RogerWicker⁩ forgets that he said Firtash was a threat to Ukraine. Now that he knows ⁦@RudyGiuliani, Trump⁩ ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ and ⁦@PeteSessions⁩ were working with him via felons Parnas & Fruman will he vote to #Impeach⁉️…
🔥@rogerwicker wrote a letter to Jeff Sessions about the dangers of mobbed up Firtash, who is an underling of Mogilevich. Can @Olivianuzzi meet him for brunch and ask him how he feels now⁉️…
🤔What is Kurt Volker thinking now that he knows @DevinNunes and @RudyGiuliani we’re conspiring with Firtash through with Parnas, Fruman, Toensing and DiGenova. I’d like to hear his thoughts now too.…
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Yesterday, @realDonaldTrump became the 3rd President to be impeached. In the debate of the impeachment article of the #Constitution, a challenge was posed: A senate which was of the same political persuasion as the President would never vote to impeach. /1
Alexander Hamilton responded forcefully that it would be the senators’ own political self-interest that would prevail. /2
Hamilton asserts that upon evidence of impeachable acts and the attempted manipulation of the trial by senate leaders, the senators will vote to convict the president or they will allow the president to become the author of their “mismanagement and disgrace”. /3
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Today we need to ask how anyone could defend Trump after all he's done! Clearly, Republicans would impeach a Democrat who did far less(see Bill Clinton)

#ResignTrump #ImpeachmentDay #impeachment
He's extorted Ukraine with taxpayer money!
#impeach #ImpeachTheMF #impeachTrump
#AdamSchiff is a national treasure! He lays out the case for the Constitution perfectly!
#ImpeachAndRemove Trump because he will do it again! Call the Senate every day! 202-224-3121 or Please Call Congress @ 202-224-3121 or text resist to 50409 to fax them.
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Alrighty, then, my live #impeachment thread for you.

Let's start with the GOP's Rules guy.
Adam Schiff
Don't actually rise to an impeachable offense
Shut down by the rules

we're going to spend all day pettifogging.

If you can't stick around for the whole day, your shorter #impeachment:

1) The president abused his power for personal gain.
2) The president obstructed Congress' investigation of his abuse.
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1. #QAnon The same evidence currently being used to free @GenFlynn is being used to indict the others by [Grand Jury]. This includes [1] count for falsification of the FBI [302] interview form modified post hoc. Also, who listened in [2] count [FISA?] #Q
2. #QAnon Watch what happens next. FISA actors purposely withheld exculpatory evidence frm Court, & warrant to spy on citizens was predicated illegally by court deception, using uncorroborated evidence falsely marked.
There're [6] counts including P?
3. Judge Sullivan denied @SidneyPowell1 Brady materials 4defense of @GenFlynn. Are they being used in Grand Jury to indict others? "Flynn could move to withdraw his guilty plea & face trial, or appeal a conviction, but he has .. tougher path avoid prison"…
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Thread: Here’s the thing, friends. Fighting to save democracy isn’t fun. It’s not convenient. If you’ve found yourself feeling horrified and depressed by the state of our country over the last 3 years, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. If you claim to want Trump out /1
(even more than you dread a Pence White House), then you need to show up. On Tuesday night, ALL OVER THE US, folks are taking to the streets. I know you don’t feel like doing this. Gosh knows I don’t either. But don’t post on social media & vent to your friends and then sit /2
out an opportunity to make an impact. The reason your presence is critical is because the numbers and the visuals matter here and around the world. I look forward to seeing you there with your signs alongside me. And yes, I know, you’d rather be inside in your pjs wrapping /3
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[Thread] Since Trump has officially been #Impeached there are several things that need to happen immediatly:
1. Since he is no longer President The White House & @Twitter should remove @realDonaldTrump access to the @POTUS Twitter account.
2.Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) should be sworn is as President since she rightfully won the 2016 election. She can choose her VP.

3. Trump needs to be charged and arrested for his crimes. #LockHimUp

#Impeached #impeachment
4. President Hillary Clinton(@HillaryClinton) should reverse every Executive order and bill Trump approved while in office

5. 2020 elections should be put on hold and Hillary Clinton gets to serve 2 Terms..

6. The next elections should be held in 2024.

#Impeached #impeachment
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<THREAD GOP CRIMES> Beginning April 2018 Trump, Giuliani, House Leader McCarthy and former Rep Pete Sessions took close to $1m in bribes from foreign agents Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman to take out the U.S. ambassador in Kyiv. #Impeach #FridayFeeling @NarativLive /1
Laws were broken but Republican avarice continued, illegally influencing the US election in 2018 by inviting foreign interference into a second election in a row. Kevin McCarthy took in so much money from Parnas/Fruman, it barely fits onto 4 full pages. #Impeach @NarativLive /2
Devin Nunes ended the year by using Parnas to coordinate meetings in what he claimed was Europe. Instead Nunes visited a Libyan warlord backed by Russia and Malta's president accused of killing a journalist who had exposed corruption.@NarativLive /3 .
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The man who comes into the frame in front of Melania Trump is Jeffrey Epstein's friend and attorney Alan Dershowitz. Epstein's child sex slave Virginia Roberts & another underage victim have accused Dershowitz of having sex with them as minors. This is Trump's swamp. #Impeach
Dershowitz has been caught in lies about his activities, including when he said that he had never had a massage at Epstein's place. After the truth came out that he did, he simply argued that he kept is underwear on - so no big deal.
People who dismiss Trump's 18 year long relationship with Mossad asset Jeff Epstein say that was all in the past. Yet, Trump has Dershowitz at his elbow as he signs an anti-American executive order to please Adelson & Netanyahu. Trump is not a patriot. He's a Zionist traitor.
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LAVROV STUNT: Russian Foreign Min Sergei Lavrov says he's read the Mueller Report and there is no proof of collusion. He offers to release secret 2016 communications when he says the Kremlin attempted to resolve the cyberattacs with the Obama White House.#Impeach
Last time Lavrov was here, it was the day after Jim Comey was fired and a few months after Russian asset Michael Flynn was fired as National Security Advisor. Here's how that meeting went. Sure Sergei, no collusion!. I'd like to read those docs, please send. @NarativLive
@NarativLive To be clear this is a Russian active measure, designed to start a cluster of confusion as Trump is being impeached. Nothing like adding fuel to the Ukraine fire and doing it while standing next to Pompeo and en-route to teh White House. Please call this out for what it is.
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The world doesn't work the way you think it does.

The world works any way you make it work.

That is why character is so important. Character uses force to mold the world in its image.

That's why bad character with power is so dangerous.

Trump thinks he's an autocrat

Daily we watch as he plays the part of an autocrat, sometimes to be publicly shot down.

Every day we watch people with power and authoritarian character using force to help him.

Every day his supporters cheer this on, knowing his method is wrong, but supporting his goals.
Do you think the Senate will convict?

How are you making your opinion a reality? Are you telling people we still have a democracy? Or that it's already dead?

If they don't convict, will you pat yourself on the back for your excellent judgment? Or demand justice?
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When a politically weaponized media is allowed to destroy lives & still enjoy complete immunity under the First Amendment there is truly something broken in America. There must be new standards & accountability for this protected class. .@SidneyPowell1…
@SidneyPowell1 It's impossible for average people to sort out the truth but that is really the point, isn't it?

The framing of @GenFlynn is a case study in how the US Govt & media operates to manipulate public perception & Dems methods of destroying their political rivals. @BarbaraRedgate
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate In any given topic of national importance as reported by the media we no longer have a way of discerning what is the truth? Even on issues of such critical importance as National Security Americans are left to guess.
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Remember when I told you that the #Impeachment Inquiry was really about Russia? The same show I told you about Rudy and #Trump taking bribes. That was at the end of October.@NarativLive #ThursdayThoughts…
@NarativLive Then I laid out how Vladimir Putin seemed to be calling the shots as Trump and Giuliani were scrambling to deal with Zelensky's surprise election win. /2 @NarativLive. #Impeach #UkraineScheme…
I revealed how profits from Liquid Natural Gas plays a big factor in the #UkraineScheme and that Republicans were set to make a mint off Ukrainian LNG tenders. /3 #TrumpImpeachment…
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1/ My thread on #GOP defense of #Trump: General defense amounts to 2 arguments: 1. #Trump was genuinely concerned about #corruption in #Ukraine; 2) not enough evidence to #impeach. We have no evidence on the first & evidence to the contrary. Legally, there’s enough evidence.
2/ The strongest args #GOP makes - #Trump not caught on tape saying he was abusing his office for his personal gain. Ukraine history of corruption & publicly denied pressure. But you have to suspend reason & ignore a boatload of evidence to conclude he did nothing impeachable.
3/ #GOP on 7/25 call -#Trump didn’t reference reelection, Ukrainians happy it happened. #Volker didn’t see problem, NSC not complaining. Discounts #LtColVindman. Ignores #Pence aide thought it was “unusual” & #LauraCooper said Ukraine asked abt aid status same day after the call
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An Idiots Guide to Response on Political Twitter

A thread.
Trump Tweets this Picture:


CNN BREAKING NEWS: President Trump tweeted a horse that was probably thinking bad thoughts, our panel discusses after the break.
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This TIME interview is really remarkable. Zelensky slams Trump for failing to realize how urgently Ukraine needed the aid Trump was withholding. He seems to question whether Trump is complying with U.S. foreign policy which makes Ukraine a strategic partner. @NarativLIve
@NarativLive 2. Zelensky does not hold back on criticizing Trump's assertion that Ukraine is corrupt, spelling out that his comments hugely damage Ukraine's standing in the world. #ImpeachmentHOAX
3. Worth recalling it's Putin and Victor Orban who fed Trump the whole Ukraine is corrupt lie. #Ukraine…
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Trump is lying about Zelensky's new interview. In fact, the Ukrainian president is scathing about Trump. Here's the interview from TIME Magazine.
#impeach #Ukraine #impeachmenthoax
@NarativLive Zelensky calls Trump's decision the "hardest of signals"…
@NarativLive Zelensky implies Trump is not playing by the rules and brushed aside any discussion of quid pro quo. My takeaway - why would discuss conditions when the whole thing ignores the rules. @NarativLive
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<Thread> NEW: A Ukranian millionaire with a longstanding relationship with Donald Trump is set to return to Kyiv to face justice. Oleksandr Onyschenko is accused by prosecutors of embezzling $125 million through a shady gas deal. @NarativLive #UkraineScheme #Impeach
@NarativLive Onyschenko told al-Jazeera he's known Trump for years through Trump's Palm Beach showjumping contest and they spent time together during the 2013 Miss Universe. Onyschenko is an Olympic show-jumper with a taste for a lavish lifestyle /2 @NarativLive #UkraineScheme #Impeach
Earlier this month, Spain refused to grant Onyschenko asylum. He has been living there for three years. /3 @NarativLive #UkraineScheme #Impeach…
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@SenCapito @FoxNews @BretBaier I’m tired of the lies & you know better, @SenCapito & #GOP
When the hearings were “private” the mems of the committees were following Repub rules passed in 2015.
Repubs could ask questions to those being deposed until the Repubs’ questions were asked find name of WB. 1
@SenCapito @FoxNews @BretBaier Your pres, trump, threatened & wrote intimidating Tweets so Rep Schiff had to step in to protect the WB. (I think trump knows the name of WB anyway). Trump and GOP demanded public hearings UNTIL it came time for the pub hearings.
If you feel the hearings is a divisive exercise,2
@SenCapito @FoxNews @BretBaier then you and the GOP should demand trump’s resignation. Congress must hold the president accountable for asking Ukraine to find “dirt” on his political rival & for his own personal, political advantage while illegally withholding military $$$ to Ukraine.
Ukraine had been 3
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Rudy's on a lot of people's payrolls but he's (was??) an official advisor on cyber security to the president of the US not just a personal lawyer. This isn't just an inconvenient conflict of interest it's corruption. @narativlive…
@NarativLive 2. On the podcast we've been digging into Rudy's associates and patrons. Part 1 took you back to Rudy's crackdown on the mafia in the 1980's. @narativlive #Impeach…
3. Trump points to Rudy's other clients. In Part 2, we look at oligarch Pavel Fuchs - a Rudy client who is also a Trump business partner. @narativlive #Impeach…
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